a goalkeeper and model all in one

Nothing Without You Pt. 2 (Roman Bürki)

a/n: strap in my guys, it’s a long chapter lmaoo 

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I can’t believe a time has come to say goodbye to the greatest goalkeeper and captain in the world. To the last minute I believed that you will stay here in Madrid. But I want to see you happy. I moving to Porto means that, well then good luck. 

Real Madrid will never ever be the same without you. You have been an amazing role model for all the players, you supported them in every single moment. You gave your best to that team you love the most. This is your home. It was, it is and it will be. I hope one day you’ll return to your home and once again show them you are truly the best. 

There are no words how grateful I am for everything you did for Real Madrid You are a symbol in history, present and future. You are Iker Casillas. A legend of Real Madrid. I am so happy I saw you lifting so many trophies with the club, seeing you leaving your heart on the field for Real Madrid-priceless!

25 years you spend here, I am proud to be called Madridista and even more proud to called Iker Casillas fan. You are the best always remember that. Thank you for everything Capi…                                                                           Thank you SAN IKER!!