a glitch is a glitch


More Dapper Duder!
Now that’s a pumpkin sir!
Be careful not to cut yourself,
B̝̍͘ê̛c̱̀a̵͖ͧu̝҉s̵e͂ ̯th̭͛a̲͜t͆ ̦d͓͒id̆ ̛m҉o̜r̖ͬe ͠t͕̽͢h̫ͧan̵͊ ̜t͟ḭ͗҉c͆kḽ̛e͕ͤ͜,̶́ d̗ó̝c͔!

More @therealjacksepticeye or should I say Anti in his dapper costume? ;)

estajay  asked:

What's Christine and Michael's relationship like? Are they friends? Enemies? Rivals competing for Jeremy's attention? And how aware is Jeremy of this (or if he's completely oblivious what does the SQUIP have to say)? (Sorry about the long ask)

In the animatics it’s like the musical: Jeremy has a crush on Christine, Michael and Jeremy are best friends.

In my blog there’s kinda of a competition between Christine and Michael (they don’t hate each other). I can sum it up like this: