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Hello! I was introduced to Lams by a friend and she directed me to you for more information of the reasons "why they were totally a couple and a pretty awesome one". Could you fill me in with all your knowledge? :)

I can absolutely tell you everything I know (or at least everything I can think of at this moment) about the Hamilton/Laurens relationship.

So I guess I should start with a bit of a discussion about their probable sexualities.

Laurens?  Probably gay (though I would accept arguments for bisexual/homoromantic/etc.).  When he was about to turn thirteen, his father wrote the following in a letter to a friend:

Master Jack is too closely wedded to his studies to think about any of the Miss Nanny’s I would not have such a sound in his Ear, for a Crown; why drive the poor Dog, to what Nature will irresistably prompt him to be plagued with in all probability much too soon.

Translation: My teenaged son pays no attention to girls whatsoever.  On top of that, John never formed any strong relationships with women (outside of the brotherly/paternal relationships he had with his younger sisters).   John did get Martha Manning pregnant, but who really knows what went down in the bedroom that night.  He married her, as he wrote to his uncle, out of pity for her situation.

Hamilton?  Totally bisexual.  I don’t think I really need to explain how much Hamilton loved the ladies.  But did you know that he was also into dudes?  Have some excerpts from some of his letters to Laurens:

Cold in my professions, warm in my friendships, I wish, my Dear Laurens, it might be in my power, by action rather than words, to convince you that I love you. I shall only tell you that ’till you bade us Adieu, I hardly knew the value you had taught my heart to set upon you. Indeed, my friend, it was not well done. You know the opinion I entertain of mankind, and how much it is my desire to preserve myself free from particular attachments, and to keep my happiness independent on the caprice of others. You should not have taken advantage of my sensibility to steal into my affections without my consent. But as you have done it and as we are generally indulgent to those we love, I shall not scruple to pardon the fraud you have committed, on condition that for my sake, if not for your own, you will always continue to merit the partiality, which you have so artfully instilled into me.

It was common back then for men to use emotional, affectionate language when writing to their male friends, but this, in my opinion, goes beyond just platonic love.  Here’s another excerpt from the same letter:

If you should not readily meet with a lady that you think answers my description you can only advertise in the public papers and doubtless you will hear of many competitors for most of the qualifications required, who will be glad to become candidates for such a prize as I am. To excite their emulation, it will be necessary for you to give an account of the lover—his size, make, quality of mind and body, achievements, expectations, fortune, &c. In drawing my picture, you will no doubt be civil to your friend; mind you do justice to the length of my nose and don’t forget, that I <– – – – –>.

Those five dashes at the end represent the five words that were scratched out by an editor.  Said editor also wrote “I must not publish the whole of this” at the top of the page.  Have fun imagining what Hamilton wrote that was so sexual, so beyond the bounds of propriety that it had to be permanently deleted from the letter.  And finally, here’s a passage that Hamilton wrote to Laurens about Hamilton’s upcoming marriage:

In spite of Schuylers black eyes, I have still a part for the public and another for you; so your impatience to have me married is misplaced; a strange cure by the way, as if after matrimony I was to be less devoted than I am now. Let me tell you, that I intend to restore the empire of Hymen and that Cupid is to be his prime Minister. I wish you were at liberty to transgress the bounds of Pensylvania. I would invite you after the fall to Albany to be witness to the final consummation. My Mistress is a good girl, and already loves you because I have told her you are a clever fellow and my friend; but mind, she loves you a l’americaine not a la françoise.

Two things to note here.  1) Laurens hoped marriage might cure Hamilton and himself of certain feelings they had for each other.  2) Hamilton basically just invited Laurens to a threesome on his wedding night.

Now that we’ve covered that, have some of my favorite Laurens/Hamilton moments from history (copied/edited a bit from two posts I made earlier):

  • Wrote some of Washington’s dispatches together
  • Sent and received some of their personal correspondence together
  • Shared a bedroom at Valley Forge
  • When Laurens was in South Carolina, Hamilton asked Washington for a position in the South as well (and Hamilton went into one of his I-hate-everything-in-this-world-except-Laurens moods after Washington denied his request)
  • When Laurens was in South Carolina, he wrote to Hamilton about how he was struggling “between duty and inclination” and how much his heart was with Hamilton
  • When Laurens was a POW, Hamilton did just about everything he could to convince Washington to have him exchanged/released
  • When Laurens was a POW, Hamilton visited Laurens on/near Laurens’s birthday, and the two also (very likely) got their portraits done together (on a different date)
  • Hamilton was Laurens’s second for his duel with Lee (also their combined sass at Lee’s court-martial is the best)
  • When Laurens was selected by Congress to serve as an envoy to France, he suggested Hamilton be the envoy instead
  • Frequently mentioned as being together when other officers discussed their actions
  • Laurens referred to his wife as “dear girl” and referred to Hamilton as “dear boy” and never used these terms of endearment for anyone else (so he referred to Hamilton with the male equivalent of a term of endearment that he used to express his love for his wife)
  • Laurens never told Hamilton about his wife and child - Hamilton happened to find out by reading a letter to Laurens, about 1.5 years after they had met
  • Hamilton was the most fervent supporter of Laurens’s black regiment

The months surrounding Laurens’s death also reveal Hamilton’s and Laurens’s love for each other.  I made a more in-depth post about this, but the main takeaway from that is how they signed their letters to each other.  Laurens signed his last letter to Hamilton as, “Adieu, my dear friend; while circumstances place so great a distance between us, I entreat you not to withdraw the consolation of your letters. You know the unalterable sentiments of your affectionate Laurens.”  This is by far the most affectionate closing Laurens ever used in any of his letters (the majority of his other closings were simply “Adieu” or “Your obedient servant”).  Hamilton signed his last letter to Laurens with, “Yrs for ever.”  Hamilton only used this closing with one other person – his wife Elizabeth.  And I made another post where I discussed how Hamilton only wrote a few lines about Laurens’s death.  This shows that he was so emotionally devastated by that loss that he could not come up with the words to express his feelings (and that’s really saying something, because Hamilton basically never stopped writing).

Finally, here’s a link to all of their correspondence if you would like to read through that.

So that’s the best explanation I can give you.  I hope this all makes sense.


So last night this post got me, @elanev91 &  @levins18 into fit of hysterics. This story is a result of those hysterics. I blame levins, as per usual, for finding all the fun things to reblog, like vine compilations. NSFW b/c I’m a horrible person.

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Smaragdine. (Greek/Latin) loosely interpreted as “rare emerald”. In alchemy, the Smaragdine Tablet was used by Flamel to invent the Philospher’s Stone, giving the owner and his lover the ability to live forever.

Green eyes.

They get under his skin more than any other eyes have been able.

White snow falls around James, placing mismatched white dots on her black cloak. She’d found him sitting in the bar alone watching the ice melt in his drink. Lily had simply brushed her fingers along his shoulders (her cheeks rosy from the weather) and James had paid his tab immediately, ignoring the rest of the russet colored drink by his fingertips.

They play their amusements gracelessly. He doesn’t like to take it slow and she doesn’t ever know how to jump without diving in headfirst so it’s no surprise when he falls in love effortlessly under the shiver-inducing glare of her green eyes. Sometimes he feels like he’s sleepwalking in the dark and can’t keep up with her lighthearted dance but then her touch wakes him like lightening each time their skin touches.

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JULY 30: Emily Brontë (1818-1848)

We covered Charlotte Brontë and her relationship with Ellen Nussey back in March, but today it’s her little sister’s turn! Fellow English author and possible fellow lesbian, Emily Brontë, was born on this day in 1818.

A group portrait of all three of the literary Brontë sisters painted in 1834 by their brother Branwell is the only undisputed rendering of Emily (x). 

Emily Jane Brontë was born on July 30, 1818 in the small village of Thornton. She was the middle child out of the three famous Brontë sisters – Charlotte being the oldest and Anne being the youngest – but she was her parents’ fifth child out of six. Emily was a shy, sensitive girl who was known for her love of animals and her penchant for bringing home stray dogs. The deaths of her mother and two sisters Maria and Elizabeth and the abuse she faced at the Clergy Daughters’ School would go on to affect Emily’s worldview and creative efforts for the rest of her life.

At the age of 20, Emily left home and tried her hand at teaching at Law Hill School in Halifax; however, the stress of the 17-hour work day and homesickness became too much to bear and she returned home in April of 1839. This act of venturing out only to return home to be a stay-at-home-daughter for her father would become a pattern for Emily. Homesickness plagued her all her life and she seemed to only be happy when she was among the “solemn moors” of her childhood. It was those very same “solemn moors” that were the inspiration for Emily’s singular novel and the now classic Wuthering Heights, published in 1847 under the name Ellis Bell. The famous gothic romance would only appear with Emily’s true name three years later in 1850, long after it had captured the hearts of the British public.

Throughout her life, Emily was undeniably a recluse and historians have worked hard for decades to try and find out as much about her personal life as they can. While her sister Charlotte had an undeniably lesbian relationship with a woman named Ellen Nussey, Emily’s sexuality has been harder to discern. For years, she was painted as the eternally ignorant, virginal Brontë sister, but with the 1983 publication of Emily Brontë: Heretic by Stevie Davies a new conversation was opened up about the possibility that Emily was simply uninterested in relationships with men. In the book, Davies asserts her belief that Emily was in fact a lesbian and discusses her close relationship with a schoolmate named Louise de Bassompierre and her possible connection to the famous lesbian aristocrat Anne Lister. Had sickness not overtaken Emily, the truth may have been clearer, but her premature death at the age of 30 on December 19, 1848 would prevent the world from knowing any more of her dreams, plans, or creative capabilities. 


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Could u do like a big resume of everything about the gen? I'm so lazy to go and search for it.


The Kids:

Claudia Natalie Stillinski: First child of Stiles and Lydia. Red hair and green eyes, moles, full eyebrows, Lydia’s nose. Can play piano, is a banshee, is super smart, slightly mischievous. Had a strange fear of Donald Duck.

Allison (Ally) Lorraine Stilinski: One of the twins of Stiles and Lydia. Brown hair, brown eyes, Stiles’s nose, Lydia’s lips, moles. Is literally Stiles and has to be reigned a lot by her twin brother. Loves painting, is smol, afraid of clowns, will fight anyone and everyone.

Reese Aiden Stilinski: Ally’s twin brother. Looks like exactly like Stiles. Hair is a bit fluffier. His personality is a lot like Stiles but way more tame. He tries to control her a lot and stop her from getting herself into trouble. Plays guitar, is afraid of spiders, lacrosse af.

Henry Argent McCall: the only son of Scott and Malia. So very calm. (Lydia is constantly complaining that Malia got the calm child when she is the way she is) (malia then goes “Well I’m not the one who decided to procreate with Stiles” and that usually shuts her up) Is a literally cinnamon roll. Super in love with Ally (she is oblivious as shit, but she likes him too). Plays drums (in a band with Reese), plays lacrosse, loves dogs more than life.

The Relationships:

Claudia/Ally: best friends ever. super close, its amazing

Claudia/Reese: SO. PROTECTIVE. OF. EACH. OTHER. Like so much. Claudia feels very responsible for Reese since he’s a bit more delicate compared to the girls sometimes.

Ally/Reese: cannot live without the other. Ally is always ready to kill someone if they even look at Reese the wrong way. Reese often drags her away apologizing profusely and swearing that she means well.

Reese/Henry: best friends. very scott and stiles. basically brothers.

Ally/Henry: have a lowkey stydia (once they were friends) dynamic. Sass each other always. Will kill for the other. Are in love but they don’t know it yet (well they don’t know the other one is also in love with them)

Claudia/Henry: she treats him like her second little brother

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54. And 62. Please! 💜💜💜💜

54. “Sit down.” & 62.  “Don’t force me.“

“Owen please?!” she tried pleading for what must have been the 100th time now, “please, please, please” she battered her big and bright blue eyes at him,

“Mia I’m sorry, but no.” he answered with a slight chuckle, 

“Why? Give me five good reasons? Go on Owen…”

“I don’t need to give you five good ones I can give you one incredible one; we are never home!”

“You’re impossible! Did you know that?” she was getting more and more frustrated with him by the second, he didn’t mind play-fighting with her but he really hated to upset her and he knew he was walking across very thin ice. 

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some mingyu again as my apology to u

  • idk what about him but he’d be a great father i can sense it
  • and a great husband as well i mean
  • caN u imagine waking up next to him bc im just
  • he’s a great chef so im not gonna be surprised if he cooks most of time more than u
  • but he’ll love ur food that is if u can cook - he’ll eat everything u make
  • “u make great food”
  • “thank u????”
  • “but you know who makes the best food? me” ok mingyu
  • his kids would probs inherit his height
  • theyll be like omg daddy so tall
  • ofc PIGGY BACK RIDES u cant forget this one
  • i can see him pretending to drop his kids to make them laugh but accidentally dropping them
  • “KIM MINGYU” “im sorry ok i didnt know he’s going to actually fall”
  • he’d want puppies in the house ofc who r u kidding
  • “PLEASE”
  • he’ll probably choose to get a poochon dont ask why
  • and who can resist him?
  • and now you have 3 BABIES to take care of (ur dog, ur kid, and….. mingyu)
  • “i cant believe im married to a 5 years old”
  • “you love me tho”
  • “true”
  • he’d support his kids so much!! its cute!! he’d cheer for them and do all the embarrassing cute dad stuffs probably i can imagine it
  • would love to have a rap battle with u
  • teaching his kids how to rap
  • love cuddles who doesnt
  • LOVE BEING THE SMALL SPOON despite his giant body
  • that smile tho
  • starts barking at the dog out of nowhere saying he understands them
  • would love hearing his kids talk about their first day at school or just anything and making comments about it
  • and maybe starts gossiping about them too
  • “ok so this girl seems annoying tell me more about her”
  • on your anniversary or mothers day or ur birthday he’ll bake u a cake with the kids!!!! WOW IM SO SAD NOW I WANT A MINGYU and the cake will tastes good which is not surprising
  • and throw a surprise party maybe which makes u cry bc a lot of cuteness
  • and now for the sexy times
  • have u seen those lips i feel like he’s a great kisser ;-;
  • his kisses would probably involve a lot of tongue and are messy
  • loves biting everywhere basically without realizing he’s hurting u
  • i can see him giggling during sex lmao not surprised tbh
  • idk how many kids he wants tho.. …maybe 3? or 4?
  • i feel like he’d like the house to be loud and full of people
  • BASICALLY mingyu is so husband material and omginjgnrjgrni he’s just a hyper little dog who just wants ur attention all the time and wants u to pet him and love him and cuddle him and kiss him 24/7

ok that was fun for more husband!au click here

Exo Reaction to When Their Girlfriend Ignores Them For Her Cat


Baekhyun watches his girlfriend squeal lightly when the kitten mews softly and then yawns. She lays across from it on the floor and blows kisses at it, plays with it’s paws and pets it soft fur without a care in the world for anything else. Baek is very much feeling like a jealous puppy who would also like love and attention. 

“I can be cute too.”


Chanyeol finds his girlfriend’s kitten absolutely adorable and is right there on the floor with her, touching it’s ears and laughing when a squeak comes out of its mouth instead of a meow. When she isn’t looking, he scoops it up into his arms and claims it as his own, dubbing that its name should be Lucky. He grins as she pouts because the kitten seems to take more of a liking to him. 


Chen watches with pouty lips as his girlfriend plays with her young cat, giving it treats when it jumps high enough. He sees that her other cat is pouting too, watching the baby with beady yellow eyes. He grabs it and cuddles with it, trying to make his girl think that her precious cat likes him more now. 


Kai actively tries to out cute the cat to make himself seem more appealing. 

However, his aegyo is weak and it doesn’t attract her back to his side. He decides to resort what he best at instead. 


“Being jealous over a cat is not my style.” 


Kyungsoo watches his girlfriend hold the cat and kiss it’s little head, smiling and happy like she has never been before. He has to wonder why he has never seen her smile like that. He stares in confused jealousy. 

“What does that kitten have that I don’t?” 


Lay does not notice that she is paying more attention to the cat nor does he care. He sees her on the floor with the cat, getting it to chase her fingers with its paws. He turns on the TV and lays on her, watching a show as she plays with the cat. 


Luhan stares at the two kittens judgmentally. He doesn’t understand why his girlfriend like them so much. He is regretting letting her bring them into his apartment from the dumpster she rescued them from. 

“They smell like the trash…and she is hugging them over me.” 


Sehun doesn’t even need to think twice; he can out-cute these cats. He is the only clumsy baby that his girl needs to watch after. There is only room for one in her life and he has no doubt that it’s him. 


Suho treats the kitten like it’s his baby too. He bought it a play house, a bed to sleep in, toys, a litter box, a collar that has the name ‘Sir’ carved into it, and treats. He plans out how he and his girl are going to train it and when they want to introduce it to other animals to socialise it. Suho acts like the cat is a dog or something. 


Tao mostly watches his girlfriend, just judging her. He doesn’t like cats too much, they’re furry little bastards who creep him out. He is not eager for this particular one to grow up, especially with the way it’s been snuggling into his girl like it knows how mad Tao is. 


Xiumin loves the little kitten. It’s so small and cuddly. He is very fascinated by it, but also a little put off by how much fur it leaves around. He figures that he and the girl will figure out how to manage it just fine though and like to watch her hold it. 

little dog girl with her big eyes and hungry belly and wagging tail who throws herself at the world with love like a thunderclap, little girl who loves the skinned knees and sticker bushes and bad novels - girl that made the mistake of wanting, of wishing, of being trusting

she chases her tail like spiral down the drain, she watches the pretty things sprint away from her with their fast legs and soft pelts and she chases them, she chases them; she chases boys with their bark laughter and good smells and girls with their beautiful voices and gentle hands and friends who get chased all the way down into the horizon until they never come back again

love people love sky love open river love ocean love heartbreak love cheating love sharp teeth love healing love your dress and love and love and love but never enough of it or too much and trying too hard or not trying at all and 

little dog girl with her puppy legs who gets left behind just over and over and over again.

—  bad dog, or something // r.i.d

@fool4taehyung requested: Hey lovely 😇 I wanted to ask if I could request a written ship with BTS and EXO ? Thank you very much in advance if you’re doing this :-)

Ok where do I begin.. Well I am more of a shy person but once I feel comfortable around someone I can be very loud. My friends describe me as awkward + weird, but also as very warm hearted, cute and they say I am a good listener too. I LOVE animals especially dogs (!!). I would definitely describe me as a bookworm and I also like photography very much. My family is very important to me, I wouldn’t know what to do without my mom and sister 💓 I’m the type of girl who is daydreaming all day while listening to her favourite music and would rather stay in and maybe watch a movie or play some games.
But on the other side I seem to surround myself with extrovert people who drag me out of my shell and show me new and exciting things and I appreciate them so much 😊 💓

From BTS, I ship you with… V!

I think that Taehyung would definitely find the fact that you were awkward and weird really endearing! I can really see him liking a bit of a daydreamer, and he definitely wouldn’t be averse to a little movie marathon with you. That being said though, don’t get too surprised when he pulls you out of the house to show you something cool he’s found!

Originally posted by jimiyoong

From EXO, I ship you with… Baekhyun!

Listen: forget the crazy cat lady, you and Baekhyun would be the crazy dog couple of the street. I can imagine you two setting up silly little photoshoots for your dogs, and my God, it’s the cutest thing ever! Baekhyun would definitely try to get you to play video games with him, and who knows, maybe you’ll team up and kick some arse.

Originally posted by baeksilisk

Thanks for requesting, we hope you like your ships.
- Admin C

You came back, and I knew you would. Sadly, I no longer wear those black jeans you told me complimented my legs. I no longer put a tablespoon of sugar in my coffee, I like the bitter taste better now. I don’t sing in the shower, and I cover the scar above my left eyebrow, that you adored so much about my face. You told me it made me unique, that you loved my perfect imperfections. For the same reason, I now cover it with make-up that I can’t afford and I don’t smile at strangers, or pet random dogs at the street. You came back for a girl who’s no longer here, and the worst part of it all; you don’t even know that it was you who killed her. It’s too late. You’re too late.
—  f.f. // An excerpt from a book I’ll never write
Money isn't everything: Calum Hood Smut

“Honey I’m home!” You shouted out into the quiet walls of your mansion. 

 "Calum?“, you called out with no reply.

 You looked at the living room table and there sat a single red rose and a note that read: Evening princess, your bath is ready. Xoxo Calum. 

 You smiled and grabbed the rose and note and headed up the stairs to your master bathroom. You stopped when you heard a distraught voice. 

 "He must be in his office” you thought to yourself. 

 You stopped in the doorway, careful not to be a bother, but you wanted to thank him for his thoughtfullness.


 You shook your head and stepped through the doorway, waving when he noticed you. You smiled at him and lifted up the note silently thanking him. He nodded and shoo’d you away with his hand as he yelled at his employee some more.

 You walked out of the room and closed the door quietly. You headed to your room and your master bedroom to see a glass of champagne sitting on the tub. You smiled to yourself and stripped down, stepping into the warm water. 

The water was sprinkled with rose petals and it looked like a dream after your long day of work. 

You put your hair in a clippy and settled into the water. You relaxed immediately, closing your eyes and taking in the smell of the rose petals floating in your water. You were almost asleep when you heard the door open. 

You looked to see your husband in his robe, brown hair all messy and a scowl on his face. 

 "Everything okay Cal?”, you asked concerningly. 

 "Idiots.“ He said rolling his eyes.

 "What happened?” You asked raising up to lean over the side of the tub. 

 "I’m running a company with a bunch of morons, that’s what happened.“ He said scowling. 

 "I’m sorry.. care to join me in this bath that you so graciously drew?” You asked smiling. 

 He shook his head and frowned. “No, I’ve got some more calls to make. I just wanted to make sure you weren’t mad at me for earlier.“ 

 You gave him a small smile. “I’m not, I know you’re busy.”

 He nodded and tried to smile, but it seemed impossible. He walked back out and closed the door. 

 You relaxed back into your bath and closed your eyes shaking your head.

 You loved your husband more than anything in the world, but ever since his company had become so successful you hardly ever got to see him. He was always in a conference or meeting or on the phone. Shoo'ing you away had become a reoccurring thing in your everyday life now. Although you would be lying if you said that you didn’t love the material comfort that his job gave you-you’d also be lying if you said that you didn’t miss the way your husband used to be when money was an issue. He was so smiley and loved dancing with you to R&B, he loved to cook with you or paint the living room different colors just for the hell of it. All of the money and power had changed him, and it was starting to get to you. Instead of doing little romantic things together, sentimental things, he used money for everything, and it never involved him being with you. If you were mad at him or an important event came up you’d receive 50 roses at your job or tickets to a getaway for just you and your friends. The getaways and shopping sprees were nice, but you missed how he used to be. How he used to scrape up any money he had to take you to your favorite ice cream parlor. From there you two would take your ice creams and go to the park where he’d serenade you with a song he wrote just for you. The little things were what you missed the most.

 You felt a frown make its way to your lips as you thought about all of the fun you two used to have, and how now every time you wanted to spend time with him he was just too busy. You were proud of him, you really were, but you missed him. You knew the same Calum that you had known and loved was under there somewhere, he was the one who drew you this lovely bath, you just had to figure out a way to bring him back. 

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Pairing: Gray/Juvia
Title: Was it Something I said
Rating: K+
Prompt: “I planned out this super romantic proposal and you just ruined it by beating me to the whole proposing thing.”
Requested by: Anonymous

Juvia had the unfortunate habit of saying the wrong things at the wrong time so she had, on several occasions, ruined many of Gray’s attempts at being romantic.

Like take for example, that time he bought her a dog. The two of them had just hit the one-year mark and she had been not-so-subtly pestering him about doing something to “advance their relationship.” Giving her a key to his apartment was out of the question (because he lived with Natsu and he and Juvia were far too chummy for Gray’s liking) and so was bringing up the possibility of living together (it was way too soon). In the end, he settled with buying a dog for the two of them. As far as he knew, Juvia was the kind of girl who loved surprises and cute, cuddly things. He didn’t care much for pets himself but Juvia was important to him and he wanted to show her that he was willing to commit to something as big as taking care of a living thing with her.

He bought her a tiny, brown dachshund and carefully placed it in a baby-blue carrier that had a bright bow pinned at the top. He planned on surprising her when he went to pick her up at work. He would place it at the backseat of his car and as she entered, the dog would bark and she would turn around and squeal before reaching out to tackle Gray in a hug, all the while praising him for being so thoughtful and romantic.

But when she got in the car, she barely even noticed the dog. Instead, she was too focused with rambling about Gajeel and his latest drama with his cat.

“Pantherlily scratched Gajeel-kun’s couch again and nearly ruined his guitar and now, Gajeel-kun has no idea what to do with him. Honestly, pets are such a hassle,” Juvia said.

Gray grimaced and for a moment, had the mad urge to usher Juvia out of the car so he could hide the dog somewhere. But before he could, it gave a little yip. Juvia turned around, eyes widening. Then, she turned back to give him an embarrassed, guilty smile before going on and on about how she actually really loved dogs and how they were completely different from cats and how she was confident that the “great love they had for each other” would surely survive anything—even temperamental pets.

Gray just weakly smiled at her and mumbled something about how the dog was for him and Natsu.

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Fic Masterpost

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

“Well boys,” he says, scratching at Harley’s head. Rhino barks at that, and Zayn obliges him by petting him too. Apparently, that means that he’s showing too much attention to the dogs, and Tigger appears from wherever she’d been hiding, taking her rightful place in his lap. “And girl,” Zayn adds, politely. “Guess we’re back.” (tag)

Love Me True 

It’s not easy, loving someone who’s part veela. It’s even harder being them.

Snapshots in the life of part-veela Zayn and the boy who loves him. (tag)

John Hughes Wannabe 

“Think about it. You’ll be staying together. There’ll be slow dancing at the reunion, you’ll have to dance together. Maybe take a walk on the beach, in a nice romantic setting. Everyone will think you’re together already, it’ll be in the air. It’s perfect!”

Harry wants to win his high school reunion. And maybe win Zayn’s heart too, while he’s at it. (tag)


In another world, Zayn would be on the bed already, and Louis would be tasting every inch of him. He’d be writhing with pleasure, taken care of properly, shown what true pleasure can be, not just the pretense he’s probably had. He’d show Zayn that even in the camps, far away from the city glamour, there’s real pleasure. He’d have Zayn screaming his name, begging for him. In that other world, when Louis hadn’t won Zayn in a card game. When the chains around Zayn’s wrists that kept him with Louis were emotion, not gold. (tag)


His name is Zayn Malik. For five years he was stranded on an island with only one goal: survive. Now he come home to fulfill the mission of a dying man–to save his city. But to do that, he can’t be the man he was before. He must become someone else. He must become something else.(tag)

darling right now i can’t see you

You don’t fall in love with your fuck buddy. Zayn knows this. He always has. You don’t fall in love with your fuck buddy, especially when they’re as different as Harry is from Zayn. He’s not good at it, but he knows the rule.(tag)

Let the Sky Fall

There’s blood on Zayn’s hands. Harry likes to think it matches the blood on Harry’s. (tag)

Baby Be Mine (Not Your Baby ‘Verse)

In which Zayn is an English major who hates frats, Harry is a frat bro with great arms, and these things cause Zayn problems. (tag)

Just Pretending That We’re Cool

Camp Tiaxa Falls is many things to Harry–the lake, the woods, his campers, the four boys he’s been friends with for a decade. But after a difficult first year of college, it’s suddenly a refuge too. Except of course Zayn had to be out there, making things difficult by looking all gorgeous and kissable all the time… (tag)

To Catch a Thief

There are some rules even thieves have trouble breaking. Marriage vows, for instance. (tag)

The Ground Whereon He Walks

“You could come home with me.”

“Yeah?” Zayn turns, waggles his eyebrows and leers. “You offering yourself as a rebound?”

“Hah,” Niall snorts, and glances down at the ground. “No, like. I’m going home to spend the summer, you could tag along, if you wanted.”

Zayn blinks. “To Ireland?” (tag)

Beam Me Up

One Direction fans really are from everywhere… (tag)

Hooked on a Feeling

It might be borrowed time, but Zayn never wants to give it back. He’s happy. Happy for the first time in longer than he’d thought. He has his music and he has Harry, and that’s what he needs. And if even Louis is skeptical whenever he talks on the phone, well. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. (tag)


Fine, Louis thinks, when the announcement comes. Fine. If he doesn’t need them, they don’t need him. Louis certainly doesn’t. (tag)

68th and Broadway

Zayn still looks like a statue, Harry thinks, like he’s carved from marble. Or not marble; it’s more like he’s a painting with one of those big DO NOT TOUCH signs on them, all delicate, deliberate lines, from his narrow hips in his tight jeans to the oversized blue sweater the hangs off his shoulders to the curve of his lips, tilting downward as he frowns at the easel. Harry’s never much liked those signs, had always been the sort of kid who touched despite the risk he might break something. He’s a little worried he still is. (tag)


Over the next two weeks, Harry manages to cut open his finger three times, spill boiling water on himself once, and turn his skin polka-dotted, and somehow Potions is still the highlight of Zayn’s week. It’s just…in Potions, he doesn’t remember the absence at his side, doesn’t remember how even if he hangs out with Liam or any of the other Gryffindors, it still feels like something’s missing, something not even Louis’s regular letters can help. But in Potions, it feels like Zayn’s laughing too hard at Harry and Niall’s antics to remember that.(tag)

Holding Out For a Hero

Harry only expected a new bodyguard. He didn’t expect the most beautiful man he’s ever seen, or how Zayn looked at him like he could see through him, or how he makes Harry feel things he’s never felt before. But maybe, in the face of death threats and a love he can’t admit, Harry can find a bravery he never knew he had, and a home he never knew he wanted. (tag)

The Teacher Trap

It’s been seven years. Seven years of Harry trying to forget he ruined the best thing he’d had, of trying to forget how Zayn’s face looked the day he walked away. Even when Zayn becomes the English teacher at the high school where Harry teaches, it’s best for them both if he stays away. Friendship he can do, but anything more will only lead to heartbreak for both of them. He knows all of that—it’s just hard to remember when Zayn smiles. 

Zayn knows very well he’s not the same person he was seven years ago. He’s spent the intervening time making sure of it. But Harry’s still Harry, and no amount of history can change the pull between them, as inexorable now as it was in college. And in between Harry bringing him lunch and making sure he’s bundled up against the cold, sometimes it’s hard to remember why they broke up in the first place, or why they need to stay apart…

With the help of meddling teenagers sure their teachers are in love, a few musical numbers, and a New York City winter, can Harry and Zayn get a second chance for happily ever after—the right way around this time?(tag)


Zayn is quiet, after it’s gone. (tag)

Just Breathe

Zayn’s never known how to love with less than everything, and he’s never known how to say no to someone he loves. It might not be the best combination, but he’s never known how to be anything else.  (tag)

Code of Conduct

Zayn was his boss. Zayn was sort of his friend, and his boss, and he didn’t feel the same way, and it was just a stupid crush. And maybe, yeah, if Zayn had been someone else Harry would have beaten past all that and ended up in his bed. But he liked this job, and he liked Zayn, and it was just a crush. He had handled it for three years, he could handle it for as long as he had to, as long as Zayn still smiled at him when he brought him coffee and laughed at his bad jokes and told Harry how much he needed him all the time.  (tag)

Candlelight and Roses

Five people Zayn didn’t sleep with, and one he did.  (tag)

A Con-dirella Story

Once upon a time, an actor was forbidden to go to Comicon. But his fairy godmother had given him a mask, which he could wear to go no matter what anyone said. But, she warned, he could not stay forever, for he would be unmasked at the stroke of six. And so he went to the con, and there he met the most beautiful boy in all of Manhattan, and they wiled away the day together with much joy. Yet the clock ticked ever on, ever on, ever on…  (tag)  

Gouda to Meet You

“Okay, so you had cheese recommendations for the guy who accidentally texted you, fine. But did you have to tell him where you worked? Or to come by?”  (tag)

we are spirits of a different sort

O hell! to choose love by another’s eyes…
Or, if there were a sympathy in choice,
War, death, or sickness did lay siege to it,
Making it momentany as a sound,
Swift as a shadow, short as any dream. 


Like a Virgin

Touched for the very first time…  (tag)

It’s Getting Hot in Here

Harry likes to take his clothes off. This causes Zayn problems.


Heavy lies the heart that wears the crown. (tag)

Wish I Wish Tonight

Harry doesn’t know what to say, or how to say it. You have starlight in your smile, is what he wants to say, you did when you were sixteen and you still do. You’re starlight and I didn’t know how to look up.  (tag)

Here I Stand

Zayn lifts his chin, turns so that he’s facing Harry. He doesn’t look at Liam, because he can’t bear to look, and because he’s really not trying to be mean or pointed. Liam can do what he wants. But Zayn drew a line in the sand a long time ago, and it matters. “I’m not hiding, Haz. This is who I am. They can deal with it.”  (tag)

Whiskey on the Rocks

It’s the same every Thursday. Zayn makes drinks, smirks his way into more tips, jokes with Niall, watches Harry seduce the bar with songs about a boy he can’t have, and wishes more than anything that that boy was him.  (tag)

Worth a Thousand Words

In which porn is watched, revelations are had, and everything’s broken until it’s not.  (tag)


Sometimes, Liam thinks joining the tennis team is like playing two truths and a lie:

Zayn is on the tennis team.
Zayn loves Harry.
Harry loves Zayn.

He’s pretty sure he knows the lie. He’s just not sure they do.  (tag)

Ever After

It’s perfect, really. Harry has Zayn, and through everything, from boarding school to Harry’s first girlfriend to Harry’s first boyfriend to college to everything, Zayn’s never left.

There’s also the small fact of Zayn being in love with him, but they don’t talk about that. It’s the one thing they never talk about.  (tag)

Slow Down

Harry wants. It’s what he does best. He wants, and he charms his way into getting what he wants. He got X Factor. He got to be a world famous solo pop star. He gets whatever men and women want to fall into bed with him.

And now he wants this handsome dark-eyed mechanic in a middle of nowhere town. And Harry gets what he wants. He just isn’t always prepared for what the getting means.  (tag)

Nothing Good Happens After 2 AM (except for you)

“You had to finish that paper,” Zayn says, simply, and Harry’s struck by a sudden, overwhelming rush of love for this beautiful, lovely boy, who’d sit by himself miserable and drunk rather than break Harry’s concentration.

Da Mi Basia Mille

“An idea comes to Harry then, a brilliant, brilliant idea, the best idea he’s ever had, other than the time he thought he should grow his hair out. “New plan. I’m going to kiss you every day until you start thinking you should be kissed every day.”  (tag)

Cards on the Table

Slowly, very slowly, Zayn nods. “After the job,” he agrees, and turns to leave. But then he pauses, with his hand on the doorknob, and Liam braces himself because he knows the signs of a Zayn Malik bit of wisdom coming. “But Liam—” he talks to the side, not looking back, “You keep on wanting me to show my hand. But you–you’ve barely got any money in the pot.”

In which Liam pines, Zayn broods, Louis is manic, Harry charms everyone, Niall makes the best sandwiches, and stealing the money is barely the point at all.  (tag)


Assorted smut:

Age Difference (Zarry)

Dom/Sub (Ziam)

Fan/Idol (Zarry)

Size Difference/Shower Sex/Clothes Sharing (Zarry)

Collar (Zarry)

Mojochester11 family so far

Ok, I decided to make this post with everyone who joined our family. This way we can easily find each other and become friends!
Here we go…
mommy Cris @winchester11
moma Dawn @mojowoho
the rebel child @lubenatic
the niece who always gets late at the family gatherings @its-philosophistications-world
the social anxious-shy friend @grace-for-sale
the kid who shouts too much @cammckwilson
the angel sister @carry-on-you-wayward-winchesters
the sassy witch sister @sarkina
the crazy sis with blue hair @superwholockgeekgirl4life
the reaper, who everyone calls their cousin @runesinthenight
the quiet kid, who loves books @sherlock-and-cas-in-the-tardis
the shy neighbor who always help us when we’re in trouble @ultra-cat-mcfuzzpaws
the quiet niece, who loves everyone @today-only-happens-once
carry-on-you-wayward-winchesters wife @analyze-everything
the bi sassy cousin @insertcoolfandomurlhere
the nerdy nocturnal cousin @xxcreepypasta4lifexx
the blunt, but funny niece who use the word darlin a little too much @flyin-down-a-backroad
the distant cousin who no one knows how they’re related @otherwiseknownasnataliethegreat
the teen sister who fangirls with the kids @loufworld
the friend that’s here so much, is practically family @multicolouredwings
our cookie making hedgehog @darya-the-fangirl
small cousin, seems intimidating but is really nice @thewolvesring
my crazy sis, who will take my kids clubbing @caffeineaddictedstudent
our bookworm witch sister @kingshellhound
our small child that is insecure about life @sabriel-fanboy-83
the awkward cousin who spends too much time on the internet @gadreelsforbiddenfruit
the teenage daughter who sits around all day @ashleyloverose
Cristina’s other wifey @niceven-silace
the horse obsessed daughter @ladynikitablack
the make-up artsy daughter @bremida123
our direwolf named Wolverine @burntfrieburger
the spoiled nerdy child @kili-the-vamp
the eccentric cousin @wayward-angels-fallen-sons
the friend from school who will eat anything in the house @ocmaker0428
that friend we all call cousin @onceuponadeathlyimpalapanda
the girl who showed up some day and never left @clairlestrange 
the small dog who runs into open doors @fangirl-in-flannel
the boring, calm daughter who turns into a demon sometimes @wildtendermythologia
our sassy sister @queensdontwaittobesaved
the cousin who always makes puns @consulting-angel-timelord
the eccentric aunt who has lots of cats @mischievousaussie
the weird cousin no one knows much about @my-little-sinnamon-bun
the little angel sister @iloveiggychan
the aunt with the cool advices @spideypoolmymoonandstars
the German exchange student who never left @cumbercheston
the nice family alpaca @xxpockygirlxx
the random uncle with a mustache. who loves to prank people @spndontcri
Down’s other wife @chelsea072498
the supportive sister who will bake cookies @lokisangelblade
the family cat @descentofthe-losechesters
the goth cousin @lmr1114
the badass grandma, who is in a motorcycle gang @cococrispychills
the wise wine-drinking grandma @supernaturallyfantastic
the weird aunt who teaches kids weird stuff @teamfreewill-girl
that cousin who is too honest sometimes @lilypadss
that cousin who loves baggy t-shirts a little too much @e456bluetoo
the asexual aunt @rainbowpitofdoom
the awkward daughter who gets out of her room only when she’s hungry @panik-in-wonderland
the crazy lost cousin who tells everybody weird facts @the-girl-who-exists
that crazy friend who becomes like a sister @flubbor
the quiet distanced cousin who will actually do anything for the family @walking-talking-wikipedia
the problematic cousin @puzzledgreen
the sister who owns like 20 dogs @dailyjared
the angel sister @waywardnina
the mysterious distant cousin @starfirebird
our adopted kid @geekself
the weird sister, who will babysit sometimes @ranger49caraway
our demon sister @salt-it-burn-it-winchester-style
the funny cousin, half angel/half dragon @electronictimetravelkid
the family dragon @suzyqueqoh
the relative no one knows how we’re related @wild-the-wolf
the cousin who’s always nice @supernaturaltookover
Satan’s half angel/half demon non-binary sibling @dreamycloud1
that quiet cousin that always read, but can get really loud @lividcolors
the skinwalker daughter who drinks all the milk and turns into a fox when she’s nervous @pani1inthetardiswithsamanddean
our guardian angel @assbutttotheworld
the grumpy grandpa @findingmyownnemo
the grandma who turns into a grey cat @jaredpadalleckii
the shy sister @krisn5
the punk rock sibling, who is very quiet @ali-l
Ali-l best friend @tigertigera
the tomboy sister who loves football @harper-impala67
that cousin who wil teach kids stuff a bit outside the law @raabsfunnylittleworld
the weird cousin that everyone loves @summonedbycastiel
the non-related crazy aunt @falloutgrill
our weird brother who always comes drunk at Christmas @h-stan
the nice girl next door @supernaturallylost-writer 
our lovely daughter @pervincavinca
the really rich aunt who comes only for holidays @bailey-bair
the other rich aunt, who always buys nice gifts @shit-happens-bitchachos
the weird niece, carry-on-you-winchesters’ daughter @mc-winchester-on-a-unicorn
the shapeshifter aunt will take the kids out for ice cream @amythical-llama
the crazy aunt @confessions-of-a-total-dork
the weird cousin, who is always at our home @weirdnamesuggestions
our adopted daughter @snovolovac
that friend who is like a sister @ohmy-giddyaunt-bananas-are-cool
our family pony @castielangelwingsandpie
our lovely daughter @carryonmycryingheart
our artsy daughter @marispartycakeandfandoms
the sweet grandma who bakes cookies, but likes scotch a little too much @deansmysteryspot
the family spider, who became kind of a pet @sakuai1
our little kitten @p-sumea
the fallen angel sister, who gets cranky if there’s no food @mancamonster
the fluffy guard dog who loves everyone @crashandburndown
the overly-anxious sister who wants everyone to be happy @caslovesnetflix

Fic: Puppy Love

In which Kurt and Blaine rescue a puppy, and she comes up with a surprisingly cute trick. ~1200 words, G, fluffy fluff.

“God, this weather sucks,” Kurt said as he and Blaine trudged home from classes. It was a late February day where the weather couldn’t decide if it wanted to snow or rain, so it was doing both, and of course the subway just had to flood because of it.

“I don’t think I’m going to be dry ever again,” Blaine agreed, tucking his head farther into the collar of his coat for a moment before quickly pulling it out and cocking his head a bit. “Wait, do you hear that?”

“The sound of my boots getting ruined from the splashes of passing cars and all this road salt?” Kurt said. “Yeah, I definitely hear that.”

“No, Kurt, I swear- hold on,” Blaine said, stopping dead. The pedestrians behind them cursed as they passed them, and Kurt huddled closer to Blaine so they’d take up less space on the somewhat crowded street. “I hear whimpering or something.”

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anonymous asked:

Kagami having a crush on a girl who is a complete dog lover. I love your blog so much I check it everyday (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

thanks boo~!

KAGAMI wonders how cruel fate was to throw him into this situation.The first time her mom brought ____-chan’s dog to school, her face lit up and she ran right up to her pooch to cuddle it. For a moment even though it was silly, Kagami felt jealous of that darn dog… and then he took several steps back because it was too close. “Hmm? What’s wrong?” She asks, unaware of his paralyzing fear. He rubs his neck, trying not to look too disturbed. “Y-you have a dog– I didn’t know that.” He replies. She smiles, patting the fur of her beloved canine friend. “Oh mom, you didn’t bring the other one?” She turns to her mom. Kagami, in the background, looks ready to fall over from shock. She has two dogs?! ____-chan gets up and holds the leash in her hand. “Hey Kagami-kun, we’re gonna go walk the dogs. You wanna come?” She asks so innocently. His heart can’t handle much more, but he nods his head anyways. “Yeah… let’s go.”

Even if he knew about this dog of hers earlier, he probably would’ve still fell for her. That’s how strong this attraction was.

anonymous asked:

What do you think of Quinn Fabray

i hope shes alive & happy & breathing ok & her back doesnt hurt too much & that she has a big warm bed to sleep in & all of her books & a lil sundrenched apartment maybe she got a dog?? maybe she got to travel? her beautiful lil brain is less of a sad angry mess & she met a pretty girl who loves her back indefinitely & most days i hope she feels v safe