a girl who loved lemon cakes


To the girl he said, “Drink this,” and pressed a cup into her hand. She drank it down at once. It was very tart, like biting into a lemon. A thousand years ago, she had known a girl who loved lemon cakes.


“In Sansa’s dreams, her children looked just like the brothers she had lost. Sometimes there was even a girl who looked like Arya.” - Sansa II, A Storm of Swords

                    “A thousand years ago, she had known a girl who loved lemon cakes.” 
                 -  Arya II, A Dance with Dragons

ideal season 7: a pile of ashes rumbles, a hand emerges. a phoenix ascends, its margaery. she flees to winterfell where her known gal pal Sansa, looks after her and they fall in love and make a nice home in the north and eat lemon cakes and sit by the fire and laugh about joffrey and nobody hurts them ever again

 Not only Sansa loves her lemony lemony lemon cakes.
Arya likes lemon cakes too:

A man was pushing a load of tarts by on a two-wheeled cart; the smells sang of blueberries and lemons and apricots. Her stomach made a hollow rumbly noise. “Could I have one?” she heard herself say. “A lemon, or … or any kind." 

Arya would have given anything for a cup of milk and a lemon cake, but the brown wasn’t so bad. 

A Game of Thrones - Arya V 

So this quote 

She drank it down at once. It was very tart, like biting into a lemon. A thousand years ago, she had known a girl who loved lemon cakes. No, that was not me, that was only Arya. — The Winds of Winter - Mercy

could be about Arya as well as about Sansa due to ambiguous wording.

I like this because it’s always nice to see something common between two sisters.



For those who have traveled to Thailand I expect that you tried mango and sticky-rice at least once; because it’s as popular as ice cream is to Americans. It’s sweet–grain rice with coconut milk and sugar, topped with slices of fresh mango. Now I’m a western girl through-and-through who loves her pies and cakes, but this was divine. Who’d have thought you’d ever see two American teenagers fight over the last slice of mango? Not me. Guild Wars 2 may not have mango-sticky-rice, but it does have mango pie. While it’s not as sweet or soft as coconut rice, it’s tangy and cold. Perfect for the oncoming heat of summer! The recipe is under the cut.

-MJ & K

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Could you do a prompt where Rhaegar lives, Jon is a Targaryen and history repeats itself where Jon kidnaps Sansa, from Joffrey who is her betrothed, but Jon only did it to protect her?

Okey dokey, sorry it’s taking me so long to fill these out, but once I started writing this one it kind of took on a life of its own. Which is to say: It’s hella long. But it was a lot of fun to write and this au meant I got to write baby brother!Jon and alive!Lady. Word of warning: There is some reference to sexual assault in this one, nothing graphic and it’s all below the cut, but it deserves to be mentioned anyway. But anyway, without further ado:

Jon always despised being compared to his father. King Rhaegar was well-regarded as a ruler, a poet, a warrior, but to Jon he would always be the man who disrespected both of his mothers.

He neglected Queen Elia and forced his affection upon Jon’s lady mother, but he didn’t truly love either of them.

No, Jon’s father was far too concerned with his foolish prophecies to pay any mind to the whispers of the court which disdained both his wives in equal measure. Elia for being too weak to keep the king’s affections and Lyanna for being the whore who stole them.

Jon determined at a young age that he would never make the same mistakes as his father. If the prince ever took a wife, he would be unfailingly true to her. He would never spurn his royal duty for misplaced lust, Jon promised himself.

But that was before Sansa Stark came to court.

“She’s a beauty, your cousin,” Egg said not a moon’s turn after Sansa arrived in King’s Landing.

Jon looked to where she embroidered and gossiped with some of the other prissy ladies in Rhaenys’ entourage.

“She has nice hair I suppose,” Jon answered, which of course earned him an elbow to his gut from his elder brother.

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im apparently one of the few people who think arya wont die physically in the end but will die in the same way arry died just an identity for her to exchange for one like cat which makes her happy am i too optimistic ps sorry for the formatting i tried before sending this question but a popup says no links allowed and im not even posting links i had to remove all punctuation for this hopefully to work this time

Haha I hate that about links, it always gets to me. I don’t even understand why we can’t have links anyway. It’s okay, I still understood your message.

Well, I understand what you’re saying, but I really disagree.

I really don’t think Arya will die for reasons I have stated here, here, and here

But more importantly, Arya is not losing her identity as Arya Stark.

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Lost Together

So I really needed more scenes between Jon and Sansa, hence this short fic got written. Tagging people under the cut who I know love the Starks/liked my preview (please tell me if you’d like to be untagged!)

Summary: After deciding to leave for Winterfell, Jon and Sansa finally talk. Post scene to 6x04.

Crossposted to AO3 and under the cut below

She was sleeping now, her red hair covering her face and her body wrapped in furs that Edd had brought. The woman - Brienne of Tarth, as she had introduced herself - had insisted on keeping watch outside the door with her squire, and although Jon didn’t expect to leave, he appreciated the two’s loyalty to his sister. She had told him of the horrors that befell her when she had left King’s Landing, all the way until she had escaped and ended up at Castle Black. Jon grimaced now, remembering their conversation.

“You’re hurt,” Sansa said, her voice taking on a concerned note, and Jon followed her eyes to the bottom of his shirt, which had gotten untucked, exposing a bit of his stab wound.

“It’s nothing,” he mumbled, but Sansa was already up and lifting the shirt, and she gaped when she saw the other wound. Brienne, who had been sitting uncomfortably next to Tormund, had gotten up as well to follow Sansa.

“There’s more,” Sansa said, and Jon sighed. “Jon, what happened?”

“Yes, well, it’s a long story,” he said.

“He got killed by his own men,”  Tormund offered up helpfully.

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once upon a dream

{a thousand years ago, she had known a girl who loved lemon cakes: for sansa and arya stark}

01.once upon a dream-lana del rey 02.lost things-a fine frenzy 03.wish i stayed-ellie goulding 04.turn the wolves-lotte kestner 05.let’s forget all the things that we say-julia stone 06.gone away-lucy schwartz 07.sister-sea oleena 08.wild thing-misty miller 09.other side of the world-kt tunstall 10.ghost town-first aid kit

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I wish people would stop the whole Sansa/Arya don’t love each other or play the blame game for who strained their relationship. It’s very clear that their relationship problems are rooted in mutual misunderstanding of one another.

“Arya, why aren’t you at work?” the septa asked. She rose to her feet, starched skirts rustling as she started across the room. “Let me see your stitches.”

Arya wanted to scream. It was just like Sansa to go and attract the septa’s attention….

Sansa was too well bred to smile at her sister’s disgrace, but Jeyne was smirking on her behalf.  Arya, AGoT

Arya is under the impression that Sansa is out to get her and delights in her inability to fit in. 

Of course, Sansa is also under the impression that Arya is out to get her.

The only thing that scared her about today was Arya. Arya had a way of ruining everything. You never knew what she would do

“Arya started it,” Sansa said quickly, anxious to have the first word. “She called me a liar and threw an orange at me and spoiled my dress, the ivory silk, the one Queen Cersei gave me when I was betrothed to Prince Joffrey. She hates that I’m going to marry the prince. She tries to spoil everything, Father, she can’t stand for anything to be beautiful or nice or splendid.“ Sansa, AGoT

It’s not a lack of love or because one of them is more/less to blame, but the fact is, Arya and Sansa don’t understand each other. They constantly misinterpret each others actions as attacks that don’t exist, which strains their relationship. 

Sansa doesn’t understand that Arya doesn’t choose to be such an outcast when she "ruins” things for Sansa. Arya doesn’t understand that Sansa isn’t trying to shame her and “smirking” internally at her misfortunes.

They have markedly different views on the world, very young, and things perpetuated by the events in King’s Landing (mostly Joffrey and Cersei) just serve to confuse the two of them more about each other’s mindset.

Neither of them strained their relationship, their misunderstandings of each other coupled by people putting them in tense situations that exacerbated their originally very minor issues just resulted in a snowball effect that neither of them intended, instigated, or wished. 

It’s a lack of understanding, not a lack of love, that probably could have been fixed with a simple, honest talk before things spun out of control.

This is also why it makes no sense to say that they can’t move past things, both of them always wanted to work things out when they were sheltered kids, they just believed the other was doing things on purpose to hurt them. They won’t have this problem if when they’re reunited because it was, to put it frankly, a childish misunderstanding on both parts.

And just to leave you with wonderful Stark sisters’ feelings:

She drank it down at once. It was very tart, like biting into a lemon. A thousand years ago, she had known a girl who loved lemon cakes. No, that was not me, that was only AryaArya, ADWD

She awoke all at once, every nerve atingle. For a moment she did not remember where she was. She had dreamt that she was little, still sharing a bedchamber with her sister Arya. But it was her maid she heard tossing in sleep, not her sister, and this was not Winterfell, but the Eyrie. And I am Alayne Stone, a bastard girl.  Sansa, ASoS

Severe identity loss can’t even stop them from missing each other.

The boy named Ned is gone now.  She’s glad of that.  She doesn’t want a boy named Ned around, Ned Dayne, Ned for Ned, Dayne like Ashara who was never to be mentioned again.  The boy named Ned is gone now, but his memory lingers on like the memory of empty bones in a casket.

When she removes her hood, they stare at her neck, at the scars on her face.  She doesn’t feel them though.  They gape like open mouths, screaming in pain, but she does not hear them.  She does not notice them.  She only notices when she tries to speak, when she must hold her throat closed to make a noise at all.

But she doesn’t speak often.  She doesn’t speak, but she remembers–remembers all too clearly.

Harwin stands to her right most days, out of guilt she can only assume.  How many times had she watched him run at quintains with Robb in the yard of Winterfell, back when it was still summer, back when her boy had laughed and smiled and muttered in frustration when Harwin’s lance had landed truer than his?  Her boy would be as tall as Harwin now.  Tall and brave and dead, his heart stopped by steel.  Harwin does not speak of Robb, or of Winterfell.  He hardly speaks at all, except to tell the men to be quiet, for the Lady speaks.  But she doesn’t speak often, so Harwin remains silent.

She made Tom of Sevenstreams stop singing near her.  She’d had a girl once who’d loved dearly to sing, and a boy who had been killed by a song and now cannot stomach a melody at all.  And though they’d said that his cloak was of lemons, they stopped calling him “Lemoncloak” for “Lemoncloak” sounded too much like “lemon cake” and the sweetness of lemon cakes made her teeth hurt for gritting them.

And then there is the boy–the one who looks like Robert Baratheon, and who had come to find her, to say that he’d been a friend of her daughter.  He is a bastard too, like the boy Jon Snow, and, like the boy Jon Snow, a friend to Arya.  

Arya whom they had held.  Arya whom they had lost.

The boy stays away as well, for the most part, with his sad eyes.  She does not want his pity.  She wants none of their pity.

They’re all shades of them–the children she lost.  She’d wept when Lord Beric had given her life again–for this is not a life she wants, empty without them, painful without them.  She’s heard men say all her life that motherhood might make a woman mad.  She had denied it once, but now she does not, for she thinks of them, her precious babes, Robb boistrous in her arms, and Arya too, Bran and Sansa gentle and quiet, and Rickon loudest of them all.  She remembers Ned, Ned, Ned, not my hair, Ned loves my hair, and the warmth of him at her back while they watched their children playing, and there are none of them left but her, none of them not even the baby.  

Just her.  Just her and these shades of her children that haunt her step and infest this band of brothers.

And she’s not their brother, she can tell that much.  Their Silent Sister, mayhaps, but she was once a sister, and never before had sisterhood felt this way.  They obey her.  Not as a lady, but as a mother.  They do not climb when she tells them not to.  Her special boy had fallen even though he had climbed before he could walk and was as much a squirrel as a boy.  Unlike Bran, they listen to her when she tells them–do not climb.  They hang the nooses from horseback instead.

Once she’d been a Stark and a Tully.  Once she’d been Lady Catelyn, beautiful and charming and full of life.  But Lady Catelyn is dead and her body lives on.  Lady Stoneheart some call her, a Mother Merciless, leading a motherhood without banners.

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I fet that Sansa's line to Theon about wishing she had tortured him was very cruel and out of charcter too! The moment she said it I told myself "those are not Sansa Stark's words".


Yes, you’re absolutely right, that might be the least Sansa Stark reaction ever. They clearly don’t understand Sansa, don’t see how one of Sansa’s biggest strenghts is her empathy, and how the abuse she suffered in King’s Landing didn’t kill that, quite the contrary. It’s absurd. I mean, I understand why Sansa would be mad at Theon (she has plenty of reasons even before), but she’s a perceptive girl who has been (sadly) deeply in touch with abuse, and should be able to recognize how damaged Theon is. Book!Sansa would anyway (but thankfully, she’s eating lemon cakes in the Eyrie), even if she wouldn’t forget about Theon’s treason to her family. And she wouldn’t take pleasure in another’s abuse either –particularly when said abuse is inflicted by the same person abusing her daily (I mean… who would?) Not to mention that Sansa’s ability to survive was tested and proved in King’s Landing, and would have known how to deal with Theon last week, and would have known that “tough love” wasn’t exactly the way to go. Because instinct and adaptability are also some of Sansa’s strenghts.

I really don’t know what are they doing with her, and to be honest, whatever they do won’t fix this mess. I guess they are trying to turn her into a “badass” (and when I say this, I mean their limited idea of badass, of course. Book!Sansa is a freaking badass already, thank you very much), and making her all about revenge or whatever. This plot wasn’t about her of her character development anyway, so I guess they simply don’t care one bit. I mean, any progess in her characterization will be crushed next season if needed –remember that super empowering and cliche scene with her walking down the stairs in season 4? Yeah, me too, so empowering (for them, anyway), and so pointless, apparently.

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Hello! I love your baby!Sansa and Jon fics and If you're still open to writing more, could you perhaps do one where it's Sansa's birthday and Jon gives her maybe a lemon cake or he makes a wooden white direwolf behind Catelyn's back?

thanks! :D i hope ya dig this!

more young starks ‘verse

Sansa’s name day was a fortnight away, and Jon wanted to gift her something special. He would have to be careful, of course; perhaps he would even have to go so far as to present it in private. Her lady mother would certainly not be pleased if it were otherwise given in the Great Hall during the feast. Lady Catelyn had little love for him, and even less when he was around his half-siblings. Sansa especially so. Jon understood it, in a way; now more than he did when he’d been a babe. He was a bastard. An affront to Ned Stark’s honor, his very birth a blight on the vow he’d made in the sept a decade gone. Sansa was their first highborn daughter, refined and radiant. Everything a southron lady ought to be she was.

Jon and Sansa were not meant to be friends. Not only were they unalike, their futures would diverge, too. One day she will marry and run a keep or castle of her own, maybe even the Red Keep, and he–well, he would be lucky to apprentice with an ordinary man and live the rest of his days hammering steel or shoeing horses.

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