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Greased. - Chapt.1  - Bucky & Steve x Readers - Series

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A/N - So I hope this goes well and everyone enjoys it. It’s reverse Grease to a point. I will probably be completely inaccurate here, but here goes nothing.Had to include OC due to not being able to juggle to main reader POV. Avengers AU. I don’t own Grease nor the Avengers, js.

Steve x Reader
Bucky x OC (Rachel)

 - Imagine Grease but in reverse. It’s the 50s and two best friends are in The Widows gang, a group of not so friendly girls. They  fall for the not so dumb jock and the other a class clown. This could only go wrong. 50s College AU

(Chapt.1) (Chapt.2) (Chapt.3)

Warnings: Future smut, just cursing in this chapter.

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I love this 100% because this shows that Tobin is not just a football player. This shows how much she loves the game, how much she cares and want to help young girls to improve.

I love the fact that she loves football and wants others feel the same love for the game.

little things: next gen edition

teddy lupin. hufflepuff. loyal and outgoing. wears his hair blue 90% of the time. splits the remaining 10% between the weasley red and his cousin draco’s platinum blonde. likes snogging victoire all over bill and fleur’s house because bill’s face turns redder than his hair and it makes fleur laugh. kind hearted. sometimes at christmas dinners he changes his nose into all sorts of things to make the younger kids laugh. doesn’t understand why uncle harry looks so sad during this. he misses his mum and dad more than he could ever put into words. expert at potions. 

victoire weasely. ravenclaw. is fluent in both french and english. is extremely glad to be a ravenclaw because blue looks fantastic on her. head over heels for teddy lupin. loves her dad more than anything else except maybe her pet lizard. manages to keep up straight o’s all throughout her schooling. head girl. doesn’t care for quidditch one bit, but loves muggle football. is sick of people always being sad on her birthday. takes her coffee black. 

james sirius potter. gryffindor. loves quidditch as much as breathing. always jokes about being the protective older brother but he’s very much aware that lily luna could kick his ass. his coffee is more sugar than anything else. quidditch captain in his sixth year. sometimes feels like his chest will collapse at the pressure to live up to his namesakes. lives off pop-tarts. shamelessly enjoys muggle soap opera shows. wants to play for puddlemore united when he leaves school.

rose granger-wesley. ravenclaw. has never lost a game of quidditch to james sirius. has a big crush on padma patil’s daughter. can kick her dad’s arse at chess. always gets books for her birthday. loves visiting her mum at the ministry. allergic to cats. sometimes wishes she didn’t feel as pressured to do well in school. thinks her uncle harry’s cousin dudley is absolutely hilarious. can and will beat anyone in an eating competition of any sorts. witnessed a car accident on a street one day and has been able to see thestrals ever since. loves the colour pink even though it looks ridiculous with her hair. 

albus severus potter. slytherin. is sick of people telling him that he has his fathers eyes. can’t decide if he thinks his namesakes were brave or immensely idiotic. despises quidditch with a burning passion. enjoys being his fathers not-so-secret favourite. falls asleep in front of the fire reading 5/7 nights. sneaks into the ravenclaw tour every wednesday night to spend the night with scorpius. thinks mr. malfoy is hilarious. is made up of ninety percent sarcasm. understands his grandpa’s fascination with muggles more than his cousins. loves going on late night drives.

scorpius hyperion malfoy. ravenclaw. his favourite christmas tradition is staying up all night watching movies with his mum. comes home for the holidays in first year to find his father has decorated his room in blue and bronze. ravenclaw win the quidditch cup the first year he’s on the team. sometimes when he looks at albus severus he thinks he’s in love. doesn’t like his grandpa much. loves unicorns. shares hair-care tips with victoire weasley. doesn’t want to have children. still sleeps with the stuffed dragon teddy lupin gave him when he was born.

molly weasley ii. slytherin. has never got higher than an acceptable in any of her classes. best friends with fred ii. proud to be named after her grandma. wishes her dad would let up about her behaviour. her uncle george is secretly her favourite. she was thirteen when she realised that if her cousins stood in a certain way for family christmas photos, they could spell dirty words with their sweaters. loves the pet chickens her grandpa gave her. hates cooking more than anything. wishes lily luna wasn’t so good at quidditch because she’s sick of being the reserve seeker. loves when her mum uses her eggs and bacon to make faces on her plate.

lily luna potter. slytherin. spends months begging her biggest brother teddy to teach her to change her hair because she’s sick of looking like christmas with her red hair and her green robes. is a big fan of muggle romance movies. james once told her that she threw like a girl and she threw the quaffle at him so hard that his nose was broken in three different places. her heart aches when she looks at the stars at night. cuts her hair shorter than albus’ in fourth year. grandma is furious but her mum loves it. opens the chamber of secrets in her third year, much to her dad’s confusion. likes boys and girls but mostly quidditch.

lorcan scamander. gryffindor. in love with lily luna. sometimes resents his twin for choosing gryffindor even after he went to hufflepuff. wants to work with dragons like charlie weasley when he grows up. his dad paints constellations on his bedroom ceiling and then spells them to move like the stars do. if it wasn’t for rose weasley in ravenclaw, he and james sirius would guarantee gryffindor a win every time. when he was very little he set fire to all his dresses and proclaimed he wanted to be a boy like his brother. manages to break something in every divination lesson he attends. 

dominique weasley. slytherin. has a pet snake that likes lily luna better than her. is very glad she didn’t inherit the family freckles. loves visiting her mum’s family in france. loves french food. loves french boys. refuses to learn french. wants to be a professor when she graduates. has her dad wrapped around her little finger. her patronus is a baby elephant and she can’t figure out why. always manages to wing her eye-liner perfectly. 

fred johnson-weasley ii. gryffindor. enjoys studying more than quidditch. spends every thursday night having dinner with molly at hagrid’s hut. wishes his dad didn’t see his dead twin every time he looked at him. has successfully introduced spelling to grawp. would eat cereal for every meal if roxy didn’t force feed him vegetables. hates being away from his mum during school term. spends his summer’s working in his dad’s joke shop. wishes the time turners weren’t all destroyed because he wants to take every class hogwarts offers.

hugo granger-weasley. hufflepuff. loves that school always feels like a big family outing. likes watching quidditch but refuses to get on a broom. has tea with professor trelawney on sunday mornings. wants to be an auror when he’s older. hates history of magic because he’s sick of hearing about the war his parents lived through. his dad gave him a white ferret to take to school in first year and mr. malfoy was red in the face at the train station when he noticed. gets away with every single prank he pulls at school. 

lucy weasley. hufflepuff. wishes that there were more out gay girls at hogwarts than just her cousins. loves her mum but she just doesn’t get her the way dad does. prides herself on excelling at school. is always up for a late night trip to the kitchens. doesn’t understand why her dad won’t let her have a pet rat. spends the weeks leading up to christmas helping her grandma knit everyones jumpers. befriends the finnigan-thomas triplets immediately even though none of them share a house. sleeps in her dad’s old gryffindor shirt.

lysander scamander. hufflepuff. thinks his mum is barmy. loves her anyway. glad his parents made a mistake when they bought home him and his ‘sister’ because he loves lorcan a lot more as a boy. is in love with louis weasley. a big fan of cheerleader movies. wishes his dad would stop bringing home weird things from work. spends summer between fifth and sixth year teaching himself french. flogs the marauders map from james sirius in term two of third year, and manages to keep it hidden for a solid week. loves to fly.

louis weasley. ravenclaw. loves being at school with all his cousins but sometimes wishes he’d taken mums offer to go to beauxbatons. was in love with teddy lupin between ages seven-ten. thinks his dad’s scars make him more handsome. secretly loves lily luna the most out of all his cousins. doesn’t understand why everyone obsesses over quidditch when there’s muggle sports like gymnastics. falls in love with lysander scamander in his sixth year. is a confused and impressed by luna lovegood. wishes victoire wouldn’t let her pet lizard roam around the house.

roxanne johnson-weasley. gryffindor. sometimes forgets the names of all her cousins. is responsible for starting the lgbtq safe space club at hogwarts. thinks uncle charlie had the right idea about not having children. sometimes when she’s flying she wonders how high she could go, wonders if she could just leave earth behind. punches a fifth year hufflepuff in the face when she’s twelve because he made a racist comment. wishes it was acceptable to put gravy on her pancakes. her detention record finally overtook her fathers in sixth year, and she’s making it her goal to overtake james potter and sirius black by the time she graduates. watches the beauty and the beast movie at least once a week when she’s home.

Some ideas

-A cheerleader falling in love with the only girl on the football team. They kiss after the girl scores the winning touchdown at a game.
-A girl who hates bees falling in love with a beekeeper. Eventually she learns to love bees because they make her girlfriend’s eyes light up.
-A siren falling in love with a lifeguard. The siren promises to stop drowning people because it make the lifeguard’s job a hell of a lot harder.
-Girls falling in love and making each other happy

Sports AU Headcanons

The Schuyler Sisters


•Eliza’s the main setter but she always gets nervous that she’ll not make the cut during tryouts.

•She’s really hard on herself and it’s really hard with her right side hitter, Maria Reynolds, yelling at her

•Alex always slaps her butt before games, it all in good fun. But also her boyfriend is a child.

•Eliza rarely hits but when she does she friking spikes that thing right in front of the front row middle and fucking wins everything

•She hates doing backsets but she also doesn’t want her left side hitter to feel dejected

•Ham always starts this cheer “Ooooooo she did that” and then John Laf Herc Angelica and Peggy say,“Mmmmmmm yeah she did” and it’s great

•Alex always brings her food for before and after the game.

•Alex always tells her how good she looks. And that the white jersey is his favorite. It shows her arms and is really tight and rides up her stomach a little bit.

•The boys always get in late because practice but they make it in time for most of the game.

•GWash the football coach loves the volleyball girls and tries to set up all his boys with them because the Volleyball girls are the top notch people.

•Thomas: Why aren’t your shorts as short as there’s
Alex: *getting mad*
eliza: Because we decided we didn’t want them that short. Why do you wear full body compressions during basketball season, oh that right cause you think you’re cool.
Alex: *high fives Eliza*

•She shows up late to football games with all the other vball girls because practice and also games

•Eliza plays club volleyball and Alex goes to all those games too along with the Hamilsquad and the Schuyler sisters.

•Her club volleyball team is what gets her her scholarship for college

•Eliza always does her homework while the Junior High and JV play, but she still cheers for them. She loses her voice after three hours of cheering and calling for the ball. Alex also loses his voice.

•Coach: Eliza you’re the only one working Concessions tonight. Cue the whole Hamilsquad and her sisters helping with orders.


•Angelica is the captain of the basketball team. She is really good. She signs for a scholarship to Columbia in her senior year.

•She’s basically the mom of whole school. Everyone loves her and her sisters.

•She’s the star of the basketball team. Jefferson thinks he’s the best player on the boys team and there that makes them compatible.

•It doesn’t

•She makes up plays with the coach and calls them

•She doesn’t let her “stardom” go to her head. She always makes sure to get the ball to the right person. That’s why she’s the captain.

•Thomas: You look hot
Angelica: I’m in basketball shorts

• Everyone comes to the games. The friend group here is strong.

•She always blushes when Alexander tells her she did a good job. She feels her heart break when he kisses her sister too.

•JV is her favorite underclassmen. They call her Auntie Ange

•Thomas is jealous of everyone cause they get her attention and he doesn’t

•She loves going out with the team for dinner but she loves even more to go out with the friend group after the game.

•if she gets fouled at least one of the Hamilsquad gets thrown out of the game.

•Honestly the friend group gets everyone hyped up.

•Alex leads the student section. Him and Eliza also lose their voices during basketball season.

•She skips study hall to go practice in the gym.


•First things first she’s the best short stop on school history

•She can throw like no ones business

•Not everyone notices her during the off season, but in season she’s a star

•The Friend group has a designated spot to sit. Even Thomas and James and Burr go to watch her.

•She’s a great hitter too.

•She plays travel ball so the off season isn’t really the off season

•Laf fawns over her. He’s the loudest in the whole softball field.

•Her and John hang out a lot mostly to practice hitting and throwing.

•She hates pitching she can never get her arm to go just how she likes.

•John usually has games he same night as hers. Neither really get to go to the others games because they last about the same amount. But if one of them goes into over time (extra innings?? I think over time is what you would call it) they can usually catch those innings.

•Everybody hates over time because they can’t go get stuff to eat. That goes for every sport.

•Laf blushed when he sees her in her uniform cause she looks really hot in it.

•She’s covered in dirt by the end of a game. And you know that she had the most fun. She loves sliding to bases.

•What she doesn’t love is when she forgets her sliding shorts and she had bruises all over her legs.

Sweet Creatures Ch3: Boys will be Boys

3 weeks later

“Mom, there’s no way in fucking hell I’m going to whatever dumb-ass, pretentious banquet Real Madrid is holding for another La Liga League Title,” you declared as you flopped stomach first on top of your box spring mattress that lied even on the tiled floor.

“I think he’s really changed,” your mom rationed, “It’s like I have the old Ziou back.”

You hated when she referred to him as “Ziou.” Furthermore, you knew that the only damn reason “Ziou” was acting so nice and cordial was because he was trying to save his own skin from being exposed as a cheat.

“Find something to wear!” your mom exclaimed cheerfully, “We’re going.”

Your mind worked frantically to evade the impending catastrophe. You hated the fact that your mom could be so naive in these situations. Like really, how were the two of you going to look in comparison to footballers decked out in ostentatious suits from Armani or Hugo Boss, with their stunning model girlfriends by their side, giggling at everything they said and boasting about their Louis Vuitton purses. But then all of a sudden it hit you.

“Mom I couldn’t go even if I wanted to,” you lamented with coy smile hidden by your pillow, “I’m on gas station duty from until 12:00 until 1AM. I’m working a double.”

“Don’t worry about that sweetie,” she said beaming. “I already texted your boss off of your phone and called you in sick.”

You stared at her, trying to comprehend what she had just disclosed to you. “So you’re meaning to tell me, that you went on my phone, the phone I pay for, without my permission, to inform my boss that I was sick and unable to work?” you said angrily in partial disbelief. “Our land lord has sent me some very strongly worded emails warning me that if we’re late on another one of our rent payments, we will be evicted,” you hissed at her getting up and walking towards the opposite side of the room.

She stood there with her shoulders slumped, looking like a hurt puppy. “I just thought, that maybe it would be fun to have some mother-daughter time,” she mumbled. “I do have that interview for that new job opening tomorrow, that ought to help” she suggested in hopes of trying to ease your frustration.

Yeah fucking right,’ you thought. The interviewer was going to take one look at her felony drug convictions, and throw her application in the waste basket. A wave of guilt began to creep inside the back of your mind. She was trying her best to forge the relationship you two had, into the type of friendship that every other teenage girl had with her mother. “Fine,” you asserted quietly, “we’ll go.”

It didn’t take long until you had found yourself outside the gates of Av. de Concha Espina, 1, 28036 Madrid. Your mom placed a hand on your knee and babbled, “How cool is it that in the Santiago Bernabeu, they actually have a room for these types of events?”

“Very cool,” you mumbled half-heartedly, gripping the steering wheel harder as you approached the security. Your mom excitedly flashed family-and-friends car pass her beloved “Ziou” had given her for the day.

Entering the venue, everything was just how you expected it to be- meretricious. You couldn’t help but feel a sense of inferiority as all of the WAGs filed in, flashing their cartier bracelets that could pay for half of your college tuition. As soon as you had established that things couldn’t get worse than the current situation, you felt someone creep up behind you, grabbing you by the waist.

“What’s up kid?” Enzo sang, pulling you into a hug. “You look really beautiful tonight, so be sure to stay away from the guys at that table over there,” he warned while gesturing to the table filled with members of Real Madrid Castilla.


Sergio coughed into his drink, as he simultaneously kicked Cristiano underneath the table. Cristiano, annoyed, continued to sip on his glass of Chardonnay.“Guys!” Sergio insisted trying to get both Mateo and Toni’s attention, by coughing yet again into his drink. “I think Enzo has a girlfriend. She’s the brunette with the nice ass to the left of him,” he whispered rather loudly. Toni took one look into Enzo’s direction and choked on his schnapp.

Cristiano, who still had his back turned to the scene, cocked his head at Toni and questioned, “Is she that hot?”

“No,” Toni initially remarked causing Cristiano to raise his eyebrows towards Sergio in a I-told-you-so fashion,“I mean- yes, but we know her.”

Cristiano, much to the dismay of Sergio, finally glanced over in Enzo’s direction after Toni’s remark. “You’re right,” he said incredulously. “I mean, I guess the whole situation makes sense now. But damn, she must really hate her boyfriend’s dad a lot to show up to his own workplace.” “And,” he further reasoned, “she does have a nice ass, so I’d give her a solid 8.8.”

Before Sergio could protest Cristiano’s rating of the girl, Toni gathered himself and made his way over to the bar, avoiding the conversation. Despite being friends with the majority of his teammates, he hated perturbed discussions that would emanate after a single woman walked their way. He hid in the corner of the bar as he heard the unmistakingly joyous voice of Enzo leading you towards the serving station.

“Can we have two club sodas?” Enzo asked the man who you recognized as a regular at your gas station.

“What he means to say,” you interjected giving the the handsome brown eyed man a wink, “Is that may we please have two club sodas, Lucas?”

“Anything for y/n,” Lucas said cheekily giving you a wink in return. As soon as you got the drinks and had finished making small talk with Lucas, Enzo hastily grabbed your elbow and dragged you to the opposite corner of the dining room. Instinctively, Toni attempted to remain discreet while watching both you and Enzo interact, while his mind gravitated towards the initial grab he had made onto your elbow.

“Is there any reason why, Toni Kroos, one of the main players of Real Madrid, a tactical genius on and off the field, one of my heroes, is all of a sudden sending me death glares?” Enzo hissed.

You rolled your eyes at his fanboying. “No idea,” you retorted quietly, taking another sip of your drink.

“Remember in the sixth grade, Enzo recounted, “When I got my first pet hamster, only to have you accidentally kill it by taking him out and losing him? Remember how you adamantly denied it and I was able to recognize that you were obviously lying? Well you’re lying now.”

“Fine,” you admitted, “let me go and fix this.”

this feeling i get as a trans person looking back on my childhood, i don’t know

everyone just labeled me as a tom boy in the friend group, my friend group like they were all catty girls who were just, so knowledgeable about makeup, hair, clothes, all of these things i STILL don’t get, i was the one who would always stick up for them and protect them when shit happened because i was the one girl in the group other people were afraid of and wouldn’t mess with despite me being fucking, 5′3 and it was really weird how that went, like i wasn’t bullied as much as i would’ve been (not to say i wasn’t at all) because they were all very much i guess, popular girls, thin and pretty

i was always the least attractive of the group i guess in a traditional sense but i dated the most??? but i dated boys who were sweet and who i really liked and who weren’t considered popular i guess like the people they found attractive generally and i liked them because we had similar interests and they were kind, hell, one of the boys i dated in 8th grade actually (and was my first kiss) was really great about me coming out as trans in HS after we dated and despite being straight (as far as i know) he referred to me as his ex-boyfriend HAHA 

i was the only girl in the flag football league at my elementary school IN HISTORY and after i joined, girls all around that school and other schools started joining and i checked in years later and girls are so much more common and i really like that i was able to make that breakthrough for those girls just by being unapologetic about my interests like i loved flag football! it was fun! but also i love art, i just felt uncomfortable being forced into a role and i was too lazy to keep up with all of these roles and just did whatever the hell i wanted 

i had a lonely childhood in the aspect i didn’t know any gay people, nobody was out and it took me a while to find a more diverse friend group and even when i did i was still dealing with sexuality AND gender turmoil and figuring out who i am is still comparatively new to me at, like, age 19