a girl named chuck


-Narrator voice- A well-meaning SCP officer tried to bring Ned to a containment unit due to his ‘special abilities’ concerning both waking the dead, and making the most unnaturally delicious pastries. The Piemaker might have complied if spoken to softly and coaxed with a promise that there would be no needles or ‘cutting him into little pieces until there was nothing left’ involved…..that is, until it was made clear that the girl named Chuck would also be coming along for the ride…..




-Narrator voice- Like all go-getters of the world, the girl named Chuck set about making her vision a reality. She wanted to take pictures of the Piemaker in action, so that she might finish a page of her and Olive’s scrapbook. Young Ned was one of their mutual interests, and so she thought it might be nice to incorporate him into their shared project. The Piemaker was able to stand no more than a few photos before he succumbed to shyness, and begged Chuck to take pictures of the delicious pie instead.

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