a girl named chuck


all the relationships in pushing daisies |→ chuck and ned

“The mere sight of each other left the pie maker and the girl named Chuck feeling exactly like they wanted to feel: safe and warm and loved.”

gratitude (gift pack)

I hit 3k followers this week and of course I had to make you all a gift pack!! Basically what u see is what u get! The La Flor top is a simple off the shoulder top with the lace up pattern from my bound shorts going up the side. The Extra Shorts are…..extra. And my Bass Suit Jacket just gave me gossip girl vibes tbh so i named it after chuck bc even tho i hate him he’s iconic. hope u enjoy and thank u SO MUCH for supporting me! :o)

  • I used @citrontart‘s neutrals on the la flor top. my gelato palette on the extra shorts. and the bass suit jacket’s swatches are pulled from EA.
  • these all are properly tagged and have custom shadow maps; disabled for random
  • all of these are base game compatible 
  • let me know if anything shows up funky in your game!


Caught 2

Zach was the first to wake. He took in his surroundings before sitting up. The ceiling had cameras between the lights. He sat up slowly and braced himself up with his arm. The other rangers were laid out on beds, still passed out. They were the only other people in the room. There were 3 doors leading into the room. Two were swung wide open and had a sink visible, so he assumed most likely the bathrooms. The one on the far wall was just a large metal door. It had no marking or cracks in it. It also didn’t have a handle.

The room itself had 5 beds in it. 2 on the left wall, 2 on the right wall, and 1 in the middle on the back wall. In between all of the beds was a small circular table with 5 chairs. Zach had the center bed. Billy was closest to him on the left with Jason farther from him. And on his right Trini was the closest. The wall with the metal door had 2 large panels of what looked to be a mirror, but Zach assumed it was actually one way glass.

As he moved to sit up completely he noticed he had a different outfit on than earlier. A loose black short sleeve shirt had replaced his tight ripped band shirt from earlier. A pair of loose fitting white basketball shorts now cover his lower body instead of his favorite black jeans. He had on no shoes but a pair of plain black socks now covered his feet. He looked around the room and realized all of the other rangers were dressed same as him. Expect their shirts were their colors.

He stood and walked about the room. It was about 10 paces wide and 20 paces long. Jason started to stir as he finished counting. “Jason. You ok?” Zach kneeled down to be level with the red rangers face.

“Yeah… I’m fine. Where are we?” Jason asked as he sat up.

“Your guess is as good as mine right now.” As Zach stopped talking Billy made a grunting noise. “Easy Billy. It’s ok.”

Billy didn’t say anything but his eyes moved around the room. He sat up and seemed to look everything over. The wheels in his mind could practically been seen as they spun in this new environment.

“What the fuck….” Came from Trini as she sat up. She swung her legs over the edge quickly and stood up. She looked at the boys before walking over to Kim. The pink ranger was still out cold. Trini took her hand before turning back to the boys. “What the actual fuck. Where are we? And who did this? And what the hell are the bandages for?!”

The boys hadn’t completely noticed their bandages yet, but Trini had. They all had strips of gauze covering their left elbows and right wrists. Zach was the first to start undoing his. His elbow had 3 small dots on it. And his wrist had 1 small cut about an inch long. It was off toward the right side of his wrist and under the skin he could feel something sticking up a little. The group stayed quiet for a few minutes. They took in their surrounding and tried to process what had happened.

“Ok. We need to start working this out. So Zach and I both got down to the main hallway at about he same time. We were walked up to the front desk before someone stuck something into the side of my neck. After that I don’t remember much. A black cloth was placed over my eyes and I was handcuffed before someone put me on a board of some kind. I was strapped down then carried out. They put me in some van or something and then gave me an IV. After that I don’t remember cause they pumped me full of something…” Jason stopped speaking and looked the one way glass.

“That sounds about right. The guy that was supposed to stick me in the neck took too long. I saw you get stuck and quickly ducked down. I made it into the hallway before 2 large dudes started at me. I tried to fight them off but then I go stuck from behind in my back. I tried to run back towards my class, I even threw my back back at a guy, but whatever they gave us worked quickly. I barely made it past one group of lockers.” Zach rubbed the small of his back where he had gotten hit. Kim grunted and slightly moved before falling completely still and silent again.

“Well I saw Trini and Kim getting walked down. We all looked at each other before starting to fight. I slammed my guys hand in the locker before punching him in the face. After a minute of trading blows Kim came over from behind and lifted the guy before dropping him on his head. We went and joined Trini after that…” Billy looked towards Trini hoping she would finished their story.

“Yeah. I took the two guys at the end of the hall down before we all ran outside. I want to say Billy made it to the edge of the parking lot before they got him. I almost stopped but Kim grabbed my hand. We ran together for another 30 feet or something before I got a sharp pain in my shoulder. I looked at Kim and told her to go. She ran into the woods before I kind of passed out. I could hear things till they put me on the van. After than I got the IV too and must have passed out.”

Kim made another grunting noise before sitting straight up. Her eyes frantically searched around the room. “Princesa, it’s ok. I’m right here. It’s ok…” Kim leaned into Trini’s neck and took a deep breath. “Do you remember what happened princesa? You were the last one…”

“Yeah… yeah. So after Trini dropped I ran into the woods. I climbed a tree before looking back. They had Billy on a backboard and strapped down. They carried him off towards the parking lot. They were in the middle of strapping Trini down. All of us seemed to be strapped down the same way. They had put a black strip of fabric over your eyes and then a bag over that. Then they’d handcuff our wrists first then ankles. After that they’d use those Velcro straps over our legs, chest, and forehead. Once they started carrying Trini away I climbed down. I made it farther into the forest before I got a dart in my back. I quickly yanked it out before another one went into my side. I dropped down onto my knees as the men in black came towards me. One of them talked on the radio. The other turned me onto my stomach before handcuffing me. After that he patted me down.” Kim took a moment to breath. She stood and move to the center table to be closer to the guys.

“I think he did that cause I made it farther or I was by myself for a minute or something. I didn’t see them do it to anyone else. Soon after another pair of guys showed up and helped strap me down to the board. They carried me out of the woods and into the van. As the put the IV in I heard them talking. There were only 3 people in the van with us. Two dudes up front and one girl in the back. The guys names were Chuck and Casey and the girls name was Sarah. They said something about a full work up and how the director wanted the results in about 6 hours.”

“Do we think they know… you know?…” Zach asked trying and failing to be subtle about it.

“Considering our shirts, yes.” Trini said as she picked up he collar of her shirt. “Have we looked around the room yet? Anything else here?”

Each ranger went to their bed and looked around it. They pulled the sheets up and looked under the beds. Nothing showed up. The bathrooms were checked over by Jason and Zach while Kim and Billy looked at the door with no handle. Trini took a chair from the table and set it right in front of the one way glass and just sat there, looking through her own reflection. Trini hoped whoever was on the other side was getting uncomfortable.

“If I had C4 this would be easier…” Billy said as he felt around the door.

“Billy for you having C4 makes everything easier. Mining, fighting, meeting friends…” Kim replied back as Jason and Zach walked out.

“Only thing in the bathroom is toilet paper, soap, and a hand dryer.” Zach said as he pulled a chair to join Trini.

“What type of hand dryer…” Billy asked. If it was an older one he could use it for parts if they tried to get out.

“One of the new fancy ones that has air on both sides. You like slide you hands in.” Zach talked towards the glass and he moved his hands up and down to demonstrate how to use it.

“Oh…. ok. I’ll make it work.” Billy said as he dropped his eyes to the group and put his hands together in front of him before moving them around. They all knew he was thinking through something, so they just let him work it out.

“Where are our coins. They’re always on us even if we don’t want them.” Zach mentioned. He didn’t not like his power coin but it was hard to carry in very tight skinny jeans.

“I don’t know. Mine was in my backpack. I think we’ve all gotten good enough to control where they stay. Do you think we could summon them? Like maybe bring them here?”

“That’s a good point Kim, but I say we save it for later. That maybe what they want. So if we bring them here we’d be trapped and have no bargaining chips.” Jason spoke from the bed he was laying on.

“You’re talking like a cop show.” Trini said with a smirk.

“I’ve been watching a lot of Flashpoint ok. They do hostage negotiations like every episode. It’s the whole point of the show.” Jason tried to defend himself but it only made Trini laugh.

“We can talk about your obsession with TV later. How do we get anything done here? We have no resources. No power. Nothing.”

“We talk to them Trini.” Zach stood up from his chair and began to bang on the glass. A normal person could have made it shake, but Zach was causing it to practically bend back and forth. “Hey! Dudes that are most likely behind the glass. We’ve got some questions. We want answers now or you’ll have 5 very angry teens.” Zach stood in a ranger stance as he finished talking. Almost to punctuate his demand with a form of power and authority.

They all backed up to the center of the room. Jason directly in front of the door with Zach on his right and Billy on his left, both a half step behind him. Kimberly stood behind Billy while Trini was behind Zach. The formation was their typical ‘prepare to lose’ stance that they took before a fight. They tried to look strong and powerful, but without their armor or their normal clothes the effect wasn’t as strong. After a minute Zach was about to go and bang on the glass again, the door began to hiss.


-Narrator voice- A well-meaning SCP officer tried to bring Ned to a containment unit due to his ‘special abilities’ concerning both waking the dead, and making the most unnaturally delicious pastries. The Piemaker might have complied if spoken to softly and coaxed with a promise that there would be no needles or ‘cutting him into little pieces until there was nothing left’ involved…..that is, until it was made clear that the girl named Chuck would also be coming along for the ride…..


Chuck Bass + Blair Waldorf

Pushing Daisies Drinking Game:

Take a sip/shot when…

  • Ned is referred to as the “Pie Maker”
  • Chuck is referred to as “A Girl Named Chuck”
  • Someone comes back to life
  •  Emerson is sassy
  • You see a pie
  • Whenever Olive’s voice hurts your head
  • Whenever you worry about Digby

Take two sips/shots when….

  • Ned uses an object to touch someone
  • There is a saran wrap kiss
  • Something is just too quirky
  • A drinking partner complains that show is no longer playing
  • Emerson actually has to do his job.
  • Whenever you see the coroner

Drink continuously through….

  • Scenes of fields of daisies
  • There are bees
  • You need to drown your sorrows because Ned and Chuck can’t touch

What we’re drinking:

  • Apple juice + Fireball aka “Ned’s Apple Pie”


“Hey y/n!” Your friend Chuck ran up to you.
“Hey Chuckie!” You said messing up his curly locks.
“Hey don’t call me that!” He laughed swatting your hand away. “Hey can I ask you a question?” You looked up from your work.
“Fire away sport!”
“Who do you like?”
“You mean like have a crush on?” You said raising an eyebrow.
The buzzer went off signaling a new addition to the Glade. You smiled at Chuck and ran over.
Newt opened the doors to reveal a shivering girl.
“Hey y/n, it’s another girl!” Newt called up.
You couldn’t help but notice the way she was looking at Thomas, like she was making a connection with him. She was gorgeous too, with curly, chocolate hair and piercing blue eyes, any guy would fall for her. You glanced over and immediately felt a surge of jealously. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her.
All of a sudden she past out, making everyone gasp.
“What the bloody hell!” Newt carried her up, and all the boys surrounded her, Thomas in front of them all.
“Everything is going to change!” She immediately sat up and spit out the cold words and collapsed again. What could that mean? You worried over the words, but those thoughts were pushed aside soon enough by your ever controlling, raging jealousy. You couldn’t even think straight.
“Let’s get her to the Homestead! Now!” Alby yelled orders. Thomas scooped her up making you cringe. You saw the way he looked at her, he probably thought she was extraordinary. He would never like you. He never talked to you much anyways, you never got him to notice you.
“Everyone back to work!” Alby said as he ran to the Homestead.
You got back to working in the gardens, picking strawberries. It was tedious and boring after a while but it kept your mind occupied for a little while.
Chuck sauntered back over with none other than Thomas. You pretended not to notice as you continued.
“Hey y/n,” Thomas said quietly.
“Thomas found out the girls name, she mumbled it in her sleep. It’s Teresa!” Chuck said cheerfully.
“Oh nice,” you nodded, not looking at Thomas.
“Ya, the Medjacks don’t know when she’ll wake up,” Thomas added.
“What a shame.” You could only picture Thomas hovering over her, staring at her pretty, soft features, falling in love with her. He’d probably be there all the time waiting to see if she’ll ever wake up.
“Well I better go, they might need me.” He said.
“See ya later!” Chuck waved.
“See ya! Bye y/n,” he walked away as he said your name.
“Ya bye,” you hung your head.
“You like him don’t you?” Chuck smirked.
“What?! How did you know?”
“I see the way you look at him all the time, the way you drool over him every time he walks by!”
“I do not!”
“Do too!” He giggled.
“It doesn’t matter. He probably likes the new girl anyway. She’s much prettier than I am, did you see the way he looked at her Chuck? I’m nothing in his eyes.”
“I wouldn’t worry about her,” the young boy sat down.
“Why would you say that?”
“Cause Thomas told me yesterday that he’s crazy about you.”

**I changed the facts from the book so it’d make sense in this imagine.