a girl made of gray

Kind Of A Funny Story

Prompt! “Why are you wearing her clothes?” Or something like that. This was.. a little weird to write, tbh. But fun. Not any angst here. Just a fun time.

Pairing: Riley/Maya
Words: 1,690
Summary:  Maya and Farkle both see Riley naked on the same day. It’s not what it looks like, Riley promises! Maya can’t promise the same thing. And Farkle doesn’t really believe either of them.


It’s sort of fair to say that this is a kind of precarious looking scene, Riley must admit, but it is absolutely not what it looks like, and ESPECIALLY not what Farkle thinks it is.

But Riley should probably back up, right?

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Simon D - Birthday Girl

“What are you doing on your birthday?” Kiseok asked you out of the blue. It was his day off and you both were too lazy to go out, since it was too hot outside. So you decided to spend the day in his apartment doing a movie marathon on his cozy couch. Even inside the house, the heat was killing you. It felt as if you were slowly melting. But luckily, he had air conditioning so you two could cuddle without having your skin glued together due to sweat. It was even getting so cold in the room, that you had to put a sweater on. However Kiseok didn’t feel any of the cold and he insisted to reduce the temperature even more, because it was still too hot for him and his body did feel like a human heater. 

You slightly turned your head backwards and looked at him, while thinking about your plans. “Nothing much. Probably gonna grab a few drinks with my friends,” you told him casually before turning your attention back to the TV screen.

“Friends…?” He froze for a moment, his eyebrows raised up high. “Does that include Jiyong?” The expression on his face clearly changed and now he looked like he was ready to kill someone.

“….yeah,” you mumbled under your breath, biting down onto your bottom lips. “He’s in my group of friends. It’s not like I personally invited him.”

“I hate him,” Kiseok shook his head violently at the thought of him.

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Beat of the Music

Music Festival time!

The music was so loud that Natsu wasn’t sure his heartbeat would ever be the same. From that point on, it would always keep time to the base line of the current band’s song, of that he was sure.

He pushed his bandana up his forehead just enough to swipe the sweat that the fabric wasn’t catching, tugging it back in place before catching the straw between his teeth and taking a long pull of the ice water his sore throat was dying for.

The band was wrapping up their set, and off to the side stood the stage crew as they prepared to get ready for the next group on the lineup.

Natsu figured it was as good of time as any to head back to the others. Bracing himself, he began to push his way through the crowd, bumping shoulders with some seriously sweaty dudes while trying his best to not accidentally rub against some poor girl as he set out looking for his friends. He fist bumped one guy with hair longer than Gajeel’s on his way out of the heart of the crowd- not that he even knew the guy, but Natsu figured it’d be rude to ignore the gesture.

The others had opted to stay behind in their little makeshift camp, and truthfully, it was really only a few towels set out under the only source of shade that they could find. That’s where Natsu found them once he finally made it back.

It had taken a little bit of searching, considering the size of the crowd, but he knew he’d found them as soon as he saw the sun reflecting off the girls’ metallic, temporary tattoos.

“I’m surprised you made it back,” Gray laughed, his sunglasses slipping down his nose as he shot his friend a wicked grin. “I thought for sure the crowd surfing would’ve gotten the best of you.”

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Road Trip AU drabble

A little background info: 

Soon after graduation, the gang (Natsu, Gray, Gajeel, Lucy, Juvia, and Levy) decides to pile into a van and hit the road. Between people hogging the radio, a few unplanned piercings, and a whole lot of “spur of the moment” decisions, the teenagers are in for a road trip that may just stick with them forever. 


Unestablished NaLu (for now<3 ) / mentioned Gruvia 

Now a little sneak peak into the van:

Bored and cramped in the middle of the back seat, Lucy found herself flipping through the Etsy app on her phone, scrolling and flitting her thumb left to right, up and down across the screen depending on what page she was on.

Her eyes suddenly lit up.

“Oh, Natsu, look look.” She shoved the phone into the sleepy boy’s face, whose half-swollen eyes blinked blearily at the too-bright screen.

“Nice ring, Luce.” He mumbled, yawning into his fist before placing his head back onto her shoulder in a feeble attempt to resume his sleep. The boy was all too used to the girl’s online window shopping habits.

“It’s so pretty,” she cooed, completely taken with the handmade silver ring. Not wanting to risk losing the page, the blonde took a screenshot of it for future reference, not wanting to forget the blue topaz stone with champagne diamonds. “Get it for me?”

Natsu chuckled at the request, keeping his eyes closed.

Unbeknownst to the two, Juvia listened from the driver’s seat, having long since turned down the local radio station that had begun to only play late-night talk shows. Grinning to herself at the conversation going on, she reached for her thrid cup of lukewarm Starbucks as everyone else in the van continued sleeping. 

Checking the time on the dash, the girl made a mental note to begin waking Gray for his shift behind the wheel soon,  but one look at the boy curled up against the passenger’s seat made her reconsider. 

She could handle another half hour. 

“Luce, it’s an engagement ring,” Natsu recited from what he remembered of the ring’s description. “And it’s nearly three hundred dollars.” He didn’t have to open his eyes to know the infamous lower lip was currently sticking out.


He smiled up at her sleepily, and watched as the lights from passing billboards shone through the window and illuminated her face, lighting up the gold that was normally hidden in her brown eyes.

He readjusted his seatbelt, sliding the strap behind him and replacing his head on her shoulder. Levy could yell at him all she wants when she wakes up for her shift, but for now, he was content to just melt into the blonde’s side.

“Sure, Luce. One day.”

[A few days later, on a whim, he surprises her by finding a substitute in the meantime after returning with the rest of the guys on a grocery run. He brings her back a cheap, plastic ring with a blue gem that he bought from one of those 50¢ quarter machines with the plastic, pop-able containers with a red lid.

Though it’s a bit of a tight fit, since those rings are made for children, it doesn’t leave her pinky finger.] 

The Crimson Rose

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“….You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Those were not the first words Ruby had expected to hear from the girl she had just saved… but no matter! The girl must have still been in shock from the attempted kidnapping. After Ruby had stepped in - quite heroically if she might add- and stopped those two thugs, she had quickly carried the girl to safety. 

Speaking of which… the girl was now glaring a hole through her head. While still being cradled in her arms. 

Ruby flinched. 

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Gray doesn’t have to die

I saw some people worry that Gray will die in this battle. And while I agree that his comment about giving Juvia his answer after the battle is over would be the perfect slap of irony in our faces if he indeed doesn’t make it out alive (especially considering what Mashima did with Reina and Musica in Rave), I think we shouldn’t be so fast to fear the worst, at least not until shit gets real.

Gray has already died once to save Juvia, and has attempted Iced Shell twice. Natsu, whom he’ll probably have to fight sooner or later, stopped him from throwing away his life . Then we have Juvia, a girl who lives for the ones she loves, and today Gray made it quite clear that he wants a future with her once the battle is over.

So…I’m going to leave those here

I hope this makes you feel better xD

My parents traveled the world when they got married, visiting fantastic places and seeing amazing sights. As they got older and realized their adventures would soon end, they decided they would adopt children from the lands they visited and raise them to be fantastic, amazing people. And they did: seven daughters from six countries, each of them talented, interesting, shining young women.

Each of them…except me.

(i need to redo this but not tonight x_x)

Meet Cerise.

Cerise is a young girl, around 11 or 12, that awkward Not *Quite* A Teenager Age. She has a nice home, a loving family, and an all around comfortable life.

So why exactly is she so sad?

See, Cerise’s loving family isn’t just any family. Cerise is the the youngest member of the Leight family, a family of prodigies. Each of Cerise’s six older sisters are a genius in some field–singing, sewing, whatever. All of them are supremely talented and supremely well-loved by the rest of the community.

But under the shadow of her brilliant, beautiful, amazing sisters, Cerise feels…like nothing. She has no talents, no special skills, and is almost painfully average. She feels as if she isn’t worthy to be a Leight.

And it makes her very sad.

But it also makes her very angry. Angry and jealous at the sisters who she loves so much, for being so great. So angry she wishes-

She wishes-

Well. She wishes things she shouldn’t.

In any case, Cerise is for the most part very gloomy and grumpy and spends most of her time feeling sorry for herself. Until one day, she meets a stranger.

The stranger is kind and listens to all of Cerise's frustration and wishes for talent. And then she tells Cerise a curious thing: there is a way for her to become talented.

The stranger gives Cerise a strange typewriter that has the ability to capture whatever is written with it. The stranger tells Cerise that, if she spends a day with each of her sisters, seeing what they do, how they do it, if she writes down what she observes, the typewriter will capture the talents of each of her sisters on paper.

If Cerise then burns each paper and breathes in the smoke, she will gain the talent of each sister–but at the cost of them losing those talents.

Cerise is conflicted:

On the one hand, she’ll be taking what gives her sisters joy and purpose in life,

but on the other, she will finally gain the one thing SHE’s ever wanted in life.

What’s a girl to do?