a girl ive never seen

“You don’t know what you’re asking, Jon. The Night’s Watch is a sworn brotherhood. We have no families. None of us will ever father sons. Our wife is duty. Our mistress is honor.”
“A bastard can have honor too,” Jon said. “I am ready to swear your oath." 
You are a boy of fourteen,“ Benjen said. ”Not a man, not yet. Until you have known a woman, you cannot understand what you would be giving up.“ 
I don’t care about that!“ Jon said hotly. 
"You might, if you knew what it meant,” Benjen said. “If you knew what the oath would cost you, you might be less eager to pay the price, son.” (AGOT)

“It may be that the Many-Faced God has led you here to be His instrument, but when I look at you I see a child … and worse, a girl child. Many have served Him of Many Faces through the centuries, but only a few of His servants have been women. “Women bring life into the world. We bring the gift of death. No one can do both.” He is trying to scare me away, Arya thought, the way he did with the worm.
I don’t care about that.
"You should.” (AFFC)

But can you pay the price?
“What price?”
“The price is you. The price is all you have and all you ever hope to have. We took your eyes and gave them back. Next we will take your ears, and you will walk in silence. You will give us your legs and crawl. You will be no one’s daughter, no one’s wife, no one’s mother. Your name will be a lie, and the very face you wear will not be your own.” (ADWD)

obviously, arya and jon have a great deal of parallels between them with the night’s watch and the faceless men. these two organizations demand arya and jon sacrifice all that makes them who they are: their homes, families, loves and allegiances ect. they no longer are permitted to be true individuals but servants of the realm and the gods, respectively. its a huge sacrifice. the price is high as both benjen and the faceless men point out. they have to give up their chance at a future for themselves. which very often includes finding love. 

at 14 jon is still adamant that he doesnt care about being with a woman or love and he certainly won’t father any children out of wedlock. this is unthinkable to him because he’s young and just doesnt know any better. he knows nothing, one could say. of course, he goes onto fall for ygritte. and breaks his vows by laying with her. his future will very likely hold more romance too (….with dany, just so we’re clear)

which i think suggests arya could end up feeling the same. she’s only 11 and she has no interest in marrying or having children. which is completely understandable. all the more so because she’s a homeless, traumatized orphan. but theres no reason to assume her feelings won’t change as she grows older just as her brothers did. most little boys don’t dream of marriage and children but they often find themselves pursuing both at some point.she has more reason to be hesitant than her brothers as well since girls are often sold like cattle to the highest bidder. she also has a complicated relationship with femininity. girls in westeros need to be pretty and feminine to be seen as worthy of love. so arya believes herself to be unwanted and unloved. but i believe as she continues to grow she’ll realize thats not the truth. and that her future could very well include falling in love. honestly it almost definitely will knowing grrm. 

Reading a fic with heavy pining: Nice™

Experiencing any sort of pining whatsoever firsthand:

camila cabello & selena gomez {dirty imagine} {requested}

“if your not on the bus in two minutes iam leaving with or without you!!” ms.robins shouts from out the school bus window to the kids still lingering outside. “someones stressed.” camila mutters trying to get comfortable on the lumpy seat. “why did you have to pick this seat?” she asks smacking her palm to the leather. i look back at the tower of suitcases and purses. “so i can do this without people seeing.” i whisper cupping her pussy through her gray sweats. “oh okay i see.” she laughs grabbing my hand. after 10 minutes of ms.robins checking to see if everyone is here the bus starts with a loud roar and we begin our four hour trip to washington D.C. 

within a hour we have already stopped three times for ridiculous excuses. at this rate we will make it to D.C by midnight. “everyone who needs a restroom break get off now cause we wont be stopping anymore. its 8:30 lets be back on the bus in 10 minutes.” ms.robins instructs leading the way out. “yeah right.” i laugh watching everyone push and shove their way out. with the driver a.k.a coach fitzgerald outside smoking and a guy with huge headphones blaring his rock music at the front of the bus, i take this perfect moment to play with camlia. she is paying little attention starring at the glowing screen when i untie her sweats. “what are you doing?” she asks looking down to my hands. i ignore her kissing her neck, sucking gently on her soft skin. her head falls back onto the seat. i slip my hand inside tracing my fingertips on her lips. camilas legs spread wide rocking onto my fingers. i smile pushing three full fingers inside while my thumb plays with her clit. she moans loudly arching her back. i laugh kissing down to her chest sucking on her skin harder. “selena.” she moans softly running her fingers through my hair. i pump my fingers quickly making her scream out hitting her hand on the seat in front of us. i glance to the guy in front making sure he didnt see us or hear her. i can hear ms.robins voice coming to the bus, looking over my shoulder sure enough her and the class are stopped right outside the store waiting on the last of the kids. “okay baby you have to cum before they get on.”i smile going back to her neck whispering dirty things into her ear. “damn it selena.” she whispers rocking her hips faster. i pump harder and faster feeling her pussy juices leaking onto my fingers. “you slut making yourself cum in public, you like it rough dont you baby.” i tease moving my fingers wildly inside her. “shit shit shit…” she whimpers covering her mouth as our peers start piling in. she leans forward putting her head on the seat in front of us riding out her high. she shakes trying to close her legs shut but my hand is still in place. “stop.” she whispers trying her hardest not to scream out. “selena stop.”  she begs as two girls sit in front of us. ms.robin grabs her clipboard checking off names as she glances to where each of us sit. “camila?” ms.robins questions. “h-here!” camila shouts lifting her head abit before going right back down. checking off her name, the bus engine starts at the same moment camila moans out. she leans back arching her back against the lumpy seat. the darkness of night covers us perfectly so no one sees my hand in her sweats. i lean forward biting on her earlobe whispering,” you love this dont you? someone could just turn around and see you camila. what a dirty slut. want me to make you cum again huh slut?” she says nothing wanting more of my fingers. “huh?” i whisper adding a fourth finger. her mouth opens but nothing comes out. “ohhhh you love that.” i smile moving slow then speeding up inside her. she grips my thigh squeezing tightly leaning against me. her legs shake as her high takes over her body. “my pussy remember that.” i wink pulling my fingers into my mouth. in seconds she attacks me smashing our lips together. “cam-” i get cut off while her tongue explores my mouth. “your gonna get it tonight.” she smiles kissing me once more before sitting up before anyone notices. 

around 9 ms.robin gets her famous clipboard out again standing up. “okay kids!! listen up!!” she shouts. everyone is still talking and laughing over her not paying any attention. “everybody!!” she tries to scream again. coach fitzgerald holds down the bus horn making everyone cover their ears. “listen up! dont make me turn this bus around.” his loud voice echos through the bus. “i picked your roommates for you so no complaining .” ms.robins says pushing her glasses up the rim of her nose. she calls out a few names before getting to camila. of course iam with her along with two other girls who ive never seen. “fantastic.” i pout leaning back. “dont worry youll still get to taste this pussy.” she teases moving my hand to her core. “you really want to start this again?” i lift an eyebrow to her. she smiles biting her lip. 

at the hotel we drag our suitcases towards the elevator making our way to the seventh floor. me and camila get there first before the other two girls. closing the door with a click camila jumps up on the desk next to the tv. i walk past her giving her no attention knowing that will piss her off. “selena!” she wines. “yes?” i smirk digging through my suitcase. a click comes from the door and the other two girls walk in. camila rolls her eyes looking away. “hey.” i smile as nicely as possible. “hi.” one of them says walking to one of the beds. “we’ll take this bed.” i say pointing to the bed closest to me. they nod pulling out swimsuits. “everyones going into the pool.” the redhead informs us. “cool but i think ill just stay in tonight.” i say grabbing my sleep clothes laying them on the bed because lets me honest once these girls leave me and camila wont be wearing anything. it takes them 15 minutes to get ready when they finally leave. camila locks the second lock at the top so no one can roam in. i slip off my skirt and undies laying them with the other clothes. my shirt and bra are next thrown on the bed. “camila.” i tease grabbing my breasts. “god damn.” she whispers ripping off her clothes. “lay down.” she demands. putting a pillow under my head she positions herself over me with her pussy directly on my mouth. i blow air into her open pussy before holding onto her thighs devouring her sweet pussy. “uhh ohhhh yes.” she moans pushing down onto my tongue. “shit that feels nice.” she laughs looking down to me. i hum in response making her jump a little. “dont do that.” she jokes feeling herself. “do you feel how wet i am for you selena? this is what you do to me baby.” she moans rolling her hips. i only get a few more seconds of her pussy before she moves off.

 “camila.” i wine. “follow me.” she smiles heading for the bathroom. i hear the water start to run as i follow the sound. “the tub is perfect.” she whispers taking off the shower head with the many water settings. when the tub is half way full she sits in it. “come here baby.” she smiles patting the water. iam not even in the water yet when i feel my juices running down my leg. i lean over the tub kissing camila pushing two fingers into myself. she smiles into our kiss grabbing my breasts. “tastes me.” i beg pulling my fingers to her mouth. she nods gladly opening her mouth licking and sucking on my fingers. i step into the bath sitting in between camilas open legs. i purposely push against her with my ass. “naughty girl.” she laughs gripping my waist leaning me back against her. 

“now this is for what you did to me on the bus.” she whispers grinding her pussy on me then turning on the shower head directly on my open pussy. “camila!” i shout. the pressure is strong enough under the water to feel the rhythm on my clit. “baby fuck!” i moan wanting more. the water slowly starts to lower in the tub as the pressure gets more intense against me. “selena you look so fucking sexy, but you cant cum just yet baby.” camila whispers squeezing my breasts. her hand slips down to my pussy lips massages them blocking the water a bit. “camila.” i whimper. “no no no.” she replies kissing my neck then opening my second lips for the water to shoot into me. i scream out grabbing onto her with my orgasm rising. “not yet.” she warns with the shower head closer to my pussy. “camila please.” i beg holding onto her thigh. “touch me.” she whimpers. the water is fully gone now so when i push my three fingers into her i know the wetness is all her and not the bath water. “yes god this is so hot!” she moans out. being is this position is killing me simply because i cant see her. her legs squeeze around me giving me a hint of her high approaching. “now baby cum now!!” she screams letting go. i scream out with her rocking uncontrollably onto the water which soon turns into her fingers. ” that was incredible.” i say breathless leaning back onto her again. “i love you selena.” she whispers playing with my hair. “i love you too cam.” i reply looking back to her kissing my beauty. 

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 

let me know what you think!! i really like this one tbh haha hope you all do too ! thanks for reading !!  😊 ♡ xx

hey just another miraculous AU

I went all out I wrote like the entire plot of the movie
Has a tangled AU been done??? Probably ??? Who cares ???
Okay so
-“this is the story of how I died… OH DONT WORRY ITS A FUN STORY HAHA!! and it starts with a magic, golden flower”
-Queen Momma Agreste gets hella sick and she’s gotta have this baby right, so King Gabriel sends for the ‘mythical’ golden flower
-surprise surprise they find the flower, which completely enrages a forest wizard named Hawkmoth who has been using it for its intense power and the immortality it grants
-Queen Momma Agreste drinks the flower tea and boom we have a baby prince, Adrien, with a full head of blonde locks and he’s just cute and all is good
-of course Hawkmoth wants to join the fun so he kidnaps Adrien for the powers his hair possesses
-so Hawkmoth and Adrien are living up in this tower in the woods now and Adrien learns to recite this poem to use his power (the song basically but spoken)
-King Gabe and Queen Momma Agreste light off these little butterfly lanterns on his birthday and there’s just a swarm of glowing butterflies on his birthday and he knows its for him
-also important Adrien befriends a little chameleon that he names Plagg ;)
-So fast forward like nearly 17-ish years and cut to scene with Marinette, Chloé and Sabrina all pulling off a sick heist to steal the Crown of the Black Cat, which is basically Adrien’s crown he was supposed to get on his coronation day
-(So if you haven’t caught it yet, Adrien is Rapunzel and Marinette is Flynn Ryder)
-So basically Marinette’s nom de plume is Ladybug, its what she goes by on all her heists and what she’s wanted as
-So anyway Her and Chlo and Sab all break into the castle and snatch the crown, they get chased by the guards, including the best guard Alya, and the best horse Tikki
-Cue a joke by Mari with her wanted poster about how they “ just can’t get my ____ right” each time it’s a different thing
-after this, ur girl Ladybug totally is selfish at this point in the story and takes the crown and leaves Chloé and Sabrina for the guards
-Alya gets thrown off of Tikki but Tikki still chases after Marinette. Until Marinette finds a hidden lil cave, that’s more like a lil rock hallway that leads to a meadow with a fairly nice tower
-So what should Marinette do?? Climb the tower of course!
-Don’t worry Adrien doesn’t hit her with a frying pan, she literally eats shit when she walks in and knocks herself out. Clumsy Girl y’know.
-Adrien is just like ???? Wt F wHo thE heCk just smacked their face on my floo- ITS A FEMALE WHAT PLAGG HELP WHAT DO I DO IVE NEVER SEEN A REAL LIVE GIRL ONLY IN THOSE BOOKS
-Plagg is very obviously annoyed and is like “boi put her somewhere and show hawkmoth you can handle yourself (even though she knocked herself out)”
-Adrien kinda catches on so he literally just pulls her to a closet and puts her in
-her bag falls open as he’s moving her to an upright position and the black crystals of the crown catch his attention
-basically an “ooh shiny!” moment,,And he takes it and looks in the mirror and tries to figure out what it is
-he puts it on his arm and looks through it and then puts it on his head
-and he’s like “woah I look like those princes from my book” “haha as if”
-anyway so hawkmoth comes home from wherever the hell he went, town or whatever idk, and Adrien is like !! FATHER LOOK WHAT I DID!!
-Hawkmoth does not care literally at all he’s like “Adrien please recite your poem for me it calms me” and Adrien rushes through it and HM is just like ??? bOI
-Adrien tries to show him our girl Lady Luck
-Hawkmoth will have None of That
-“You can’t handle yourself, the world is dangerous”
-He literally doesn’t listen to Adrien’s pleas to leave the tower at all either
-“you are NOT like anyone else! You are my son!” (u thought)
-so what does Adrien do?? Plan an escape plan, and sends HM on a mission that will take like 3 days or smth
-Adrien has long hair btw I forgot to mention just not nearly as long as rapunzel’s was
-His is more like maybe brushing the floor
-and hawk moth climbs a rope ladder or smth to get in there’s plot holes leave me be
-ANYwaY after hawkmoth leaves, he tapes Mari to a chair or ties her or something
-and Plagg wakes her up by sticking Camembert in her mouth
-and she’s like !!! WHAt the HEck Ew
-after she wakes up Adrien is like “what you want why you here please don’t kill me”
-When he steps into the light and she sees him she’s literally rendered speechless like she can’t form words bc he is actually so beautiful
-“h-hi-I mean hello- I mean-uh-why are you in this-uh-tower, who are you???”
-Adrien doesn’t trust her at all bc the wanted poster in her bag and the crown literally screams criminal
-he’s desperate though so he’s like “alright listen up, whoever you are, something brought you to me. Call it fate, destiny-” “A horse” “Im not finished… you were brought to me today for a reason, and that’s to help me. You’re going to be my guide”
-Marinette is like “awh man I wish I could but see I have to get this cro-OH NO, WHERE IS MY BAG?”
-Adrien holds it up like ;) and she’s just so done
-“If you take me to see the lights tomorrow, I will return it to you, if you refuse, I’ll turn you in.”
-“wait the stupid butterfly lanterns they light off for the lost prince?”
-Adrien is totally in awe that they’re not some weird star thing, they’re butterflies
-she shakes her head and knows she can’t really refuse so she plans it out in her head on how she can cheat the system
-Adrien’s already covered that in his head though she can’t get away with anytHing
-(except maybe making him fall in love with her ;))))
-So she agrees and she’s like “The names Ladybug”
-he’s kinda like ¿ strange name but Okay!! “My name is Adrien!”
-ANYWAy they leave the tower and Adrien is like 👀👀 this is no bueno I should not be doing this but omg I’ve never felt so FREE!!!
-he has a blast omg that boy goes running through the woods and he’s laughing and he’s like “FATHER WOULD BE SO ANGRY BUT I DONT CARE”
-meanwhile hawkmoth sees Tikki in the woods and has an “oh SHIT Adrien” moment
-Runs back home, there’s nothing and no one there, aside from Mari’s wanted poster that fell out of the bag
-meanwhile with the Lovebirds™
-He and Mari end up at this pub with some Angry men, including the bar owner Nino, and Adrien ends up singing about his dreams and everyone has fun
-the scene that stemmed this idea happens with Mari singing about how her dream involves her being rich on an island
-and surprise surprise Hawkmoth finds them but so do the guards and they escape through a tunnel under the pub that Nino shows them, and it leads out into the dry side of a dam
-Intense Battle Scene™
-Mari is a badass but then Adrien totally comes out of nowhere like “I came here to attack and I’m honestly having a good time”
-They get trapped in a cave that’s filling with water post battle bc they broke shit
-they’re literally lowkey going to die and Adrien is like “I’m so sorry I got you into this mess. We’re going to die here and I’m so sorry Ladybug”
-and she just softly says “Marinette”
-Adrien is like “????? what”
-and Marinette starts crying and she’s like
-“my name isn’t Ladybug if you couldn’t tell. It’s Marinette. I called myself Ladybug because I always wanted to be like a superhero. I never was one though. All I am is an orphan with a permanent record.”
-and here we have Adrien “Actual Adoration” Agreste because if we wasn’t in love with her before, he is most certainly in love with her now
-and then he remembers!!
-so he’s like “marinette please go with the flow” and he recites the poem in his head and his hair just illuminates
-she’s like “WHAT THE FUCJTN”
-but she’s not ready for death so they dig rocks out and they end up dropping into a river
-they come up on the bank gasping like “oh fuck dude”
-“his hair glows? His hair glows! Plagg why does his hair glow???”
-“Marinette?” “this is surreal. I’m dead we died” “Marinette” “what the hell is going on” “MARINETTE!” “What!”
-he’s standing there dripping water and extending his hand to her
-and she’s like “oh no” because he looks so hot standing there dripping water and she maybe has the tiniest crush on him
-oh who am I kidding the sun rays behind him and his radiant smile sends her head over heels into complete love for this ray of light
-so he pulls Marinette out of the river and they go find a lil clearing and they make a campfire
-and Adrien looks at Marinette and frowns
-and she’s like “What what what’s wrong is something wrong with me??”
-and he just laughs a bit, “no no you just have a cut on your knee”
-she looks down at her knee and winces at the long, deep cut and just shrugs it off because it’ll heal eventually
-Adrien trusts Marinette to the point now that he can show her the reason he’s hidden away
-“don’t freak out okay”
-he holds a lock of hair in his hands and presses it to her cut and recites the poem
-and Marinette is like ¿ wth boI
-and once he’s done he just grins and he’s like “good as new”
-Mari is confused as hell and when he moves his hand away and the cuts not there she literally opens her mouth to shriek
-and Adrien is like “PLEASE DONT FREAK OUT IM SORRY”
-and she’s like “hahahaha why would I freak out I’m just curious whydoesyourhairglowandwhydoesithavemagicalhealingpowershowlonghasitdonethat?”
-and Adrien is sheepishly just like “forever I guess,,, that’s why I was hidden away, because people want my hair for its power.”
-He moves some hair to the side to show a pale blonde lock of hair cut off at the nape of his neck and explains that if it’s cut it turns pale and loses its power
-Marinette is like really shook but she pushes it down and suggests they sleep so they can be ready for the butterfly lights tomorrow
-cut to scene of Hawkmoth pissed as hell in the woods as he fades into the shadows
-he’s now talking to Chloé and Sabrina and making a Plan
-so next day Adrien wakes up to Marinette screaming and is very confused to see her literally trying to fight a horse
-like she literally almost has Tikki in a headlock and Tikki has a hoof pushing on her shoulder and shit
-Adrien has never been more confused but he goes and breaks it up and he’s like “hey there girly what’s your name” and he looks at her name thing and he’s like “Tikki!! That’s a nice name!”
-And Tikki whines or something and Mari chuckles or something and Tikki is back at it with trying to capture her
-But Adrien hits her with these kitten eyes and is like “I realllyyyyyyy need her to take me to the kingdom so I can see the butterflies, please let me have that, then you can fight her until you can’t stand!”
-Marinette is so very thankful for that one
-so they head to the Kingdom, now with Tikki coming along with them
-They’re having a blast and when they get to the kingdom they have all sorts of fun
-Adrien shows Marinette some of the books he has at home and she shows him the books that inspired Ladybug
-they get food from the market
-and Adrien keeps seeing images of this baby boy with bright green eyes and golden locks and theres something familiar about everything
-and then, oh boy and then, someone starts playing music and Adrien is like !! “mari come dance with me”
-and she’s like “nah I’m okay you go”
-and he starts dancing and soon a ton of people have joined in and Adrien comes around the circle and grabs Marinette
-and they dance around with people and they’re desperately hoping it works out so they can dance together
-surprise!!! They do but they join hands as the song ends and they’re like “awh damn”
-so after that ends Marinette and Adrien are both blushing and she points out that it’s almost sundown and they have somewhere to go
-they go out into the middle of the lake in a lil boat and Adrien is so so so excited and so is Mari bc Adrien is so happy
-the sun goes down and Adrien looks at Marinette completely giddy like !! :DD
-and she just smiles so wide back at him because holy fuck she’s never felt so in love in her whole life
-Adrien is flicking the surface of the water and watching the waves when he sees the first light
-suddenly literally thousands of butterfly lanterns are floating all around them and Adrien is just in complete awe
-Marinette clears her throat and he turns to look at her and she has two lanterns in her hand
-and Adrien smiles and turn behind him and grabs the bag with the crown and he’s like “I should’ve given this to you sooner, but I was scared… I’m not scared anymore. You know what I mean?”
-and she just pushes it down, “I’m starting to”
-And they’re literally a centimeter away from locking lips when Marinette can see Chloé on the beach
-and she decides right then to give Chloé the crown and go wherever with Adrien
-Adrien of course thinks at first that she’s betraying his trust but doesn’t believe that because he loves her okay?
-Cue Adrien getting worried and going to look for her
-Hawkmoth fighting Chloé or something and she passes out and he sees Adrien
-and he’s like “I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD IM SO HAPPY YOU’RE OKAY” (he says as he takes handfuls of his hair)
-Adrien is like “yea okay but Marinette”
-And hawkmoth, fricken rat, points to the boat heading toward the kingdom
-and he’s like “I think she’s got something better to do”
-Adrien is broke af how could this happen how could they love each other so much and just have her break the trust so easily
-he’s just kinda done with it so he’s accepted it and goes back to the tower with HM
-Meanwhile Marinette wakes up from getting knocked tf out and Tikki is whining super loud bc Marinette is in danger and she can tell
-some guards are drawn bc of the whines and Mari has the crown tied to her hand and she’s like “shit”
-they throw her in jail and she’s gonna be hung then next morning
-Tikki is on a mission and she books it to Nino’s pub
-back in the tower Hawkmoth has finished lecturing Adrien and leave him to himself
-Adrien takes out the little kingdom flag he got and looks at it
-and suddenly he starts to see the symbol everywhere
-it’s hidden in all his paintings around his room
-and suddenly now he knows
-that baby boy is Him
-he leaves his room determined to get somewhere
-Hawkmoth is like ?? “What’s wrong Adrien?”
-“I’m the lost Prince”
-“I’m the lost Prince! Aren’t I father? Or should I even call you that?”
-oh hawkmoth is Pissed
-Adrien tries to leave to go find Marinette and Hawkmoth is like “she’s going to be dead when you get there, she’s due to hang for her crimes”
-and Adrien is screwed and he can’t do anything so he surrenders
-back at the castle
-Nino and his bar mates have arrived and they’re kicking ass for Marinette
-And she ends up on Tikki’s back and is like all sappy like “thank you for saving me it means a lot really”
-Tikki doesn’t care she just needs to get Mari to Adrien like now
-so sick montage of tikki running to the tower
-and Marinette scales the tower
-and she’s in! And there’s Adrien! Chained to the wall with tape on his mouth?
-and suddenly Marinette has a sharp pain in her side where Hawkmoth totally just stabbed her
-she slams into a mirror and breaks it and just kinda slumps against the wall with all the shards
-Adrien is flipping shit,,, he’s taking on the chains and screaming into the tape and he’s crying and she’s crying and hawkmoth is just standing over her like
-“poor little thief got what was coming to her”
-Hawmoth goes to grab Adrien and take him to a new area, where no one could find them
-but Adrien fights him so hard
-he’s yanking back and kicking
-and Hawkmoth yells “STOP FIGHTING”
-Adrien gets the tape off enough so he can speak
-he glances at Mari and she’s staring at him with tears in her eyes, clenching her side
-“unless…unless you let me heal her. If you just let me heal her I will go wherever with you, no fighting”
-Hawkmoth doesn’t want to deal with his crap so he’s like “whatever”
-he chains Marinette to the staircase banister, “in case you get any ideas” he says
-Adrien runs over to her and he’s brushing her hair back from her face and he’s crying and she’s crying
-and he presses some hair and his hands to her wound and he’s like “shhhh shhhh it’s okay you’ll be okay we’ll be okay”
-and she’s crying so much and she’s like “no you won’t be you can’t just go be a slave to him”
-and it’s in slow motion when she grabs his hair and swings a jagged piece of the mirror up and slices it at the base of his neck
-Hawkmoth is y e l l i n g because there goes all the power he was able to have
-Adrien is completely shocked, he doesn’t really understand what the hell just happened
-all he can see is Hawkmoth drastically aging into a very very old man and stumbling until Plagg trips him and sends him falling out of the window
-it takes him a whole second to realize Marinette is still in his arms, dying with no way for him to save her
-“no no no Marinette stay with me, please please you can’t go”
-she just weakly smiles at him and she’s like “I never got to tell you”
-and she winces and tries to sit up more to reach for him
-“you were my new dream”
-“you were mine”
-cue gross ugly sobs from me because Marinette slowly slips away
-Adrien cries out in complete anguish and just holds her limp body, crying because he loved her so much oh my god
-his tears fall on her face and he’s too broken to notice the golden rays coming off of her until they completely consume the room
-and Adrien is so confused,,, why are all these golden rays surrounding Marinette
-and she shifts in his arms and he’s like !!!!!!
-he looks down at her and her eyes open and she’s like
-“have I ever told you I’ve got a thing for green eyes”
-Adrien barely has time to laugh before they’re slamming their lips together, crying and just so so so happy that they’re okay
-they leave the tower and go back to the kingdom, because Adrien knows now that he is the lost Prince
-also Marinette sort of needs to make amends with the kingdom bc she’s in love with Adrien dammit and she’s not gonna lose him
-Adrien sees Momma Agreste and Gabriel
-and everyone is So Happy!!! And they’re hugging!!!
-And Marinette is just standing off to the side content that he’s with his family
-and then momma yanks her into the hug circle
-and then there’s a mini fast forward and Look at That!!! We’re at a celebration !!!
-and we have some Cute ass scenes of Prince Adrien talking to the citizens of the kingdom
-and Mari snatches his crown off his head
-and he just rolls his eyes and they kiss
-and the camera slowly pans up onto an announcement
-For a royal wedding


Tyler Seguin Imagine - Meet The Team?

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i was sitting at home watching greys anatomy, i had marshall sleeping on one side and cash on the other. i heard the door unlock and the footsteps of my boyfriend tyler walking through the door.

immediately marshall jumped up cash following behind him, they both ran to tyler faster than they run to get treats. “how was morning skate babe?” i ask slowly rising from the couch.

he was squatted down petting the two dogs as they jumped around him excitedly. “it was good, how were my boys?” he asks while scratching the back of marshalls ear.

“they were good” i smiled walking up to him, tyler rose to his normal heigh which towered over me. he smiled down at me leaning in placing a slow sweet kiss on my lips. “how are you doing” he wrapped his tattooed arms around me.

“im good” i nuzzled closer to him. i felt him place a kiss on the top of my head. “what are your plans for tonight?” he asked walking to the fridge and grabbing himself a gatorade.

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Josh Hutcherson AMA Transcript

This is the transcript from Josh’s AMA on Reddit on February 16th, 2017.  All spelling and grammar errors are as written by the original people  This is very long, so the majority is under a read more.

Q:  Do you miss working with the Hunger Games cast?

Josh:  yes… they were the best! family forever. i miss them all dearly… however we still hang now and then and keep in touch.

Q:  Hi! What’s your favorite television show to watch?

Josh:  the Bob Ross painting show… i can benge for hours

Q:  Hey Mr. Hutcherson, is there any actor (that you have not yet worked with) that you wish to work with someday?

Josh:  so many…. joaquin phoenix is up there for sure.

Q:  Hi Josh, You got second class treatment from Rosemary Telesco and continued with Katniss Everdeen. Does it hurt your feelings?

Josh:  hahaha…. life imitates art…

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ok but imagine all ur favorite movies with nothing but women. fight club? all girl secret fighting circle. shrek? two tough ogre chicks in love. brokeback mountain? two friendly cowgirls herd sheep together in love. grease? two girls from rival gangs meet at the beach and sing songs together. mission impossible? ive never seen it but nothing is impossible for girls.

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So I was talking to this guy and a few days later I’d found out my bestfriend had been round his house, he apologised and I went along with it and at out friends next house party I took him upstairs sucked him off without finishing then cowboy girled him he was moaning and so turned on, ive never seen someone cum so much. Ngl the sex was good but the best part was walking back downstairs and saying infont of my best friend well you weren’t as bad as I though, wiping my mouth and walking away

Sam x Reader: More Than Friends

You and Sam have been friends for the longest time, you’ve known the Holland’s for the majority of your life. Both your family and the Holland’s were very close to each other because your mothers were best friends back in highschool and continued that friendship after the school days. But the moment you turned six and five year old Sam placed a big kiss on your cheek, you began to feel absolutely smitten with Sam Anthony Holland.

And everybody around you two knew of this crush. . .except him.

“You’re staring again. . .” You rolled your eyes at the sound of a certain someone’s voice. “Why don’t you just tell him?”

“You know why I can’t just spit it out.” You sighed and looked down at your hands, chipping off the (Y/F/C) nail polish. “And besides, Sam isn’t the type to date a girl, he focuses on school more than anything.”

“Funny, all I hear are excuses.” He chuckled and sat down next to you. Your eyesight trailed back to Sam practicing his golf strokes.

“Shut up, Thomas.” You huffed with annoyance and nudged his shoulder.

“Ive never seen him take interest in other girls because he only has eyes for you.” He spoke with an obvious tone, but you shushed him before Sam could hear the words being exchanged between the both of you.

“Alright, let’s go home, I’m exhausted.” Sam yawned while packing up his golf clubs. You didn’t notice you’ve been here since three this afternoon, it was now close to six. “What were you two talking about?” He asked as you and Tom stood up and began to walk out of the golf site.

Nothing.” You both said in unison, which resulted in Sam sending you both sketchy looks. But he shook it off and hopped in the car after setting his equipment in the trunk. You sat in the passenger’s seat as Tom started the vehicle and backed out of the small parking lot. The car ride was silent besides the AC and the hum of the engine. Gladly, it wasn’t an awkward silence, but you didn’t want silence at the moment. “How was that study date with that girl Margo?” Why the hell did you just ask that question? Stupid!

“Absolutely dreadful, she didnt even focus on the review, all she did was ask me stupid questions and try to hit on Harry every single time he walked into the room. Honestly, I had to ask her to leave so I could work on my homework in peace and quiet.” He sighed and slumped in his seat. “You’re so smart, you didn’t even need the review, I’m pretty sure I screwed up on the last three problems.”

“Shut up, I’m sure you aced the test.” You rolled your eyes and unlocked your seatbelt as Tom parked in the driveway. You opened your door and stepped out before following Tom to the door. All three of you walked through the doorway, Tom left upstairs into his room and Sam and you made it to the movie den. You plopped down on the main sofa and blushed when Sam fell right beside you while placing an arm around your shoulders.

“Eww, you’re sweaty.” You tried to play it off and make an excuse as you gently pushed him away from you.

“Come ‘ere.” He smiled and jumped forth to wrap you in a hug. You squealed with surprise and tried to escape his grasp, but he steadied your body and straddled your waist while holding your wrists. “Got you right where I want you.” He smirked down at me.

“What the-. . .?” Harry rose an eyebrow as he walked into the den. His mouth opened and closed as he moved his hands in a backing out motion while trying to form words. He finally just huffed in exasperation. “I’m going to go. . .” Harry backed out of the den.

Sam looked down at you with red cheeks that matched yours. After a good two minutes, he scrambled to get off of you. You both sat with stomachs raging with zoos of butterflies and lions mixed together. But niether of you knew how the other was feeling. Should you do it? If you don’t say it now, you don’t think you ever will…

Do it. . .

Do it, you coward. . .

Come on. . .

Just three simple words. . .


Time seemed to stop.

Why the hell did you just say that out loud?

Was it because of how cute he looked in this moment?

With his eyes looking anywhere but you.

Or his curly hair that you so badly wanted to run your fingers through.

Or maybe it was the smile he wore so brilliantly?


That was definitely it. . .

“I’m sorry, it just came out. Forget about it, I’ll be in my way back hom-” You began to stand up and tried to hurry past him, but he rushed to grab your waist and yanked you back down. It was a good sign that he had a large smile on his face while looking down at you.

“I can’t believe you said it before me, damn it.” He shook his head with a laugh. “I really like you, (Y/N). You just wait, I’m going to be the first one to say I love you.

“I love you.” You laughed jokingly and watched as he groaned at your words.



my crush really is that bitch

Search for a Word

Rules: Search for X word in your WIP and post the first sentence that comes up. If you can’t find the word then… search for whichever one pleases you! Tag as many people as you want, and choose a word for them to search in their WIP :)

HAHA DID YOU GUYS THINK THIS WAS OVER?? IT’S NEVER OVER. (I’d apologize for all the tag games, but you see…I’m not sorry)

Tagged by @typeaadventures for the words shard, sparkle, and drip 

“You pick language back up better than most we bring here,” he replied, earning a laugh that sounded like metal shards crunching together. (Lovely Teeth)

Snarling in disgust, he got to his feet and began pacing through the glassy floor, not even noticing the crunch as he tread on the shards. (Dancing Sands)

I suspect you understand what this means?” he asked as the fabric dropped to reveal the large reptilian head of a Tarthul, entirely gray and lacking any of the sparkle I’d seen in the others. (Pryza)

Shuddering, Ghita looked down at her bloody hands as if confused by what had happened to make them so, eyes taking on a reddish hue as she stared at the dripping appendages. (Dancing Sands)

I looked up, ready to tell him that I wanted the full story, but faltered when I saw thin streaks of blood dripping down the side of his face. (Pryza)

“I’m more interested in her little guest, peeping in on my spells,” he added, turning with fluid motion while Barl continued to move like dripping molasses. (Lovely Teeth)

And @universalfanfic gave me smile and frowned

“The word you’re looking for is ‘husband’,” he told her with a doting smile that turned what could have easily been a frightening face into a rather soft one. (Lovely Teeth)

The smile became a cheerful grin when a keening screech filled the air, and I snapped my attention back to the research base as a glob of blazing fire shot out from the darkness and soared through the air like a giant firework. (Pryza)

Rewill’s mouth was tight as I waited for an answer, then his lip twitched in what might have been intended to be a wry smile. (Pryza)

The blade struck solid wood just a fraction of a hair away from his face, and despite nearly having a hole driven through his skull he only smiled and rested his chin on his hand. (Dancing Sands)

His forehead creased when the mess of cowlicks refused to be tamed, and we both frowned up at the unruly mane. (Lovely Teeth)

Nerissa clearly expected enthusiastic agreement, and frowned when multiple people got to their feet and began heading for the door muttering in disgust. (Pryza)

“I told you I would,” he said softly, brow furrowing when I frowned at him. (Dancing Sands)

Do I include too many lines in this tag game? Perhaps…

Tagging @ all the regulars, but here are a few specific call-outs that I think I can bully into continuing this war: @typeaadventures @universalfanfic @jesse-is-inarguably-purple

I give you fine folks the word half, and if you don’t have that (or if you want 2 words) then try smell

sexuality talk /

TRY ME (Part 11)

Notes: Really enjoyed writing this one as well!! Loved it. Only TWO PARTS LEFT! :) hope you guys enjoy.

Tags (hopefully I got everyone!):@banieldryan @buckysteetime @dipdies @trashybuchananbarnes @cozetty @piercethemelendez @skyfullofharrystyles @wsternhaikus @dontstopwiththelyin @han35 @canikeepitimkeepingit @doctoooorwhoooo @geekyambz0938 @feelsgoodtastegoodmustbemine @dankpunks @queen-asianiqua @starstar1012 @obsessedtvgeek @so-you-dont-like-me@personalenigma @dullbutterfly @amxwxxld @sessybiss-blog @anitavalija@hiddenavengers @catcherintheclifford  @carabarnes13 @animeroses318@cupcakez537 @your-reflectionn @gravityisbringingmedown @candykittykat@reniescarlett @fifi1433 @imanhunter@inmyouwnthoughtss @yellowtheremarvelfan @iihamilhoeii @rogueimpostor 

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my roommate got rejected by her crush and she’s been absolutely down about it and ive been trying to give her advice, but tbh i didn’t think it was so serious but then she started showing me texts and shit and how she basically told the guy that she still thinks she’s perfect for him and that every girl he sees will make her sick but that she was gonna get over it

and i deadass dropped my jaw like i didn’t even want to read his response to that like i cant believe she said that lmao

but he was totally chill about it and even praised her for her confidence and now i see how serious this is lmao how the hell is she gonna find another dude like that? that poor girl what a loss smh

the other night I had this weird dream that I was back in high school…like, present age, just fucking repeating high school for some reason. but my friend group consisted of me, a girl ive never seen before in my life, and…ed sheeran? like, singer ed sheeran was just in my fucking math class and hanging out with us. we had a fun banter. he carried his guitar case around with his backpack. at one point a teacher put on a troll mask with a little orange fuzz for hair and I went ‘oh my God!!! ed sheeran is here!!!’ and we all laughed good naturedly. I cant stop thinking about this