a girl in pearls

A SU episode where Mystery Girl is seen again but with her hair dyed a different color and Steven and Amethyst help Pearl get a date with her only to see that Pearl shows no interest in Mystery Girl or seems conflicted and upset because she no longer “looks like Rose.” Amethyst and Steven call her out on it and say that she should stop obsessing over Rose and how it’s shallow that she only liked Mystery Girl ‘cause of her resemblance to Rose.

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i think pearl has become a sub-type of mary-sue; i call it angst-sue. constantly fucks up and does terrible things, but only because ANGST so she has a chance to be sad and cry and pity herself, and because she's SO PERFECT nobody ever questions it or expects her to apologise, they just forgive her because SHE'S SAD YOU GUYS! AWW! and she never grows from it because then she can't do it again. and again. and again. AND AGAIN.

tbh tho!! i legitimately don’t remember any pearl-centric episodes where angst doesn’t play into the episode, aside from maybe back to the barn and last one out of beach city. and back to the barn is still sort of a rehash of “oh no pearl is just a pearl” which was introduced in the sardonyx arc and could have been elaborated on better. not to mention how last one out of beach city makes light of how pearl endangered steven and mystery girl/s. is basically used as a prop/rose stand-in.

and it’s honestly gotten to the point where i can’t even request or conceive the notion of having more pearl-centric episodes that aren’t angst-centered anymore because i’m tired of pearl-centric episodes in general.

Things I want to see from Steven Universe:
•White Diamond
•Steven having an actual growth spurt
•Bismuth return/redemption
•The shattering of Pink Diamond
•Peridot somehow poofing and reforming with Crystal Gem wear
•All of those Rose Quartz being un-bubbled
•Collecting the Rubies from space and seeing what the hell to do with them
•Revelation of if gem location is meaningful or random
•Return of the Amethysts and Skinny and Carnelian
•Jasper being healed
•Steven composing a song that will reverse the effects of corruption
•Temple fusion (you know what I mean. Whoever that gem is that their temple is modeled after)
•The inhabitants of the Human Zoo being shown Earth for the first time
•What happens if Steven poofs?
•Honestly just more fusions in general

This show has so many open plot lines it’s amazing. I can’t wait to get more answers. I never want it to end

You will take this ship and Kat Morris’ poster from my cold dead hands.

Inspired by Kat Morris’ poster THE SHOW and featuring a shitty scan.

Spring ~

I swear I’m never drawing umbrellas again. (Says the girl whose favorite romantic tropes include rain rip)