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Hi, I'm just stared in the witch community and I honestly don't know where or how to begin, pero aquí está la cosa; igual soy mexicana y vivo en Yucatán. No se como hacer una bruja cuando muchas ngredientes son caras. I was wondering if you can help me with that? Since you are a Mexican witch yourself. Thank you for your time if you answer. ☺💖

¡No es problema! Here are some witchy budget posts! The best thing about brujeria is that you can use anything! Sometimes all you really need for a spell is yourself! Pero los ingredientes pueden agregar más…..umph to a spell!

Here’s some altar info

This has a lot of general things to buy for cheap. I’m not sure if these ship out of the US though.

And this one is my favorite! I like it because it shows that things you pick up can be magical. All that matters is how you associate them with your magic. Brujeria is all about your beliefs! 

¡Espero que esto ayude!

aesthetic: Sophie Webster is leaving Corronation Street for good. The entire week before she goes she’s ecstatic, mentioning slyly here and there about some girl she’s met. Everyone hums about, asking who she is but Soph just holds this coy smile, “someone I feel like I’ve waited my whole life for,” is all she says. The day comes for her to leave and she waves off goodbye to her family and friends. Kate and Rana are even there, happily wishing their friend well as they say goodbye. It’s sentimental and sweet, her luggage right behind her. “Let me take you to the cabs, soph” Sally begs but Sophie refuses. “That’ll just make it harder mum, you know”, pulling Sally into a last hard hug. “I’ll call you when I get there.” She calls behind her. Rounding the corner to the cab station she waits for a car to pass the street and with a smile on her face, we see just who Sophie has been going on about. Patiently waiting on the cab station bench, is Sian. A massive smile on her face as she stares at Sophie with baited breath, watching with love as she crosses the street.

“I told you, I’d love you forever. No one else.”

Clarke Griffin is bisexual and not a lesbian.

Wonder Woman/Diana Prince is bisexual and not a lesbian.

Sara Lance is bisexual and not a lesbian.

Callie Torres is bisexual and not a lesbian.

Bo Dennis is bisexual and not a lesbian.