a girl and her xbox

I… I am very confused about what happened in GTA tonight. Usually this game is full of fuck boys but I was in a lobby with a bunch of dudes calling a creep out when he started getting weird with me. Like, it was so fast too. And it was several of them? Wat.
“Ooh there’s a girl on xbox let me talk to her so I can call her a slut and a whore when she doesn’t want to talk to me!” One of them mocked him.

“As soon as she doesn’t tell you her name you’re gonna call her a bitch so why should she even talk to you?”

“Tsk, man, there’s so many fuckin’ creeps on this game when girls be in the lobby.”


anonymous asked:

I found out my boyfriend cheated on me with my supposed friend.

Get your bestfriend and burn everything he has like Nikes,Adidas,Bathing Ape,XBOX,PlayStation,Jordan’s just everything and the girl replace her shampoo,conditioner and eyebrow pencil or anything very important to girls with hair remover or bleach and your going to tell him you did it and look at him like.

He will probably call the police and you probably will go to the psycho ward and then you will deal with the rest.