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Name or nicknames: Jenn, Jigga (lmao ain’t sure how this came to be but it’s stuck now :?//), Jhene (they think they so funny)

Gender: Female
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Sexual orientation: Up 
Hogwarts house: Gryffindor

Favorite color: Black
Favorite animal: that one crazy horse girl everyone had in their class in grade school was me

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Cat or Dog person: Cat
Favorite fictional characters: BITCH!1! DO NOT GET Me STARTED lisbeth salander, draco n hermione, will herondale, colonel aureliano buendia, etc et al

Number of blankets sleep with: oddly specific?? 3

Favorite singer/band: J. Cole, Tyler the Creator, Kendrick, Chance, Gallant, Sevyn Streeter, The Game, Kehlani
Dream trip: NEW YORK, New Orleans, Barbados, down a flight of stairs

Dream job: meme lord, like whateva daquan does but w original content uno ;) just kidding but it really ain’t what i’m studying to be 
When was this blog created: Like summer 2011 or sum shit 
Current number of followers: active followers? like 5 why y’all sleep
When did your blog reach its peak: feb 30, 2017
What made you create this blog: 8th grade angst

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Amaryllis Trevelyan

Parents: Bann Trevelyan [father], Seraphine Trevelyan [mother]
Siblings: Paulette Trevelyan [twin sister], Gerald Trevelyan [brother]

At the time when she attended the Conclave, Amaryllis Trevelyan was the youngest of Bann Trevelyan’s children. Amaryllis and her twin, Paulette, came by their powers at the same time when they were ten years old. They had been horseriding, and when Paulette was thrown off her spooked horse, both girls reacted instantly; Paulette by freezing the poor horse, and Amaryllis by causing the ground to burst into thick grass. When they reached home, they told their mother what had happened, and Seraphine did her best to hide the girls’ new-found powers from their father. Unfortunately, this did not last for long, as their younger brother Gerald spied on his sisters one evening and found them creating ice sculptures out of nothing, and, frightened - and having been taught that mages were evil - ran to his father. Bann Trevelyan immediately arranged for Templars to take away his daughters, disowning them as they were dragged away from the only home they’d known.

Seraphine tried to protect her daughters from their father and the Templars, but she was unsuccessful. She died a year and a half later from a broken heart. Gerald, knowing that he had played a part in both his sisters’ capture and thereby his mother’s death, lived with the guilt of his actions for the rest of his life.

Amaryllis was sent to the Circle of Ostwick, and her sister to the Circle at Kirkwall. Paulette was abused by Ser Karras during her stay in the Circle, dying from her injuries as a result. Though Amaryllis was informed that Paulette had died in ‘an accident’, she knew the truth, having been informed of the truth by the spirits in the Fade. 

Circle of Ostwick
Knowing that the best and brightest in the Circle of Ostwick were granted more freedoms, Amaryllis swore to be the very best. Magic, and control of her powers, came naturally to her, and she underwent her Harrowing at the tender age of sixteen. She was the youngest Enchanter, and was both respected and envied in equal measure.

She quickly befriended the Knight Commander and the Knight Captain as the two men felt very fatherly towards her, and this afforded her a great deal of protection in the Circle. She learned how to be craft and cunning, and how to use her charm and wit to get what she wanted. Her skills she used to aid the other mages, especially those who had garnered the unfortunate honor of catching an errant templars’ eye. She did her best to protect those weaker than her, and was widely considered to be next in line for the position of First Enchanter. 

The Conclave
Having lost a sister to the templars, and having seen - and experienced - first hand just how cruel they could be, Amaryllis had little faith in the templars. She was eager to bring about a resolution between the two sides, however, wanting to avoid more bloodshed, though she was determined that the mages should be allowed to have greater freedom.  She wholeheartedly believed that mages could rule themselves, and that mages should be taught to not fear their power so that they could control it better.

She was puzzled and dismayed by the Anchor, especially because it garnered her the title of ‘Herald of Andraste’ which she did not believe to be true. Her curious nature pushed her to investigate the mark, and in this task she was aided by the elven apostate Solas.

Relationship with companions
Cassandra Pentaghast - she had little trust in the Seeker, quietly believing that the woman had failed in her duty to oversee the Templar Order; but after spending more time with Cassandra, and discovering that she was honest and good, and eager to do the right thing, Amaryllis dropped her guard and began to forge a friendship with the Nevarran. They ended up bonding over the grief of losing a sibling, and their friendship deepened when Amaryllis accidentally discovered that Cassandra was a fan of Swords and Shields - a series she herself was rather fond of. Cassandra approved of Amaryllis’ ability to plan carefully before undertaking a task, though the Seeker disapproved whenever she used underhanded means to gain support for the Inquisition. 

Iron Bull - Amaryllis was one of the few people who trusted Bull right from the start. She got along incredibly well with the Chargers. Though she knew that he was a Qunari spy, she believed that his men’s loyalty to him said a great deal. In Haven she would spend her evenings at the Singing Maiden with Bull, who taught her how to play chess in exchange for drinks. This eventually turned into a ritual of sorts, and when Amaryllis finally won a game against Bull, he celebrated by throwing his tankard of beer over her. When the Qunari approached with the prospect of an alliance with the Inquisition, Amaryllis refused to sacrifice the Chargers, and told Gatt to tell his seniors that “[his] name is Iron Bull, NOT Hissrad!”

Blackwall - She greatly respected Warden Blackwall, and during their travels learned to appreciate his wit, and his stories. However when the truth of his deception came to light, she couldn’t bring herself to trust him again. She had him smuggled into Skyhold, and set him free on the condition that he join the Grey Wardens after his service in the Inquisition.

Vivienne - Amaryllis despised Vivienne, especially after Madame de Fer insisted that they were both alike in nature. She informed the Iron Lady, rather icily, that even if they were both well-versed in the Game, she played to help other people while [Vivienne] was only interested in herself. In Skyhold, however, there was first a unspoken truce between the two women, which eventually turned into a friendship of sorts. Amaryllis spent a great deal of time with Vivienne after Bastien’s death, just sitting and listening to the older woman talk about her relationship with the Duke.

Solas - She got along excellently well with the elven apostate, the two being very pro-mage. Though Amaryllis was confused by Solas’ preoccupation with the Veil and the Fade at the beginning, she eventually found it fascinating, and soon began to study in in earnest. It was thanks to Solas’ many tales of what he’d seen in the Fade that she studied to be a rift mage. She developed feelings for him, but knowing that he wasn’t interested in her, forced herself to cast them aside, and accept his friendship instead. She did all she could to help his spirit friend, and though she understood his anger towards the mages who had inadvertently caused Wisdom’s death, she would not let him kill them for she knew their only crime was ignorance.

Dorian Pavus - Amaryllis developed an instant friendship with Dorian. Though the two argued frequently, it was always good-natured. They were very much alike, believing in doing the right thing and not the easy thing, and valuing loyalty and kindness. They would often curl up in a corner of the library, a bottle of wine between them as they pored over leather-bound tomes late into the night. It was Dorian who helped her get over her automatic distrust of Cullen, and he engineered many scenarios where she and the Commander were thrust together. Amaryllis was furious at Dorian’s father, and had to be held back from punching the man in the face. She staunchly vowed to stand by Dorian’s side no matter what, and though tongues wagged in the keep about the Inquisitor’s suspiciously close friendship with a mage from Tevinter, she paid little heed to them.

Varric Tethras - She was excited to meet Varric, not just because she was a huge fan of Swords and Shields, but also because of his friendship with Hawke. She tried to question him, discreetly, for any information regarding her sister’s death. He found out about it eventually, and after she told him everything she knew, used his spy network to put the pieces together. It was Varric who brought a measure of peace to Amaryllis when he informed her that Hawke had killed the man responsible for her sister’s death.

Sera - Amaryllis found Sera to be a breath of fresh air in the otherwise serious-and-stodgy Inquisition. Though she did think the young elven woman was a little immature, and though she found Sera’s dislike of mages distasteful, the two nevertheless became fast friends. They would play a host of pranks on everyone, especially Cullen, though when Amaryllis started a relationship with the Commander she stopped playing as many pranks on him. She appreciated Sera’s concern for the ‘little people’, having once been that person herself. The two spent a great deal of time on the many rooftops that Skyhold offered, eating good cookies and throwing the bad ones at the nobles Amaryllis found annoying.

Cole - Something about the young lad drew her, and by the time they were all settled in Skyhold Amaryllis had firmly adopted him under her wing. While Varric was his honorary dad, she became his honorary mom, much to the annoyance of Solas who insisted that the spirit lad did not need parenting. When the time came for Cole to choose which path he wanted to walk down, she guided him to become more human, believing that it truly was what the young lad wanted the most. It was one of the times she questioned whether she had made the right decision or not. When he entered a relationship with Maryden she was happy because he was happy, though in private she threatened the bard with something ‘worse than death’ if she ever hurt her boy.

Amaryllis despised Cullen at the beginning because she blamed him for her sister’s death. They had many arguments, but their worst was the one before she left to help the mages, where she called him a ‘mage murderer’ who was only too happy to see all of ‘her kind’ dead. After facing Alexius, and seeing how dangerous magic could be, she thawed enough to apologize to the Commander when she returned to Haven, though she still considered him to have turned a blind eye to the suffering of the mages in Kirkwall.

It was Varric and Dorian who helped her soften; Varric told her how Kirkwall had had many blood mages, and how Meredith had been driven insane by red lyrium. Varric also helped her gain some closure by informing her of Ser Karras’ death. Dorian opened her eyes to Cullen’s actions, and how the Commander was not the same man as he’d been as Knight Captain.

It started off as contriteness, their relationship, with both parties hesitant and wary about the other. But soon Amaryllis was penning notes to Cullen when she was away, and it became easier to talk to him in person. From there, their friendship grew deeper as they began to deeply care for and about the other, and it was an easy, effortless step to fall in love. Though Amaryllis had never considered herself particularly religious, she began to thank Andraste each evening for giving her something she thought she’d never have - true love.

Major decisions
Mages or Templars - Sided and allied with the mages, because she considered herself to be one of them.

Hawke or Stroud - Left Stroud in the Fade, even though she believed the Wardens would have greater need for him, because she owed Hawke for avenging the death of Paulette.

Grey Wardens - Chose to ally with the Wardens, believing that they would be needed on the small chance that Corypheus triggered a Blight.

Halamshiral - Reunited Empress Celene and Briala, because she did not trust Duke Gaspard, and because she thought that it was the best way to benefit the elves. She recruited Florianne as an agent, and placed her in Leliana’s unbreakable grasp.

Temple of Mythal - Completed the rituals, both because they made her curious and because she trusted Solas’ advice. She was awed by the Sentinels, though aggravated that they seemed indifferent to the threat of Corypheus, though she did ally with them. She drank from the Well, not trusting Morrigan enough to give her the knowledge that the Vir Abelasan had.

Amaryllis was incensed by the claims of the Exalted Council, and angered by how quick they were to dismiss her deeds, knowing how much blood had been shed for the nobles who had barely lifted a finger to help. She and Bull laughed at the Viddasala when the Qunari woman tried to get Bull to join her side, and chose to release Ataashi, having great respect and fondness for dragons. When she met Solas, she was heartbroken and devastated, and couldn’t believe that the man she’d considered such a close and dear friend was not just not who he seemed, but that he’d also been the cause of everything. Though she knew what he intended to do, she still considered him a friend, and promised to show him that there were other paths he could take.

The loss of her arm grieved her greatly, but it was made easier knowing that Cullen, her husband, would always be there by her side. She chose to disband the Inquisition, believing that it would be needed in the days to come, even if it was overrun with his spies. She felt confident that by searching for new people, ones who Solas did not know, she could find a way to get him to see the light.

When introducing her mabari, Sir Barks-a-lot, she’d joke that when she first came across him, she’d been “disarmed by his charm and good looks.” Everyone groaned at the bad pun, but Varric included into his book anyway.

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Weird Horse Girl Vine Compilation

Since Vine is being deleted soon, I made a compilation of the “Weird Horse Girl” vine series.