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Fic Recs (Feb. 26th)

Hiya, lovelies! Here are some more fic recs for you! Remember that you can always message, send an ask or tag me in a fic, just no smut please :)

I have two this week! 

Caramel and Honey” written by @crowleysplaythings Gabriel returns to the reader only to find out that she has a daughter. His. (SPN, angsty)

Misdialed Call, 2″ written by @avengersandchill (Welcome back, BTW! Missed you, girl) The reader calls her best friend after a really bad day, but accidentally hits a wrong button and ends up talking to Steve instead. (Avengers)

Tempting Trouble” written by @imagicana. The reader works for the BAU, but she’s dating Tony Dinozzo. (Criminal Minds/NCIS crossover. semi-angsty fluff)

No Longer You” written by @dancingalone21. The reader runs into an old flame while she’s out and about. (SPN. Implied abuse mentioned)

Thorin imagine” written by @hallacristien. The reader, from our world, begins missing home. Thorin helps comfort them. (Tolkien, slight angst)

Requited Love” written by @xbarrjallenx. Cisco starts acting strange. Turns out, he likes the reader but is worried that she doesn’t return his feelings. (The Flash, fluff)

The Five Times You Encounter Dean Winchester” written by @bovaria. The reader and Dean meet several times over the years. (SPN, fluff)

Mythical Love” written by @this-ginger-has-no-soul. Wanda likes the reader who can transform into mythical creatures, but she can’t figure out to express it. (Avengers, fluff)

Don’t Forget Me” written by @imaginecrowleyspn. Crowley is beside himself when his girlfriend starts forgetting him. (SPN, inspired by episode 12.11 ANGST!)

Rescued” written by @fromthedeskoftheraven. A few members of the company stumble upon the pregnant reader and take her with them then, Bofur takes a shine to her. (Tolkien. FLUFF!) 

There you go, lovelies!! Happy reading and lots of love!


anonymous asked:

Idk if you've done this already but Fenrys and Lucian??? Ur an angel cool thanks bye

I haven’t! I’m intrigued by this… and thank you, friend!

- so Lucien is usually pretty good at keeping his cool, right?
- WRONG. At least around Fenrys he’s not.
- Fenrys LIVES to tease Lucien. Constantly calling him a ginger with no soul, or asking if he’s particularly “hot and bothered” that day (because the fire thing), and so on and so forth.
- Well one day they’re alone for some reason and Fenrys is being typical fenrys and Lucien just SNAPS
- “oh my gosh will you shut the FUCK up before I make you?”
- Fenrys is quiet for a moment. Then he leans forward against the table with his forearms and clasps his hands together - a wicked grin on his face.
- “and how exactly will you make me, High Lord Lucien?”
- Fenrys gets bent over the table


Side Note: If you’re not comfortable with any of this because of privacy reasons please let me know.

Archie Andrews x Reader

I Hate Parties by @vettyandberonica

History by @jughead-thethird

Thankful by @jugshat

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Attention by @sgtbarnestrash

Baby Boy by @aestheticimagines

Baby Sitters by @sorryimacrapwriter

Domestic Bucky by @jarnesbrnes

Miracle by @asirenscalling

Secret Relationship by @smilexcaptainx

She’s Having a Hot Dog by @aestheticimagines

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  • Nursey: so what do you think about the whole "gingers have no soul"
  • Dex: if there's a reason I don't have a soul it's because I sold it to have enough patience to deal with your bullshit

Sister Location Theory - Baby is NOT Possessed by any lost child soul!

I have conducted a personal research on the matter, gathered valuable proofs, so I can prove my point to you. Circus Baby from Sister Location is Not possessed by anyone. 

Don’t believe me? Here, look at her. Look closer. See it yet? Here, I’ll zoom in for you.

She’s ginger. 

Gingers have no soul.

your fave is problematic: domhnall gleeson

  • jokes about the first order in interviews
  • is ginger and lacks a soul so sustains his lifeforce by draining the souls of the innocent to stay alive
  • is planning on turning the moon into a functioning replica of starkiller base and finally destroying the earth to free us all from the hell that is 2016
  • looks different in every photograph?? clearly a shapeshifting reptilian from jupiter
  • is floofy????
  • figurehead of the cult of white dude villains and the hux fandom is a front for his nefarious dealings #illuminaticonfirmed