a gift from a royai shipper

Okay but the scene where Roy picks Riza up after she’s almost died??? Yeah that’s not necessarily romantic, sure, but when has Roy ever touched someone like that??? He didn’t cradle Havoc to his chest when Havoc got stabbed??? He didn’t flip utter shit when Havoc got stabbed the way he did when Riza’s throat was slit???

I love that scene not because I think it’s romantic but because I think it’s a good indication of how Roy’s feelings for Riza are different (deeper, more profound??? Idk) than his feelings for anyone else. He treats Riza differently, SHE’S the one who’s hip he’s attached to. SHE’S the one who knows all of him (ya think Roy ever told anyone about Riza’s back??? Nah fam). They’ve known each other by the end of the series for at least 11-15 years, longer than they’ve known anyone else besides, maybe, Grumman for Riza and Madame Christmas for Roy.

I just??? Don’t take that scene away from us Royai shippers bc it means so much more than “he just picked her up.” Physical touch is a gift in this series (and means something intimate in Japan) so Roy clutching Riza to his chest is so so so much more than “well duh he was gonna pick her up, it doesn’t mean anything.”