a gift for silvia


♕  My Favourite TiarasModern Fringe Tiara

This delicate take on the classic fringe design it’s said to be a wedding anniversary gift from King Carl Gustaf to his wife, Queen Silvia. It is Madeleine’s favourite tiara and it was the piece she choose for her wedding day. The Modern Fringe Tiara can also be worn as a necklace, and it’s often used as that.


Silvia: The guru says my romantic life is screwed. 

Danny: Wasn’t that the same guru who said your mom was going to get married even though she’s already married. 

Silvia: She’s right about me though. I’m screwed. I need to update my status with “My romantic life is screwed. #foreversingle” I don’t even want to go home and face all those non-single people in my house. #foreversingle.

Danny: Okay, how about we go chill at my place and you just tell your parents you’re staying over.

SIlvia: You think they’ll allow that?

Danny: You’ve done it a ton of times. I’ll let my sister call. 

Silvia: Okay, Dan. Thanks from saving me from that couple filled house. I’m the only single one in that house. #foreversingle. 

Danny: You’re not going to be-

Silvia: It’s because I’m so musically gifted that I can’t find anyone. #foreversingle. 


 The Modern Fringe Tiara

This tiara is one of the newest tiaras in use by the Swedish Royal Family; it was a 10 year anniversary gift from King Carl XVI Gustaf to Queen Silvia in 1986. Since the tiara was a gift it is privately owned and not a part of The Bernadotte Foundation.

This tiara is ideal, its very lightweight and likely very comfortable; additionally it had duel use and can be converted into a necklace. Although the diamonds on this tiara are not incredibly large, it does give off quite a nice but of sparkle.

Silvia has worn this tiara quite a bit, as it is her, but it’s quite small and light for a Queen with access to collection that the Swedes have. Crown Princess Victoria has never worn it as a tiara (although I would love to see it on her) she has however worn it as a necklace.  

I adore this tiara, its a really good lightweight tiara for Princesses starting their tiara wearing career and this is good for travelling. The Swedes don’t have many small light tiaras so I think its quite welcomed in to the collection. 

In recent years it’s been a favourite of Princess Madeleine, who even opted to wear it for her wedding in June 2013. Given Madeleine’s excessive use of it I imagine that Silvia may have gifted it to Madeleine, and if she hasn’t already I’m willing to bet that it will be given to her in Silvia’s will.