a gift for all my lovely followers

Happy holidays from me to all of my lovely followers! 

(I know the mistletoe kiss thing is so overdone but please. I could not resist)

This is also a gift to all of the wonderful friends I’ve made since I joined the ML fandom! Love you all so much and I hope you have a great day <3

Joyeux Noël ! Je vous aime tous !


MERRY CHRISTMAS BABES! As promised here is my gift to all of you, partly a christmas gift and partly a thank you because today I git 1K followers! If you want to hear more about my journey to 1K you can read this post but I know a lot of you probably don’t want to hear me ramble on about that so I’ll cut to the present.

I have created the ULTIMATE Dolan twins masterlist. Basically it is all the most popular/best/my favorite/some of my own (had to) Dolan twins imagines/blurbs/preferences etc. The idea behind it was to have a post for any one in the fandom who loves imagines that showcased all the incredible writers we have in this fandom. This post will be added to constantly so if there are any writers/posts that you want added to this list, inbox/message me and I’ll add them on. So favorite this page, like the post, reblog it, whatever you want and then whenever you are wanting some good writing or need to satisfy your feels you can come back to this. If you ever lose it it will be under the tag ‘dirtydolan masterlist’ or in the description of my blog.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the support on this blog, it means the world to me! Merry Christmas! I hope you love it xoxo

-Sofia xxx


Here is my list of favorite imagine blogs, these are the ones that are pretty active. Click their name to go to their blog, if they have a masterlist I have linked that beside it. Enjoy! 

  • dirtydolan ♡ masterlist
  • dolayn ♡ masterlist
  • ashlerber ♡ masterlist
  • dolan–twins ♡ masterlist
  • magconimagineornah ♡ masterlist
  • fav-imagines ♡ masterlist
  • imaginethedolans ♡ masterlist
  • graysondolan ♡ masterlist
  • justblurbythings ♡ masterlist
  • jennasfanfics ♡ masterlist
  • omahoe ♡ masterlist
  • g-e-dolan ♡ masterlist
  • imaginingdolans 
  • imagiinedolans
  • itsniallspotatome 
  • thedolantwins


Here are all the Grayson Dolan imagines some older and some newer ones. They are split into most popular (most notes) and then some of my favorite Grayson imagines. The post is linked, along with the blog and that blogs masterlist (if they have one) so that if you really like their writing style you can read more. Enjoy!


  • Cute couple ♡ dolantwinsimagines 
  • Teasing Around the Parents (smut) ♡ dolantwinsimagines 
  • Fans Send You Hate ♡ dolantwinsimagines
  • Fight ♡ dolantwinsimagines
  • Bestfreinds ♡ dolantwinsimagines
  • Telling His Parents You’re Pregnant ♡ dolantwinsimagines
  • When He’s Angry ♡ dolan–twins ♡ masterlist
  • Being Grayson’s Girlfriend ♡ dolan–twins ♡ masterlist
  • “Let’s Go Make Out” ♡ dolan–twins ♡ masterlist
  • Hyper ♡ dolan–twins ♡ masterlist
  • You Go to a Wedding ♡ dolan–twins ♡ masterlist
  • Are we having twins? ♡ imaginethedolans ♡ masterlist
  • It was her boyfriend ♡ imaginethedolans ♡ masterlist
  • Clingy (whiny) Boyfriend ♡ lilacstiles
  • You and Me Got a Whole Lot of History ♡ imagines16
  • College Girl ♡ elegantdallas
  • Varsity Boy ♡ imaginecrew
  • Something else ♡ magconimagineornah ♡ masterlist
  • Dating Grayson would involve ♡ omahoe ♡ masterlist
  • Sloth ♡ dolansdonus


  • He leaves for tour ♡ dirtydolan ♡ masterlist
  • He gets in a fight  ♡ dirtydolan ♡ masterlist
  • Broken bones ♡ fav-imagines ♡ masterlist
  • Boyfriend Girlfriend tag ♡ fav-imagines ♡ masterlist
  • “I think it’s time to confirm everything” ♡ imaginethedolans ♡ masterlist
  • “Merry Christmas baby” ♡ imaginethedolans ♡ masterlist
  • Date ♡ dolayn ♡ masterlist
  • Mornings ♡ ashlerber ♡ masterlist
  • Daddy (smut) ♡ thedolantwins
  • Grayson Dolan Headcanons ♡ omahadolansquad
  • Just the way you are ♡ reinaa8
  • Doing Grayson’s makeup ♡ that-onefabfan


Here are all the Ethan Dolan imagines some older and some newer ones. They are split into most popular (most notes) and then some of my favorite Ethan imagines. The post is linked, along with the blog and that blogs masterlist (if they have one) so that if you really like their writing style you can read more. Enjoy!


  • Pregnancy ♡ dolantwinsimagines
  • Meeting Ethan at Playlist ♡ dolantwinsimagines
  • Lacrosse Game ♡ dolantwinsimagines
  • Your Brother’s Best Friend ♡ dolantwinsimagines
  • So-called feud ♡ magconimagineornah ♡ masterlist
  • Controversial ♡ magconimagineornah ♡ masterlist
  • Truth or dare ♡ dolan–twins ♡ masterlist
  • He Gets Hit on by Another Girl ♡ dolan–twins ♡ masterlist
  • Going on an adventrue ♡ dolan–twins ♡ masterlist
  • “Please prove them wrong.” ♡ imaginethedolans ♡ masterlist
  • Babysitting ♡ imaginethedolans ♡ masterlist
  • Silent Treatment ♡ elegantdallas ♡ masterlist
  • I’m sick ♡ lilacstiles
  • “I like her more” ♡ musicwonderland90 
  • Laser tag ♡ the-queen-of-awesome-sause
  • Youtube time ♡ fav-imagines ♡ masterlist
  • Vacation (smut) ♡ explicit00
  • Rain check ♡ bandsximagines
  • Jealousy ♡ jennasfanfics ♡ masterlist
  • “You had me at our first ‘Hey‘” ♡ shawndolantho


  • Sneaking in ♡ thedolantwins
  • Jealosy ♡ thedolantwins
  • Divorce ♡ dolayn ♡ masterlist
  • Boyfriend goals ♡ starlightts
  • Wet dream (smut) ♡ jennasfanfics ♡ masterlist
  • Bet ♡ justblurbythings ♡ masterlist
  • What’s your name? ♡ hausofgems
  • Rainy Days ♡ that-onefabfan
  • Sneaking in ♡ dirtydolan ♡ masterlist
  • Waking up together ♡ dirtydolan ♡ masterlist
  • Netflix and chill ♡ dirtydolan ♡ masterlist
  • Surprise ♡ dolayn ♡ masterlist


These are a collection of imagines that include both twins (mainly bsm) and preferences. Enjoy!

Imagines (mainly bsm):

  • Messy trivia challenge ♡ imaginethedolans ♡ masterlist
  • The dizzy challenge ♡ imaginethedolans ♡ masterlist
  • Birthday ♡ ashlerber ♡ masterlist
  • Sibling Tag ♡ fav-imagines ♡ masterlist
  • Better to lose that to break ♡ the-queen-of-awesome-sause


  • New Years kiss ♡ dolan–twins ♡ masterlist
  • Fights ♡ dolayn ♡ masterlist
  • Something he objects from ♡ caterina-g 
  • Pregnant ♡ jennasfanfics ♡ masterlist
  • He teaches you something new ♡ caterina-g
  • Lazy days ♡ dolayn ♡ masterlist


Here are a bunch of lists, some are the same idea just written by different people. I thought I would include them all though because the more the better in my eyes. Enjoy!


  • Dating Ethan ♡ omahoe ♡ masterlist
  • Dating Ethan ♡ stydiashipper-imaginesships
  • Daddy Ethan ♡ daiintylove 
  • Getting in a fight ♡ jennasfanfics ♡ masterlist
  • Sex ♡ jennasfanfics ♡ masterlist


  • Dating Grayson ♡ jennasfanfics ♡ masterlist
  • Dating Grayson ♡ dirtydolan ♡ masterlist
  • Dating Grayson ♡ dolayn ♡ masterlist
  • Getting in a fight ♡ jennasfanfics ♡ masterlist
  • Sex ♡ daiintylove 

Both/preference list:

  • Being their best friend would include ♡ complete-bookworm
  • Dating them would include ♡ thedolantwins

700 Followers Gift - 22 Toddler Items Recoloured

I was already working on another followers gift, then BOOM. Toddlers happened. So, instead of releasing everything one by one, I decided to release these in one go and make it a followers gift because I know how desperate y’all are for CC for these little cutiepies! 

A huge thank you for 700 followers, y’all are incredible and thank you for all the support and love! ♥

This includes a bunch of tops, bottoms, outfits, a pair of shoe and those cute little sun hats. Some of the recolours also come in different versions, hope you like them! The jeans come in my Denims Palette and everything else is recoloured in my Basics Palette.

I huge shout out to @citrontart for de-patterning the little dress and allowing people to use the texture, because it was a huge time saver and she is super amazeballs, so go check her out!

If there are any issues/problems, please let me know.

Please read my TOU before downloading! You can find it here


Custom Thumbnails

For now, there is no merged package. There’s a glitch in S4S with merging files where it corrupts the files and breaks the game. You can merge the files yourself if you want to, but do it at your own risk. I will add a merged file once S4S fixes this issue.

• EDIT: If you can’t access the file and it comes up with a page saying “Not Found”,  right click the link and select “Open in a new tab” or use the middle scroll wheel button to click the link. I’ve addressed this issue numerous times before, but still get questions about it. If you’re struggling to access any of my links then either use the method above, or check my answered asks and/or FAQ.


Separate Files

ZIP File

Merged File



oh my gosh. i just hit 25k and im about to hit 30k followers?? what. w hat. here’s a little gift from me to u to thank u all for all for all of the unbelievable kindness this blog has recieved. i am so, so eternally grateful for all of the lovely people i have met throughout my past half a year in this community. enjoy (・∀・ )

  • feel free to use!!!
  • pls don’t claim as ur own 
  • please like/reblog if you use or save! if it’s not too much to ask, these took quite a bit of time to make and it’ll let me know whether i should create more in the future :-)

Long post ahead but please read it because this is a message for you. <3

Hello everyone! So I’m back from my brief hiatus and I wanted to thank each and every one of you for your amazing support. The comic above is a gift to all of you and I would love it if you would read about the story behind it below. 

So the other day you might have seen this post: Does my Art Suck? I was having a terrible night and felt completely lost with my art… I have been told by so many of my teachers “you don’t have any sense of composition”, “your work is unoriginal”, “your work has no meaning”, “you should give up”, “your art is not art”, and so on and so on… 

On bad nights like the “Does my Art Suck?” night all of the things I’ve been told over the years come crashing down on me and, frankly, I start to believe every negative word they’ve said about me and my work… Usually it takes me a few days to push the thoughts away but this night was a bad one… and yet… you all came through for me. Out of nowhere I got hundreds of messages from you wonderful, lovely, people and I couldn’t believe your responses. I read every single message... You all made me feel so loved, so happy, and so hopeful for my art.

To each and every one of you who sent me a message of encouragement and appreciation for my art (whether you are a dear friend to me like @moonpie1220 and @mcbenik or if I only know you online/we haven’t officially met) I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!! AND PLEASE KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU WITH ALL OF MY HEART!!

I don’t know how I can ever repay all of you for the kindness and love you have shown me… But I will make the best art I can to share my love with you, and make following my blog a fun experience. And if ANY OF YOU are ever feeling down/feel the way I feel, know that there is always someone that loves you and will listen. And if you need to share those feelings, message me and I will be the first to leap through the internet to you, give you a big hug, and listen. Thank you all so much. 

–Love Alex/Smudgeandfrank


Take a moment to think of just
Flexibility, love, and trust

This was going to be for 900 followers, but I just hit 1000? Thank you all so much! I’m going to be working on character gifts tonight for 1000 however so stay tuned~


Sometime ago I saw an Iron Man stuffed toy is labeled as “Free Gift” to be given to customers with certain purchase in a chain store here, I can’t help but think Steve would definitely object this idea :D So this art is born haha.

And Happy Birthday to my tumblr account! Time flies and three years have passed, hope I can draw more Stony in the future! :D Thanks for all the support, reblogs and following, and you are always welcome to drop a comment/prompt/idea/just say hi to me anytime :D Love you all <3<3<3

🎄A X-mas gift for my love @panicbananin !🎄

They wanted some warm, fluffy Suuji, and I delivered. Hope u had a nice x-mas mi Banano ❤️!!!

hi. omg sorry for not being as active this week😥 i’ve been having a lot of trouble sleeping lately so i feel rly exhausted all the time n my text brain has been💤 but i’ve been trying to fix it this weekend so i should be good again !!!! ah okay this post was meant for something else so here i go !!!!!!!! okok omg i feel like i have more followers than i deserve n get more love than i deserve n i always wish i could do something for u guys 2 show how truly truly truly grateful i am that u even read my lil bngtn texts !!!!! it rly means so much to me n i feel like i don’t give back 2 u guys enough so !!!!!! since yoongi n his friends released an album 2day i want to gift one to one of my followers !!!! any version ur heart desires !!! i will wrap it up n send it to u !!!!!! 💿🏃🏻‍♀️💨❗️ a gift from me 2 u !!! ah it’s not a ~give away idt bc i rly don’t want to gain followers or anything else from this !!!!!! i rly just want it to be from: winnie to: frog army friend !!! and we can do it anyway u want !! (like u can put it on ur amazon wishlist n i’ll make the wish come true. or i can send it to u myself n probably add some extra goodies in it) !!!!! so pls ❣️LIKE❣️this post if u are interested friends !!!! and pls pls pls pls ❗️DON’T REBLOG❗️ this bc i want it 2 be just for u guys !!! ofc ofc i will pick randomly !!!! i promise i will keep it super fair ❤️🌹 love u guys forever !


((As of today, this blog hit 1k followers! :O!!))

((As a bit of a thank you, I wanted to give all you awesome awesome folks a bit of a teaser for my future plans in Memory, where things get a bit crazy! It’s been almost a year for the blog in total, and I never would have gotten this far without the support of friends, askers, and followers like you! THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!! All of you are so amazing, and I hope you continue to enjoy this blog as much as I have!

Love you all!!
-CC <3<3 ))

Santa Claus Is Coming Tonight

I meant to have this little Christmas present for my followers done for Christmas Eve, but it didn’t happen. It’s still Christmas, though! So Merry Christmas and I hope you enjoy! Love you guys! [Inspired by this lovely cardboard Dean post :D (x) ]

You walk into the bedroom and you can’t stop the giggle that bubbles forth at the sight before you. Dean is propped up against the headboard of the bed, a Santa hat on his head, very velour-looking boxers in red with white trim, and the red and white Christmas tree skirt around his shoulders - nothing else. He has his trademark sexy, sassy smirk on his face as he looks up at you, his long, bare legs stretched out in front of him.

“Why are you wearing the tree skirt?” you ask, laughing.

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HEY! HEY! HEY! This is my first Christmas Follow Forever and I decided to make one to mark the end of this year. (≧∀≦) This year has been a blast and it couldn’t have been any better without any of these amazing people and all of my beautiful, and precious followers. Thank you so much for having such an amazing blog, being supportive, and being a wonderful person in general. You guys are like a gift from Santa lol.. I love all of you so much! You guys make me so happy! ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ) 

Really i’d like to do the FF in 25 of dec, But i wont be able to do it *all of us will be busy* So i do it now ^^ 

I’d like to say thank you to these blogs for making my dash so interesting, and to their owners for having such lovely personalities! I hope everyone has a happy rest of 2016 and an even better 2017 (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

Bold: are my favorite people. 

@0kamii, @ackermanss, @ah-luna, @aizawah, @aizawashoutta, @akahito, @akahshi, @akiteru, @akutagawa-r, @akutagawaas, @akutagawah, @akutagawaryuunosuke, @allenswalkers, @anime-diary, @animebigworld, @anjizu, @arimiechi, @atsushisnakajima, @ayaarin, @ayumiko, @bakakawa, @bakamura, @bertholdts, @bohkutos, @cherubi, @chidorih, @d-a-z-a-i, @daiifukuu, @daiizume, @dazaiosamu, @dazaiosamu-s, @dazushi, @de-k-u, @ekubou, @elliejoys, @envy-and-pride, @erwonmyheart, @escarletes, @evngelion, @fairytailwitch, @flamefly, @fudayk, @gamon-yuuta, @genosus, @genoza, @gurens, @hachikenz, @hanae-ichihara, @hanavmaki, @harukasenpais, @hheartflia, @ichigo-iichie, @ichimatsus, @ieyasus, @izumou, @jetzui, @justnosense, @kadrena, @kagariis, @kamiiyamas, @kamuisyato, @kanekin, @kanhekiz, @kawaiinohime, @kayuui, @keitsukishima, @kenmacchis, @kenmai, @kikuuchitouma, @kirei-na-jinsei, @kirschtein, @kiuroo, @kiyaasarin, @koitoshi, @kojiiro, @komaedas, @kourai, @kryoutas, @kudous, @kurokohs, @kurooa, @kurorolucilfer, @kxousei, @l-e-v-i-ackerman, @lahviis, @lametooru, @larimii, @lilium, @littlebratciel, @makotozz, @mazusu, @midforde, @miidoriyas, @mikotoray, @miss-cigarettes, @miuroko, @mmakotoz, @monstrux, @munakatareishi, @nahcoko, @namikazes, @naruzumake, @nicolasis, @nicosrobins, @nikifforovs, @nozakis, @odaasaku, @odazais, @ohreigen, @oiivkawa, @oikahwatooru, @oikawastooru, @oikawathoru, @oikawatoeru, @ootsukis, @pliestsky, @plisetskey, @plisetsking, @plisetskis, @plisetsukih, @preciousghouls, @priincessyona, @psychohelmet, @ranpohedogawa, @ranppo, @reishikiz, @ri-cha1, @rinsuokah, @s-indria, @sakamotoz, @sakusa-chan, @sassaki-s, @sasukeeuchiha, @sawtsuki, @seethelights, @seihanndas, @seiikas, @serragakis, @sexpai, @sexuoh, @shgieo, @shiroiraiha, @shizukku, @shotous, @shreya-chan, @skeptic-manila, @somasyukihira, @sora-iro, @sougu, @spirition, @sshiroyasha, @ssugawaras, @sugasets, @sukerokus, @suzuyajuzoo, @tachibana–chan, @taikos, @taitetsu, @tartatail, @technolyzed, @tendousatoris, @terushimaas, @tervshimas, @tetzurou, @tobiochann, @tobiohchan, @todorokii, @tojoh, @tovsei, @tsukiayma, @tsukii, @tsukis, @tsukkis, @uchihasasuke, @ucitavanje, @umis, @unisonraidd, @urushenna, @uzurume, @victornikiiforov, @viktcrs, @viknikifolov, @viktvr, @vikutoru, @vixuuri, @xatsushis, @yamazekis, @yonaks, @yushiyuki, @yuuris, @zakuras, @zeino, @zetsueen


P.S :a lot people changed urls or moved, if i missed anyone or misspelled your url tell me;;