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I haven’t uploaded in so long! Or at least it feels that way. On the bright side the podcast planning is going really well and I’m hoping to start recording pretty soon. Whilst lamenting that I hadn’t uploaded in so long, I realised I never uploaded the second part to this fic. Thank you to @uncomicalhumour, @natural-goddess, and @redrebelgaming for commenting on the last chapter. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt[s]: Ooo can’t wait for part 2!!!

Pls make a part 2!!!

‘More Than Meets The Eye’ (Part 2)

Part 1

You shot out of the shop so fast that the bell on the door almost broke. Pietro was right behind you, only halted by Jasper, whose teeth had sunk around the speedster’s ankle upon your instruction and given you a head start.

The world was coloured by the sounds of the city, and you heard Pietro’s flurry of feet approaching fast. Reaching behind, you pulled your baton from the back of your trousers and flicked it out to the side, extending it. The brunt of Pietro’s body hit the metal and you smirked as he grunted.

“I told you,” you yelled over your shoulder, “I’m not a vigilante!”
“Oh, you’re something else alright…” Pietro said. He knelt on the floor with his arm around his waist, pain spreading across his abdomen where you’d struck him. It would no doubt leave a bruise.

As he lowered his head and attempted to stand, the sound of a sharp din caught his ears and he looked up. A familiar shield was jutting out of an alleyway, in the grip of a gloved hand. Cap stepped out of the shadows and smirked. You were on the floor, on your back and groaning.
“I’m not usually one for payback, but…” Steve chuckled, putting his foot onto your abdomen to keep you down., though you’d appeared to have passed out.

Tony arrived shortly after, and performed a few checks on you.
“Luckily for you, Rogers, she’s no worse for wear. I’d hate to think what the press would say if they saw you of all people in this situation.”

Steve scratched the back of his neck and cleared his throat. As he neared the scene, Pietro could see the man beginning to wrestle with his conscience. He rolled his eyes.
“I wouldn’t worry too much,” he sighed as he picked you up and threw you over his shoulder. “Just because she can’t see you coming doesn’t mean she can’t fight you off – or was her handicap the only thing you saw in those security tapes?”

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Oh, my dudes I never really uploaded this gif.
It’s a totally unfinished animation of Jack Spicer using his monkey staff and transforming. Really it’s just the keyframes. I actually did this Jan 1st 2016 (but never uploaded). It was meant to be for the Year of the Monkey but I just got too busy that year with uni work. Oh well, here it is now.
If anyone wants to in-between/colour it it I’ll happily send you the TVP file.

I was just reminded by my own post that I’ve been uploading the Winx Club comics for 10 years as of this month. I have been in the fandom longer though honestly it doesn’t feel like it had been 10 plus years.

I never thought when I started to upload the comics that it would be for this long nor that I would branch out to uploading the episodes. But I’m still around and I’m still determined to translate and upload the comics. I’m also determined to keep the videos uploaded for the people who have no way to watch the show. So lets hope for another 10 years!

In celebration I’ve redone one of the first Winx Club gifs that I posted on tumblr. It wasn’t on this tumblr but my personal one. I think it shows my love for the show.