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  • someone: hey you ok?
  • me: yeah im fine
  • also me: i really don't know how this candy morningstar situation is really going to be solved i am losing sleep over this i cannot believe lucifer is going to marry some random stripper as a revenge plot against his dad chloe doesnt deserve this lucifer doesnt deserve this I SURE AS HECK doNT deserve this what is going to happen to them they were so happy and in love for two and a half episodes and now it's all come crashing down and it's all mother and father's fault and my poor babies i just need them to be happy and chloe is going to be so devastated she will try to shut him out she had just allowed herself to open up and feel for him to take a risk despite all of his flaws despite the fact that she knows he has issues that hes trying to work on and lucifer is going to give her the cold shoulder and be miserable thinking what he had was never real with her that she could never truly love him in the real ways that he wants to be loved because all he has ever known is being an outcast that was unwanted and manipulated with no true friends besides a demon so when 2x14 airs i am going to be in pieCES and to top it all off this hiatus is killing me slowly but surely and youve got FOX out here releasing canon deckerstar fan vids and renewing for s3 so these two tragic cases can come back and haunt me for 31 more episodes
So the rest of the world likes to shake their heads about America’s obsession with bacon

which, tbh can take on ridiculous forms sometimes.

But do you know who forever forfeited their right to judge other countries on their obsession with meat?

Germany. Home of the Mettigel.

What’s a Mettigel you ask?. Well. Mett is ground porc meat. And an Igel is a hedgehog. So a Mettigel,…

….is THIS abomination…

…that is sometimes served at German parties…

…it has gone out of style a bit in recent years…

….but you still come across it sometimes in the suburbs and the more country/villagey parts of Germany….

And yes. It is just raw meat. With a few spices. Served with onions and bread or pretzels.

Der Leuchtturm von Malarrif auf der Snæfellsnes in Westisland an der #574.

The lighthouse of Malarrif on the Snæfellsnes peninsula in West Iceland.

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Flute Concerto In A Major, Wq.168 : II. Largo Con Sordini
  • Flute Concerto In A Major, Wq.168 : II. Largo Con Sordini
  • Eckhart Haupt, Hartmut Haenchen, Berliner Sinfonien
  • 300 Jahre Jubilaum Friedrich II "Der Grosse"

Flute Concerto In A Major, Wq.168 : II. Largo Con Sordini

By Composer Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (CPE)

Performed By Flautist Eckhart Haupt, Conductor Hartmut Haenchen and The Berliner Sinfonien