a gentleman's world

i decided to make a little thing for pride month!! it was something i wanted to draw since i don’t even know, so there it is: little fusions with pjo/hoo characters!

JERCY (jason and percy):

- gorgeous ace boy

- such an amazing leader. he’s very persistent and  most of the time work with fun to make his point. life’s boring, but he doesn’t need to be

- king of hot&cute face

PIPABETH (piper and annabeth):

- bi queen

- she’s the leader of everything. get out of her way. seriously

- “please kill me softly”

NANK (nico and frank):

- very gay

- he’s so polite. literally the biggest gentleman in the world

- doesn’t talk much, but if you need him, he’ll be there for you. anytime

LEYNA/REO (reyna and leo):

- handsome trans boy

- no one beats him at anything. it doesn’t matter what you’re playing, you will lose

- the world is his. bow down, please

HACHEL (hazel and rachel):

- pan-cutie

- art!! queen of drawings

- small and sweet, but will never tolerate any of your shit

i LOVE this. actually wanted to do more with another characters like will, grover, clarisse, etc.


#cat talking in nothing but water metaphors #wearing all blue #telling kara to dive in #via speech that sounds like a giant ‘embrace your sexuality’ allegory #… #listen i don’t make the rules

June’s ‘Make it out Alive!’ box arrived with not one but two books!

🗺Next month’s box is ‘Wanderlust’ [the book is described with: high stakes adventure, diversity of all kinds, laugh out loud moments, an adorable romance, all the feels, and a truly epic road trip journey]

Elliot Rodger’s Weapons and Crimes Committed

Weapons used

(2) Sig Sauer semi-automatic 9mm pistols

(1) Glock 34 semi-automatic 9mm pistol

Crimes committed

  • 6 counts of Murder
  • 3 counts of Murder Under Special Circumstance - Lying in Wait
  • 20 counts of Attempted Murder
  • 16 counts of Shooting a Firearm from a Motor Vehicle
  • 3 counts of Carrying a Loaded Firearm in Public