a gentle heart

Little princess looking for love 💕

Name: Princess S. For now! Come ask for my full name! 😄

Age: 18 (19 soon!)

Location: BC Canada

Role: Little/kitten

Preferred role of your partner: Daddy dom, Mommy dom, or anything in between!

Preferred age of your partner: 18-28 (please don’t message if you’re over 28)

What you’re looking for in a partner: looking for someone sweet, sensitive and kind who will be around long term. Someone who will make sure I’m always taken care of, and set rules for me. A caregiver who isn’t afraid to discipline, but won’t enjoy doing it. A firm hand but a gentle heart 💕 frequent communication via voice chat is ideal! But I understand that people have lives too!

About you: I’m a sweet, bubbly little with a happy go lucky personality once you get past the shell of shyness! Im a little with a fair amount of experience (around 4 years) and im very open to trying new things. I’m very clingy and can get a little annoying, but i promise to love you with my entire heart if we end up together!

How to contact you: kik please! Littleluckystars 🙂 (I’ll give you my Tumblr later)


you: im so soft… so gentle.. soft heart bab,y..uw..u.. smol

me: *saunters into the room and sits down in the most obnoxious way possible, putting my legs up on the counter and spreading them out (smashing multiple glasses in the process) while leaning back and resting my head on my arms (which i am flexing slightly in order to show off my muscles in a display of dominance)* heh…

My world seemed quiet, for it was a calm yet mundane cycle. How it passed by like a gentle breeze;caressing the gentle colors of blue and grey. But ever since you came, my heart started to beat at a different pace. How the air rushed in sweetly taking the shades of blue and grey, as it birthed a brighter and more beautiful variety of shades. And your love made me see colors that will always leave me utterly amazed. I guess that’s how love makes everything never seem the same.
—  Before You // Conee Berdera