a gentle caress of the inner thigh


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Request:  I noticed that it doesn’t say requests are closed anymore so I’m assuming they are open again. I’m major Josh Dun trash, and you literally write the best things ever. Could we please get a really sweet and fluffy Josh smut where they are both really missing one another cause he’s been on tour, so when he gets back they’re really gentle with each other, and it’s super cute and fluffy? Please and thank you.

A/n: I actually really liked this request and I’m happy with the way the story turned out even though it’s hella long. Anyways, be sure to leave feedback xx 

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Every Part of You [Neville x Reader]

A/N: I wrote this in like ten minutes because I like these types of fics
Word Count: 929 (Drabble)
Warnings: Self-hate/insecurity. Bit of Modern AU? Not proof read.
Summary: Reader is insecure, but Neville loves every single part of her.

He saw how she tugged at her shorts to pull them down as much as possible. He noticed the makeup marks on her inner thighs in attempt to cover up something of which he knew not of. He saw how she always looked focused on something more than the conversation being presented to her. He noticed how she would always look downwards when she sat in a chair with a looked filled with nothing but sorrow and shame.

He noticed the way she looked at herself with a frown, then at other girls with a longing gaze. 

He had been her boyfriend for around nine months now, but he never knew how to confront her about this.

She sat in a white lawn chair smiling happily at the sight of all of her friends splashing around in the pool. She hadn’t removed her coverup, although all it consisted of was a pair of athletic shorts and an oversized shirt. 

“(Name), are you not going to swim?” Hermione questioned, preparing to take off her own coverup beside her. (Name) shook her head vigorously and smiled. The sad look in her eyes was something only Neville caught on to. “I’d rather not, but thank you.” Hermione shrugged and pulled her sundress over her head to reveal a simple orange colored bikini. (Name) turned her head in shame, gazing at the ground. She stood up and hurried out the gates of the pool mumbling, “Excuse me.”

Neville looked at (Name’s) retreating figure, puzzled. He hurried after her with a worried expression.

He found her in a park only a few yards away from the pool. (Name) held her face in her hands as she sat on a swing set, swaying lightly. 

“(Name)?” His voice startled her, evident from her widened eyes and her small jump she performed at the sound of him.

“Neville? What are you doing here?” Her wary expression vanished, but Neville saw right through her fake smile.

“I should be asking you the same thing. Why aren’t you in there with us?” He walked towards her while gesturing towards the pool. (Name) sighed. “It’s nothing, Nev. Just feeling a bit sick.”


“Don’t let me stop you from having fun.”

Neville frowned deeply. His girlfriend was sitting in front of him, a fake smile and two hands covering her inner thighs. He took a deep breath, walking in with a bold gesture in mind.

He took her hands in his which caused (Name) to internally freak out a bit. “(Name)… Don’t think I don’t see how you react to yourself all the time…” (Name) looked at him with a guilty stare. 

“I don’t…” He cut her off with a chaste kiss. Her eyebrows curled in a distressed way as she leaned into him. She felt like no one could hurt her in his arms. She felt safe.

“I love all of you. Every single part of you I am in love with.” He looked at her with pleading eyes. He kissed her shoulder softly. 

“I love this part of you.” He kissed her hands, her wrists, her stomach. “I love these parts of you.”

He traced the marks on her inner thighs that she was so ashamed of. He could feel her shaking form, and she could feel his. “I love this part of you, no matter how much you dislike it. Every. Single. Part of you is absolutely amazing to me, and I will never think any differently.” Neville looked up to her with a gentle smile that made her heart melt.

She sobbed out and threw her arms around him. Her entire body was racking with sobs. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry Neville!” He gently caressed her back, trying to soothe her. She had almost fallen out of the swing at this point, clinging to her boyfriend as if it was the last thing she could do. “Don’t be sorry, (Name)… Don’t ever be sorry…”

She pulled away and her expression broke Neville’s heart. Her eyed were red and puffy, and her lips were quivering as she hiccuped and tried to contain her sobs. “I’ve just– I’ve just been holding it in for so long! I didn’t know how to say anything- I just!” Her eyes, which had been darting around, finally locked with his own. “Neville, I just despise myself. I hate how I was made, and I hate how I am so much uglier than every single other girl here. You’re so great Neville. You’re amazing. There are girls like Hermione, Luna, Cho who are absolutely perfect. And I’m just… Me.” Her voice cracked at the last word, her shoulders slumping down.

His heart shattered at her view of herself. How could she not see what he saw? Everything he saw in front of him was so much more than perfection to him. What she viewed as flaws was nothing but perfection to him.

“Oh, (Name)… All I see in you is brilliance. You’re like a work of art. You’re perfect in a way that is real, and I love you for it. I love you more than you can imagine and that won’t change.” (Name) sniffled at his words and hugged him with a relieved sigh. 

“Thank you, Nev… I’m sorry…”

“Don’t be sorry, (Name). Do you feel comfortable enough to swim?” He smiled brightly, attempting to cheer her up. She grinned, nodding. “Yeah. Thanks, Neville… I’ll come swim.”

Morning Shenanigans

Group/Member: BIGBANG/G-Dragon

Genre: Drabble, Smut

Word Count: 520+

Summary: 149) “I just need ten minutes.”

Requested: Yes! Anon requested: “Can I request G-Dragon smut for the Drabble game? 149, please?? ❤️”

Author’s Note: I felt a certain kind of pressure writing this because it’s GD smut, and GD is G freakin’ D. Buuuut, you wanted GD smut? So baby, you got it. 

- Admin Sonsee

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Hi! Could you do an nsfw with blackwatch!mccree and a virgin s/o please (fem pronouns please)? And the s/o is a little nervous at first? Thanks!

Lol I hope this was okay. Sorry they didn’t go all the way. I like doing inappropriate and i can probably go more in depth or go all the way, but i just got off work and the chances are, if i ever do have to do a more in-depth nsfw request then it’ll be longer and way more time consuming. Anyway, though, i hope that this is good enough and that you enjoy it

It was almost 1am at the bar you worked at, and you sighed with relief as when you saw that it wouldn’t be much longer before you finished your job. Cleaning the glasses, you could see that slowly the few customers that were still in the bar were leaving, either off to another bar or drunkenly stumbling outside as to vomit in the nearest taxi.

A soft tune played in the background and after about another five minutes, you started wiping down the tables, glad to see that it was a good night tonight-no semen on the chairs, no spit or alcohol or blood. The place was actually really tidy, but that’s because you worked so hard to keep it clean when you weren’t making a mean drink.

There was a light jingle, the sound of the door opening and you turned with an exasperated sigh. “Sir, I’m afraid we’re about to close-” you were cut off by a warm pair of lips pressed firmly to yours, and for a moment you were going to slap the guy till you heard a deep, familiar chuckle.

“Don’t mind serving one more customer, do you?” Jesse McCree purred, his voice deep and he smirked, one hand on the small of your back and the other sliding down. A flush filled your cheeks and you scowled slightly, giving him a light push.

“I was about to hit you, you dumbass,” you said angrily, though already that was dwindling. It was hard to focus on it when one hand was gripping your ass and squeezing it like some prize.

Jesse leaned back, tilting his face up so that the light caught his face beneath the black cowboy hat. “Do it then, y/n. Your a tough gal, i think it’d be a fair fight,” Jesse purred. With a growl, you pushed away, cheeks red as you went to lock the door and then head for the bar.

God, your boyfriend was insufferable. The two of you had been dating for maybe nine months now? Sometimes you wondered if you boyfriend had a god complex from working at Overwatch. It was funny though, because although he was all hot and confident now, you’d seen him wilt beneath the gaze of his commander (who you liked to refer to as his father) Commander Reyes.

Hearing him following behind you, you ignore him and head behind the counter. Jesse followed you behind the counter and you tried to pretend he wasn’t there as he came up behind you.

Pressing to your back as you started to put the bottle of boozes back in the fridge, you sucked in a air of breath as you felt his hands slide up your hips. Breath hot on your neck, you couldn’t help the shiver that ran down your spine as his mouth slowly pressed little kisses up your neck.

“I’m trying to work,” you whispered breathlessly, as his mouth slowly moved around your neck to your ear, nipping your earlobe between his teeth.

Chuckling, Jesse purred, “I’m not stopping you, darlin’. Go ahead.”

Swallowing, again you tried to ignore him to no avail. Although he wasn’t forceful, the man was determined. A calloused hand slid down your hip, fingertips brushing the skin under your spaghetti strap shirt. The touch was electric and sent shocked right to your center, surprising you as you felt yourself beginning to grow wet.

As his hand slid further up, caressing over your skin and he felt a finger brush your breast through your bra. Instantly the nipple hardened slightly, pressing against the thin material of your bra and you let out a little noise when Jesse pinched it.

“Jesse…” You murmured, trying to get your mind back together. The two of you hadn’t had sex yet, as you asked him rather shyly when the dating began if it could wait. It wasn’t like you were stupid. Jesse McCree probably had had lots of lovers in his time, but…you hadn’t. The thought kind of scared you.

“Relax, baby,” Jesse breathed, having turned you slightly and his lips found yours, hot and inviting as his tongue brushed against your lower lip, seeking entrance. When his fingers rolled your nipple, you couldn’t help the small noise and instantly Jesse’s tongue slid in, twining with yours. As always, Jesse tasted masculine, as well as like cigars and liquor.

The other hand slowly moved further down till it rested on the inside of your thigh, and that’s when your brain kicked into gear. Panic set in and immediately you leaned away.

Blinking, Jesse stared at you. To your surprise, he looked a bit breathless too. It was the first moment you realized his hat had fallen off, his brown mop of hair a bit disheveled. God, though, was he a handsome man.

But…you were so afraid.

“I-I-I…” you whispered, unsure of what to say. It was so embarrassing…God, how hard was it to sleep with a man like him? And it wasn’t like his touches hadn’t felt good…god, are you horny now…but that didn’t change how scary it was.

What if you didn’t do good enough? What if he was disappointed? What if it hurt?

Jesse stepped closer and before you could speak, he lifted one of your hands and his fingers twined with yours. “Look at me, y/n,” Jesse said gruffly, cupping your chin.

Hesitantly, your eyes lifted to his. Was he going to reject you? Honestly, you wondered if Jesse was really going to tolerate you like this…

“I am not going to force you,” Jesse said quietly, catching you by surprise. “You know I’m not that kind of man. And I’ll admit…I’m one horny bastard. Its impossible to look at you and not get a tent in my pants, darlin’.”

Face flushing, you realized that was what had been poking your lower back when he’d been pressed up behind you. The thought had you flustered and unable to speak.

“I want you to know though that if and when we do it, that no matter what its like, I’ll always want you,” Jesse says seriously, and you can see it in his eyes that he means every word. “I think it’ll be great just because you trusted yourself with me.”

“But…it…i…I’m not like you…I’ve never…done it before. I…i don’t want it to hurt…” You whispered, embarrassed by your own fears.

A smile tugged at his slips as he tucked your curls behind your ear. “Darlin’, I can’t guarantee it won’t hurt. But i can promise you that I’ll be as gentle as you want, and we can try to make it hurt as little as possible,” Jesse murmured, leaning his head down against yours. It was cute how much taller he was, how he was willing to lean down to your shorter frame…

His words though had you thinking though. Your brain was fraught with worry and excitement and doubt and longing and lust. It wasn’t like you didn’t want to…But were you ready? Jesse said he was willing to go as slow as you wanted…

“O-Okay…” You whispered shyly, looking away. Jesse watched you for a moment, seeming to study you…before he lifted you onto the counter.

With a squeak, you felt yourself gasp as his hands rested on your knees. “We’re not going to go all the way,” Jesse said after a moment. “Not here, anyway. But if your okay with it… I would like to pleasure you. If it makes you uncomfortable, then i will stop.”

Honestly, this wasn’t what you had in mind and the thought of him staring at your sex, open for him to view, was terrifying. But you wanted to face your fears and you wanted to show him that you trusted him. So you nodded, covering your bright red face.

Pulling your legs apart slowly, his hands tenderly caressed your legs, your knees, your inner and outer thighs..He used that to slowly but surely push up your skirt, moving slowly as not to startle you. For a tough bad boy, you thought with nervous excitement, he was a gentle giant…

Slowly Jesse’s fingers moved higher, till you felt them skim the top of your lacy panties. To your embarrassment, they weren’t matching to your bra and as a girl, it bothered you slightly because at one point you HAD bought matching lingerie simply for if you two every…boinked.

When you felt the panties start to shift down, your fingers tightened slightly on your bangs and you let out a long, shuddering breath..and the barest squeak as you felt a rough finger slowly brush across the lips of your vagina. It was the most intimate and private touch you’d ever received and honestly, you wanted to jump and run.

But you held still and after a moment, it was worth it as his fingers brushed across your clit. A soft whimper left your lips, not with your permission, as an electric shock filled you and you realized after a moment that your hands had moved to hold onto his arms gently as your eyes opened.

When you saw his face, it stunned you. That open look of adoration as his eyes met yours, you realized it meant a lot to him that you were opening up to him like this. “Do you trust me?” Jesse whispered, a smile tugging at his lips.

After a brief moment, you nodded and let out a cry as he leaned forward only to let his mouth do much more wicked things. It left you short of breath, and honestly, when he soon brought you to climax with only his tongue, you found you had no complaints.

One way or another, Jesse was the best man you ever knew and his patience and understanding were part of the reason he was the love of your life. That and the amazing techniques his tongue was capable of.

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Hey there buddy! Can you do a list of newts kinks? Like the head cannon thing? Thank you, lovely, and hey congrats on getting married!

But, there’s just far too many! He’s got a list, hun! Lol I love this request and I will do my best to create it for you!!!

Originally posted by sirredmayne

-Newt was the introverted type, but he was a man with quite a few particular tastes when it came to the bedroom.
-Newt’s kinks were no secret to you, and you could practically list a number of them. Not that you mind.
-Newt loves bite play, and he somehow managed to be both gentle and rough when it came to such things. A soft nip, just enough to elicit a shiver of pleasure, but he soon soothes it with his hot tongue.
-Newt loves caressing you, even if it’s just lying on the bed. It arouses him to no end, running his fingertips along the curve of your body, delighting in the soft skin of your waist, or along he curve of your breast. Or simply slipping his hand along your inner thigh.
-Newt also has a thing for watching you cook, or prepare tea in just his shirt. And he’ll stand there watching with a grin as you do it.
-Newt enjoys hearing you purr out his name, whether it was during your intimate moments, or just welcoming him home after a long day of researching.
-Newt loves it when you rake your nails across his back.
-The wizard also loves the way you perform your own magic, how delicate and graceful you are with your wand. It distracts him all the time, because all he can think of is wrapping his arms around you.
-Newt loves it when you nibble on his lower lip, giving him that cute little grin.
-The Hufflepuff adores watching you undress, and you know it’s one of his favorite things. And even if it drives him crazy, he loves it when you do it slowly, exposing your skin little by little until he’s a complete mess.
-And most of all, Newt just loves it when you tease him. There’s something about you being in control that sends him over the edge.

Hope that’s ok!!! I may think of more but this is what I feel Newt would be like once he got comfortable enough with someone haha

There’s also this list!!!

Master list

Sex with Queenie would include...

A/N: Before I start I would like to say this isnt a man and woman, its woman and woman. I can’t really write in a man’s pov lmao so sorry for all the people reading this suddenly bumped out its gay but if you are here cause its gay welcome you sinner and I hope you enjoy (also you should expect Queenie x fem!reader cause like thats all that ive done)

  • Queenie talking sweet things to you on how much she loves you, how beautiful you are, how you mean the world to her.
  • She is very much a handsy girl, she really likes to touch your stomach, caress your cheek, kiss your inner thighs, etc.
  • The whole “marking as mine” thing she only does when she is really into it.
  • She was nervous at first because both of you have never had sex with another woman but you found comfort in each other
  • First time was gentle and beautiful and you wouldn’t trade it for the world.
  • She doesn’t cuss much, just a lot of breathy gasps or quiet moans which makes you smile.
  • She acts innocent but y’all would be WRONG 
  • the second or third time around she knows every good spot and she knows exactly what your thinking
  • sometimes she doesn’t read your mind because she wants it to be a shock value for the both of you
  • she told you that once and you thought she was kidding
  • she wasnt
  • Kisses all the way down to your thigh because she loves the way you shake with pleasure
  • she likes to taste all of you, whether that would be north or south if you know what I mean
  • she loves being tangled around you and impossibly close to you
  • Even while you are on your high she still whispers beautiful things to you about how beautiful you are like this. How good you made her feel, how lovely your body is
  • When you wake up, you can still find her wrapped around you cradling you

um so this was more fluff than I expected but this would probably happen ngl

I apoligize for any spelling/grammar mistakes


Could you maybe write a smut where Laf back from France and the reader and him want to do it but they keep getting interrupted so they start doing things under a blanket during a movie and all the guys are like wtf “What are you guys doing” “nothin”

For thestainonthefloor

TW: Smut

A/N: Modern AU, I also made a ghostbusters quote because it fit so well

It was too early for the doorbell to ring. Too early for you to be up. Still, it didn’t take much for you to get out of bed. Your boyfriend was getting back from France today. He had been gone for two weeks visiting family, and it had been a suffering experience. You managed to arise bright eyed and bushy tailed, excited for the day. Leggings hugged your thighs as an oversized shirt offered a boxy figure for you, your hair in a loose, messy bun. It was probably just Alex, John, and Herc, coming to pick you up to head to the airport. A wide yawn cut across your lips as you opened the door, squinting at the morning light just over the horizon.

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How would us,ut, and uf sans make their s/o flustered in bed, if they were the one taking controle?

Underswap Sans

When he takes control, he really takes control. Even so, he’s usually a gentle dom. Light caresses on your inner thighs or down your stomach do the job. The first time you let him dom, he leans in and whispers, “Of all the tacos I’ve tasted, yours is by far the most delicious.”

Undertale Sans

He’s rarely in control because he prefers being a sub, but every once in a great while, if the planets align just right and you ask him with the biggest puppy-dog eyes you can muster, he will. He’s a huge teaser, even for a sub, and that carries over when he’s domming as well. He enjoys making you wait for things a little longer. This is also one of the few times he engages in dirty talk, and boy is he good at it when he wants to be.

Underfell Sans

He likes squeezing your ass and thighs when you least expect it. He also likes giving lots of neck kisses.

a gentle caress of the inner thigh

You are the last one. You haven’t seen another human being alive for weeks. Plenty dead ones though. Their skin clammy and pale, their eyes staring at you blankly. Some have ghastly holes in their chests, like someone made them swallow a grenade. Others have neat, meaty holes popped straight through their skulls. There are hanging bodies. There are bodies slumped against walls and containers with blood splatters behind them and holes in the back of their heads, guns laying nearby.

Death came indiscriminately to them all. There are dead men, dead women, dead boys and dead girls. Old, young, middle-aged, armed, unarmed, disabled, mentally ill, kind souls, wicked hearts.

Occasionally, the wind blasts through the empty halls of the colony buildings. Sometimes you hear echoing clanks, metal creaking under atmospheric pressures. Power is low, everywhere. Only the basic air conditioning seems to be fully functioning. You never know when your fresh water will run out, or when the various food storage units will fail and all your food will become inedible with rot. Outside the colony’s waning climate control awaits death under freezing temperatures, skin-ripping winds and low oxygen.

You could walk outside. You could try to get as far away from this place as you could. If you were suicidal. And sometimes you are. Sometimes you think about it. You could’ve picked up a gun from any of the bodies that ended their lives with it, and put it in your mouth just like they did. Only the transmission you managed to send out keeps you going. Only the distant dream of rescue.

You are careful as you sneak around the halls. With all the humans dead but yourself, activity in the colony has come to a total standstill. When you see something move, you freeze, and inspect it. It’s usually a flickering light or a piece of paper or fabric, blown by an errant gust through a vent.

You’ve seen their shadows many times, and always managed to hide… but you’ve only seen the creatures one time. You saw their black back, their lengthy serpentine tail flicking as they bit through the skull of your roommate.

You are always on the move, always 100% alert for the hissing noises they make or the sounds of their claws scratching on the insulated metals of the colony interior. Hunger rakes your belly, always– there is never enough food to sustain you for long. You’re always looking for more. Your clothes are long-gone– you scrapped them when they got so soiled and caked with filth that you worried the creatures would smell you. Now you wear a ragged tarp that serves as your bedding, and carry a shoulder bag with almost nothing in it but a picture of your family.

One night you go out hunting for dinner, and you see an administrative office– someplace you weren’t authorized to be before. But with everyone else dead, your curiosity gets the better of you. You enter and make sure you’re alone before inspecting the office’s files, the computers and the paperwork. You come across a confidential letter from the Company, containing information that makes you feel as though your blood is boiling over and freezing at the same time.

You read it and discover that the creatures are to be protected for Company research and are commonly known as Xenomorphs. Your entire colony was considered expendable and the head administrator is probably now sitting in a warm suite, well-fed and unimaginably rich while the Company sends in its combat teams to contain the creatures and capture specimens for research.

You shudder with rage. You shiver with cold. You quake with fear when you hear a soft whisper in your ear, almost like a lover teasing you.

When you turn around to face your death, you see it in such clarity. You see the lanky, skeletal black body, glistening with chitin. You see the long tubular head with no visible eyes. You are so close to the creature you can make out what looks to be a human skull, just under the carapace plating where its eyes should sit above the drooling lips and the gleaming silvery teeth.

It reaches for you slowly. You both know you aren’t about to escape. You both know that soon you, the human, will cease. Its horrible, cold, inhumanly long fingers grip your shoulders and push you down with inexorable force. The creature almost seems like it wants to toy with you– the smaller mouth, like a tongue, steadily extends your way when you expected it to have already slammed through your cranium.

If it isn’t killing you, then it has other plans. Your finishing wound won’t be a cleanly scooped hole in your forehead, it will be a ragged crater in front of you, surrounded by your snapped ribs. You’ve definitely seen what causes those wounds.

You reconcile yourself with your death. You sigh as if weary of the whole business and just wishing it over, willing the constant agonizing stress of survival to finally leave you. In a moment of what can only be described as adrenaline-infused insanity, you actually manage a smile, and you reach up as best you can with your right hand and stroke the creature’s thigh.

It has no visible genitals, or at least, none that you can identify. You don’t know what you were thinking. It hisses and the sound is as loud in your ears as a vessel lifting into orbit.

And then it leans down, and its face bumps into the side of your head. And it stays there, moving slightly. Gently.

The fucking thing is nuzzling you.

Your heart beats faster than a machine gun. Your breathing comes so shallow you might not even be living off oxygen anymore. You stroke its thigh again. It presses its huge, shiny black head into your face and nuzzles your neck. You hear it hiss again and it’s quieter this time. It sounds pleased. You weren’t aware these creatures could feel any emotion but murder.

Your life has become surreal. Would the others have thought to try being affectionate with these creatures? Would they have saved their lives if they hadn’t tried to fight back? Are you already dead and your brain has yet to shut itself down as the final electrical currents snap across your synapses?

You reach up and give the alien a pat on the head, then rub your hand up and down its head and neck. Its skull and skin have absolutely no give, no softness about them. It’s smooth and almost feels like plastic or metal piping that’s been painted with gloss. It is lowering its body onto you. It is no longer gripping you tightly, but holding you gently and with as much softness as it can muster. It’s almost embracing you– no, it is definitely embracing you.

This moment stretches into eternity. You know you are already dead. You have seen these creatures do nothing but kill. You read, on the document provided by the Company, that their first instinct is to gather hosts to expand their hive, and kill any threats to their existence, and that is the extent of their behavior. And that document corresponded with every single experience you and the other colonists have had with the aliens.

So why the fuck, you want so desperately to scream, is this one CUDDLING with you.

“… can you understand me?” you whimper, your voice broken and scratched from not being used in so long. You almost jump at the sound of it.

Behind you, in the entrance to the room, you hear the thump of shell-on-metal and you twist your head back just slightly. There are now three Xenomorphs in the room with you and you are absolutely dead.

The anomaly pressing its body against you raises up and hisses loudly at the two intruders, screeching when they step forward. They hiss back and screech and this exchange goes on for a few minutes before the first one stands up, grabs you in its arms and picks you up.

Its strength is immense. For such slender, insectile creatures, they defy the rules of mass and physics, clinging to surfaces that shouldn’t even support their weight and moving obstacles that would stymie a 300-pound bodybuilder in peak condition. It carries you like a bride, through the room, past its comrades. It bares its metallic teeth at them as they step back in what can only be disdain or amazement.

You see the colony through the same dead eyes that stare back at you from every corpse you’ve come across. You see all your hiding spots. You see rooms you’ve slept in and dead friends and coworkers. You only feel its hard limbs under your body and the steady, rhythmic gait of its legs as it carries you away.

Occasionally it bends its head and presses its face into your chest, your neck and most commonly your abdomen. Not one time does the alien holding you make a hostile, threatening move. Each second you expect to feel it throw you down, slam you against a hard surface, shatter your skull with its inner jaws, or split you wide open with its tail or claws.

It never does. You actually start to doze. If you’re going to die, at least you’ll die well-rested. It keeps cuddling with you as it carries you. Your mind, your internal thoughts, all seem to have crashed like a computer. Nothing makes sense anymore.

You lose track of how long it carries you and you even forget where you are. The lights are flickering, then dimmed and flickering, then buzzing with sparks, and then there are no lights besides auxiliary floor bulbs for guidance, and your eyes adjust to the dark underground bowels of the colony. Basements and storage chambers and warehouses full of equipment you never needed.

You end up in a warm, humming room. Before you and your alien captor, you see another Xenomorph, five times the size of the rest. Its head, you immediately notice, is not tubular like the smaller aliens. It’s flatter, flared and carved with ridges and spikes… it resembles a fancy, regal shield… or a crown. Behind this gigantic alien you see something equally huge, a bulbous fat tube the color of a stale sausage. Where it terminates, a brownish blob slides out of the nozzle-like tip.

All around you are the oval-shaped, chair-sized brown pouches that can only be the eggs. And you know exactly what comes from within.

You can see one of the spidery, larval creatures now, lying on its back in front of a woman who was pinned to a wall with some sort of slippery-looking resin, or webbing. It’s clearly dead, and so is she. And soon one of the facial spiders will be coming for you as well. You know this. Whatever intentions this oddly affectionate alien had…

You hear it growling and hissing at the larger alien. The bigger one hisses back and its voice is as big as its body. They both fall silent.

The fear only left you for a few moments before, and now it returns to stab its chilling claws into your back, as the alien that brought you here carries you forwards and sets you right in front of the vast presence that dominates the room.

Massive, steel-hard fingers curl around your entire body and lift you to the snarling face of the egg-layer. You almost feel… honored. Like they decided to bring you to their leader, since you managed to be the last human standing, and show you off as a prize.

Her presence hums at your brain. You can tell she’s female. It’s just something you feel (the fact that she’s laying eggs behind her helps you make that decision, but her close proximity somehow seems to confirm it). She opens her mouth and you can see her inner jaws extend your way. The mouth on the end is every bit as big as yours. The smaller set of teeth opens and closes, and then retracts.

She presses you close and you feel those inner jaws slide forwards and poke your lips. Her fingers squeeze you slightly; you can’t help but let out a terrified yelp and that’s all the opening she needs to press in further. That probing inner jaw slides into your mouth and parts your jaws around it firmly.

You are completely helpless. It plunges further in and somehow manages to bypass your gag reflex. You’re basically swallowing it now, except it remains attached to her, and it tastes of iron and mucus and you feel something round and smooth roll from it. The round lump slips from her jaw and makes your throat bulge as it rolls down. You feel it plop into your stomach like a rock.

And then she sets you back down. You collapse. You are stunned and overwhelmed by sensations. The alien from before, the affectionate one, rushes to your side and lifts you up again. It makes a noise– a growl? No… more like a purring. A purr that comes from a giant black serpentine insectoid extra-terrestrial, but… a purr.

And it lays a hand on your abdomen, which is… throbbing.

The egg-layer… the mother. The mother alien emits a shrieking call, and you see two smaller aliens scamber off into the colony. She looks down at you and your… lover? Captor? Killer by proxy? Which is which anymore?

You can’t tell if these creatures smile. You can’t tell if they feel anything but killer instinct. At least, you couldn’t before. And you still can’t tell what those ghoulish grinning teeth actually signify. But in your fugue state of “why am I not dead right now this is so fucked up,” you want to believe that she’s smiling at you, and so is the alien cuddling with you, and so are the two that return eventually with some packets of rations and a hard-rubber canteen filled with warm, but drinkable water.

Your snuggler continues to nuzzle you and devotes an awful amount of attention to your stomach, which is still throbbing and feels warm. You eat some bland rations and guzzle the water. Did they find it somewhere on their own? Did she know where it was? Are they intelligent enough to know how to operate human machinery…? Does it even matter! You are fed and you have water to drink and for some unfathomable reason, you are sitting amongst an unknown amount of vicious alien creatures that killed off every other colonist but you. And you are still alive.

That’s when the throbbing intensifies in your gut and your snuggler hisses in what you imagine to be delight, as you undergo a full-body spasm that electrifies your brain. It’s not a seizure, it’s too short to be a seizure. It leaves you dazed. When you become aware again, you inspect yourself and the reason for the throbbing in your belly becomes rather obvious, as if it weren’t before.

You have lost a lot of weight since the attack. You’ve gone hungry more than once and you’ve been incredibly mobile, so your musculature has adapted and where you once had a flat, soft layer of padding on your middle, you now have a lean set of just-visible abdominals that show themselves when you flex.

Or at least, you did before your little twitch attack.

Now you have a smooth, firm bulge sitting in front of you. The alien places its hand on that rounded bump and rubs you tenderly. You feel feverish and nauseated. You feel another small wave of muscle spasms wash over you, but this time you don’t lose your cognizance and you are able to watch your belly gain about an inch in diameter. You see yourself inflate and are unable to stop the quavering whimper that jumps out of your mouth.

The hard, smooth head of the alien bumps into the side of your face. It lifts you up again and sets you down on a pile of brown. You look around you and you see that you’re laying on top of tens upon tens of discarded, empty egg shells. They’re soft and leathery, almost like cushions.

You notice this, you take in these details and feel another twitch run through your body. It centers in your belly this time, a pulsating tingle, and this time you see yourself fill up bigger than the last time. You can feel the weight of it now. You can feel the roiling and the jittering creature inside you bumping against your innards.

When you sit up a little, you inflate a little bit more and you see a tiny bulge run across your skin. The pulses run through you. Your belly sits firmly in the wedge created by your body meeting your legs, and as much as you want to curl up and let exhaustion have its way with you, adrenaline and terror team up with the size and firmness of your impregnated abdomen to prevent this.

Like a lover, like a strong, virile young man wrapping his powerful arms around the growing baby in his woman’s belly, your snuggly alien moves in and sits behind you close enough for you to feel every inch of its ribbed torso. Its arms embrace you. Its hands clasp you. Its fingers trail your exposed skin, smooth and warm and tight, firm with the life swelling inside.

“Do you understand me?” you whisper to it. “Do you… was this all just a failure, to communicate?“

If the alien understands you, it gives no sign. It simply continues to love on you. Is it love if no other emotions exist to contradict it?

You moan when the pressure in your gut builds and you blow up even bigger. It feels like a gassy meal, which… makes a little sense, as it seems to be taking place solely in your digestive tract and at least one thing about this night follows a tiny bit of logic. Your belly is forcing you to lean back. It’s the size of a basketball now and twice as heavy. Every time you grow, each bloat looks almost comical, so rapid is the transformation. As if you simply swallowed a balloon, and the friendly alien behind you is secretly filling it with air when you’re not looking.

And every time you grow, the one behind you and any nearby and the mother herself seem to grin wider or hiss in appreciation.

You push up with your feet, pushing yourself further back into the alien’s bony bear-hug. The pressure has gotten intense enough to actually make you feel somewhat aroused. You can’t see your crotch. If you didn’t know better, you’d swear you were just a big, round belly with legs. The alien inside you is positively bouncing around your guts, sometimes hard enough to make audible thumps; if your snuggler wasn’t holding you, you might’ve fallen over from its raucous kicking.

Something changes. The pulsing and throbbing stops. The twitches cease. A warmth is starting to build inside you. Your alien hisses loudly at the mother; she hisses back and you feel yourself lifted again. The alien sets you on your feet and you find that while you can stand upright, the first step you take nearly sends you crashing forwards– you’re completely off-balance and top-heavy now. The skin over your gut is almost shiny in the dim glow of the floor bulbs.

Your alien hefts you upright and marches you awkwardly to stand in front of the mother.

This is where I die, you think. Any second now you expect to feel yourself splitting wide open like an overripe fruit and spilling everything inside you all over the floor in one last burst of agony.

Instead, you immediately feel like you’re about to puke, and you double over and vomit slick clear goop in a cascade. It wriggles up from your bowels– no, that’s the alien. It stretches your jaw wide and slides out of you easily, tickling your distended throat on the way up and hitting the ground running.

It looks like a little, flesh-toned, phallic-headed snake. The baby seems to sense that it’s in a safe place and curls up in front of the mother… in front of its mother, or in other words YOU.

Your alien lover actually gives you a squeeze. A full-on hug. You weren’t even aware that it… that it was capable of understanding what such a gesture meant, let alone freely giving one.

It lets you go and you stand facing it, staring up at the glistening black creature in amazement. Was the Company wrong about them? Are they not… what if… but could they… and if…

So many questions jumble your brain that you almost don’t see the long black fingers on either side of you, until they close around your entire body and lift you back up in front of the mother’s face again.

Chibs Request,

Can i get an imagine where your superclose with chibs you confide in him that your a virgin and there is no one you would rather give it to then him. He agrees and confesses his love for you and needs to possesively cĺaim you has his

tw: nsfw, smut

Loving Chibs wasn’t hard, he was an amazing man, he was caring, loyal, family oriented and strong anything someone could wish for to have in a relationship. Meeting him was part of my destiny I guess, I was working on a bar in Charming trying to pay for debts and help support my family. I didn’t remember how it was to live comfortably, with money and whatever makes up for the concept of stability but I loved, you can’t never take away the fact that I knew what love was, because that’s all my mom gave us, love and affection even when times got rough, even when life kicked us in the butt trying to breaking us down.

I met Chibs at the bar, he came with two men that night who I later met as Bobby and Tig, they were charming men, proud of the kutte they were wearing, the reaper on their backs, but we only had silly conversations back then. It was the next time I would see him after my life turned around that I knew I would fall in love with the Scottish man even if we were only friends.

I was crying at a hospital plastic chair, praying for the lord if it actually existed to send some luck, another reason to keep going my way. My mother was sick and I couldn’t pay for the hospital bills, less after being fired for having to take care of her at home. I didn’t care anymore if people looked at me, I was pouring my heart out in that moment but my prayers were heard. The first thing I saw were the worn out boots and the next thing I remember was my face buried deep in between the kutte and the soft black shirt Filip was wearing, my luck was about to change. We quickly became best friends, he was my rock, my confident and I would even dare to call him my soulmate even when he had no idea about my feelings towards him.

“Tell me a secret, lass” said Chibs with a bottle in his hand, I looked at him with doubt in my eyes and shrugged before taking a sip of my drink. “C’mon there has to be something you hide in that pretty head of yours” he said and I bit my lip.

“I’m a virgin” I said in a low voice, I heard him almost drown with his beer and I immediately got embarrassed he was definitely going to make fun of me now. How pathetic I am

“Vir..gin?” he whispered and I nodded moving on my seat “Oh lass, I didn’t mean it in a bad way” he said getting closer to me “You’re bloody gorgeous I just thought it was obvious you were not one” he said and I nodded again.

It was a couple days after that night, Crow eaters were all over the place dancing around and drinking in between the men. Gemma was helping out with drinks and making everyone comfortable while the boys played pool or poured themselves drinks before going to the back with one of the women at the party. I walked around looking for Chibs and I found him playing pool with Half Sack, Happy and some Nomads. He immediately engulfed me in a hug and I smiled at him, we were drinking and laughing, a lot of PDA for the first time since we meet, at some point at the party I looked at his eyes and his smile while he playfully chocked Juice and I knew this man was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, people slowly started being to drunk to function and everyone ended all over the place. Only a few plus Chibs and I were left standing, him not getting drunk just to get me home safely.

“Wanna head home now, lass?” he said just above my ear and I nodded, he took my hand and we went outside to get on the bike.

As we arrived he took me to the door like he usually did when he dropped me off and I smiled at the gesture, he stood there looking at me and I couldn’t deny the rush going through my veins, I got closer and I could feel him stiffen, I put my lips on his and started kissing him slowly but I didn’t get a response so I moved sadly a few steps back, but Chibs took my face in between his hands and kissed me once again.

We ended up in the bedroom right away, I was taking off his kutte and opening the bottoms of his shirt when he took my hands in his “Are you sure, lass?” he said and I nodded “Please use your words, I don’t wanna hurt you” he said

“There’s no one else in the world I’d rather be with this moment, I want it to be you” I said before kissing him once again.

He took off my shirt quickly while I took his belt off, he caressed my skin with his rough hands, breathing and touching every inch on my upper part, leaving loving kisses and love printed all over my body. My pants were quickly taking off and I giggled at the feeling of his beard on my lower stomach, he gave me a beautiful smile and kept kissing my inner thighs. I was in heaven the minute he put his face on top of my panties, living slow small kisses all over them. I put my hands on his hair caressing it and feeling deeply the new experience, when he took them off and started kissing and licking I was in cloud 9, he was gentle but made sure to touch in all the right places. I heard him take off his boxers and open a package, and I looked at him through clouded eyes.

“Are you sure baby girl?” he said once again before kissing my collarbone

“I’m sure Filip” I almost moaned and I looked at his eyes full of lust and adoration. He kissed me softly before getting inside of me, I felt a bit of pain but his kisses full of love distracted me from it, he moved slightly making me groan a bit on pain and he tried to move away from me but I put my legs on his lower back. “Stay, I’m good just stay” I said and he nodded, a bit later I told him to move and he started thrusting slowly into me, making my eyes roll in pleasure. I couldn’t ask for anyone better to lose my virginity with, less with the sight I got the morning after of the beautiful Scottish man sleeping peacefully next to me.

“I love you, YN” he said opening his eyes. “I love you”

Noona, Unnie (4)

Member: Jimin (Jimin x Reader x OC)

Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut  : Poly! BTS

Word Count: 2426

A/N: iight yall, Imma level with ya. My dumb ass thought I queued part 3 ½  to post after the most recent part of Jimin, CEO. OBVIOUSLY that wasn’t the case but by the time I realized it, it was late and I was lazy :P So here is part 3 ½ and 4 combined for a longer Chapter 4.

I know I don’t much feedback but I’d really appreciate feedback on this.

                ~~  Meet Unnie  ~  One  ~  Two  ~  Three  ~~


You screamed into Jimin’s left ear as Unnie did the same to the right ear.

A wide smile spread across his face but his eyes stayed closed. He rolled over with a laugh, an arm tucked seemingly uncomfortably under him and his other arm flung lazily around Unnie’s waist to pull her down next to him. Your smile faltered a bit but you laid on his back. He chuckled happily.

Despite the unbalanced dynamic IT’S JIMIN’S BIRTHDAY! And oh how how you loved birthdays! Your lovers’ especially.

Jealousy couldn’t ruin this. Birthdays brought out a happiness in you that you couldn’t explain.

“Ok come on.” You said after a moment. With swift tug, the covers were completely off of him. He chuckled and stood up, attempting to walk with Unnie but you grabbed his hand and pulled him into the living room with excitement.

Nearly pushing him onto the couch, you posed in front of a huge, nicely decorated piece of paper.

He read the big words on the top aloud. “Birthday Schedule?”
You nodded excitedly as Unnie came to sit on the arm of the couch, with a smile almost as bright as yours.

“She has been planning for months.” she whispered to him.

He nodded and smiled too.

“OK so first a set up breakfast at your favorite place. Then…”

They let you ramble excitedly until your were rushing them off to get changed. Scurrying to your room, you hoped this would be as exciting as you planned.

“I don’t think I can move.” Jimin complained.

He and Noona came into the dark apartment and he immediately fell back onto the couch. You were parking the car but you still had way more energy than you should. Mostly fueled by what you had to end the night.

She chuckled. “But you are content I assume?”

A smile spread across his face. “Definitely.”

The day had been packed with good food, friends, his parents meeting you for breakfast, and more gifts than he could count.

“Oh! Before you get too sleepy we have to post a thank you and a picture with all your gifts from fans.”

He let his arm slip off the couch in laziness. “We can do it tomorrow. Plus alot of stuff is still in the car. There’s no way Y/N can bring it all up herself.”

Before she could make a comment on how she doubts that, he had already reached out to bring her closer. She landed next to the couch with a huff. “I thought you were tired.”

“I have enough energy for a final present.” He said with closed lids and a grin.

She smacked her teeth and he opened his eyes enough to catch the small smile she was trying to repress.

Without another word he captured her lips in a languid kiss. She was hesitant but even tired, he was hard to pull away from.

Just as she melted in the kiss, you were struggling at the front door. You were able to the door open before his book fanart could slip through your arms. You sat everything down near the front door before locking it behind you.

It had been a long day but you still had one more thing to do. A call of his name died in your throat before you even opened your mouth. Seeing the two of them already so heated drained the rest of your energy. You weren’t sure why but all the birthday excitement was finally weighing on you. You just wanted to sleep.

With careful steps you made your way to your room, at this point getting more and more used to being in there.



The calm dream of sitting near a lake turned into your back laid in the grass with an undeniable heat growing in your stomach. One hand held onto the imaginary green as the other gripped someone’s hair between your legs.

Slowly, you were pulling from your dream, feeling the person more vividly.


Both hands now gripping the person’s hair as your eyes tried to open. You felt it clearly now. A smooth pair of lips placing kisses over your heat. Hands ran up and down your inner thighs telling you exactly who it was. Only one person caressed your thighs like that.

“Unnie.” you called hoarsely. You felt her smile against your inner thigh before laying a kiss there.

You shuddered at her gentle touches. A soft moan slipped past your lips. “Unnie.”

She glanced up at you, removing a hand from your thigh to run a finger up your folds. Her touch wasn’t foreign but it had been a minute since you last felt her touching you so intimately. Momentarily lost in thought, she slipped a finger past your entrance.

Your mouth opened in a breathless ‘O’.

“Has it been a minute, sweetie?” her voice low and seductive. “You’re tighter than I remember.”

She commented with a smile, slipping another finger in before curling them.


“Sweetie, how long has it been since Jimin or I touched you?”

You tried your best to keep your legs open. “T-Too long, Unnie.”

‘Hmm.” was all she replied before leaning down to place a kiss on your clit. “You know…” Another kiss. “I’m just…” Another kiss. “Next door.” she lightly bit this time. You gasped and your back arched, close to your climax.

“Or do you like it when Unnie comes to you?” emphasizing with another curl of her fingers as she pumped harder.

Your legs threatened to close as her head dipped back down to suck your clit as her hands continued.

A string of curses tied with her name erupted as you reached the edge.

She continued through your high, before she slowed and final pulled her hand away with one final kiss your folds. She sat up and moved to lay next to you. You thoughts were still fuzzy and her thighs were closed.

With a tired yet content sigh, you stretched. She propped herself up on her forearm to smile down at you. “Good morning.”

You grin. “Very good morning.”

Her beautiful smile grew wider. “Was this a good way to ask to spend my day off together?” You nod, bending over to pick up a pair of panties and nightgown from the floor. “Good because I haven’t seen you much lately. Especially since Jimin has been extra needy and sleeping in my room at lot more lately.” she hesitated before continuing. “You know…you are welcome as well.”

You gave a weak smile. Of course you knew you were welcome. Until recently, you mostly only came in your room for clothes. Or when they were being extra frisky and you needed sleep. The questioning look she bore into you made you bite the inside of your cheek. You focused your attention in the spot where your white paint met the very off white of your ceiling.

“Jagiya, I know something is wrong.” She gently placed her hand on your cheek to make you refocus on your gaze on her now worried one.

With a sigh, you moved her hand away as you sat up.

“I’m going to go make some coffee.”

A sigh is all you hear as you leave the room.

The coffee doesn’t take long, though you were distracted while it was brewing. Someone shuffles into the kitchen as you fill your cup.

Without warning, a large shirted figure jumps onto the counter next to your cup, almost making you drop your creamer. “You shouldn’t drink so much coffee, agi.” Jimin laughed. A too-big black shirt covered his top half while only boxers covered the bottom.

It was your favorite look on him. It let you know he was relaxed. Plus the fabric was as easy to slip off as it was to slip on.

Disregarding his comment, you put away your still in tact bottle of creamer and make your way to the living room. You weren’t sure if she was still in your bedroom but you wanted to avoid anymore of the conversation she was trying to start.

Unfazed by your silence, he jumps onto the couch next to you.

What is up with his jumping today?

Out of habit he tries to grab your legs to place them on his lap but you jerk them away as soon as he grabs them. For a second, he eyes you looking for a reason. You expect him to question you but instead he quietly turns his attention to the TV.

It wasn’t long before you felt his hand on yours. You tense up as he begins to play with your fingers. Glancing over, you notice he is absentmindedly doing so.

Part of you wanted to pull your hand away but instead you relaxed in the back of the couch, lazily watching his hands play with yours.

“Y/N.” You meet his eyes and realize he is watching you. He flashes a sweet smile but you can’t find the sense to return it. Your body is frozen the same way it was the first time he ever smiled at you.

He leans his forehead to rest on yours. “You’re so beautiful.”

Something in hearing those words come from him for the first time in so long sets a fire in you. One opposite of the jealous anger you had become acquainted with.

Your lips are against his in a second. You feel his smile against your lips.

All movements almost on autopilot as you slide to straddle him. His hands grab at your waist pulled you toward him as you grind down on his lap. His needy moan makes you smile as you open your mouth to allow him in. Your hands move quickly to his boxers. You didn’t bother palming him through the fabric, too deprived to wait to feel him in your hands again. Removing his cock from the thin boxers you begin stroking him as he moans deliciously into your mouth. You pull away, looking into his eyes as you lift to move the crotch of your panties out of the way. His half lidded eyes stared into yours as you lined his tip with your entrance. You sigh as you slid down on his cock.

His lips find the curve of your neck after removing your nightgown, every now and then moaning profanities as you steadily move your hips. You start slowly, relishing in the feeling and the attention. It didn’t last long until you needed more. Your hips moved faster, grinding down against him. His impatience was clear as he began thrusting upward to meet your movements. Occasionally, your clit brushing against his hips.

“Fuck.” you cursed. The feeling was indescribable but you were waiting for him to hit the spot he always found.

The sweat on your forehead mixes with his as you lean against his. You bite your lip as you watch his pleasured face. The only thing that could fuel you more would be your name falling from his lips.

You drop a hint as you release a rather dramatic moan of his name. When his mouth opens you smile wickedly but halt your movements as soon as he speaks.


The neediness in his voice throws you for a half a second but it doesn’t mask the name he called. You scramble off of him, trying not to let the loss of contact openly affect you.

His confused eyes shoot open and turn to your heavy breathing figure. “What-” he begins to protest but stops at the tears already rimming your eyes.

“What’s my name Jimin?”

He pauses still looking confused and unsatisfied when his eyes go wide. “I didn’t mean-”

He attempts to reach for you but you push his hand away.

“Stop, you know I didn’t mean to call y-”

“Why do you do this?” You ask suddenly. “Why do you cast me aside? Do you not like citrus? Is that it? Am I not mature enough to acknowledge in any other way?”

“Citrus? What are y-?”

“You don’t even realize that this is the first time you have actually acknowledged me in so long.”

“Just because we don’t have sex everyday?”

“This isn’t about sex Jimin! Tell me, when was the last time you told me you loved me before a few minutes ago. Or slept in my bed?” You paused, not sure if you should even mention this. “Or even looked at me.”

“What’s going on?” Unnie comes frowning down the hallway in an oversized night shirt and shorts. Immediately he is drawn to her. His eyes glance over her form almost hungrily. His glory is covered with a pillow but you can tell he is trying not to stay hard.

In a whisper, you let it slip. “I shouldn’t have done this.”

“‘This’ what?” she questions. “We’ve all had sex on the couch.”

“No!” You shout. “THIS!” You point crazily between the three of us.

Her face falls. “You don’t mean that.”

You nod. “This was a stupid idea. How could I even think two perfect people like you could incorporate me into your lives?”

“Don’t say that.” She says, her heart breaking more with every frantic word from your mouth.

You don’t respond as you pick up your nightgown

“Y/N, I love you!” she says desperately.

“I know. I love you too.” You fix your panties, ignoring the sensitivity of being unsatisfied. “But not as much as you love each other and definitely not as much as he loves you.”

“Y/N this is insane. You know how I feel.” You frown at his words.

“I’m saying I love you and trying to find some reason to stay in this weird triangle and you still can’t say you love me.” You look right at him.

“Please don’t do this.” she pleads, grabbing your hand. You can’t bare to see her cry but your mind is fried and can’t think straight past what you’ve have already decided.

You remove her hand from yours before grabbing your backpack by the door after sliding on your coat and shoes. You silently hope your wallet and phone are still in it so you can stay away for a while.

Ten minutes of odd stares at the crying freak and walking uncomfortably, you knock on someone’s door.  

When it opens you stare at Hoseok through tear blurred eyes. “Don’t say I told you so.”

Without hesitation he welcomes you into his apartment and into his arms.

“I wouldn’t dare.”

anonymous asked:

D,k,n,o for gaara if you arent overloaded.

More Gaara for dem Gaara hoes ;)

D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)

Has a stack of inappropriate magazines hidden in his Kazekage desk. All of them are Kankuro’s, his brother just leaves them there to mess with Gaara. For the most part, Gaara ignores them, but every once and awhile he’ll open them up – look at one page, starts blushing and puts them back.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks) 

Even though he tries his best to be pretty gentle with his partner, Gaara has a major hair pulling kink. He loves pull his s/o’s head back and just ravaged their neck with a barrage of kisses. Or he will pull their hair if he’s coming, he just gets really lost in the passion. He also has a little bit of a legs fetish, if one can have one. He loves running his hand up and down his partner’s legs – and he loves to gently caress or tickle their inner thigh.

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

Gaara is definitely turned off by anything that requires bondage or condones chocking/hurting his partner. Even if they begged, he would still refuse to get involved. He sticks very firmly to the idea that partners should never hurt one another. It’s just his principle and that won’t change – I think Gaara would fear that hurting them would be straying too close to who he once was.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)

Definitely more of a giver when it comes to oral, and Gaara is pretty good at it too. He’s meticulous about the places he sucks and licks. He tried to stay really astute to his partner’s needs, like if he feels you quivering, he’ll increase the speed and attention. He also tries to involve his fingers as much as possible with oral, just because he can get spots that might be more sensitive with a little extra care.


anonymous said: jiyong’s reaction to you wanting to be fwb

anonymous said: Can you do a scenario where you and GD are the kind of friends who like to share alot of PLATONIC skinship ?like hand holding, cuddling and stuff? Thnxx

I thought these two reactions went kind of well together as the platonic skinship made for a nice progression to a friends with benefits kind of relationship. I don’t know what happened with this. It was meant to be a short reaction but it turned into something way longer. I hope y’all enjoy. 

Warning: This contains a lot of smut/ sexual activity. Don’t read it if you’re like 12 and stuff. 

Originally posted by anything-could-happen-93

It was the alcohol that had bought you here. Two seconds ago, your hand had been pounding frantically on the front door of your best friends apartment. Now here he was, standing in front of you, his eyes filled with dusty sleepiness and his hair sprayed out at odd angles.

‘Y/n? Are you okay?’ Jiyong is unable to hide the surprise and concern that fills his voice.

‘I just wanted to see you…’ You wanted more than that, but that would come later.

‘It’s 4 in the morning.,’ He blinks dumbly at your statement, his sluggish mind still struggling to comprehend your sudden appearance.

‘Then let me come in, idiot.’ Your hand reaches up to gently shove at his shoulder, contacting with his bare skin, and you realise for the first time he’s shirtless. Your hand lingers, tracing the outline of a red star on his tattoo. Your eyes focus intently as your fingers caress over the ink. Jiyong doesn’t shift. He’s used to your touch, just like you are used to his. You shared a unique relationship. From the moment you’d met, you’d always been handsy with each other. Cuddling, hand holding, sitting on his lap… it was all part of the friendship you had built. Eventually, his mind awakens enough to step aside, allowing you entry to his apartment. He shuts the door as you pass, and after kicking off your heels you grasp his hand, dragging him to the couch.

‘Y/n, why are you here?’ His voice is a soft whine. Now that realisation was dawning you weren’t in any imminent danger, his annoyance at being woken from his deep and precious sleep was beginning to rise.

‘Let’s watch a movie and cuddle.’ You respond, still tugging him.

‘I’m tired, though. I want to sleep.,’ His voice is low and grumpy. You pause, turning to him to pull him into a tight hug, your hands slipping gently around his waist. He lets out a soft, annoyed sigh. ‘Are you drunk again?’

‘Maybe… I’m surprised it took you this long to figure it out.’ Your head rests on his bare chest, the skin on skin contact causing a warmness to build between you both.

‘You smell like a mix between a brewery and an ashtray.,’ He pushes you away slightly. ‘Go take a shower and we can cuddle while I sleep.’ Platonic. That is what your relationship was. Strictly platonic. But there was nothing wrong with friends hugging. At least that is what you both had told yourself. To you, Jiyong was a friend. You didn’t want a relationship with him, you just enjoyed his physical displays of affection. You shift your head off his chest, your eyes meeting his, lingering on the puffy pout expressed on his lips. Before you can stop yourself, you’re kissing him. Your lips press against his, softly brushing against the pink fluffiness of his own. He pulls away almost instantly.

‘Y/n, what are you doing?’ His bewilderment is evident. Your hands trail to the waistband of the sweatpants he’d put on, tugging them suggestively.

‘I’m kissing you.’ He moves away from you swiftly, strategically placing a small distance between you.

‘I know you are… but I mean… why?’ You understood that perhaps to him it seemed like an impromptu decision. A fleeting thought fuelled into action by alcohol. The truth is, you’d been thinking about it for months. Every time he held your hand, every time he hugged you, you felt a spark. Not emotionally, but carnally. You wanted Jiyong in a sexual way, not an emotional way.

‘I thought it would be fun. I honestly came here because I wanted to have sex with you,’ You shrug indifferently. You see the panic rise in his face, his lips faltering into silence as they attempt to produce a sentence. ‘Just for fun, I mean… like friends with benefits or something. I’ve been thinking about it for a while. You’re hot. I’m hot. We like touching each other, so we could make a let’s-touch-each-other-a-little-more-with-no-strings-attached kinda deal.’ You could see Jiyng processing the thought, his head swimming at the suggestion you’d just made.

‘Y/n… You’re absolutely stunning. I can’t say I haven’t thought about sleeping with you before…’

‘So let’s do it then.’ You interrupt, shifting closer to him. He steps back, raising his hands to slow you down.

‘I’m not comfortable with it happening like this. You’re drunk. I’m not.’ He motions between you. ‘I feel like I might be taking advantage of you a little bit.’ It’s your turn to pout, your mouth forming a confused frown.

‘I’m here and I’m offering. I wouldn’t be if I didn’t want to do this.’

‘I know that. But you’re drunk, and you might not be offering if you hadn’t spent the night with your friends at a bar.,’ He shakes his head lightly, his hands coming up to run through the messy tuft of his blonde strands. ‘I love you as a friend too much to let a stupid mistake spoil our friendship.’ His sentiment brings out a chuckle from your throat.

‘Is the only thing stopping us from having sex right now the fact that I’m drunk?’ You question with another giggle.

‘Yes.’ He says earnestly.

‘Okay… then tonight, you help me shower in a strictly non-sexual way. Tomorrow, when I’m sober, we spend all morning in your bed and we don’t leave it until noon.,’ You raise your eyebrow at him in a tempting deal. A flash of a grin shoots across his face, his gums peeking out at you. Your hands reach for the bottom of the t shirt you’d been wearing, tucked neatly into your skirt. Jiyong’s eyes watch intently as you pull it, raising it above your head to reveal your bare skin and thin black lace bra. ‘C’mon, I smell like a mix between an ashtray and a brewery, right?’ His eyes remain focused on your cleavage, now exposed, before quickly snapping to your face. 

‘Fuck it.’ He growls, grabbing your arm and tugging you to the bedroom.

‘I thought we were showering?’ You question as you enter the room. Jiyong doesn’t stop until you’re at the bed, spinning you around so you fall gently as your legs press against the sides. You’re unable to mask the giggle that slips from your lips at the sudden change in his aggressiveness.

‘Do you really want this? And do you promise me it won’t fuck up our friendship?’ The curse from his lips is assertive. You raise your hips in response, and a grin falls across his face.

‘Ji, just fuck me.,’ You rasp as he presses his groin in between your hips, coming to lay on top of you. ‘I want you.’ You can feel the thickness of his erection through the material of his sweatpants resting against your core.

‘I plan to, y/n.’ His breath hitches slightly as your name glides across his tongue, the excitement getting the better of him. Your skirt is the first thing he removes, your hips lifting as he tugs it over your hips, you lifting them to allow him pull it from your legs. His hands trail lingeringly up your thighs to find your skirt, your excitement raising even more as he considers your black lace thong. His fingers hitch into the thin string on the side, and you lift your hips again to allow him to slide your panties off. A broad grin spreads across his face. ‘You’re shaved?’ A single eyebrow perks in pleasant surprise. He discards the underwear quickly, a hand coming to rest just above your pelvic region, his thumb coming to stroke your smooth, hair free flesh.

‘I wax.,’ You correct him, despite knowing it was a battle of semantics and he didn’t really care. His strokes are gentle, turning into soft, sweeping circles. His thumb dips between your folds and you let out a low moan. ‘Oh, Ji…’ He chuckles, shifting between you, glazing a string of kisses up your thighs.

‘Can I lick you?’ His breath warmly caresses your inner skin. You tilt your head up to meet his eyes, nodding, and he obliges by laying his lips against the junction between your thighs, eliciting another moan from you with his warm mouth. The touch was better than you were expecting, far beyond the hugs you’d shared with him previously. A jolt shoots through you as his tongue peeks out, working itself flat against your folds. It’s long and firm, carefully laying into you.

‘Oh my god…’ Your breathing has become heavy, your knees dropping to the bed and legs widening to allow Jiyong better access. His tongue brushes against the pink pearl of your nerves, and you shiver against the circles he begins making, your hands reaching to clutch at his head, pushing him deeper into you. He continues to circle around your clit, working his tongue in an erratically tempo to stimulate you. Just when you feel your orgasm building, he pulls away.

‘Are you okay?,’ He questions, looking up at you with mild concern.

‘Ji… Don’t stop.’ You whine, clutching his head to move his mouth back on to you. He leans forward, his chuckle vibrating against your core. You feel him insert one long finger, adjusting it inside you to find your g spot, before he inserts another, moving them in a come hither motion in conjunction with his tongue on your clit. You can’t help the chorus of noises spilling from you and filling the room. Your toes curl as the feel of his fingers moves through your entire body. You can tell you’re close to the edge, your hips bucking against Jiyong to create more friction. His own groan vibrates against you, stimulating you to an orgasm, your muscles spasming around the fingers he has inside you. His lips remain against you, his tongue circling at a slower place, his fingers moving gently as you ride out your wave. When your body jitters from the sensitive feeling of his tongue, he pulls back.

‘You’re really something, baby.,’ He stands, dropping his sweatpants. His erection springs into view, and bite your lip in anticipation. ‘Hold up…’ You shift on the bed, repositioning yourself with your head on the pillows. Your legs already feel weak and your breathing is paced from your previous orgasm. Jiyong turns to the dresser, opening the top draw to withdraw something. You hear the familiar tear of foil, and when he turns around he has already put on a condom. The bed sags under his weight as he joins you.

‘You ready?’ 

‘Can I be honest? I haven’t had sex in a while… I might get a little excited.,’ The blush is evident in his cheeks, and you smile at his honesty. ‘Don’t judge, okay?’ 

‘You mean you’re going to  cum quickly?’ Your hand reaches up to ruffle his hair in jest. 

‘I almost came just listening to you before.’ He murmurs with a laugh. Before you can respond, he is kissing you, his lips flushed against your mouth, his tongue probing inside you. You can taste yourself on him, and he smiles against the kiss. You push his shoulders gently, making him fall back into the pillows, before swinging yourself over his hips. Your hand reaches down to grasp his member, guiding it slowly into yourself as you lower your body over his hips. As the tip enters you, Jiyong’s head falls back on the pillow, his eyes scrunching and neck arching in pleasure. You take him fully inside you, steadying yourself by putting your hands flat on his chest, before you begin moving, your legs bobbing you against him. The feeling of him fills you, his thickness grinding into your core. His hands grasp your hips, guiding your movements, his eyes cemented on your bra - the only thing stopping your breasts from bouncing fully. He slips his palms upwards of your hips, applying pressure so you lower your chest onto his. You don’t break your steady rhythym for fear of losing the pleasure building in the lower pit of your abdomen. His fingers work to delicately to undo the clasp, and your breasts are freed of the restraining lace fabric. It slips down your arms, and he grasps it, tossing it away after you lift your hands from his chest to get it free. His mouth latches onto one of your hard nipples, his teeth grazing against it in a sharp bite. You cry in enjoyment at the sensation, and Jiyong’s grin grows wide. 

‘You like that, huh?’ You nod in response to his question, still moving against him. He takes your other nipple, applying equal pressure with his teeth, and another cry escapes your lips. His hands wrap around you, and before you know what has happened he has flipped you on to your back, his hands linking under your knees to raise your legs higher. His paces quickens as you shriek in surprise, laughing at his eagerness. 

‘Calm down, Ji…’ You giggle as his lips press against yours again, trailing a line down your neck to your throat. He thrusts into you at a rapid pace, his balls slapping against your entrance, his grunts of pleasure murmured against your neck as he continues to kiss it. Your muscles flex around him as the pleasure of the experience overwhelms you. You knew he’d be good in bed, but you didn’t know he’d be this good. He continues to thump into you, his groans filling the room, until eventually he begins to slow. 

‘Ji, don’t stop. Please. I’m almost there.’ You whine into his ear, lips curling against his lobe in a breathy sentence. 

‘If I don’t slow down, I’m going to cum.’ His brow furrows, beads of sweat forming. 

‘It’s okay. Please, baby. I’m so close.’ Your begging triggers him into action, his pace quickening again, the edge of his dick grazing inside you perfectly. Your muscles spasm as the wave of your pleasure pulses over you, and Jiyong follows closely behind, surrendering to his own orgasm. He continues thrusting until you stop quivering, his body falling lightly against you before he rolls off, coming to stand. He turns away from you, removing the condom to tie it, and discards it on the top of the bedside table. 

‘That was great. Not many guys manage to make me cum twice in one night.’ You roll on your side, studying Jiyong as he paces his way to the door. 

‘Twice? Y/n, that was just round one. I’ll have you coming at least twice more. Get your ass in the shower, I’ll be there after I grab some towels.’

Game Night - Avengers x Reader

Originally posted by ageofimagines

Words: 885
Pairing: Avengers x Reader (maybe a lil bit of Steve but it doesn’t show too much)
Warnings: cards against humanity: read at your own risk. (But hey, we’re on tumblr- right? ;) )
Requested by anon
Hello. Could I request the avengers playing a game of cards against humanity. Some things is said and they start covering each others ears convinced ___ is too innocent so they end up covering Steves ears.
Authors Note: I love cards against humanity it’s so much fun.


“I just bought Cards Against Humanity!” Tony announced as he walked into the common room.

“What’s that?” Steve asked. You burst out laughing, knowing full well what the game was.

“It’s like, a card game, where a black card is placed down and you have white cards to complete the blank.” You told him.

“It says adult card game.” Natasha read off from the box. “Maybe (Y/N) shouldn’t play, they’re a bit innocent.”

“Hey, Steve thought fondue meant-”

“We don’t need to talk about that.” Steve covered your mouth, as you tried to escape from his grasp.

“I think we’ve all heard the story before.” Bucky said.

“Who wants to play?” Tony yelled, getting everyone’s attention.

Everyone around joined in. You, Steve, Bucky, Clint, Natasha, Tony, and Vision all sat in a circle. You all started to play the game, and it quickly got the adult aspect, and quick. Sometimes, Vision would not understand and everyone would try to explain, but just ended up laughing in the end.

“My turn to judge!” You said. “Play your worst.”

“Think of their innocent mind.” Steve reminded.

“Alright- this is a good one! Blank is a slippery slope that leads to blank.” You giggled.

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Newt Scamander x reader Fluff Lemon

Originally posted by to-find-out

You and Newt were dating for three years and already married for one. You were happy. It was a innocent, no dirty talk, no sex, just love. Sweet, innocent love. You thought ‘What if we did have it, would it change things?’
“Love, I’m back” Newt called, coming back from the suitcase.
“Hi” You answered.
You felt a pair of lips on your cheek. Snuggling closer into the warm embrace of your lover.
“How was your day?” He inquired.
“Better now that your here”
Newt sat down on the opposite couch.
“Want some tea, darling?” You offered.
“Hm-mh” Newt hummed a 'yes’.
Going into the kitchen setting up the kettle, waiting for it to whistle. Setting the hot tea down in front of her husband. Newt fluttered his eyes open from a short rest and smiled gratefully at you. Downing the tea slowly, enjoying the taste of it. After he was done you gently took it out of his hands and set it on the coffee table. Straddling his hips, you rested your forehead against his, your arms draped around his shoulders.
“(Y/n)…” He breathed out before you smashed your lips to his.
Your lips locked in a passionate kiss. His hands went to your waist, rubbing in circles. Your hands running up from his shoulders to his chest and back up again. Melting and molding. Backing away you resumed kissing Newts cheeks down to his jaws and then lightly sucking on his pulse. During this, sweet moans came out of Newts mouth, which you never thought would come out of that mouth. Parting your lips you traced them on Newts lower lip, asking for entrance. He gasped and quickly backed away.
“Newt, I-I-I’m sooo so-o-rry. I-I-I don’t know what took over me” You stuttered.
“I-i-i-i gotta go” The blushing man said.
Gently laying you down in his seat, Newt got up and left the apartment.
“Fuck me” You sighed.
Third Person P.O.V.
Newt rushed to the Goldstein apartment. Knocking on the door he heard a muffled shout “Coming”. Soon the door as opened by the elder Goldstein.
“Oh, Newt! Come in, come in” Queenies sweet voice rang out.
“Thanks, Queenie” Newt  appreciated.
“Soooo~ what brings you here” She asked.
“You can read my mind and no need to ask” Newt said dryly.
The legilemecy user read his thoughts and gasped, then grinned.
“So (y/n) wanted to do it” She grinned happy for her buddy.
Her beam faltered when she saw Newts lack of enthusiam. Digging a bit deeper she saw that you didn’t do it.
​​​​​​"Oh, why did you push away?“ She questioned with only kindness in her eyes.
"Well first of all I have never done it, second of all what if she’s ashamed of me, my body, my scars?” He looks down to the floor, feeling embarrassed.
“Well for one I know that she’s a virgin as well, so that’s taken care of it” She smiled “And second of all she loves you, not your body. I think she would love you in any shape, form and size”
“You think so?” Newt looked up with hope.
“I believe I know her quite well, if I do say so myself” Queenie puffed out her chest comically.
“I guess you are right” Newt stands up ready to go.
“Oh and before you leave. Do you use a condom, don’t want any babies after the first try” Those words left Newt a blushing mess.
Your P.O.V.
You were lying on bed, trying to fall asleep. You heard the door creak open. Closing your eyes, you pretended that you'r in deep slumber. You felt Newts breath fanning on your face.
“(y/n/n), I know you'r not sleeping” He whispered.
You turned onto the other side of the bed.
“You mad at me?” He mummurs into your ear.
“I’m mad at myself for not making sure you'r ready to do it” You sighed, a few silent tears rolled down your cheeks.
“Hey, hey. It was my fault” Newt hugged you from behind.
“How is it your fault?”
“I was scared that I wouldn’t be enough for you” He nuzzled your neck lightly.
You turned around in his arms “You will always be enough for me” and  kissed him softly on the lips.
You turned him so he was on top of you. Your lips separating and assaulting each other again. You put a hand on your lovers chest making him stop.
“I’m ready, but if you aren’t we can stop now” You panted out looking into his ocean blue eyes.
He kissed you gently “If it’s with you I’m ready to take on the world”
Trailing his kisses down your cheek, to your jaw and neck, repeating what you did to him by sucking your pulse point. Biting your lip down to drown down your moans.
“I want to hear you. Please” Newt nipped at your ear.
Your moans were music to Newts ears. His hands went up to your white button up shirt. Looking into your eyes he slowly unbuttoned your blouse. You sat up making the shirt fall from your shoulders stopping at your elbows. The magizoologist took your right wrist and slipping the garment off of your heated (y/s/c) skin. Your hands moved to his solid chest. Finding the vest unneeded you took it off. He was now only in his loose, white button up and bow tie. Unhurriedly you tugged off his tie. Newts heart beat faster it was now time for his shirt to be removed and truth be told he was scared. Scared of what will you think. He in such deep thought he did not feel his shirt being taken off.  Tracing your fingers lightly over his scars, your husband came back looking down at you lovingly. Trailing kisses down his marks. Heading back to his lips locking back into it.
Newts hands went down to your jeans, unclappsing the fastening. Pulling off the denims. Fingers hooking over the lacey panties. Letting his hands feel the smooth skin, feeling you tremble under his fingers. Throwing your clothes in a pile on the floor, Newt hands ran over your skin. Grasping your breasts and massaging them. Tweaking the nipples with his tongue looking straight into your (y/e/c) eyes. Gasps, moans and sharp breath intakes were heard. He changed his mouth to the over breast, his hand caressing the left nipple.
His hand slythered down to your clint massaging it, pinching it. His kisses traveled down your chest, navel, stomach. He then let his kisses go down your long legs. Once he was at your ankles he went to your inner thighs. Newt kissed and bit down on your (y/s/c), surely leaving marks. Your lover was now directly at your cherry, directing the attention of his tentative tongue to your clitoris, flicking and circling it with a surprisingly skilled gentleness, that made you gasp at the sensation. In one swift move, he paved a steady trail down you, then swiftly back up to your clit. You tilted your head back in ecstasy, your legs beginning to shake. When suddenly, his tongue thrusted inside you, making you let out a loud moan and release into his mouth. Gulping it he kissed you sweetly. You smirked a seductive smile on your pretty face.
“Your turn” You whispered
Dragging your tongue down his chest, stopping at his trouser line. Newt took a sharp intake of breath. Looking directly to his eyes you undid his trousers and pants. His cock springs out, hard and throbbing for someone. Wrapping your hand around his thick cock, you pumped him a few times before taking him into the moist cavern of your mouth. Newts head dropped back as he released a moan of pure bliss. You couldn’t help the little smirk the twitched at the corner of your mouth as you worked his hot member. Your tongue danced along the bottom of his manhood as you sucked greedily. As soon as enough saliva coated his pulsating member, you started to take him in even farther. Newts hips jerked in response and he groaned loudly. You saw him wanting to do something with his hands, but to afraid to do it. Taking his hands in yours you guided them to your head. His fingers imeadiatly sunk into you (h/l), (h/c) silk strands, gripping them tighter with every sound he made. Newt couldn’t control the twitching of his hips, lightly thrusting every now and then to meet that amazing mouth of yours. You looked up and locked eyes with him. The wizard felt a surge of pure heat shoot through his body as he stared into your eyes while his thick cock was pulsing inside your scorching mouth. It had to be the most erotic thing he’d ever had the intense pleasure of witnessing. As you started sucking even harder, he knew he wasn’t going to last much longer. From the look in your eyes, he could tell you knew too. When you swirled your tongue around the sensitive head of his member, it was the last straw. You swallowed his hot release eagerly, every last drop sliding down your throat. Pulling away with a final lick to the tip of his manhood, you leaned and placed a kiss to his soft, panting lips.
“I want to be the one to pleasure you” He whispered with dominance, that was uterly sexy.
Gently putting you down so he was on top of you he kissed one more time. Reaching into the drawer taking out a condom and putting it on. Slowly he slid into you, making you whimper from pain. He imeadiatley stopped, kissing the top of your head. A bit of time past when you thought the pain disappered, you moved your hips a bit creating imence pleasure. You look at the freckled man and nod. He starts to move creating many more moans and grunts from the two of you. Picking up his speed, Newt slammed into your g-spot. Your hands flied to his back and scratchting it drawing a bit of blood. Newt bent down to your ear and whispered.
“I’m gonna cherish the marks you give me for the rest of my life” Nibbling a bit on your earlobe.
At any other point you would’ve blushed and looked away, but now you just kissed him fiercely. Symphony of your love making fills the air, both voices complementing each other. Him calling your name, you moaning his name, him grunting and you whimpering at every thrust. You could feel that you'r aren’t going to hold up any longer and so is Newt.
“I… Ah… Love you so much, Newt” You tried your best to say it.
“I love… Ah.. so dang much… (y/n)“ You said back.
And at the end of those words you two released. Newt fell next to you panting and red, but smiling with that boyish grin you fell in love. He cuddled next you, not saying a word. Nothing, because you two know you are safe in each others arms. There’s no need for words, cause your presents is better than any word in the world. And with those thoughts you both fell asleep in a peacful slumber.

SCM - MC getting a full body massage from Partheno

It has been a month since you dating Partheno. To celebrate the one month anniversary, he said that he is going to pamper you for the day. He brought you to the Temple of beauty in heaven and you recall that day where you fall in love with Partheno. However, you are surprise that no one was around today.

“It is kind of quiet today.” You asked in surprise.

“Of course! I have reserve the whole place just for you.” Partheno smiles sweetly at you and lead you into the room. Feeling conscious that you are now alone with him, you can feel your heart beat faster and faster. Partheno gives you an eyes pad and ask you to put it on.

“This will let you relax even better while you have your massage. I need you to lie down on the bed, but this time naked.” Partheno smirked.

“What? Naked?” You flustered.

“Well, I will give you a disposable paper panties just like your human world. I will snap my fingers to undress you after you lie down with your tummy facing down.” Partheno assure you.

You followed his instruction, thinking that other goddesses will be coming in to service you soon. You soon hear the snapping sound and feel the cold air surrounding you. However, there is no sign that that you can hear that the Goddesses are walking in.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you that I will be doing the massage myself this time.” Partheno whispered into your ear teasingly.

You wanted to get up but soon realized that if you do so, your breasts will be exposing. You are also worried to remove your eyes pad and face him, because you can feel your face burning hot with embarrassment. Partheno apply some body oil on his hands and immediately starts massaging your shoulders. You feel tense being touch by him but soon give in to his tenderness. Feeling his strong, delicate and soft hands on your shoulders, you can feel your muscle starts to relax. He moves his hands gently down to your upper back and give a feel rub before moving down to your lower back. You immediately relax further and you totally forget all your embarrassment you feel earlier. Partheno is just so good at this.

He moves his hands way up gently to your upper back and slips his hands to the side of your body, caressing your breasts for a while before and slowly moving down to your waist. Your body shiver for a while but you just can’t tear away from the relaxation that you are enjoying now. Partheno now moves his hands to your feet and gently massage your toes and slowly move up to your calf. You once again feel your muscles relax further but can also feel the urge for him getting more intense. The way he touches you is so gentle and you want him to do more to you. His hands now start massaging your inner thighs and your heart beat even faster as it gets closer to your sensitive area. You feel electric shock runs around your body as he gives your clitoris a few gentle strokes. You feel his hands now slip underneath your disposable paper panties and rub your butt with both his hands.

“I need to give you a whole body massage.” Partheno teases, seeming to know what you are thinking now. “Now turn over.” Partheno continue.

“What? I will be exposing.” You exclaimed a bit over excitedly.

“Aren’t you enjoying the massage? You need to feel it all to further relax.” Partheno teased and you turn around as he requested with your eyes pad still covering your eyes. You tried to cover your breast with both your hands but were pushed away by Partheno.

“Just relax.” Partheno whispered into your ear and starts massaging your shoulders and moving downward to your collarbone. He gropes your breasts with both his hands and you can feel him massaging your breasts and pulling your nipples occasionally. You are embarrassed but can’t deny the fact that it is feeling good, especially with his soft hands on your skin. It is so good that you actually let him have his way with you. His hands now moves down to your tummy, stroking and massaging making you shiver with excitement. Partheno suddenly spread your legs apart and start massaging your calf again and slowly works his way up to your inner thighs.

“Oh mine! You are so wet below that your disposable panties is soaking. Let’s just removes it.” Partheno smirked.

Partheno already tears away the panties before you can stop him. You are now totally naked in front of him. He continues to massage your thighs but you soon feel hot breathe in between your thighs. Your breathing gets ragged with excitement and you can hear your heart beat even faster than earlier. You wanted to remove your eyes pad but scare to do so at the same time. You feel his hot tongue starts licking your clitoris and you let out a seductive moan. You feel his tongue lick his way down and lick his way up again, repeating the process again and again, making you shiver and moan nonstop. Not only his hands are good but his tongue is equally good. He spreads your folds apart and slips his tongue inside you. You arched your back up in pleasure but he holds your body down with his hands. His tongue twists inside your walls and sucking you deep. You can feel yourself getting wetter and wetter, not sure if it from his saliva or from your love juice. Just when you are about to reach your climax, he removes his tongue from you.

“Not only your skin feels smooth and silky, but your taste is seductive as well.” Partheno smirked and lift your legs over his shoulders.

He once again starts massaging your thighs and slowly moving to your tummy, and eventually massaging your breasts again. You moaned and enjoy the feeling when you suddenly let out a loud gasp. Partheno had penetrated his hard member inside you. You are so engross in his massage that you did not even hear him undress himself. His member is so hard and big, fitting all the gaps inside you. It is like it fit in perfectly just for him. With your legs still over his shoulders and his hands still groping your breasts, he starts oscillating his hips against you.

He moves slowly in the beginning and slowly increases his pace. He pulls all the way out and thrust back in again, hitting all your sensitive spots inside. Your breathing and moaning filled the room and you can also hear him breathing hard, as he increases his pace. You soon hear squishing sound at your virginal area due to the overflowing of your love juice mixing with his pre cum. Partheno moves his hands to grip your butt, lifting it higher which allowing him to hit even deeper inside you. You can feel his tip kissing your womb and you grab the bedsheet to control your body from twisting. Partheno continue to thrust faster and deeper and you feel yourself reaching your limit but at the same time wanted more of him. Hot liquid soon shot deep inside you, filling up your womb until it is over flowing.

Partheno removes your eyes pad and he looks down at you tenderly, while stroking gently at your cheeks with his both his hands. You are still trying to catch your breath but can’t tear away from his beautiful eyes. You never feel so good before and whatever your embarrassment is long gone.

“How is the massage? This is just for you.” Partheno teases while still continue stroking your cheeks.

“What if I asked for a second?” You blushed.

“I am more than happier to provide you with more until you had enough.” Partheno smirked and lean down to give you passionately kiss, whiles his hands caresses your naked skin again. True to his word, he continues to give you his special massage which you never find it enough.

Dearest Darling

Hey again!! I really enjoyed writing this one- I hope you enjoy reading it. -Estelle🌟
Summary: Reader is having a bad self esteem day when MGG finds her staring forlornly at her reflection and he proceeds to try and comfort her with lots of fluff. maybe just a tad NSFW.
Requested by: @imknc22

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anonymous asked:

I wanna suspend Kuroko with thighs spread and gently edge him for hours, caressing the inner thighs with gentle tickles and kisses, lightly and slowly stroking his cock and balls, teasing the asshole… He'll beg and have no relief and just when he's about to have his orgasm it'll be destroyed with tickling and the process will start over.