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These people are making money mocking black American culture and creating the next generation of racists… There is too much history of white folks making $ from black ideas/culture while still punishing black people for that very same culture. But black culture is not American culture. Black people aren’t included in traditional American narratives, but when someone wants to make money, “We’re all Americans.”…

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How can you even say black people are more forgiving than any other race? When you blacks are the most racist and homophobic people in the world? You want whites to accept you but you want to be racist against them. You want to always use the race card for everything if it involves another race that isn't yours. When something happens in the hood you don't want to speak...but when your race is killed by someone who isn't black you all come out speaking and protesting? Foh w/your sensitive asses.

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How can you even say black people are more forgiving than any other race?

He didn’t say Black folks are more forgiving, he said we are too forgiving and that the rest of the world is not like that. This is true. When other groups of people are targeted they usually fight back with an ‘eye for an eye’ as the battle cry. Black folks in this country march, protest, and pray. Repeat if necessary.

When you blacks are the most racist and homophobic people in the world?

How are Blacks the most racist in the world? Who do we oppress? No, the world is governed under Racist White Supremacy. That is why all over the world Melinated People in Israel, Haiti, Brazil, the Continent, and the U.S. are catching hell.

Black folks are not the most homophobic race; I don’t know how one would even determine that, but last time I checked White Conservative Christians were at the forefront of the homophobic movement.

You want whites to accept you but you want to be racist against them.

That is literally laughable. No one wants to be accepted by whites. That was my grandmother’s generation that wanted to integrate. Nah we just want fairness and justice. White Folks are not the benchmark for humanity. No One is caping for white approval. And just because your tender feelings are hurt because the TRUTH shatters your illusion of entitlement does not make the PoC racist.

You want to always use the race card for everything if it involves another race that isn’t yours.

Well since the system of White Supremacy is involved in oppressing most facets of my life in media, entertainment, news, history, economics, law, injustice, etc. then I will call it how I see it. You need to research more before you come at the GAWD, cuz I’m sure you have not researched Jim Crow, The Drug War, Cointelpro, the Tuskegee Experiments, Eugenics/Planned Parenthood, CIA drug trafficking scandals, or just the past 400 years of history.

When something happens in the hood you don’t want to speak…but when your race is killed by someone who isn’t black you all come out speaking and protesting?

When something happens in the hood, it usually gets handled. That is the culprits usually if they’re Black are apprehended and sentenced in the courts. If a white person violates, injures, or even kills a Black Person their is a high percentage especially if they are the police that they will get away scott-free. And the only time white civilians get sentenced in courts is when the acts are overly egregious or if the evidence is overwhelmingly in the favor of the Black victim.

And I speak to the ills of violence within our community. But I go deeper and look at the root causes of why “crime” is rampant in our lower economic areas: because it was designed that way. The system takes resources like jobs, adequate housing and education out of our areas then want the youth to fend for themselves. Black Criminality is the end result of Economic Apartheid. White folks play Dr. Frankenstein and fear and ridicule the dysfunctional creation of planned impoverished communities.



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So the new Miss America is a first generation American. Parents Russian. White folks aren't even the least bit pressed.

That’s cause she’s not first generation American with parents from Monterrey, Mombasa, New Delhi, or Shanghai.

I was brought up in a buttoned-up world of traditional journalism where the person reporting/commenting/analyzing didn’t call attention to himself. Stuart, very deliberately and without much fear, was in the process of taking us to a new world of sports coverage, one where you let your emotion come pouring out much of the time, where personality would infuse the coverage. It wasn’t just that a Scott-delivered story sounded “blacker” — and it did, it sounded younger, and hipper, had greater edge and connected with an entire population of viewers who had been ignored… More than anybody working then or now, Stuart Scott changed the very language used to discuss sports every day. He updated it, freshened it, made it more inclusive. And he took hell for it.

How nerdy is it, looking back, to have felt that Stuart was some kind of pioneer for simply wanting to be himself on television? But he was exactly that, and because that evolution took the better part of 20 years, there is now an entire generation of young media folks, black and white, male and female, who don’t feel the need to conform, and that is an enormous and admirable part of his professional legacy.

Michael Wilbon, ESPN. Stuart Scott changed the game.

In the mid-nineties I began editing a magazine. Our offices were on Broadway and Houston in New York City.

There was a deli nearby. In the corner they had a TV that was inevitably tuned all day every day to ESPN. And most days I’d head there for a coffee or a sandwich and end up listening to the TV for a good 45 minutes. I’d do this because of Stuart Scott.

I didn’t really follow sports at the time but Stuart was mesmerizing. He was so unlike anyone I’d ever heard before.

There was an effortless sophistication in the rhythm of his language and an infectious joy he shared as he lead us through the day’s highlights.

Most days I’d leave wondering what I’d just seen; wondering how he just did what he just did.

ESPN has a touching tribute to Stuart who died of cancer Sunday after a years-long fight with cancer. Even more touching are Rich Eisen and Hannah Storm’s tributes to Stuart during their shows on the network.

Meantime, our condolences to those Stuart loved and those that loved him. He was, and will continue to be, a giant. — Michael