a geek in their natural habitat

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How would you describe your muse to someone about to meet them, in person, for the first time? || tell us about the smart boi

Oh my, where to begin…

Observe a standard geek/nerd/four-eyes in their natural habitat. In real life, this would be a pretty tame, perhaps even boring experience.

Now throw that same geek/nerd/four-eyes into a stewed pot of prodigious broth, sprinkle in a dash of childhood trauma (not too much, he still needs to be moderately functional), a couple of tablespoons of crazy adventure courtesy of your nearest Ash Ketchum, and don’t forget to spice it intermittently with angst. Stir and heat until thickened and steaming.

That’s how you get Clemont.

But seriously, he’s just a kid who didn’t get to be much a kid because he had to take care of his sister, has bright hopes for the future, despite the world heaping trial after trial on him. He’s brilliant, and could do a lot more and find a lot more success if he just had access to the right tools and resources. He’s quite literally a child prodigy, and you can’t say that Meyer didn’t try to nurture it. But suffice to say, their financial situation didn’t allow for much capitalization on that. It’s been up to him to follow his own dreams and hone his craft. And he’s done quite the job of it too, given what he’s had to work with.

He’s the type of guy who will try to remain optimistic, even with things going wrong time after time, but he’s not immune to the crushing weight of it all if it becomes too much. Even with his dedication to science, engineering, and all things relying on cool, calculating, stoic logic, he’s deeply emotional, and always bears a great burden of responsibility towards himself, his family, and even the world around him. He knows that if there is something to be done, he needs to do it, elsewise he’s contributing to the problem.

That isn’t to say there aren’t darker sides to this young man, but in the end, he always tries to do what’s right, though his passions can lead him astray. The road to hell can be paved with good intentions after all.

Try not to take advantage of the poor guy. He’s smart, but in some topics, he’s horribly naïve. He wants to believe the in the best of everyone, and this has (multiple times), led him to be taken advantage of. And his heart breaks every time too. Nothing hits him harder than something he’s done or created being used to hurt others, or undo the very good work he strives to put into the world.

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Nerd vs. Geek

Nerd and geek are not the same although, like me, you can be both. 

Nerd: A nerd is into science, mathematics  and technology. Your typical nerd has probably entered at least one science fair and may have even won. The nerd knows what all the weird buttons do on a calculator. Not only that they can still use a slide rule you know, in case the batteries run out. They love robots. They read real hardcore old school science fiction like Heinlein, Asimov, Le Guin, and Clarke. Yourr nerd will sit in theaters while watching a science fiction film and constantly bitch that they got the physics all wrong. They will go absolutely ballistic if there is a loud explosion in the vacuum of space. 

Geek: A geek is into fandoms. They are often cosplayers and they are really into comic books. Their natural habitat is Comic Con in San Diego. They are so into their fandoms that they know all of the various nuances of the “universe” of each. The Star Wars universe has a certain set of laws which are different from the Star Trek universe. They will debate “Kirk or Picard” and sometimes even come to blows with their tiny little geek hands. The men often have fringes of beards around their necks and will remind you of the “Comic Book Guy” from the Simpsons. Your male geek when given an opportunity to speak to a beautiful girl cosplaying Steampunk Harley Quinn he will critique the costume rather than admire the girl. 

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