a gathering of lace

Red Carpet Lace.

Authors note: Warning; Mild smut included. Enjoy!

Red-Carpet and award events always leave people curious and longing for you and Harry. Nobody ever knows if the two of you will be attending coincidentally, separately, or not at all. 

It’s nights like these you and Harry resemble somewhat of a love-hate relationship; particularly when you find yourselves competing with each other in the same category. 

You smile at the cameras with Harry on your arm, the two of you graciously walking the carpet together, something you both try to do together unless one of you can’t make it. Just like Harry, you’re a highly successful solo artist nominated for several awards due to your latest album. 

You stand before the host of the carpet, her glittery gown shimmering in the lightening. 

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Merlot: If you don’t mind me asking. What’s with the warden?

Chantilly Lace: She’s very protective.

Merlot: I gathered that.

Chantilly Lace: It’s kind of sad. I don’t want to bum you out.

Merlot: Lay it on me, lil darlin.

Chantilly Lace: *giggle* You are such a charmer.

Merlot: It gets me in trouble.

Chantilly Lace: *gasp* No. Not you.

H.G x Reader ||SMUT|| #9

Prompt: Hermione and you have some late night fun at the library.

Throughout the years, Hermione and you managed to get to know the castle and it’s endless corridors from sneaking around so much.

For the first several years of your friendship when the two of you would sneak out and about, it would be only to talk. You would talk on hours on end and get to know each other more and more. By third year things- feelings- began to transpire between you two and your stake outs would become heavy with tension.

It was near the middle of fourth year that Hermione and you actually did anything about said feelings.

Throughout the beginning of fourth year the two of you had something of an unspoken-unofficial relationship.

You both had your eyes set entirely and solely on each other.

You began to hold her hand shyly. When she became tired she would lay her head on your shoulder and nuzzle your neck. When she was cold you would lend her your jacket and pull her into your warm and safe embrace. When Hermione was upset or forlorn you would wrap her in your arms, sit her on your lap and rock her back and forth while brushing butterfly kisses between encouraging whispers on her temple and her forehead.

You only really admitted your feelings toward her when you became jealous and so she did the same.

After that night, when you would sneak off, sometimes you’d just sit in silence, Hermione sitting between your legs with her back pressed against your front and your arms encircling her waist while your head rested against her shoulder.

By fifth year the tension came back, this time however, it was different. So very much different, for it was sexual tension now.

Sneaking off with the prefect usually led to steamy kisses, quiet moans, and hickeys. And, while your make out sessions became longer and hotter, so did your knickers.

Neither of you could ever return to sleep without having had sated your thirst of each other. Hermione would absolutely love being pinned against the wall as you slipped your hands under her shirt and played with her nipples. She soaked in the pleasure of tangling her fingers through your hair and forcing your mouth to her neck.

On occasion, when Hermione was feeling absolutely and wildly lecherous, you would slip your hand through her skirt and her panties and tease her clit.

Now, at sixth year, it wasn’t merely teasing. Now, neither of you hesitated on taking things further with sex.

That was how you ended up here…

In the library- behind countless shelves- in the Restricted Section.

Sneaking out for some late night ‘reading’ and actually doing the late night reading had proved to be a difficult task. A difficult task indeed.

Hermione had been awfully quiet for the past hour and you were sure the sound of pages turning had also stopped a while ago.

You smirked slyly over your book at Hermione, her eyes dilated and already fixed on your lips.

Her book was lying open, long forgotten, in front of her but, it had been long since she had read the page.

You glanced down over the side of the table and bit back a grin. Hermione was crossing and uncrossing her legs, a habit you knew she only displayed when she was hot and bothered.

“It’s a bit warm in here, lovely? Don’t you think?” You asked, biting your lip not-so-innocently.

Hermione met your gaze and saw the amusement dancing in your eyes. She glared at you in annoyance.

“Shut up,” she snapped, vexed.

You rested your head in your hand and propped your elbow up on the table, closing your book.

Make me,” you responded.

Hermione clenched her jaw. She turned and glared the the ground for several seconds before huffing out a breath and making her way toward you.

She pushed your books carelessly off your lap and sat herself down, straddling you. Immediately you grabbed her hips.

Hermione had been fighting the urge to fall for your teasing antics. You had been teasing her all week and you both hand an unspoken challenge going on. It seemed ,however, that Hermione couldn’t hold off any longer.

Hermione wrapped her arms around your neck and hungrily brought your lips to hers. You moaned quietly against her feverish mouth, somewhat taken aback by how fiercely she was kissing you. Your moans soon turned to growls when you began to feel her hips grinding on you.

Hermione’s hands fell from your neck and instead moved to begin unbuttoning your uniform. She had barely managed to undo the second button of your shirt just as you stilled her hands and pulled her wrists back behind her back.

You felt your girlfriend’s breath hitch at the action. She knew what was about to happen and she couldn’t wait any longer for it.

You gripped her wrists tightly behind her with one hand and pulled her head back with the other, revealing her neck. Instantly, you brought your lips to jaw, pressing open-mouthed kisses down the column of her throat and back up, occasionally whispering dirty things into her ear.

Hermione moaned hoarsely.

You released your grip on her hair momentarily and began to undo the buttons of her shirt.

When you were done the shirt fell open on its own, exposing the fair skin of her chest and her stomach.

You left it on, letting it hang messily off her shoulders because damn it was a major turn on for you to see her ’innocent girl’ demeanor broken by the image of her being so eager to be fucked.

You chuckled lowly, trailing a hand from her neck down to her chest. You fingered the material of her bra admiringly. The black lace allowed you to see her nipple- rosy and erect- and the colour clashed gorgeously against her skin tone.

Just like I knew it would.

“Are you wearing the present I got you?”

“Yes,” Hermione answered, breathy.

You smiled up at her, smiling in approval.

“Good girl.”

You leaned into her chest and took a nipple into your mouth. You wiped your tongue over the lace and sucked on the bud.

Hermione threw her head back, swallowing down a moan.

You alternated the nipple, sucking on the other one but, still playing with the first one.

Hermione bucked her hips in a needy way and whimpered when she didn’t find the contact she needed.

“Hey, now,” you chided, tightening your hold on her wrists. “I can’t please you properly if you’re not being a good girl, now can I?”

Hermione shook her head, biting her lip.

Then stay still,” you growled.

Hermione’s eyes dilated even more and she nodded rapidly. Pleased, you began sucking and biting her neck.

“Please…,” she whimpered softly.

“Please what?” You questioned against her chest. You pulled down the lace, finally revealing the pert nipple to you.

“Please- ungh- please fuck me [Y/n].”

You slipped a hand through her skirt and grabbed her center tightly. You could feel the heat and the wetness gathered there even through her lace panties.

Hermione moaned, bucking her hips against your hand.

Quiet.” You hissed.

You slipped your fingers past the hem of her panties and smeared her wetness along her thighs and her lips.

Hermione threw her head back, biting her lip tightly.

You pushed her lips open and rubbed your fingers over her clit.

Hermione shuddered and cried out softly.

You rubbed your fingers rapidly over clit for several seconds, just watching Hermione, then you prodded a finger into her slit.

Not being able to control herself, Hermione moaned loudly.

You pumped your fingers into her slowly, teasing her for a while, building her up before you curled your digits. You gradually sped up and released your hold on her wrists.

Instantly she wrapped her arms around your neck.

Her moans and cries began to get harder to contain so you let her bounce on your hand while you undid your tie.

As much as you loved to hear Hermione become undone you feared someone may hear you. You scrunched up your tie and stuffed it into her mouth, silencing her quickly.

She clamped down on the makeshift gag at the same time she clenched her thighs.

Her chest heaved raggedly and her legs began quiver unsteadily.

You held her hips steadily and sucked and bit her nipples and neck, bringing her to her release.

Hermione shuddered and screamed. Her nails dug into your neck and she dragged them down your back harshly.

She came on your fingers and over the floor.

You waited until her spasms stopped and slowly pulled your fingers out. They glinted with her juices and you sucked your fingers clean off, smirking up at Hermione.

She was panting and flushed, watching you with dark eyes.

You took your tie out of her mouth and tossed it away. Hermione crashed her lips onto yours, her hands cupping your face.

You pulled away and rested your forehead against hers.

“Ready for round 2, Princess?”

You had been speaking and goofing off with one of your closest friends when Professor McGonagall called for all the student’s attention, tapping a fork against a goblet. There was an announcement.

While everyone turned their bodies to look at the Professor you caught Hermione’s eye across the tables.

She sent you a smirk and you flashed her your own grin before turning away.

Students… as you all know no one is allowed to roam the castle after bed.”

She looked over the student body, eyes searching for a culprit.

Everyone nodded in confusion.

“This morning, our dear librarian, Madam Pince,” she motioned toward the librarian standing at the edge of the hall, beet red.

“-opened the library just like any other day. Imagine her surprise when she found this,” she summoned a cloth and you could faintly recognise [Y/h] colours.

Your eyes almost widened and you nearly smacked a hand to your face as she waved it in disgust but, you managed to control your reaction.

“-in the Restricted Section no less!”

So that’s where my tie went.

Your eyes searched for Hermione’s and when you found her she was already staring at you.

She turned back around after giving you a discreet sneer. You turned back to look at McGonagall when your best friend caught your eye.

She was staring at you with her brow quirked and a smile knowing smile playing at her lips.

She leaned toward you. “So that’s why you needed my extra tie.” She whispered, snickering slightly.

“Shut up,” you growled lowly, your face growing as red as Pince’s.

“Now, we know which house this belong to, clearly but, we don’t know if this is charmed or if this was some sort of trick. So, listen closely and carefully, you have all been warned. No more sneaking out of bed and no more going into the Restricted Section! Whoever is found out of their bed chambers after hours will be Filch’s responsibility.”

A/n: Dedicated to the @Anon who requested this.💜 Never written smut before but I definitely don’t mind the practice👍

18 - New Lingerie

Michonne sat at the restaurant table with her friends Sasha, Maggie and Carol enjoying their weekly brunch dates. Michonne had a glow about her that the other women picked up from a mile away.

“So… I know your anniversary with Rick is coming up very soon, what are you guys doing to celebrate?” asked Sasha.

“It’s going to be Monday night, you know how it is. Judy has a girl scouts meeting at 6, I’ll probably be helping Carl finish up his homework, and Rick will be coming home exhausted I’m sure, so I’m just going to order a pizza  for the family. Nothing serious.”

Carol looks at her and rolls her eyes. “Are you kidding me? You gotta do something. Treat yourselves, you guys work so hard and never have time for yourselves. Parents need a night off too, even if Rick is exhausted!”

Maggie smirks at them all and giggles to Michonne, “I’m sure you’re gonna give him some hot sex at least!”

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Insane (Jaehyun smut)

Request: HELLO! Oh gosh, your Jaehyun smut was amazing! Can I request another one? Maybe he had a free day and decided to spend it with his girlfriend, but the whole day she had been unintentionally turning him on?

Summary: You’ve been driving Jaehyun insane and you didn’t even know it.

Tags: Smut

Word count: 1.2K

Note: Enjoy and tell me whatchu think (;

Originally posted by curlyjaehyun

The first thing that Jaehyun saw on the morning of his free day was you walking away from the bed wearing only his shirt that was barely covering your panty covered ass. That didn’t help with solving the situation that was happening down there.

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2-piece claret satin brocaded with pink and cream roses, boned bodice with wide lapel, cream faux vest front and pink cummerbund, trained skirt having pleated front panel with ruffle and sawtooth hem over pink pleats, gathered back, train backed in pleated organdy with lace border, silk underskirt with pleated hem

What can I do with my happiness? How can I keep it, conceal it, bury it where I may never lose it? I want to kneel as it falls over me like rain, gather it up with lace and silk, and press it over myself again.
—  Anaïs Nin


Evergreen                ( 1 / 2 )


CS secret relationship/forbidden love AU

Killian is wrong, she knows he is; they are not cursed. But she also knows he feels trapped between a rock and an even less forgiving place. It was never about her. It was never about whether he loved her enough to fight for them – nothing could be further from the truth. It was about him.

AO3//FFnet  – Also Part 2 is now written


A/N: Special thanks to @seastarved who read snippets and everyone else who listened to me <3



“You’re sure no one saw you?”

It’s a fair enough question to ask, she thinks, what with her back to his chest at the foot of her bed, his hands tucking the hair over her shoulder.

Being seen would null and void the point of him sneaking in here in the first place.

There are so many questions skipping through her mind and yet that’s the only one she can think to say, her heart tripping with her thoughts. Tripping and faltering – the way that every thought and feeling coursing through her is a little desperate to find solid ground, a little unsure as to where exactly that might be. And each question is changed with every pound of her heart, with every touch of his lips to the corner of her jaw, the crook of her neck.

So, that’s all she manages to ask. Not ‘how did you get in?’, not ‘Killian, you shouldn’t be here’.

The castle is flooded with people – diplomats and their entourages, soldiers and servants from several different kingdoms – and the likelihood that someone saw him in the corridor – in her wing, breaking into her room – is unbearably high. He hadn’t even bothered with a heavy cloak like she usually does when she tip-toes across his gangplank. Nothing but his usual cloak and dagger (literally and metaphorically); clad in leather and shadow.

Killian’s voice is a deep whisper behind her ear.

“Ye of such little faith, Emma.”

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So this is the second time ive had to add hair to a lace front. the first time was for @thattallsummonerguy‘s gamagori wig and i used a self threading needle with the help of @firewolf826‘s  tutorial this time around i decided to try a hook latch hook needle using @cowbuttcrunchies tutorial

i like both techniques for different reasons. the latch hook is a little hard to get into fine lace but it does a beautiful job at grabbing small amounts of fibers with out kinking/denting/damaging them in the process. the self threading needle was great for fine lace, also gathered larger amount of hair really well. 

would defiantly recommend the self threading needle if you are working with shorter fibers and looking to get a full thicker hairline the latch hook for a thinner and delicate hairline

What can I do with my happiness? How can I keep it, conceal it, bury it where I may never lose it? I want to kneel as it falls over me like rain, gather it up with lace and silk, and press it over myself again.
—  Anaïs Nin, Henry & June

Cesaro/OC: You and Cesaro are polar opposites. You think he’s way too uptight, and he thinks you’re unprofessional. When the two of you are forced to share a room for the night, you learn that maybe being polar opposites isn’t too bad. Smut with the Swiss Superman. Requested by anon.

I know, I know. It’s been a while. But the semester just started so y’all are gonna have to cut me some slack. However, here’s some hot shit with Cesaro bc I finally got it done. It’s lit.

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Summer Goth Survival Tip

1. Gather any lightweight lace/silk/other gauzy fabric scarves and shawls you may have.

2. Put them in a large ziplock bag, then seal it shut.

3. Put the ziplock bag IN THE FREEZER. (For at least a few hours, but overnight is best.)

4. Too warm? Take a chilled scarf or shawl from the freezer, drape it around your neck, shoulders, or head!

Auntie Jilli, who just did this with 4 lace shawls, and is putting that bag in a cooler full of ice at tomorrow’s BBQ.