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Isuien Garden a lovely little garden near Nara Park. It is a traditional Japanese strolling garden which has been preserved since its creation. Consisting originally of 2 gardens both designed around ponds, the smaller garden was made in 1681 and the larger garden in 1899 they were combined in 1939.

The Crumbling Kingdom Ch. 8

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Genre: Mafia!Jeonghan, Mafia!Soonyoung, Angst, Romance, Violence

Word Count: 6,170

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You hated perfect things. You hated even numbers, clear skies, and even the perfect symmetry of snow flakes. Maybe you didn’t hate perfect things themselves, snow was pretty, but you hated the idea of perfection itself. It reminded you of how the idea of “no one is perfect” was a lie. You always ended up destroying perfection when you touched it. Perfection reminded you of how utterly flawed you were.

The sky was a perfect blue today, and the garden you were strolling through was disgustingly perfect. You tightened your grip on the picnic basket, for any normal person, this would be a beautiful date, but of course you had to make it some complicated mess. But were you the actual reason this whole marriage issue?

You stared at your boyfriend’s hand that held yours, leading you down the flowery path. Soonyoung had a goofy smile painted on his face, he was always got so excited for dates like this–perfect dates. He liked to plan them out and make every aspect of outings beautiful. Unlike you, he could admire perfection. How he loved a flawed being like you, you had no idea.

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The Wings

​Several hours passed since our walk in the gardens. I was strolling down the corridor near Tamlin’s room. His door was slightly ajar. I could just see into his room. Tamlin still hadn’t invited me to his bedroom. Slowing my steps to a soft crawl, I inched closer toward the open door.
​There was rustling sound inside the bedroom. I could just see Tamlin in the room. There was a large four poster bed pushed against one of the walls in the far corner of the room. From where I stood, the bed looked like it was made of pine. On the bed, there was leather bag splayed open to the world. I could see Tamlin walking back and forth between the bed and what was probably a dresser. I could see him putting tunics, trousers, belts, socks, and knives into the open bag. I stepped closer to the door, trying to get a better view of the bedroom. ​
​My eyes scanned the parts of the room that were visible to me. The painting I had done when I first came to the Spring Court decorated his walls. Something in my chest tightens at the scene. Those had been my inner most thoughts. I know I told him as he sent me away, that he could have them. But it made me angry.
​Then my eyes meet with something parallel to Tamlin’s bed. My heart dropped into my stomach as I tried to rationalize what my eyes were seeing. Two sets of dark, beautiful, membranous wings. Wings, to whom, I knew exactly who they belonged too.
​One set of wings was slightly smaller than the other. Even after all the time that had passed. They still simmered in the sunlight. I felt like I was going to vomit. Dread crashed into me as I finally accepted what I was looking at. At what was across the room from Tamlin’s bed. At what he looked at every night before he went to sleep. Dread was replaced by anger. A feeling I had not felt since Amarantha’s trials.
​Confusion pressed against the bond that connected Rhys to me. I sent a wall of glittering black wall of adamant between us. I wasn’t going to let Rhys see what I had seen in that moment. I shut him out completely. Anger and desperation banged against the wall. I ignored his attends to get my attention.
​I rip open the door leading into his room. As I did, I let the glamour hiding who and what I was fall away. Tamlin spun around in alarm as the door screeched against its hinges. Ice coated my left hand and fire coated the other. Darkness danced around my wings as I stepped into the room. I threw a shield up between me and Tamlin.
​Fury crackled against my skin as I slammed Tamlin into the nearest wall. Power thrumming, with joy, at the sudden release. I snarled at him as I stalked closer. Fangs and talons out; readying for a fight. My power held him to the wall as he thrashed around, trying to break free. Confusion danced along his features, as he tried to figure out who and what I was. He took in the wings, the talons, the ice and fire spreading along my fingertips. Realization flashed across his features.
​As I let the glamour off of me and let Rhys back into my mind. But I ignore his line of questions. I show him what is in front of me. Tamlin pinned to a wall. His mother and sister’s wings pinned to the wall as a trophy. Rhys fell silent in my mind. As if waiting to see what I would do. To see how I would exact revenge on Tamlin and his family.
​Rhys had told me one that there were different types of darkness when he first started to train me. Darkness that soothes, darkness that is restful, darkness of lovers and darkness of assassins. The darkness that surrounded me was frightening and promised death and pain.
​“What is this Feyre? Release me now,” Tamlin growled. As the words left his mouth, my claws over took his mind. I sliced through his pathetic mental shields. I could see what he was thinking. Could feel everything he felt at that moment. I could feel the panic and confusion as he took me in. Then I spoke into his mind.
​“Do you feel this? Do you feel me in your mind? Do you want to know what I see? I see a pathetic High Lord who will destroy anything and anyone to achieve his wants. I see a High Lord foolish enough to let a spy into his home and court. I see a male who is so in love with himself and his desires that he doesn’t see what right in front of him. I see a High Lord who let in a rival courts’ High Lord’s mate into his home. Yes, Tamlin, I am the High Lord of the Night Court’s mate. I am Rhysand’s mate. I lived with them in peace and harmony before you stole me away.” I hissed into his mind.
​I show him the image of the wings, “I know what you and your family did to those innocent females. I know you sliced off their wings. I know you sent their heads in boxes and sent them down the river. I know everything. You disgust me. My eyes have been open to your actions and loathe you for them. I will never love you. I will do everything in my power to destroy you and your plans with the King of Hybern.”
I pull away from his mind to look at the face of the male who took me away from my mate. I saw the disbelief on his face. I slowly released his mind.
​He glared at me and snarled, “So you are Rhys’ mate. For real?” he laughed as I stalked closer to him.
A wicked grin flashed across my face as I neared him, “Yes.” I say simply but I continue, “But I am much for than that. I am not a doll to be played with. I am not a gift to be given to a High Lord who did nothing for his court for fifty years. I am not a prize to be won for someone who sat on their ass while the person they loved was being tortured before them. I am not someone to be trifled with. I am not someone who is willing to destroy this continent to get what I lust for. I am strong. I am ice. I am fire. I am darkness. I am willing to do whatever it takes to keep my court, my lands, my family, and my mate safe. I am not you.”
​Tamlin laughs as the magic holding him to the wall tightens its grip, “If you have such an amazing court. Where are they? Are they willing to let you fend for yourself against a High Lord of another court? Where is your army, Feyre? Who is going to rescue you? If you are the Lady of the Night Court, where is everyone? Where is your mate?”
​I smiled at him. In answer to his question, I released the glamour off of my right hand. His gaze traveled to my right arm. To the tattoos that covered that arm. Confusion distorted his face.
​My steps were as loud as cannons as they neared Tamlin. I let the talons that had been hidden for so long come out to play. I gripped Tamlin by the throat and whisper in his ear.
​“I am the High Lady of the Night Court. I don’t need rescuing.”
​I released the magic that held him. I felt something heavy appear between my shoulder blades. I knew exactly what it was as I reached behind me and unsheathed the Illyrian blade. I sent a small thanks to Rhys. I misted my dress into a shirt and tunic as Tamlin roared and shifted into the beast. Tamlin lunged for me as I drew the second blade from its sheath. My wings snapped out from their perfectly tucked form. With a large swoop of the wings and a jump from my thighs, I was in the air. Well away from the snapping jaws of Tamlin’s beast.
​Tamlin growled at me as he lunged to snap me from the air above him. With a swift flap on the membranous wings, I rose higher in the air. Tamlin lunged at me, from where he landed. As he lunged, he slammed into the wall of harden air. Tamlin’s beast snarled in shock at the wall. My wings angled themselves to glide me towards the far wall, where the wings hung. I landed on the soft carpet just beneath the wings. I grasped both of the wings and became mist, shadows, and darkness. As I winnowed out of Tamlin’s room. I saw Tamlin lunging toward me and the wings. As if he could stop me from taking them. ​
​My wings, now strong from all the training, flapped softly was I neared Tamlin’s bedroom window. My fingers lightly tapped the window. At the sound, Tamlin whipped around from where he stood and snarled. Tamlin growled and started too bound towards me on heavy paws. Sounds of glass smashing sounded behind me as I was started to fly away from him. I flew to the northern lawns of the gardens and landed softly.
Sentries on duty stared in confusion; stared at the scene before them. Unsure of what to make of it, they stayed at their posts. As Tamlin crashed towards me, I slowly raise my hand. Tamlin is a foot in front of me before he goes completely still. As I take hold of his mind. I show him everything I have done to destroy what he and the King of Hybern have done in the past four months. I show him the conversations of me and Rhys. I showed him the memory of the night he took me away. The memory of how Lucien found out. I showed him Lucien with me and my new court. I showed him my treacherous actions. I showed him everything.
I smiled at Tamlin from where is stood a foot from him. His sentries start to rush towards us in a sprint. I widen my power to them. They all go as still as Tamlin was at the moment. Lucien was at the manor doors, staring at the scene before him. He stared at me as he started to move towards where I stood. A smile stretched across my face when I see him walking towards me. He walked past the still bodies of his sentries and Tamlin. I stretched out my hand to him. As he gripped my hand, I nodded to him. He nodded back. An allegiance and vow to his new court, to his new High Lady.
I turn to Tamlin and say. “You are nothing. You are a pathetic excuse for a High Lord. I win.”
Anger flashed in his mind. His power thrashed against my magic. But my magic held firm. I spoke softly to his mind. I became flowers, soft spring breezes, young green grass, sweet aroma of roses just starting to bloom.
“You are fine. Stop fighting and remain still. You are going to watch as Feyre destroys everything you have created. You are going to watch as the High Lady of the Night Court destroys your court. And realize that she has been destroying you from within for the past four months. That she kept her promise that day you stole her away. ” Tamlin’s mind goes still. He stops his thrashing. His obeys.
I turn my attention towards Lucien, and ask “Are you ready to meet your new court?”
Lucien’s smile was answer enough.
As one, Lucien and I turn toward Tamlin, with the wings in our hands. I smile at Tamlin as we are about to leave. I let everything that I just told him sink in. He unknowingly let the High Lady of the Night Court into the heart of his territory. We winnow away from the Spring Court. We winnow towards the Night Court. Towards our families, our new court, our home, our mates.

Okay so I wrote this a while back. But since then I have added stuff to it. I just love Feyre. So I wanted to write her doing something badass!!

Ok so I’m going to be in Paris on Wednesday and most of the day I’m going to be visiting the film locations from How to Steal a Million and What’s New Pussycat, because Peter O'Toole :D


In our secret garden, we stroll in silence
Awkward pause, then our eyes meet with laughter
Till we trade words, natural, flowing poetry
All the things we talk about, serious or silly
Coffee or tea, movie or book
Parades or museums, let’s take a look
Cycles to passions, seasons to reasons
Hopes and plans, let’s take a chance
A walk by the lake, we share
The night is young with the stars aflame
Long and long we sit and stare
Then your lips part, as you whisper my name
You say, “It’s fine,
let’s take our time”
Stay with me
And make a little rhyme

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💕: What is your ideal/fantasy date? (Asking for uh, a friend.)

Valentine’s Day Question Meme!

Leeloa gave an amused look at the question with the added little note. She gave a bit of a hum, thinking over it.

“Something intimate…Dinner at a nice place. Not necessarily 5 stars, just somewhere quiet and where we can talk. Ideally with a scenic view. And then maybe stroll in gardens, a park, or just on the street together. Talking, enjoying each other’s company. Maybe end with a kiss or cuddling…”

She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and gave a bit of a shrug.

“Nothing fancy, just something…Nice.”

Father of my dreams?

Saraide had been in bed for the better part of the morning sick to her stomach. For years she had dreamed of the kind of man her father was. Every single one so very far from reality. How many times had she ask Viviane who her father was, only to never get an answer. Her mistress was trying to save her from the heartbreak of knowing who her father is. Saraide realized that she should have just left well enough alone.

Finding the strength, the handmaiden went for a stroll in gardens. She hoped the fresh air and change in scenery would give her a new perspective on things. They did not. With every step her sense of panic grew. She remembered all the things that Viviane had said about the man. Vengeful, reckless, short tempered, and untrustworthy. Every hope and dream of ever having a loving family was dashed away from her very eyes. A danger to everything. It was too much for Saraide to bear. Sitting on the nearest bench, she wept without care of anyone finding her.

Imagine Loki strolling around the gardens of Home Castle when he spots a Goddess he hasn’t met before.  She sits on a stone bench among the flowers, her head down and focusing on the book she has in her hands.  Not being the type to pass up an opportunity such as this Loki wanders on over to her.  Hearing him approach the Goddess looks up and turns her head in his direction.  She gives Loki a friendly smile as she watches him walk over and as he takes the empty space next to her.  Loki, being the shameless one he is, tries out his silver tongue on the Goddess in hopes of being warmed by her.  However, this plan backfires as the Goddess proves to be too wise and ends up laughing in his face.  As she laughs the Goddess shakes her head, closes her book, thanks Loki for his unintended comedy, and leaves him in his embarrassment.