a garden getaway

Impossible & Possible - A Maxerica One-Shot

A/N: So here’s that little sexy beach honeymoon piece I talked about yesterday. This is my contribution to Maxon week, even though it is late for the correct day (Maxon and America). 

Hope it was worth the wait!

It should be impossible to be this sore and this comfortable at the same time. Really, it should be outlawed. A sleepy grin formed. I could outlaw it now, if I really wanted to.

I was Maxon’s wife. The King of Illea was my husband.

The grin grew wider. I rolled over on the bed, the soft, relaxing sound of waves crashing against the shore carried in the breeze. The afternoon sun was bright but thankfully blocked by the cabana I currently dozed in. Practically all morning, Maxon and I played on the beach, talking and laughing, actually acting our age. If anyone had seen us, they never would have thought that we were the reigning King and Queen of Illea. The concept still seemed foreign to me. I had Maxon, and that was more than enough. Having a crown and title? That seemed more like a burden than a perk.

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Transported From Old London To New London At One Aldwych Hotel

Serving until 1938 as the headquarters for the British newspaper The Morning Post, One Aldwych hotel in Convent Garden in central London retains something of the news feel about it, which is perhaps what led this reporter to name it the ultimate home base while relocating from Los Angeles to London.