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“want a sugar cube? they’re supposed to be for the horses, but who cares? they’ve got years to eat sugar, whereas you and i… well, if we see something sweet we better grab it quick.”



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I am the oldest,” the prince said, “and yet I am the last. After Mors and Olyvar died in their cradles, I gave up hope of brothers. I was nine when Elia came, a squire in service at Salt Shore. When the raven arrived with word that my mother had been brought to bed a month too soon, I was old enough to understand that meant the child would not live. Even when Lord Gargalen told me that I had a sister, I assured him that she must shortly die. Yet she lived, by the Mother’s mercy. And a year later Oberyn arrived, squalling and kicking. I was a man grown when they were playing in these pools. Yet here I sit, and they are gone.” (A Feast for Crows)

asoiaf meme (minor characters): doran, elia, and oberyn martell (4/8 relationships)


“Your men call Val a princess, but to the free folk she is only the sister of their king’s dead wife. If you force her to marry a man she does not want, she is like to slit his throat on their wedding night.” … They are all convinced she is a princess. Val looked the part and rode as if she had been born on horseback. A warrior princess, he decided, not some willowy creature who sits up in a tower, brushing her hair and waiting for some knight to rescue her. (A Dance with Dragons)

asoiaf meme (minor characters): val the wildling (1/10 characters)


Aegon’s bastards had been the bane of the Seven Kingdoms ever since the old king died. He had legitimized the lot upon his deathbed; not only the Great Bastards like Bloodraven, Bittersteel, and Daemon Blackfyre, whose mothers had been ladies, but even the lesser ones he’d fathered on whores and tavern wenches, merchant’s daughters, mummer’s maidens, and every pretty peasant girl who chanced to catch his eye. Fire and Blood were the words of House Targaryen, but Dunk once heard Ser Arlan say that Aegon’s should have been Wash Her and Bring Her to My Bed. (The Sworn Sword)

asoiaf meme (minor characters): the great bastards (2/6 families)

alexknight002  asked:

Meta Knight's personality seems very different from canon, as well as in the anime. Does it do this with a lot of characters?

It’s hard to say, since a lot of characters aren’t given a whole lot of personality or dialogue in the games anyway, but to an extent, yeah. Meta Knight is probably the most dramatic change from how both the canon and the fanon perceives him, but he’s still the badass honorable knight dude… just also really pretentious and full of himself. Oh yeah, and he’s also a big lovestruck womanizer.

Marx, despite not saying much in the games, is fairly different as well, his intentions in the manga are just as bad (or worse arguably) than his game counterpart, but he’s less a laughing giggling lunatic, and more like a bratty smug narcissist, who wants to prove himself to be the strongest warrior in the galaxy. He also makes his intentions very clear and upfront in the manga, proudly announcing them to Kirby, instead of plotting to manipulate or trick him.

Also, he has hands.

King Dedede is kind of hard to pin for me, he’s more similar to the games personality-wise than the anime for sure, but they quarrel and fight a lot more in the manga than they do in recent games in the series, so I guess it’s more similar to their relationship in older Kirby games.

Knuckle Joe is pretty different in the manga than he is in the anime, and of course, he’s hard to compare to his game counterpart, since he’s such a minor character with zero lines. He’s doesn’t have any dark brooding backstory like anime Knuckle Joe, he’s just a sporty kid that’s good friends with Kirby. He also wants a pet dog.

Magolor is pretty similar to the games as well, in that he hides his true world-conquering intentions under the guise of being a friendly, good person. The only difference is any time he actually does attempt to do anything evil, it goes horribly wrong so quickly nobody ever even finds out about it. Poor Magolor.

There’s also Queen Sectonia, who’s basically a cutesy nice lady who has a tendency to suddenly snap and turn extremely violent. Like that time she blew Popstar up trying to slice some cake. On that note, there’s also Taranza who’s a bit brattier and spoiled than he is in the games. He likes writing in his diary and eating donuts.

Kirby, on the other hand, is basically what you would expect his personality would be if he could talk: Happy-go-lucky, friendly, gluttonous as all hell, and blissfully unaware of the unintentional suffering he occasionally causes his friends. (played for laughs, of course.)

Other than that, most changes aren’t particularly remarkable, since so many characters in the manga have never spoken or been important enough to the story of the games to really show any personality, it’s difficult to say if anything has really been “changed” or not.


Fav Minor Characters Mini Series 1/?: All for the Game Series + Jeremy Knox

                                                     "This isn’t pity,” Jeremy said.
                                                 “We’re doing this for us, not you.“

inspired by this beautiful edit from @tedylupin

famous trans men get to be anomalies, walking wombs with fifteen minutes of fame for their ‘peculiarity’, they get to be household names only because of their more-famous parents and are the butt of transphobic jokes for years and never taken seriously, or they’re porn stars. 

they come out and are never heard about again, none of their successes and triumphs are publicized and if they’re actors who came out after a certain role, be damned sure they’ll never let them move past that role where they were ‘a woman’ and everyone will try their hardest to not let them become who they want to be. 

one minor comic book character that i know of, one awkwardly done very minor video game character, every single movie singing the song of progressive-for-trans-men turns out to be run by sludge trying to market to the underrepresented trans men out there before slamming them in the face with a movie about something completely different and vile. 

we’re so much more than we’re told we get to be. it’s so fucking frustrating. 

Has anyone else done that thing where you get to the end of a Layton game and go check out all the character profiles, and there’s a minor character in there you’ve never seen before, and you’re like….. what?

I searched every inch of that map for hint coins and puzzles. 

How did I get through the entire game without ever laying eyes on you? 

Where were you hiding? 

Which obscure corridor or alleyway did I not go down at the right time to see you?  

(For me, it was Ernest from Lost Future)