a game of minor characters

it’s honestly really funny to me how people want to justify cullen’s terribly paced and badly thought out development and characterization with “but he’s a complex character!”

duncan was a complex character

solas is a complex character

morrigan and flemeth are complex characters

fenris is a complex character

anders is a complex character

honestly dragon age is literally drowning in complex characters

cullen is a boring character that was brute-forced into a main role because there was a section of fandom who made romance mods about him

cullen was a minor character who had endings in the previous games like “goes on a mage killing spree” but because some people liked the way he looked they retconned any of his negative endings and made him a main character anyway and negated any of your choices concerning him

he isn’t complex. he’s boring but attractive by typical standards and a bunch of you fell for it and now the rest of us have to live with him no matter what choices we made in-game. but sure it’s just because he’s a complex character~ and the rest of us can’t appreciate it. it’s not like the universe isn’t full of complex characters and we might just be sort of put off by how obviously they’re shoehorning in a character with a badly written backstory just to appeal to people who don’t want to play without a not!alistair 



gif request meme » Borderlands + favorite minor character

Has anyone else done that thing where you get to the end of a Layton game and go check out all the character profiles, and there’s a minor character in there you’ve never seen before, and you’re like….. what?

I searched every inch of that map for hint coins and puzzles. 

How did I get through the entire game without ever laying eyes on you? 

Where were you hiding? 

Which obscure corridor or alleyway did I not go down at the right time to see you?  

(For me, it was Ernest from Lost Future)


I am the oldest,” the prince said, “and yet I am the last. After Mors and Olyvar died in their cradles, I gave up hope of brothers. I was nine when Elia came, a squire in service at Salt Shore. When the raven arrived with word that my mother had been brought to bed a month too soon, I was old enough to understand that meant the child would not live. Even when Lord Gargalen told me that I had a sister, I assured him that she must shortly die. Yet she lived, by the Mother’s mercy. And a year later Oberyn arrived, squalling and kicking. I was a man grown when they were playing in these pools. Yet here I sit, and they are gone.” (A Feast for Crows)

asoiaf meme (minor characters): doran, elia, and oberyn martell (4/8 relationships)


“Your men call Val a princess, but to the free folk she is only the sister of their king’s dead wife. If you force her to marry a man she does not want, she is like to slit his throat on their wedding night.” … They are all convinced she is a princess. Val looked the part and rode as if she had been born on horseback. A warrior princess, he decided, not some willowy creature who sits up in a tower, brushing her hair and waiting for some knight to rescue her. (A Dance with Dragons)

asoiaf meme (minor characters): val the wildling (1/10 characters)

NPC Generator

I thought over my idea of regulating minorities in Pathfinder so someone can’t have too many or too few, which kind of ruins immersion in either direction (though personally I think too few ruins it waaay more).  Here’s the table we came up with based on various surveys around the world.

1-5 homosexual
6-15 bisexual
16-18 asexual
19-100 heterosexual

1-6 transgendered
6 agender
7-17 gender queer/fluid
18-100 cisgender

1-50 female
51 intersex (genitals of both)
52-100 male

Minority (racial/ethnic)
1-30 ethnic/racial minority
31-100 not a racial/ethnic minority

Minority (Religious)
1-30 religious minority
OR (if racial minority)
1-50 religious minority
31/51-100 Not religious minority

1-20 younger than usual
21-75 adult
76-100 elder

1-15 underweight 
16-60 average weight
61-90 overweight 
91-100 very overweight

Note: For the purpose of simplicity, I combined pan and bisexuality as a thing because it’s difficult to differentiate the demographics of each in the large surveys I looked at.  I’d argue that’s a player choice, as it’s very much a form of personal identification at that point.

Depending on your world, you probably want to tweak these numbers.  A poor city wouldn’t have such a high chance of being overweight (I used western world demographics to map this, so), and as someone suggested, there’s not the same chance that every race has the same likelihood to be born gay or cisgendered.

Professor Layton asks
  1. Rank the games from favorite to least favorite.
  2. Which game has your favorite soundtrack?
  3. Favorite theme song?
  4. Favorite character design?
  5. Least favorite character design?
  6. Favorite antagonist?
  7. Least favorite antagonist?
  8. How were you introduced to Professor Layton?
  9. First impression of PL?
  10. First impression of Layton?
  11. First impression of Luke?
  12. First impression of Flora?
  13. First impression of Emmy?
  14. First impression of Aurora?
  15. First impression of Desmond?
  16. Thoughts on Eternal Diva?
  17. Favorite scene from Eternal Diva?
  18. Thoughts on Layton Brothers?
  19. Favorite Layton Brothers character?
  20. Favorite Layton Brothers case?
  21. Favorite minor character?
  22. Favorite location from each game?
  23. Favorite cutscene from each game?
  24. If you could change anything, plot-wise, from any of the games, what would you change?
  25. Hopes/predictions for Lady Layton?
  26. Any puzzle in particular you remember having trouble with?
  27. Hardest game?
  28. Easiest game?
  29. Favorite minigame?
  30. Least favorite minigame?
  31. If you could choose any character to make an appearance in Lady Layton, who would choose?
  32. A character you relate to.
  33. A character you can’t understand.
  34. A character everyone likes that you can’t stand.
  35. A character you wish were more popular. 
  36. A character you used to dislike but like now.
  37. A character you used to like but dislike now.
  38. Favorite ship?
  39. A ship you can’t stand?
  40. A ship you wish were more popular.
  41. Keats, Granny Riddleton, Beasly, or Puzzlette?
  42. Aldus or Stachenscarfen?
  43. Chelmey or Grosky?
  44. Don Paolo or Descole?
  45. Thoughts on PL vs PW:AA?
  46. Thoughts on the 3D models?
  47. Favorite Bostonius destination?
  48. Favorite thing about the games?
  49. Least favorite thing about the games?
  50. Tell me any headcanon you have about the game!
  51. Favorite AU?
  52. Saddest game?
  53. Game that was the most fun to play?
  54. Have you ever looked up the answer to a puzzle?
  55. Favorite quote from any of the games?

okay so off the top of my head here are some lgbt video games. please add on if you know any more i definitely would love to know more!! explicit canon stuff and not like… [minor character] in this (1) section of the game is bi. ty.

  • baldur’s gate 1 + 2 enhanced edition
  • brilliant shadows
  • crush crush
  • the longest journey/dreamfall: the longest journey/dreamfall chapters
  • gone home
  • life is strange
  • lovestruck (voltage)
  • undertale
  • mass effect series
  • mass effect: andromeda
  • dragon age series
  • jade empire
  • we know the devil
  • stardew valley
  • hustle cat
  • 2064: read only memories
  • night in the woods
  • roommates
  • lovestruck (voltage)
  • star wars: knights of the old republic (1 only, not 2)
  • star wars: the old republic (w/ expansions)

DnD game shenanigans:

We rolled up some level one characters to do minor quests while our main ones take care of the big jobs. We haven’t met all the newbie characters yet since one player couldn’t make it this session, but so far:

The halfling has an urchin background, which gives him a pet mouse.

The gnome likes to befriend small wild creatures, especially field mice. He found and befriended one en route to our first job and now has his own little rodent companion.

The tree-folk we found chained in a catacomb. He succeeded in a strength roll to pull free. When asked why he hadn’t done that earlier, he said he didn’t want to scare his friends, indicating the rats at his feet.

My big, tall, strong half-orc barbarian is named Luch. I chose it for the irony. It literally means ‘mouse’ in Irish.

(At this point our aasimar cleric has no known ties to rodentkind.)

This was thoroughly unplanned and unintended, but now we’re rolling with it.  We are the Mouse Gang.

Get to know me

Kuroko no basket edition

Kagami Taiga: Favourite knb character?

Kyoushi Teppei: Favourite knb team?

Kise Ryouta: Favourite school uniform/trikot?

 Aomine Daiki: Sexiest knb character?

Riko Aida: Favourite female character?

Akashi Seijuro: Best knb abbility?

Midorima Shintarou: Favourite voice actor?

Hanamiya Makoto: Least favourite character?

Murasakibara Atsushi: Favourite basketball game?

Kuroko Tetsuya: Favourite knb ship?

Takao Kazunari: Favourite minor character?

Momoi Satsuki: Favourite Kiseki? (+ Kagami)

Izuki Shun: Favourite knb eyes?

Imayaoshi Shoichi: Favourite knb character with glasses?

Kasamatsu Yukio: Favourite senpai?

Furihata Kouki: Favourite kouhai?

Tatsuya Himuro: Favourite knb friendship?

Send us a name and we will answer the question! (Feel free to reblog.)