a funny coincidence anyways


who got that anon pointing out the pattern between louis and shoes and eleanor??? every time he posted his feet eleanor would show up. then he followed those shoe twitters the other day and they were papped at his house… and then today, according to the fan, he walked into a shoe store with her…. it’s a funny coincidence is all im saying

Zay like Pancakes

Lucas: We were told there would be tacos.

Farkle: Three tacos please.

Zay: Uh…may I have pancakes?

I’m not a shipper of any kind, but this is literally all I could think about in “Girl Meets Bear”

  • Aries: Irene Adler
  • Taurus: Mycroft Holmes
  • Gemini: John Watson
  • Cancer: Molly Hooper
  • Leo: Greg Lestrade
  • Virgo: Mary Morstan
  • Libra: Anthea
  • Scorpio: James Moriarty
  • Sagittarius: Janine Hawkins/Mrs Hudson
  • Capricorn: Sally Donovan
  • Aquarius: Sherlock Holmes
  • Pisces: Philip Anderson

Funnily enough, there’s a franco-bulgarian historian called Tzvetan Todorov - And among a lot of other things he is a philosopher. Got it? Philosopher? Eh? Anyway, what a funny coincidence!
Apart from that: Hope you enjoy my Totoro-Heavy!

ninja-spoi painted him in the first place, because I suggested it for her awesome livestream - I found her result so fucking adorable, I couldn’t resist drawing him, too.


hello everyone! happy musical phandom meetup day!! this is actually a perfect day to upload this because it happens to be the anniversary of phil’s toxic music video but that was just a funny coincidence.. anyway…

this is a toxic parody about us, the phandom, starring us, the phandom. if you don’t follow me you might not know this, but i uploaded the audio to this song back in october not expecting anything to come out of it. it was actually the first original post i made to this blog so, of course, i was surprised when it got the recognition it did. i’ve been working on this project for a few months.

i don’t want to ramble on but here’s what you should know:

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