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Ludo vs. Rats
Brian H. Kim
Ludo vs. Rats

From Star vs. the Forces of Evil - Wand to Wand. This is an expansion of the prepared piano sounds we introduced in Ludo in the Wild, adding some action percussion and synths.

Spoiler: We learn in Wand to Wand that the wands are directly affected by emotions; as Ludo gets more angry, he becomes more able to focus his wand’s magic, and when Star is angry or frustrated, her spells come out negative. BUT, when MARCO is in trouble, Star is suddenly able to control her magic. A fun thing with the score this season is trying to connect the moods and the magic, trying to keep it cohesive, but also keeping the magic of Star and Ludo separate. There’s some layering and spring reverb and guitar distortion going on with the spells. (I make all the show’s spell sounds, btw.)

This one’s long overdue. Technically I did something similar last year, but since I only included friends I wouldn’t call it a follow forever — so here it is! I’ve been wanting to do one for such a long time, but somehow never did until now. I was afraid I’d end up forgetting about half of the people I’d like to put on here, and to be honest I probably have. But! I did my best.

Hereby, even if you might not be included in this post, I want to wish you all a great new year! Continue to work hard on whatever you want to achieve, and if you want a change this year please remember that change always starts with you. And it doesn’t require a turn of the year to start changing! But that’s enough of me being philosophical. 

First, my focus is on those people I’m actually close with — a lot of them sadly aren’t active on dash, but I’m gonna link them regardless. I apologize in advance for how repetitive my words are to all of you, because all in one I just want to say thank you. I’m blessed to have friends like you by my side, I hope you all know that. 

@ahyn — Babe. Hi. I don’t even know where to start exactly, especially since I gotta keep myself as short as possible. We’ve known each other for what, three years? Four? I don’t even know. All I know is that it took both of us a damn long time to fall in love with each other, but when we actually did, it happened so fast. Actually, I feel like it’s still happening — every single day, you give me even more reasons to love you. But I don’t wanna get too cheesy here, so I’ll leave it at that! Thank you for not only being my partner, but also my friend at the same time. You’re doing a great job at keeping me calm, content, and especially happy — which I didn’t think is even possible. I hope I can make you just as happy this year, and that we’re gonna be able to be happy together without having any more bricks thrown our way. I love you. 

@aellionios — I looked at my post from last year and noticed you were one of those I didn’t leave a note for. I mean, why would I, anyway? We weren’t exactly close, and you were a pain in the ass. Even more than you are now. But things happened, things brought us closer, and now I actually call you my best friend. Which is crazy, because we’re complete opposites and your bitter ass gets on my nerves more often than enough. But — at the same time, it’s probably what makes our friendship so special, right? Plus, I enjoy making fun of you. While it does suck what we had to go through last year, I’m also grateful because it didn’t only open my eyes but also gave me a new, loyal friend. I hate you sometimes (most times), but I love you for being that to me. P.S.: Please get laid soon, your mood swings are getting worse.

@ajls — Oh God, here we go. Despite me putting you in my dislikes, you know I actually love you a lot, right? Thanks to you I’ve been frustrated and angry so many times these past months, and I’m sure you know why. Worrying about someone can be exhausting, especially when they’re as stubborn as you have been, but I’m glad that everything has finally calmed down. I don’t know what’s going on lately, because you still don’t open up as much, but I know this year is gonna be a better one for you. If not, I guess I’ll have to kick your ass again. Don’t make me do that, alright? 

I’m gonna continue alphabetically under the cut!

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Air Moons (Gemini ♊️, Libra ♎️, Aquarius ♒️)

Air moons (Moon in Gemini, Libra or Aquarius) tend to have an aloof take on their emotions. They’re not really the “I feel” type, they are more likely to say “I think”, because Air signs are all about communication and thinking. They have a light and breezy mood which make them great company for just having fun or talking. They can be very sociable and may find it easy to converse with almost anyone. They are very intellectual and smart which also makes them great conversationalists because they know so much. Since they are so light and breezy, people find it frustrating that you may not be empathetic and not care about their emotions. You don’t know how to deal with these emotions because you yourself are unsure of your own. This makes it hard for you to relate to people emotionally and it makes you frustrated. You can be described as a cool wind because of your cold demeanor but your light and breezy mood. 

Zodiac Signs based on real people in my life
  • libra: don't get along with everybody, have a very unique sense of humor, sometimes the underdog and not appreciated, very good at being independent people, like trying new things, more social one on one than in groups*, takes a long time to get to know them well,
  • leo: social people, know how to make good first impressions, fun, easygoing, enjoy routines, typically sophisticated, tend to make friends easily, leos show off even if it's not intentional, are often seen smiling, can be overwhelmed by a challenge, egotistical
  • virgo: strong willed, make bold choices, intimate people, spontaneous, a virgo is a great friend to have and will always stand by your side, strongly opinionated, they enjoy talking about and discussing almost anything, need love, don't always take things the right way and can end up being hurt because of it, all around very fun people
  • pisces: quirky, fun people, make good first impressions, enjoy talking about themselves, seek advice often, look for stability in a relationship, healthy, observant, do not worry much about what others will think before acting, have sweet laughs, care about their family
  • scorpio: quiet people at first, very good in groups of people, thoughtful, animal friendly, hard to get intimate with at first, easy to talk to, sensitive, wait for others to speak before voicing their own opinions, very observant to detail, enjoy having a good time but know when it's time to lay back, can talk about one topic for a longer time than normal, hopeful, hold a lot to themselves and only open up when they really trust someone,
  • gemini: can attain anything they set their minds to do, studious, good friends, inquisitive, notice the good qualities in other people, can fall hard for someone based on what they think they know about them, positive people to have in your life, won't say no to an offer, break rules, dream big
  • Sagittarius: cocky, sure of themselves, can keep a joke going for hours, good people to hang out with one on one, have many friends, romantic, can get anxious easily, also easily frustrated, mature, try to deal with situations realistically instead of idealistically, supportive as a friend.
  • cancer: cancers are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. They will go out of their way to do a favor for you. May come off as high maintenance but are actually very down to earth. Enjoy life's simple pleasures, easily excited, can have mood swings, proud of their music taste
  • Aries: fun people, very caring, know their passions and will put a lot of effort into learning more about what they are interested in, they will never forget what someone says about them, don't usually take risks, they set small goals but work hard to attain them
  • aquarius: Reliable people, patient in situations, good at cheering you up, enjoy parties- mostly for the atmosphere, don't experiment much sexually, typically stick to what they know best and don't try new things often, enjoy being outdoors, good relationship partners but not very romantic, if you get to know them well enough they will begin to show a weird side that they don't show other people.
  • capricorn: polite, conscious about the world around them, giggly, always up to try new things, trendy, like to make jokes, not always aware of other people's feelings but know how to apologize/amend any relationship, enjoy working in teams, enjoy shopping when they have the money, bubbly, their personalities are sometimes misunderstood, get along well with adults,
  • taurus: I don't know a single taurus who isn't stubborn. This can be a good thing if they're stubborn for the right reason because then they will stand up for what they believe in strongly. Usually open minded, don't take things for granted, very intimate and sexual people, do not like to show their soft side at first but will open up to you, critical, driven, ambitious, extremely caring and considerate
learning curve [est. d/c]

on ao3

It starts with something stupid, as these things usually do. Well, it might be somewhat of a sacrilege to call Super Smash Bros. stupid, though perhaps the look of stupefaction on Dean’s face when he looses a tournament for the fifth time in a row to his smirking angelic boyfriend might make it appropriate after all.

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