a frolic of his own

anonymous asked:

I think the reason people enjoy tfios is because of the love story. I bought it because i was curious to see what all the commotion was about, and i read it until the middle but i kinda got boring with all the love and how kinda predictable it was (i did enjoy the half that i read thou) now is just standing in my shelf working as a dust collector

That probably contributes, too. However, I mostly lean towards the pseudo-intellectual theory as the reason of the hype because there are a lot of love stories WAY better than tfios that don’t get half of the hoopblah. Also due to the fact that it’s a very “safe” book; there’s nothing controversial, the romance is pretty vanilla and both of the characters are middle-class, straight and white. It just screams “SAFE”. They never have to make any difficult choices or deal with the repercussions of said choices; no characters make mistakes that lead to hurting themselves or others, and no character is ever called out, hurt by, or otherwise inconvenienced by their own flaws. Literally the only thing that gets in between Gus & Hazel’s happiness is their cancer. There is no conflict between them or anyone else ever. Both sets of parents willingly let their (ill) children go off to a foreign country and frolic around on their own. Gus is never called out on his arrogance and pretentiousness, which shoots down some of the arguments that his arrogance IS his flaw therefor he’s not a gary stu or a manic-pixie-dream-girlBOY. 

So, in the end, it’s not horrible, but I still hate it for all the undeserved attention and gushing it gets over far better books.