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Woop, assuming from your avatar, you enjoy puzzleshipping. Any fanfics in particular that u enjoy?


I hope I’m not offending anyone by saying that good puzzleshipping fanfic in this fandom is hard to come by, but anyway I’ve still managed to compile some fics that I really like, here you go. most of these are pretty short oneshots rip

Please remember to leave a review/comment on these fics!!! As a fanfic writer myself, I know how very important it is for readers to leave feedback.

Homecomings by LeDiz is a classic (at least in my mind), one of the first puzzle fics i ever read from even before I really got into the fandom.  Has fleshed-out OCs and a complex backstory as to Yugi’s family and really good puzzleshipping.

The Accidental Virgin by innominate - Fittingly for the title, I found this one completely by accident in a google search for meta on Yami being gay, it’s really old but really good.  Yugi and Yami talk about being gay in pharaonic times while simultaneously engaging in foreplay.  One of my favorites.

Written in Gold by Daimeryan - this has actually reminded me that I never left a comment on this fic despite really loving it, i’ll have to go do that when I’m done with this post. AU where Yugi runs a bookstore and Atem is a struggling writer.  It was written for christmas, so it’s got the seasonal vibe to it as well.  I really like how the fic actually includes elements of the japanese setting, instead of the unintentionally vague setting you get in most fics.

Immortal Game by tunafax - I’ll be honest, I have some issues with this one, such as Atem’s characterization, power imbalances, and being hard to follow, but the concept is cool and the prose is brilliant.  Also, it’s very nicely illustrated, and satisfyingly long, and the humor is done in a nice crisp style.  (and the in medias res used at the beginning is beautifully pulled off) The plot is hard to explain, especially since it’s still in progress, but it’s basically blindshipping.

Six Feet Under the Stars by meggannn - Drabble collection covering a bunch of different topics, but all really well-written and all puzzleshipping.  Chapter 9 absolutely destroyed me.

1001 Domino Nights by lucidscreamer - Doesn’t look like it’s going to ever be finished, unfortunately, but very good while it lasts. Basically Atem is a genie and he and Yugi fall in love.

Drug Lords Don’t Have Sidekicks by selfish-ghost - Although the premise of the fic makes me kind of mmmmmm, it’s still excellently written and a very good read. also TRANS JOUNOUCHI

Curiosity and Satisfaction by faikitty - Just a oneshot, a First Time fic that fades to black before the actual action, but it’s nice and sweet and I like it.

The Cheesiest by Angeliz - They have sex on the kitchen table while parodying puzzleshipping fanfic cliches. pure crack tbh

Whom the King Loves: A Love Story in 50 Sentences by lucidscreamer - Follows their relationship through canon and then into Post-Canon Happy Place Where No One Dies and it is glorious and beautiful.

The Legend in the Water by mistykasumi - uhhh normal school au where no one is a ghost? the pov switches are really confusing but there’s a really great sex scene (even if Smooth Dominant atem is a bit ooc)

Shower Thoughts by Kaibbage - Cute domestic scene that explores the logistics of sharing a body with someone else.

He Has a Heartbeat by Kaibbage - Post-canon reunion fic that’s basically pwp but still gave me many emotions. and it’s hot too so that’s good

The Gangster and the Game King by freneticat - Film noir-esque au.  Still in progress, but the writing style is pretty solid and it promises to be good.

i’m sorry, but i’m just thinking of the right words to say by weatheredlaw - au where Yugi has had a rougher life, and finds the puzzle when he’s older and a lot more cynical and bitter.  Interesting characterization, although i’m not sure if I follow the reasoning behind it, it’s a good read nonetheless.

Before by doctordodgeball - Oh hey i just realized that this was written by a friend of mine damn how did i not notice that before.  Anyway this is very short but it conveys a lot in a few words and it makes me emotion

Drinking Games - tw for alcohol.  Yugi and Yami get drunk together, as seen from the perspective of Yugi’s grandfather.  Short but sweet.

Akhet by Ariasune - I have to confess I never finished this one, or even got that far into it, I just didn’t have the time to read it in one sitting and never got to finish it.  But the premise is interesting and the writing style is solid and i really need to finish it

The Nameless Pharaoh by KuroNekoFangirl - In which Yugi is a police officer and Yami is a mysterious new stranger in town.  Only one chapter in so far, but the premise is promising.

Dying Changes Everything by meggannn - Angst fic set right before the ceremonial duel.  It fucked me up. tbh i’d recommend checking out all this author’s stuff

take comfort by weatheredlaw - Fic to the theme of hands. idk what else to say about it. it’s good. again i’d recommend checking out all this author’s stuff

WOW OKAY THAT GOT LONG BUT ALSO…….. putting my own fics on this list…… shameless self-promo time….. (please leave a comment if you’re going to read them thank you……)

a little earthquake - first time sappy handjobs. i’m proud of this

our kingdom come - short fluffy drabble

Getting Rivalzoned (And Learning To Live With It) - my current Masterpiece wip. yugi and atem’s relationship as told from the perspective of a jealous kaiba. still in progress

(and more to come!!! i am always writing fics and will post more in the future)

ANYWAY that’s all i can think of but if anyone else has any to contribute go for it!!!! really hoping this posts properly because i spent ages on it