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Friday Song Series (14/?): On Tuesday? Look, I was traveling, and also being very picky so… valid excuses! Here is a song I wrote after getting a major blow a few years ago on a huge personal life goal….just feeling trapped, and frustrated, and exhausted, and angry. Some latent feelings about growing up worked their way in as well. The third verse is technically from another song around the same theme… I’m still playing around with adding it in. Let me know if you like! Lyrics below. 

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anonymous asked:

What does it mean that the song is released on july 11 but it may be available on the 7th digitally?

Charts ranking is counted from Friday to Thursday so songs are typically released on Friday to get a whole week worth of sales and streams, while songs impact radio plays later in the week. So for this song, it is July 11, the following Tuesday.

Some stupid shit i found on a stupid blog

A age : Is the police asking 
B birthplace : My mums vagina
C current time : Time is a social construct 
D last drink you had : something alcoholic 
E easiest person to talk to : Myself obviously 
F fave song : Friday by Rebecca Black
G grossest memory : When a girl talked to me 
H horror no or yeah: Is it porn ?
I in love: madly (only serious answer) 
J jealous of ppl : Nooo… (Cries inside)
K killed someone : Is the police asking ?
L love at first sight or should i walk by again : Love is just a buzzword to get laid
M middle name : Adolf
N number of siblings : I think I’ve killed them all 
O one wish : To stop being so perfect 
P person you called last : An employee at Mcdonalds
Q question you are always asked : Can you please get away from me 
R reason to smile : So they don’t think you’re dead inside 
S song you heard last : Gangnam Style 
U underwear colour : Not wearing any
V vacation destination : Yo mamas jungle in the south of the border
W worst habit : - 
X x-rays ( boring so instead it will be favorite porn theme because XXX) : Amputee Midget Futanari hentai 
Y fave food : Yo mamas pussy 
Z zodiac sign : killer
@iustus-lupus-da-aurora answer them

Three Days Grace

Aries- “Animal I Have Become”, “Break”, “ Nothing’s Fair in Love and War”, and  “I Hate Everything About You”

Taurus- “Time of Dying”, “The Real You”, and “Over and Over” 

Gemini- “Someone Who Cares”, “Scared”, and “It’s All Over” 

Cancer- “Fallen Angel”, “Over and Over”,  “Let You Down” and “Home” 

Leo- “Break” and “Let It Die” 

Virgo- “The High Road” 

Libra- “The Good Life”, “Take Me Under”, “Unbreakable Heart”, and “Lost in You” 

Scorpio- “I Hate Everything about You”, “Chalk Outline”, and  “Gone Forever” 

Sagittarius- “Never Too Late” and “Get Out Alive” 

Capricorn-  “Animal I Have Become”, “Misery Loves My Company”, “Tell Me Why”, and “World So Cold”

Aquarius- “Just Like You”, “Human Race”, “Riot” and “I am Machine” 

Pisces-  “Pain”, “Lost in You”, and “Painkiller”

oceancitywarrior  asked:

I was wondering if you have any AUs on soulmates, but having to do with music? Because I've seen lots of ones with Time, Tattoos, and the ribbon/string things.

  • If one of the soulmates starts singing, the other does, too. Character A has been singing the same album on repeat for two months now every night. Their soulmate must either be really into that artist, or their soulmate is that artist.
  • Character A is singing in their choir and spots Character B dancing to the beat in the crowd – this is something that happens when you hear your soulmate sing. The problem is that Character A doesn’t have a solo to see if Character B is dancing to their song. Luckily, improv is kind of Character A’s thing so they change their song and see if Character B changes their song.
  • Whenever someone plays an instrument, their soulmate is compelled to do the same. In the past month alone, Character A has learned how to play six different instruments and just wants their soulmate to chill a bit.
  • “Somehow I heard your voice all the way across campus, so I followed it and accidentally walked in on your acapella practice with the school’s group and they’re all glaring at me but I just want to hear you sing some more” AU
  • “I can hear when you play music in my head, and normally you play really upbeat songs and they help me through the day, but this week you’ve been playing sad songs and I don’t know what’s wrong or how to help you” AU
  • Character A has had this song stuck in their head all day. Normally,  this wouldn’t be weird, but the song isn’t in a language that Character A recognizes and yet Character A still understands it perfectly. Somewhere in the world. Character B is jamming out to their favorite foreign song and sharing it with their soulmate, Character A.
Indie Friday Playlist

1. Cross My Mind - A R I Z O N A

2. Falling Faster - Andrew Ripp

3. French Class - BLAJK

4. Fall In Love - Barcelona

5. Six Feet Under - Billie Eilish

6. Closer - Cape Cub

7. Your Shirt - Chelsea Cutler

8. Young - Cosmos Creature

9. We’ve Been Dreaming - Echotape

10. Blinded - Emmit Fenn

11. Promises - Handsome Ghost

12. Be Yourself - Harrison Storm

13. Heartbreak - Jake Bossi

14. This Is Why I Need You - Jesse Ruben

15. Oh Lover - Joe Flowers

16. Cinnamon - Jome

17. Different Kind of Love - Kid Runner

18. Give Me Something To Love - Kid Runner

19. Hey Child - Korbee

20. Walk Away - Lany

21. Breathe - Lauv

22. The Story Never Ends - Lauv (Piano Ver.)

23. Gravity - Leo Stannard x Frances

24. I Just Wanna Love You - The Librarians

25. All Again - Marcus Alexander

26. Shadow Light - Martin Luke Brown

27. Bayou - Mountains By The Moon

28. Slow Down - New Coast

29. Young Blood - Noah Kahan

30. Better Days - Old Sea Brigade

31. One and Only - Royal Tongues

32. Where’s My Love - SYML

33. People I Love - Sick Individuals feat. Stevie Appleton

34. Crash - Trella

35.Other Side - VACAY

36. Drive (Oh Wonder Cover) - Valley

37. Swim- Valley

38. For You - WILD

39. Silver Gold - WILD

40. Bare - WILDES

sitting inside one of my favorite coffee shops with one of my favorite people. it’s raining outside, my dream house is right across the street, i have ben howard playing, and i have time to simply d r e a m. it’s been a while since i’ve had the privilege of time to myself.

i’m dreaming of this house right across the street: it’s wood shake siding, brick chimney, big trees surrounding it, warm lights in the attic, and small front yard. it’s secluded while simultaneously being in the middle of the city. i dream of owning a home just like this very one; minneapolis is good at combining city living + lots of trees and lakes, so i’m thankful that that dream isn’t so unrealistic here. i dream of filling the house with a family and lots of food and laughter and love. i dream of slow sundays where the house smells like warm soup and pjs are worn all day. i dream of waking up early and walking across the street to the coffee shop i sit in right now to have a cup of coffee while i read the newspaper. i dream of flower boxes and cozy friday nights and favorite songs floating throughout the house. i dream of quiet, rainy saturday afternoons where we keep the windows open to hear + smell the rain while we read books and soft, classical music plays in the background. i dream of walking our pup through the neighborhood with friends and then having them over for dinner + wine + real conversation out in the front yard under string lights. i dream of you, of you, of you doing all of this alongside me. my heart hurts with how far i feel from you, with how far all of this dream feels. at the same time, though, my heart is hopeful for this. for you.