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HHHHHHHHHHH AGAIN WHY DO I HAVE TO SPEND SO MUCH TIME ON THIS only to find out I’m late… And where I am? Just barely late. -w-

So celebrating a certain AfterDeath chile’s birthday, you get wishes from your parents, one of your brothers(I’m sorry, I didn’t have the time to draw any more and it might take a lot of work to edit more in), and your… “friend”(And your actual mom wanting to ship you two(I’m sorry nekophy-senpoi).)) While your uncles are just bickering over the smallest little of things… -w- I busted my ass working on this and hhhhhhhhh I’m sorry for it looking even remotely crappy…

But to sum it all up… HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GOTH(Even if it is late and shiz… -w-)!

Goth and Stick-cat - created by @nekophy

Geno Sans, Error Sans, and Fresh Sans - created by @loverofpiggies

Reaper Sans - created by @renrink

Pix(The skele in the third pic) - created by @sugarbatartwork (Hhhhhh I’m sorry if you’re not okay with me using your chile but hhhhhhh I wanted an AfterDeath sibling to greet Goth and all. And I’m sorry for ruining him)

Palette Roller - created by @angexci

Give me a Nightcloud who absolutely and without hesitation lays into Breezepelt because how dare he join the Dark Forest and betray every cat he’s ever known, she raised him better than that.

Give me a Nightcloud who’s positively furious at Breezepelt for taking Heathertail as a mate and fathering kits with her because she knows that he’s just doing it to keep up appearances of loyalty, just like his dad.

Give me a Nightcloud who’s wrath knows no bounds when she finds out about what Breezepelt tried to do to Poppyfrost.

Give me a Nightcloud who realizes that her own overprotectiveness was just as much to blame as Crowfeather’s distance for Breezepelt joining the Dark Forest because it made him believe he was entitled to and could get away with anything he wanted.

Give me a Crowfeather who admits that he couldn’t withstand the immense amount of pressure he was put under from a very young age, being the deputy’s apprentice and the chosen WindClan cat of the prophecy that led to the Great Journey.

Give me a Crowfeather who admits how lonely and isolated he felt, how desperate he was to prove that he was worthy to travel alongside these other cats who all had connections to each other.

Give me a Crowfeather that still grieves over the death of Feathertail, the first cat besides his mother who ever treated him with kindness without expecting anything from him, and still has nightmares about her death even after all these seasons.

Give me a Crowfeather who blames himself so much for all of the trauma he went through that he refuses to let himself get close to any cat, since all that will do is bring them harm and suffering.

Give me a Crowfeather that wanted nothing more than to give his only son the space to grow into his own cat, something he never had, but had no idea how to go about it, because he’d never known what it was to have attention paid to him without some kind of expectation attached to it.

Give me a fandom that recognizes Crowfeather as a very flawed but ultimately tragic character who was put through the ringer and then left to stagnate before getting closure on his character arc.

Give me a fandom that is actually capable of objective analysis without devolving into flame wars.

Give me a fandom that holds Breezepelt accountable for his actions instead of trying to make excuses for him.

Give me a Nightcloud that refuses to acknowledge Breezepelt as her son, because no son of hers would ever dare set a paw in the Dark Forest.

Give me a Nightcloud that understands why Crowfeather is so distant to her and Breezepelt, even if she doesn’t quite forgive him for it.

Give me a Crowfeather who realizes that he can’t bear to drive any more cats away and continue to be lonely and promises to try and do better by Nightcloud.

Give me a Crowfeather and Nightcloud that reconcile and come to understand one another better instead of constantly being hostile towards each other.

Give me a Heathertail that refuses to let Breezepelt anywhere near their kits after hearing about the incident with Poppyfrost, going so far as to tell their kits that they were fathered by a rogue.

Give me acknowledgement of the mess that’s going on in WindClan and fix it properly.

raiona  asked:

Hey there! I have an indoor cat and we're setting up a bit of a catio for him out on the deck. I've gotten a large shallow planter that I'd like to fill with something for him to dig in, but I'm not sure what sort of material would be best. I thought sand originally, but the one thing I can find talking about digging for cats referred to fresh soil. Unfortunately searching is mostly turning up people looking for help with cats digging up their flowers. Any idea what would be best?

Maybe just test a bunch of things and see? If you’ve got the space, you could put different substrates in shallow trays (like metal baking trays) and see which ones he likes to walk on or dig in or lay on. That could inform you what he’s most likely to use in the actual planter. Or, you could do a mix - dirt under, sand on top?

Behind Locked Doors | Part 2

Aaaand that’s a wrap! Thank you guys as always for your support!

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There was no doubt a time in history when the Castle of Lions was alive with aliens of all shapes and sizes. The Alteans don’t talk about the fact that their food processor has a Galra setting, or that the archives are available in over five hundred different languages, or that the castle’s bedroom sizes range from “cardboard box” to “modest airplane hangar.“ Whatever crew manned the castle before the war was obviously as diverse as the universe was wide—but ten thousand years later, the Altean’s once-crowned fortress floats hollow amongst the stars, reduced to a crystal ghost town.

Normally, Shiro doesn’t dwell on the history of the castle. Voltron's mission makes him feel bigger than the space around him. Now, with Keith out of commission, there’s no grand purpose to distract Shiro from the castle’s dark mood. The halls ring at a single set of footsteps. The vaulted ceilings reach up and up towards the heavens like laced fingers. There’s a thinness to the air that curdles Shiro’s stomach.

Shiro looks up, seated on the stairs of the infirmary, and thinks about how small he and his teammates are. A person could just as easily die from a bad trip down the stairs as a sword through the heart. It’s almost paradoxical, how Voltron can be so powerful and so vulnerable at the same time.

From his spot on the stairs, Lance sighs.

“What should we say when he wakes up?” he asks. His jacket droops on his shoulders. “Should we just…pretend like nothing happened?”

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Chapter Nine

“I want a squirrel.” Yellowfang pushed the trout at her paws away from her, looking repulsed.

“For the last time, we don’t have any,” Firepaw grumbled. “If you wanted squirrels, you should’ve been nicer to that ThunderClan patrol.”

Firepaw had been tending to Yellowfang for a few days now, but as he quickly learned, this mainly consisted of him bantering with her over the fresh-kill and getting smug looks from cats like Beetleclaw and Silverpaw.

“Bah,” Yellowfang scoffed. “If you weren’t such a lousy hunter you’d find me one yourself.”

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damelola  asked:

In the pool - Supercat :)

Okay–I’ve never, ever done a prompt before on tumblr but since it was Lola asking and I owe her–like–a billion coffees at least, I thought I’d take a chance on this.  I won’t be doing others at the moment, owing to a schedule I have to keep with One Bridge at a Time, but I hope you enjoy this one.

Hotter Than Hot

August in National City was the worst.

The heat of the day would sometimes get trapped at ground level, reflected up from the asphalt of the city at large and down from the towering glass-and-steel skyscrapers.  On days like that, everyone in CatCo seemed to wilt, downing iced coffees as if they were personally responsible for saving lives and fanning themselves with unfiled paperwork even though the building’s AC was working overtime.

Everyone except Kara.

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This week in paperback fiction…

  • Elizabeth Strout’s The Burgess Boys follows a fractured family dealing with a crime committed by the youngest son. (Check out Maureen Corrigan’s review.)

And in paperback nonfiction…

All of Me, Chapter One

Their new designs gave me inspiration. I love the Bees :3. And I have a theory that Blake found a anti-White FangFaunus group, and it explains her new clothes.

Hope you enjoy it~

‘Get away from her!’, Yang’s voice echoed in Blake’s head, the memories from 6 months ago still fresh in Blake’s mind.

The cat Faunus looked at the ocean in front of her as the sun started to rise. The last six months had been hard, but she had found some help. After a month jumping the roofs of Vale, a group of Faunus found her. They were good people, always willing to help each other. Blake felt ashamed at how fast she had earned their trust. Their leader, Alexander, was a tiger Faunus who once fought for the White Fang, but eventually saw them for what they had become. He ran away two years before Blake had left. He was four years older than her, with blonde hair and a little bit of facial hair, tall and with emerald green eyes. Alex always wore dark brown boots, black pants and a black leather jacket. He was the one who found Blake and took her to safety.

“Are you sure you can do this alone?”, Alexander asked, making Blake jump. She gave him a death glare, frowning deeply.

“Don’t sneak up on me”, the young woman said in a brusque tone.

“Sorry, it became a habit. Sneak up, kill the enemy, go away”, he laughed. “But you’re no enemy, so instead of killing you, I just scare you.”

“You shouldn’t”, Blake looked to the ocean again. “And yes, I’m sure. This is… This is something I have to do alone.”

“Just be careful then. Patch isn’t the Emerald Forest. That place is full of exotic Grimm, like Beringels and Pantheras(*). Do you really think you can handle it by yourself?“

“Yes. This is something I need to do”, Blake, determined. She would face all the evil in Remnant if it meant that she would be able to see Yang again.

A smaller vessel entered Blake’s vision. “Next ship to Patch!”, the commander shouted.

“Guess this is it”, Blake said, turning to Alexander. They shook hands, the man shooting her a grin.

“Good luck out there, Blake Belladonna. I hope you bring your ‘friend’ along to join us”, Alex winked and put his sun glasses, turning around and walking away.

Blake entered the ship, her heart racing. She would finally see Yang again. ‘But… Does Yang want to see me?, the cat Faunus thought. And before she could change her mind and get out of the ship, it started moving. There was no going back now; Blake would have to face the consequences of her actions.


The travel to Patch was calm, even with the aquatic grimm swimming around and making her nervous. If they attacked the ship, Blake knew she had little chance to survive, the cat in her instinctively fearing the water. Blake cursed Yang for living in an island, she cursed Adam for dismembering her, and making her go to Patch. But mainly, she cursed herself for not sticking around and having to go alone with a creepy old sailor to Patch.

Thankfully the voyage passed without incident. Blake jumped out of the ship after thanking the old man, who appeared to be in his sixties. Blake looked at the forest in front of her and sighed. She had a long way to walk. But at least now she wasn’t in a ship, sailing with Grimm circling her everywhere she went. Now she could fight back, should any grimm attempt to devour her.

The cat Faunus girl started walking to her destination. The forest was pretty dark, even though the sun was had risen a few hours earlier. ‘At least being a Faunus has its uses some of the time’, Blake thought, in a flash of dark humor. ‘This forest is terrifying with night vision, but it must be quite worse for humans…’. After some minutes walking deeper and deeper into the forest, Blake’s ears twitched at the sound of distant growling. She looked around, looking for the source of the sound. When she found nothing, she kept walking.

Suddenly, a Panthera jumped out of the trees. The creature of Grimm lived up to its name, looking like a giant panther out of an old horror story. The bone armor went from the top of the head down the Panthera’s back, having some extensions to the rib cage. The piercing orange-red eyes glowed as it stared at Blake, making it look like the monster knew all of her sins, fears and weaknesses. The black fur, even in the lightless horizon, shone in dark glee. The predator looked like it was thirteen feet tall and thirty two feet long. To say it scared Blake would be an understatement.

The beast roared in savage glee, having found its prey, making the ground shake with the force of its roar. Blake got her sword, stabbing the ground with it to help her stay still. The wind surged strongly and she looked down to avoid getting dust in her eyes. When she looked up again, the Panthera was running towards her. Blake yanked her sword out of the ground and dodged before the monster could get to her and savage her. The cat Faunus sighed in relief before attacking the Grimm.

Unfortunately, it had the same idea as her, running to her again, its claws larger than Blake’s Gambol Shroud. Blake used her semblance, creating a group of shadow clones, confusing the beast as she projected herself to the front, jumping at the beast’s face in a reckless move. She stabbed the Panthera’s right eye, making the beast cry in pain and viciously shake its head.

The sudden movement sent Blake flying into a nearby tree, causing her back to cry out in sudden agony. ‘I guess I’ve hung around Yang so much, I’ve begun to adopt her fighting style’, Blake thought grimly, standing as the panthera began its attack anew. ‘I’d better not keep following her example…’

Blake forced herself up, groaning in pain as she did so. The Panthera looked at her, its remaining eye lacerating her soul with malicious intent. It attacked Blake once again, giving no time for the Faunus to recover herself from the impact. Blake’s eyes widened as she sought a solution, but it was too late. The beast bit the top half of her body, devouring it whole. The other half fell to its knees; it was but a shadow without substance. Growling in frustration, the panthera’s ears twitched, seeing the girl running, already too far away. The panther stared down Blake’s fleeing figure, burning her imprint into its soulless being.


Blake ran until she could barely move, never looking back for fear of the panther catching up. The Faunus girl kept asking herself if it was truly worth it to come here alone. ‘I should’ve let Alex help me…’, Blake thought. ‘But there’s no time for regrets right now’. Blake looked back for the first time in nearly an hour, not finding any signs of the monster that attacked her. Sighing in relief, Blake slowed to a walk, now having time to think about how she would approach her partner after six months away from her. Six months after Blake had ran away from her. Many things had changed, Blake herself had changed. And she was aware Yang probably had too.

“How will I approach her?”, the Faunus muttered to herself. “I can’t just show up like nothing happened and say ‘Hi, I’m back’. That would be ridiculous…“

As Blake continued to ponder how she would try to get near to her partner, the thought of turning around and going back to Vale and be safe with her new friends crossing her mind. But she knew she would have to face the Panthera again, and that monster wasn’t something to fight alone. ‘Yang may be angry at me, but that Panthera wants to eat me… And I won’t do any good inside the stomach of a Grimm’

Too distracted to notice she was nearing the outskirts of the forest, Blake continued to walk until found herself looking at a house at the end of the clearing. Blake was momentarily blinded by the sudden change in light at first, and reflexively shielded her eyes from the sudden sunlight. “Damn it…”, she muttered. Then, when her eyes finally got used to the light, she started to take in the details of the place.

The house seemed to be relatively large, having two floors. It was made of wood and looked like those camp houses Blake usually saw in missions on the country part of Mistral when she was with the White Fang. Then, Blake’s eyes traveled to the side of the house, finding a blonde girl sitting on what seemed to be a tree trunk. The golden hair was disheveled, but still beautiful, if in a now melancholy way. Blake’s heart skipped a beat when she looked down and saw the girl’s right arm missing, her mind flashing to that fateful night.

“Yang…”, Blake said, without thinking. ‘So much for planning the right way to approach Yang’, Blake thought wryly to herself. When the girl turned around to look at her, the cat Faunus stepped back involuntarily. She noticed how much Yang’s appearance had changed. She looked thinner, her face looked tired and she had dark circles around her eyes. Her lilac eyes, once vivid and electric, were now fogged and cold. Dark circles were formed around her eyes, making her look even more… Off. Yang valued her rest; she was always the last one of us up in the morning. Something was definitely wrong.

“You…”, was all Yang said. Blake waited for more, but, Yang simply got up and started walking away. Blake panicked, getting out of her thoughts and running to Yang.

“Wait!”, Blake yelled as she got to Yang’s side. She took the other girl’s hand in hers, making Yang shoot her a quite cold glare. “I’m sorry,” Blake pleaded, tears beginning to form in her eyes. Yang pulled her hand away harshly and the Faunus stepped to the side, seeking refuge from Yang’s eyes, seemingly devoid of emotion. They looked at each other’s eyes for the first time in what seemed to be ages. Yang said nothing, letting her eyes speak for her. ‘Go away’ was what they were saying. Blake tried to say something, her eyes pleading to be forgiven. ‘Not again…’

Blake’s heart sank as Yang started to walk away. The blonde brawler opened the door and entered the house, but Blake stopped her from closing it. “Yang! I-I’m sorry! Please, don’t go… I can explain, I-”

“You left me. There’s nothing to explain about that”, Yang said and slammed the door. Blake fell to her knees, eyes tearing up.

“I’m sorry…”


The day passed by in dreary silence as Blake sat with her back against a tree, thinking again about the best way to approach. “She’s furious… Perhaps I should try again. But what if she rejects me again?’, Blake thought sadly as she looked at the afternoon sky. The Faunus was hurt after receiving the cold treatment Yang gave her. Blake expected Yang to yell at her, hit her, push her. But she could never have prepared for the cold rejection that waited for her.

Deciding she was done waiting for Yang to open the door, Blake walked to it and knocked slowly. “Yang? Are you there?”. Nothing was the answer the Faunus got. Blake then lost her patience. She felt like Yang was playing with her, neglecting her like that.

“Yang!”, the Faunus yelled an. “Open the door! I have to talk to-”, Blake was interrupted by Yang opened the door with an angry look. “You.”

“I don’t want to listen to anything you have to say, Blake. Why don’t you get it and simply go to whatever place you were all these months?”

“Because I need to talk to you, to apologize, to explain! You’re my-”

“Partner? Yeah, you didn’t seem to care too much about it when you left. Now just… Leave me alone. Just like you did six months ago”, Yang snapped, her eyes turning red.

Blake opened her mouth to speak again, but a knot formed in her throat and she swallowed. She only noticed she was crying when she felt an odd wetness on her eyes. Deciding she’d already had enough, Blake spoke up. “Fine. I’ll… I’ll leave.”

With that said, Blake turned around and started to walk away. ‘I shouldn’t have come here. She hates me!’, Blake whipped back her tears. ‘I don’t blame her though…It’s all my fault…

Blake reentered the forest, looking back to see the door closed. There was no sign of Yang anywhere; it was as if the house were suddenly abandoned. Blake choked up as she prepared herself to leave without her partner. ‘Goodbye, Yang…’

To Bee Continued

(*)Panthera: A Panther Grimm created by me. It’s usually 13'1 tall and 32'8 large. This feline is really dangerous and should be fought in a group of at least four people. Generally can be found wandering through the forests of Patch, North of Vale and East of Mistral, waiting for opponents. The Pantheras also scare other creatures of Grimm away, preferring to fight by itself.

This will be a multi chapter fic! Alexander is my newest OC and I’ll eventually make a post explaining him xd.

I would also like to thank my dear friend, @imhereforthefandomsandrwby, for the awesome editing. :)

Thanks for reading,