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Clary Fray x Isabelle Lightwood

“Sweet mother, I cannot weave –
slender Aphrodite has overcome me
with longing for a girl.”

- Sappho (transl. Diane Rayor)

Read It Wednesday

Week 15! I’m finally starting to catch up on series, so hopefully you’ll start seeing your own in here! Note that drabbles are no longer included due to the length of the recs. I hope y’all enjoy this weeks compilation. 

Dean x Reader

  • Falling In Love With You” by @lucifersagents (fluff) My heart soared at watching Clint Eastwood movies with him late at night. That sounds so perfect. I loved Dean’s confession with being in love with her. And poor Sam… when will he learn to knock. At least nobody was naked… yet.
  • You Were The One” by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing (angst/fluff) Dean’s such a good father. I love daddy!dean so much. I love how he interacts with his son, and even when the love of his life leaves he makes sure that Sam watches the baby so he can go get her back. This was amazing!
  • Shots Fired” by @torn-and-frayed (angst/fluff) This was a rollercoaster and I loved it. I love protective and worried Dean. Plus, I love how adorable the end is with Dean rating his pain and it just slowly going away the closer she got. Awesome fic!
  • The Honeymoon” by @iwantthedean (fluff; series) This series has been my favorite thing for so long! I love all the little updates you put out! The last line of this fic made my heart race. I also cannot wait for them to start making babies.
  • Imagine Dean coming home to you dancing around the kitchen, singing Pour Some Sugar on Me while baking a pie.” by @bringmesomepie56 (smut) This song is such a dancing song. I love the visual of Dean’s face when he walks in on her. I could totally see it in my head. Plus, the sex was awesome. And I certainly think they’ll be needed that pie after some sex. Gonna work up an appetite going at it.
  • An Impossible Choice” by @nichelle-my-belle (smut/angst) this had me right on the edge of my seat with the choice. I was like screaming at the fic of who to choose. This was so heartbreaking in an utterly perfect way. Bravo, I’m literally clapping. I love this so much.
  • Between The Lines” by @deanssweetheart23 (fluff) you’re such a beautiful writer oh my god. All the description at the beginning just melts me. It’s so perfect. And the way you describe Dean’s smell, I could almost smell it myself. I loved it. And the underwear. I’m laughing so hard at that. This is perfect fluff.
  • Here Now” by @impala-dreamer (angst/fluff) I am a puddle of tears. This was so sweet like Dean needed all that love.  So many emotions all the love but then the hurt and gah, this is perfect, Beka.
  • Imagine Dean Thinking Your Voice is cute when you’re sick” by @imadeangirl-butimsamcurious (fluff) THIS IS ME. I NEEDED THIS. THIS HAS BEEN ME FOR THE LAST MONTH OKAY. I WAS SURE I WAS GONNA BE TAKEN OUT BY THE COMMON COLD. Okay, caps lock off, this was so sweet. I definitely needed this.
  • Can I Boop Your Nose?” by @winchester-writes (angst) my heart. This hurts so bad. Crazy!Sam with lucifer hallucinations was always my favorite, so reading about the reader going through the same thing and taking Sam’s spot just makes me love it so much more. This was amazing.

Jensen x Reader

  • Vancouver To Texas” by @inmysparetime0 (fluff) am I biased because I got to read this over your shoulder? This was fantastic Lindsey! I’m so in love with how generous Jensen is. Plus, I love the teasing of Jared with the spoon. My poor baby, but I laugh. This was so cute!
  • Imagine Jensen being a nervous goofball at your wedding rehearsal” by @bringmesomepie56 (fluff) ADORABLE! I love that song so much, it’s totally perfect too. And I can just see Jensen being so nervous. I loved this fic a whole lot.
  • Too Good” by @impala-dreamer (fluff) Jensen just looks too damn good in everything. How dare he. Also, I’m thinking someone missed their flight. Worth it though.
  • Perfect (Part 9)” by @supernatural-jackles (angst; series) you know what? Everything is not perfect anymore, Jen. You fucking ripped my heart out, I’d like it back now. I’d also like you to stitch it up real nice and perrty so it doesn’t leave a scar. YOU NEED TO FIX THIS BEFORE I START THROWING PUNCHES!

Sam x Reader

  • One Thousand Words” by @inmysparetime0 (fluff) THIS IS THE SWEETEST SAM FIC I’VE EVER READ! I need all the sam kisses. They’re like a cure all, the miracle drug and I am craving them. This was beautiful Lindsey, so god damn beautiful. (seriously, how dare you make me tear up at fluff)
  • Perfect” by @imagineteamfreewill (fluff) Aw, this is so adorable. It’s definitely a pick me up fic. Sam’s so sweet and supportive and I love the dancing in the field, I’m a sucker for that kind of romantic stuff!
  • A Thousand Years” by @writer-picks-the-music (angst/fluff) I really really love how you wrote the reader in this! Her and Sam’s relationship was amazing. I love the constant reassuring Sam that he’s worth it. You also did an amazing job writing Sam for it being your first time. This was an amazing fic!
  • Better Than This” by @melbelle45 (fluff/smut) This is so perfect! I love how you described their relationship and the struggle they went through to get to where they were. Daddy!Sam is also my weakness, so his being such a good father just warms my heart, especially at the end when he’s walking around with his son, gah! That imagery is perfect. And, obviously, I enjoyed the smut, very well written. This is definitely a new favorite fic of mine.
  • Black and Blue” by @bringmesomepie56 (smut) This was awesome! Poor Sam’s eye, but I mean, he really should’ve seen it coming. I love how passionate the feelings were, I could really hear Sam saying them and just see the look on his face. And obviously, the smut was wonderful. Great fic!
  • Wake up Call” by @impala-dreamer (smut) SHE BETTER PAY HIM BACK HE DESERVES IT AFTER THAT! I mean, that’s one hell of a way to wake up. Wouldn’t mind that every morning.

Jared x Reader

  • Lift You Up” by @impalaimagining (fluff; READ THE WARNINGS) wow… honestly, I’m at a loss for words. This was just beautifully written. I could really feel all the reader was going through, and that scene in the bathroom when Jared stops her just got to me and I just started bawling. It was so perfectly written. I cannot thank you enough for this fic.  

Castiel x Reader

  • Blue” by @writer-picks-the-music (fluff) I love that they were watching Lilo and Stitch at the beginning! I love that movie so much so I’m happy to see how you tied it into the fic. I love the way you wrote Cas as well, very fitting. 

A song of men and bastards

Fandom: Shadowhunters
Characters: Clary Fray/Jace Wayland, Alec Lightwood/Magnus Bane, Valentine Morgenstern, Maryse Lightwood, minor Jocelyn Fray/Luke Garroway, minor Simon Lewis, minor Isabelle Lightwood
Setting: Royal AU/Fantasy AU
Atmosphere: Fairytale like with a sad beginning, an angsty middle and a happy end
Written for: @shadowhuntersaumondays
Words: 8310
Links: AO3 

Summary: When King Valentine Morgenstern discovers that his daughter is in love with Jace Wayland, a bastard son taken in by the Lightwoods, he asks Maryse Lightwood to arrange a marriage between crown princess Clarissa Morgenstern and Maryse’s eldest son Alexander Lightwood. What he doesn’t know is that Clary isn’t the only one who lost her heart to another man.

Once upon a time in a far away kingdom there was a red haired princess named Clarissa Morgenstern. After losing her mother a couple of years ago to a sleeping curse, Clarissa was raised by her father King Valentine Morgenstern. But unlike her father Clarissa, or Clary as she preferred to call herself, was kind and understanding. She had the kind of laughter that could light up an entire room and she had the kind of heart that was big enough to love the entire world. She had the kind of heart that could fall in love with a bastard.

“We should run away together, you and I.” Jace Wayland tucked a strand of red hair behind Clary’s ear. His blond hair glimmered in the moonlight and his eyes, slightly different in color, were reflecting the thousand stars above their heads. “Away from your father. Away from my family.” He spoke softly and he tightened his grip around Clary’s tender body to press her to his chest.

“My father will hunt us down.” Clary bent her head and Jace pressed a soft kiss on her forehead. “He will find us and he will curse us, just like he cursed my mom.” A tear rolled down her cheek and Jace used his thumb to wipe it away. “My father has spies everywhere.” Clary closed her eyes and she placed her hands on Jace’s chest. “And I can’t leave my mother here. I have to wake her up first.”

“I know.” Jace cupped her face and he leaned in to kiss her soft lips. “We’ll find a way to wake up your mother and then we’ll run away. I will protect the two of you. Spies or no spies, I’m the best sword fighter in the entire kingdom. I can handle them.”

Clary liked to believe that. She liked to believe that far away from here she could live a happy life with the boy she loved. She liked to believe that a future away from her father was possible. She liked to believe that maybe there was a happy end waiting for her.

“I should go before my parents start looking for me.” He pecked her lips once more before he climbed over the edge of the balcony. “I’ll wait for you, however long it takes.” He carefully placed his feet on the most stable stones to climb down and after one last jump he landed on the green and soft grass a few floors below.

“I’ll keep looking for a way to wake my mother up, however long it takes.” Clary took a deep breath and she sent him one more hand kiss before Jace jumped on his horse and disappeared into the forest surrounding the Morgenstern castle. She knew that her mother would have allowed her to marry him. Clary could remember all too well how her mother had told stories about the man she had really loved. And Clary remembered all too well how she had told Clary that this man was not her father.

Her father however would never allow her to marry a bastard, not even one raised by the Lightwood family.

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I have to say thank you to Raphael Santiago because with out him Magnus would have never met Alec. 

“Magnus had often thought of getting a pet, but he had never considered acquiring a silent teenager vampire. Once Raphael was gone, he thought, he was getting a cat. And he would always throw his cat a birthday party.”

     - Bane Chronicles; Saving Raphael Santiago

Without Raphael Magnus would have never held birthday parties for his cat and Clary and the gang would have never gone to one of his parties looking for his help.

One thing that I would have liked to see in the series is Clary and Lydia actually developing a relationship because after all they’re (distant) cousins and I think it would have added nicely to both Clary’s and Lydia’s development.

Idk, it would have just been a smart thing to do imo because like this I feel like Lydia was kinda pointless and her potential was wasted. 

Eight words accompanied by a handshake and a smile was all it took for Jared Padalecki to be a goner.  

He had been a nervous mess right before, arriving an hour early with jittery hands and bouncing legs, his script scrunched and wrinkled from his fingers gripping it too tightly, and he talked a million miles a minute to the receptionist, a young girl with an amused smile.  There wasn’t a single thing Jared would later recall about the room she told him he could wait in except for the fluorescent light fixtures that hummed in his ears.  Nothing else was memorable, not when he was hunched over in a too-small chair and nearly giving himself a black eye with his jumping knee.  In fact, he didn’t even look up from the fray at the end of his shoelace until the door handle twitched to life, breaking the drowning hum of the lights and the repetition of Sam Winchester’s first monolog in his head.  And when he did finally look up, it was as though his feet had a mind of their own and he stood, colt-legs knocking and words sputtering off of his tongue, immediately telling too much and nothing of importance all at once.  

Jensen Ackles looked sure.  He closed the door behind him with the same soft click it had opened with and looked at Jared.  Texas fields.  It was then Jared began to analyze, during that first breath-catching moment; he analyzed the way Jensen’s gaze darted just over Jared’s shoulder, giving the appearance of eye-contact but not keeping it, the way his chest was held high and tight, the way his skin itself was trembling, all betraying who he was trying to be.  

It wasn’t uncommon for Jared to fall quickly.  He had always been that way, ask his momma.  Whether it be friends, love, life itself, he was quick to fall and, in this instant, there wasn’t a soul who could or would blame him, hold him at fault, for wanting to know everything about Jensen Ackles.  In those first ten seconds of looking at him, Jared knew nothing would make him happier than knowing what Jensen’s laugh sounded like and knowing how he could make him laugh again.  Nothing would make him happier than knowing if the freckles on Jensen’s nose matched the ones disappearing under his shirt, at his fingertips, at everywhere else.  Nothing would make him happier than knowing if Jensen watched football and if he wanted to grab a beer sometime.  Jared was twenty-one now.  

Between all the staring and the heart-racing, Jared must have introduced himself or said something of some relation because Jensen smiled – Jared noted his teeth were perfect and his eyes crinkled at the corners.  Just perfect – and reached out with a piano-hand to grasp Jared’s outstretched one.  He was sure Jensen could feel the palpitations of his pulse at the jut of his wrist.  

And then Jensen spoke.  Eight words accompanied by a handshake, smile still in place.  

“Hi, I’m Jensen.  Nice to meet you, Jared.”

A complete goner.

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