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Shadowhunters Season 3 “Hell Breaks Loose” Promo (HD)


Season 3 Trailer | Shadowhunters


Its hereeeeeeeeeee

i don’t care about the gross clalec shippers, i love clary/alec’s growing friendship. 

  • i like how now as much as alec still wants to hate clary,. he’s kinda grown to like her 
  • i like how clary defended alec’s right to be happy, and be himself 
  • i like how clary and alec both thanked each other in 1x12. alec protested helping clary find her mom, and clary/jace returned the cup not knowing it would save isabelle, but they still thanked one another. 
  • i like how clary assured him that she doesn’t blame him in any way for her mom 
  • i like how alec was worried about clary when she went to see iris 

i won’t let the shippers ruin them for me and root for a better friendship in s3.