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When [the destined person] has reached the lowest point in their life,
the BEHELIT will find its way them.

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“They pretty much said you’re on a flight in two hours. So, left the restaurant, paid my bill and, uh, packed my bags, and I’m here now.” / PREGAME - Dylan Ferguson - 10.31.17

Tutorial: How to remove watermarks / logos from GIFs

Hello everyone! This is my first Photoshop tutorial. I am showing you how to remove watermarks in a few different types of captured GIF scenes. These are the methods that I have used in my gifsets.

Important: DO NOT use this to remove watermarks on other people’s works

1) Simple background; minimal camera motion

2) Moderate camera motion; relatively isolated foreground

3) Busy / Cluttered captured scenes

You’ll need:

Difficulty: Easy (Examples 1 & 3) / Medium (Example 2)

Tutorial under the cut. Please Like / Reblog if you find it useful.

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Victuuri Week 2017 – Day 6 – Victor prompt – Communication

Bonds Silent Communication

Something I’ve always loved about these two is the sheer amount of silent communication we see shared between them. Even though, contrary to a lot of other things, this is actually something that can be captured in still frames, I felt it would do the scenes more justice to see them in their full glory. So in a first attempt for me to explore new territory, have a gifset dedicated to our favourite couple in celebration of VictuuriWeek 2017. Special guest appearance of their rings in most of the shots. :D

There are times when not speaking can scream louder than any words.

Guys, the trailer for Padmavati is breathtaking. It’s majestic and beautiful and every frame is a work of art with the most ethereal music backing it strongly, the mere meanders in the music are so well edited. Nearly as great as the visual appeal and cinematography of it all.

Deepika is beautiful as Padmavati, I particularly like how they drive the point home that the movie is neither about the Rana nor Khilji by putting Padmavati’s shots in both the opening and closing scenes.

Shahid looks glorious and true to the portrayal of Rajputs we have had over the centuries. The dialogue that he spoke was powerful and explosive. He seems like a just, sensible and stoic king and yet where it concerns Padmavati, I can sense and just feel the tenderness, the love, the happiness they share between them.

Look at the intensity of that stare, the imagery and how it’s pearls that she’s sewing on to his turban. Like I can feel myself cramp with this terrible ache at how lovely this whole thing really is. Their chemistry is off the charts good.

Now, coming to the antagonist, can’t you just feel how menacing Ranveer Singh is in the movie. He comes across as a mix between Khal Drogot from GoT and Scar from Lion King. Self-obessesd, barbaric and cruel. All the sets capturing him are framed by darkness.

And I actually like how not many people notice that he portrays the seven deadly sins in the trailer without managing a word. Sloth in the gif above and Gluttony in the closing with him devouring meat in an utterly barbaric manner. If you notice here it’s Malik Kafur, Khilji’s alleged lover, showering the rose petals on him. I love the details spewed through it all. Also, the fact that Bhansali retained a clean shaven Kafur which was Khilji’s actual preference in men. Gotta commend Bhansali for his eye for detailing.

No wonder, they called it Bhansali’s magnum opus because it is. It really is, and I will have a difficult time waiting for it all cause it’s just absorbing and breath stealing and everything in between. You go, Bhansali!

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hi can i ask how do you make time to create so many gifs? i barely have time to make one gifset in a week :(

Short answer, I’m really fast and I have a very fast computer!

Instead of giving a long answer though, I thought I’d give a few tips on how I do it, since this is a question I’m asked quite often, so what the hell, I’m gonna share my wisdom :)

The following tips are very useful and will 100% cut your time on photoshop of a significant amount… Though I want to stress on the fact that it’s having a lot of RAM on your computer that’s going to make the real difference on how fast you can be. 

How to be faster when you gif:

  • I’m not sure how important it is to other people, but I’m very organized. When I’m making a gifset, I put the screencaps in different folders for how many gifs I’m making. That’s helpful for several reasons (it’ll be relevant a couple of points down too), but also cause I know how many more scenes I need to capture to complete my gifset, and I directly have a general idea of what the gifset is going to look like.
  • Related to that, I usually keep on my computer, on a pendrive and on a HDD the screencaps of some of the scene I use the most/I can possibly use in the future. They’re all in different folders, some named by character, some by fandom, some by episode, some by colour. This is very useful cause I don’t have to go and capture them again and again, wasting time. (Say, I gif Tony Stark quite a lot, I have most of his scenes already saved. It saves me A LOT of time!)
  • I use potplayer for capturing frames. Using that, or whatever app you have (I had kmplayer before) is way faster than using photoshop to do it.
  • I always capture the screencaps before I open photoshop. I usually keep the 2 phases separated. It’s mostly habit by now, cause my old pc was much slower than the one I have now, and this is especially helpful if you don’t have much RAM, cause as you know, ps runs on RAM, and will eat as much as you give to it. If you have other stuff open at the same time while using ps, it’s gonna make your pc and the whole process really really slow.
  • Following that, you can actually up the amount of RAM you can dedicate to photoshop! Go on Edit -> Preferences -> Performance! Remember not to overdo it though, especially if you plan on using other apps while you work on pc! I keep mine at 70% (so I have 10gb of ram dedicated to ps, now you see why I’m fast.)
  • Uploading screencaps as multiple DICOM files is much faster than loading files into stack! The main difference is that you can’t pick and choose which files to load, but you can only load folders (hence my putting everything into folders I said above!)
  • Now, the best advice that I can give you, the one that will change everything and really make everything so much faster: make actions, use actions!

Seriously! I’m the laziest person you’ll ever going to meet, so I made myself an action for literally EVERYTHING. Why? Cause a lot of the work we do on ps is repetitive and we end up doing the same things over and over for 8, 10, 20 gifs. Making frames from layers, setting the animation delay, resizing, sharpening…. It’s always the same things, but we waste so much time to input all those commands! 

I made myself an action for making frames and setting the delay. I have several other actions for resizing in the dimensions I use the most (like I have an action for 268p x 140p, one for 268p x 170p and so on). I have another action for sharpening. That means that the only thing I need to do is hit play and that’s it. In a couple of seconds everything is done and I have the gif ready so I can start the fun part: colouring it. 

I don’t know why but it always takes me way less when I use actions than when I have to input those commands by hand. A+++, best thing I ever started doing, would totally recommend you try it! 

I don’t have much time myself, love, that’s why I keep everything organized and ready to go, so I can gif on my breaks, and I don’t have to be more frustrated than necessary (and god knows how frustrating colouring can be!)

I have the advantage of having a pc and not a mac, so I can use potplayer directly and not waste any time converting my videos in acceptable formats that quicktime can read (kudos to mac users who spend so much time on that omg how do you do it!)

I hope this helps honey :D 


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Do you think Will would've let Dolarhyde kill Hannibal? Considering the fact that Will stood aside sipping his wine while gazing down at Hannibal bleeding out from his gunshot. It just makes me question their love a bit, and if it was just one sided after all.

No, I don’t think Will would have let Dolarhyde kill Hannibal. 

I think Will and Hannibal already both knew they were going to take down Dolarhyde together. Will is doing what he can to be ready, to read the room. And I think he’s admiring how Hannibal’s keeping himself together in the situation. 

I think Hannibal’s first look to Will is to check in, you with me on this, and Will’s steady stare is yes, just tell me when to act. He gives just the most barely perceptible nod. 

But it’s enough for Hannibal to know they’re working together. We get one of our beloved microsmiles.

It’s when Hannibal gives him the second look, when Dolarhyde opens the knife, that Will goes for his gun. 

It’s that look from Hannibal that tells Will they have to spring into action now. Hannibal can’t talk Dolarhyde down any longer, and probably feels he’s more or less assessed his own injuries from the gunshot and is ready to act as well. 

Now, Will still wanted to kill Hannibal. Because he couldn’t live with him or without him. Because if he didn’t kill him, he would become him.

How much more so, after accepting how much he enjoyed killing with Hannibal, that he did find it - and the connection - with Hannibal - beautiful.

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How about our phantom boys with a s/o who's really loves photography? and I mean like they always are taking photos of them and their friends and has a bunch of photos up on their wall. I love your blog so much by the way it's one of my favorites❤

OMGGG I’m actually really into photography myself so this is great. sdfhdshfjv thank you so much for considering my blog as one of your favorites!! And thank you for the cute request! Enjoy!


  • Akira absolutely adores the fact that S/O has such a fervent passion and that they treasure every moment with the people they cherish.
  • Whenever S/O wants to take a picture, he just smiles and complies.
  • He assists them with scrapbooks and decorating their room with their pictures, reminiscing the story behind the paper as they do so.
  • Scrapbooks, stickers, or even lenses are supplies that he will gift to S/O.
  • They will give him copies of pictures in return and he’ll adorn the attic with them while grinning from all of the wonderful memories S/O’s captured.
  • He keeps a photo of the two of them in his pocket. for luck
  • Sometimes, S/O will attempt to sneak a picture of him, but Akira will just flash peace signs or wink when he catches them.
  • It’s virtually impossible to take a candid of him; Akira just has a sixth sense for when people are about to snap a photo of him. 
  • He’ll definitely tease S/O when they fail. 
  • “That was a cute attempt.” He’ll wrap his arms around their waist from behind when they sulk, then he’ll playfully nibble S/O’s ear and whisper, “but you’re going to have to do better than that.”


  • Ryuji is S/O’s biggest fan, and he’s also the biggest ham.
  • He’ll make silly faces or poses, so if S/O wants a serious picture, they’ll have to take a candid of him.
  • S/O will pretend to pout at his obnoxiousness, but they’ll save every single photo and smile warmly when they glance at it.
  • Ryuji will listen to them ramble about the technicalities and terms of photography, and he’ll attempt to understand. He actually catches on quickly once S/O hands him their camera and demonstrates the process.
  • When the couple garnishes S/O’s walls with photographs, he’ll purposely choose and display the ones containing him.
  • “Whoa, who’s that handsome guy?” 
  • S/O simply places a kiss on his lips. “Careful, he’s mine.”
  • They don’t finish decorating. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • “How do I look, babe?” he asks as he lays on his side with his hand perched on his hip. S/O giggles the entire time they’re taking a picture.
  • Getting his picture taken is an ego boost, so he’ll often request S/O to snap a quick photo whenever they’re together.
  • Ryuji’s favorite photos are S/O’s action shots that they snap when he’s sprinting or during combat when he’s Skull.
  • S/O’s entire camera roll is Ryuji, but they don’t mind. They can never get enough of his adorable, beaming face.


  • Naturally, Yusuke can appreciate any form of art.
  • S/O’s macro shots are his favorites; the intricate textures and the contrasts of light leave him in awe.
  • “This is magnificent! Would you mind printing a copy for me so that I may frame it?”
  • However, the photos that S/O captures with them posing together are the most meaningful.
  • He’ll often collaborate with them by utilizing their photos of people. The poses and expressions are beneficial references for his art.
  • He might even apply photographic techniques, such as the rule of thirds or juxtaposition, to his paintings.
  • Yusuke doesn’t mind having his picture taken; it’s only fair since S/O is usually his model.
  • Plus, he loves observing how enthusiastic and concentrated they get when they’re snapping pictures.
  • “You appear to be enjoying yourself. Perhaps I should be taking a photo of you to capture how adorable you look.”
  • Yusuke enjoys browsing through the photos S/O has plastered on their bulletin board. He’ll nod to himself and praise their talent.
  • In every photo S/O has of him, he does not appear unflattering in any one of them, including the candid shots. He is picturesque in every angle at any time. he’s become one with art
  • Both of them stroll around town doing the finger-frame gesture. 
  • They’ll do it to each other, too; if there aren’t many people around, Yusuke will smile and pull S/O into him for a quick kiss on top of their head.