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I recently got a job offer to work in the jungle in Hawaii. Thing is, I will actually be living in a campsite, graduating up to an a-frame structure, then finally housing. I have 3 cats - 2 are 7 and one is 14 - and they've always been indoor cats. Is there a cut off age to introduce them to the outdoors? I worry too that they won't have much of a transition - they'd be indoor cats, take a stressful journey + quarantine, then be living outdoors all the time. Would this be a bad move for them?

Definitely do not take your cats with you and let them live outdoors. Outdoor cats are a huge problem in Hawaii - because the islands have no native mammalian predators and introduced cats are decimating the wildlife - so it is absolutely not okay to bring cats over to release into the outdoors. This is especially true if you’re living away from civilization, because then you’re introducing invasive predators into an area that might have escaped the impact of predation previously. Most of the fauna in Hawaii are endangered birds, please do not facilitate them turning into rare cat toys. 

You’re much better off leaving your cats with a family member or a friend. Air travel is stressful for animals, and the flight to Hawaii is long. Not to mention that since there’s a required quarantine, you’d have to come back in from your campsite to pick your cats up after that period was over. They’d probably be fine in the outdoors - as fine as any outdoor cat would be - but it would be super irresponsible to put them through that process and then on top of it knowingly contribute to the extinction of endangered animals in an island ecosystem. 

FrUk Married Headcanons

Headcanons about the pairing FrUk from Hetalia in a modern AU. In these headcanons, they are married and living together. There is also mentions of adopting a child. If there is a pairing that you would like to see headcanons made for, you’re welcome to request them!

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some things about my dad oc:

- his name is julias haven
- pretty goth dad aesthetic™
- dance instructor for balls + parties
- owns atleast 10 cats (maybe more) mostly black ones
- loves red eyeshadow
- will get upset if you miss pronounce his cats really long and extravagant names
- drinks black coffee and loves it
- has framed portraits of his cats all around the house
- tons of pretty gold piercings (septum, tongue, ears, nips, etc)
- has to wear glasses to read

To follow up in the Dragon Age Parents series: Mom Age: 2

Merrill is “ends up taking care of the animals you bring home more than you do, keeps little potted herbs in the windowsill for cooking, always stops the car if she sees a farmer’s market, came home with a bouquet of flowers and balloons singing ‘Happy First Menstruation’ when you told her you got your period,” Mom.

Isabela is, “Sang Guns and Roses’ ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ as a lullaby, brings the cat into the frame and follows the dog around the house during Skype calls, raised hell with your school when they sent you home for that dress code violation, somehow became the mom everyone goes to for sex ed advice even before their own parents,” Mom.

Bonus: Aveline is the family friend who you often spent after-school afternoons with watching “Law and Order” and was (by a godsend) the cop who was sent to bust up the party you threw when your parents were out of town and helped you clean up all the stains and red cups when everyone ditched.