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Do you think any little part of Azula ever loved Zuko? While manipulating him in season 3 did she ever enjoy his company? Playing volleyball and getting him from the old family house in "The Beach", encouraging him to go to the war meeting sans formal invite and hiding his secret Uncle visits? All those years ago she warned Zuko about Ozai's plan to kill him and tried to get him to spy on Azulon and Ozai. Wishful thinking?

Yes, Azula loved Zuko. You can see her genuinely happy about playing with him as kids, before their mother disappeared and their father started to put more pressure on them both:

I think she still does care about him, in her own way. She’s genuinely concerned about him, here:

Azula: I thought I’d find you here.
Zuko: Those summers we spent here seem so long ago. So much has changed.
Azula: Come down to the beach with me.  Come on, this place is depressing.

And here:

Azula: So…I hear you’ve been to visit your Uncle Fatso in the
prison tower.
Zuko: That guard told you.
Azula: No, you did. Just now.
Zuko: Okay, you caught me. What is it that you want, Azula?
Azula:  Actually, nothing. Believe it or not, I’m looking out for you. If people find out you’ve been to see Uncle, they’ll think you’re plotting with him. Just be careful, dum-dum.

(Listen to the voice acting if you think she’s just being manipulative.)

But that doesn’t mean necessarily mean she won’t try to kill him. When she shot lightning at Katara in the Agni Kai, she accepted the risk that Zuko would take the bullet for her, metaphorically speaking, and didn’t bat an eye. When it comes to maintaining her grip on power, she is absolutely merciless.

One argument I’ve seen flying around the fandom that I disagree with is that Azula’s willingness to use persuasion on Zuko in “The Crossroads of Destiny”, rather than fight against him when she didn’t truly need his help, showed that she cared about him and wanted him home. But here is what many people forget, and the reason why she HAD to get Zuko to come home, regardless of how she personally felt.

Fire Lord Ozai: Iroh is a traitor and your brother Zuko is a failure. I have a task for you…

Does Azula want to capture the Avatar as a big middle finger to Zuko? Of course. But that is NOT her ultimate mission as revealed in the Season 1 finale. She was tasked with hunting down and capturing Iroh and Zuko and bringing them back to the Fire Nation. And unless she returned with both in hand, she would have failed her original mission from her father, even if she’d defeated the Avatar. (And we all know how Ozai deals with failure.)

Now by the end of Season 2, Azula had tried to take Zuko and Iroh prisoner twice before, and each time, they’d escaped because they were a formidable team. They’d had each other’s backs for years in exile, the way we see them in “Winter Solstice, Part 1.” Remember, when Iroh and Zuko fought together in “The Awakening” and again in “The Guru,” they beat Azula plus the highly skilled Royal Guard, and Azula plus the highly skilled Dai Li, all on their own. The reason Zuko got captured in “The Guru” was because he separated from his uncle when the temptation to challenge his sister became too great.

From this, Azula learned that Zuko and Iroh were too much to take on as a united front. However, if she could prey on Zuko’s weakness and get him to abandon Uncle, then Iroh would be a) without combat support and b) less of a flight risk. Sure, it helped to have Zuko as a fall guy in case Aang wasn’t really dead, but that was just icing on the tactical cake. “Divide and conquer” was her surest way of delivering Zuko and Iroh back to her father, just as the Firelord commanded.

Dating Jason Todd Headcanons

Dating Jason Todd/Red Hood would include:

> As his s/o, Jason has let you see his scars and opened up about his past so he trusts you. A lot. You have just sat there tracing them but as soon as your expression contorts into one of worry, Jason has ceased your hand and brought it to his lips with a reassuring smile. Litters kisses all over you in order to cheer you up whilst reminding you that’s he’s okay as long as he has you in his life.

> Take aways at like 3am, even if you’re not awake he’ll save some for you in case you want it later that day. However if you are up then he’s definitely up for eating with you and asking about your day.

> You’ve got this strange power over him and he’d just do anything for you if you play your cards right.
“Jay, please?”
“Come on Red.”
“(Y/n), no.”
“But baby I need you.”

> Getting along well with the majority of his family, Dick is freaking estactic that ‘little bird’ has gotten a partner.

> You’re basically immune to blood and gore now, it’s gotten to the point where it doesn’t even phase you anymore. Jason hopping in with a gaping cut across his torso or even a bullet wound?
“Ok, take off your gear I’ll be back in a minute.” In your calmest tone, your expression doesn’t even falter as he’s dripping blood over the floor.
“Jason?! What did you do, (y/n) used to be so innocent!”
“Shut up Tim.”

> Stitching him up accompanied by these loving gazes from him because he doesn’t deserve you. If he’s lost a lot of blood you’re in for some pick up lines or literature puns and it’s just exhausting but entertaining.
“Babe, I love you. I know I don’t say it but I do?”
“Jay, you’ve lost quite a bit of blood.”
“Yeah but I still love you, we’re like Romeo and Juliet.”
“Yeah. Um - they both died Jay.”
“Well we’re half way there.”

> Actually having to kiss him as a distraction so you could pull out a knife this one time - he seriously didn’t want you to touch it.
Calling you a bitch immediately after screaming.
Jason apologising straight away but you still had to make it up to him.

> Being there after his nightmares, to be honest just seeing you can calm him down a little but he has to touch you in some way to make sure you’re actually there whether it’s intimate or not. You’re still with him, and you’re safe.

> Low-key believes you deserve much better than someone like him, he’s killed people and he has told you this along with the fact that he’s the Red Hood. Better you found out from him on his terms rather than later down the line.

> After everything’s he’s been through, his emotions can be all over the place and sometimes it’s difficult to deal with them so he decides to avoid for a bit on some occasions in order to get himself together-ish.

> Willing to leave you if you ever want to end things, seriously one word and he’s gone. It’ll kill him and he’d be broken for a while because you are his everything - but he wants what is best for you. Constantly reassuring himself that it’s safer this way as a coping mechanism if you do break up.

> Telling him that he was your favourite Robin, using the ‘first the worst, second the best’ saying, much to his amusement. Dick is not impressed.

> Jason smelling like a combination of gun powder and cigarettes, you’ve grown accustom to it now.

> Letting you borrow his leather jackets and loving when you wear them. It just reminds him that you’re his s/o.

> He does these sweet romantic gestures but plays them off like it’s nothing.
“Aw, Jay thank you they’re my favourites.”
“(Y/n) it’s nothing, calm down.” Trying to keep his attention on the book his reading, following his nonchalant reply.
Then you’re kissing him and he cannot resist you so the book is long forgotten.

> The Bat Family contacting you as a way of checking up on Jason, often covering for him when they call as well.
“Oh you want to talk to Jay?”
Jason showing a middle finger in the background and you instantly know what that means.
“Yeah he’s not here right now, as far as I know he is still in one piece and doing alright…”
Your boyfriend giving you a thumbs up in response with a thankful smirk on his face.

> Can get jealous on some occasions, he is willing to punch someone for you. No problems there. Jason is intimidating enough as it is so as soon as he’s kissed you people kinda know to back off.
So help any thugs that mess with the Red Hood’s s/o, they’re in for some painful times.

> Meeting Kori and Roy, but almost taking the archer out with a baseball bat when he came over to steal some food from Jason’s apartment. Jason had to catch the bat and explain that this is a regular occurrence, Roy is his annoying best friend accomplice out on the streets. Had to fully explain that Roy was actually pretty awesome when the redhead was out of earshot.

> Playing with his white streak and assuring him it’s pretty badass.

> Being able to match his sarcasm on some occasions and you’re just a formidable team. The Batfam know they can’t win.

> Play fighting, Jason probably lets you win on most occasions, but if not it might end in a make out session.

> I like the idea that Jason can actually cook via learning a few things from Alfred, after living on the streets he thought it’d be useful for the future. So if Jason is in a particularly ‘good’ mood, he’ll cook for you and it tastes amazing. The first time it happens, you don’t believe he did it himself - Roy and Kori had to back him up.
It’s a very rare occurrence but if it’s a special event or you just need cheering up then you can bet he’ll cook for you.

> Long sensual kisses every time he leaves for patrol, at least if he doesn’t come back (‘unlikely’ according to Jason) he’s demonstrated how much he loves you in that kiss.

> “I’ve died, been through Hell, brought Hell and after all the shit I’ve done I never thought I’d be in Heaven.”
“Jay, what are you -”
“Being here with you, heck just kissing you. That’s pure bliss - that’s my Heaven.”

Here’s the (power) round-up so far:

Alternatively titled - “The big boys behind our (1D) boys.” 

  • Harry is backed by Columbia CEO, Rob Stringer.
  • Niall is backed by Capitol Music Group President and Universal Music Group’s Executive Vice President for Creative/Special Projects, Ashley Newton. (Very important to note that Ashley is also Niall’s A&R. Even more important to note that he is known as one of the most successful A&R’s in the US music industry. Chew on that for a second.)

So the questions are:

  • Will Charlie Walk (Republic Records President) or Nick Raphael (Capitol Records UK, President) back Liam?
  • Who will back Louis? Will anyone back Louis? If Louis’ own team which he currently pays for cannot even do basic promotion for him, then who is truly in his corner? Is anyone in his corner besides Steve?

That’s the current snapshot, folks. 

One last note: In addition to the Columbia CEO backing Harry, he has the added might of Irving Azoff, the excellence of Dawbell PR, and the gigantic publicity machine of Warner Brothers Studio when “Dunkirk” promo starts. Make no mistake – the promotion for Harry will be NEXT LEVEL and unlike anything we’ve seen from the 1D team (Syco/SJPR/Modest.) Amateur hour is over.  Superstar Harry has got a formidable team to shoot him into the celebrity stratosphere. Get ready.

p.s. Yes, it’s not an even playing field. It was never going to be an even field. Adjust your expectations, accordingly.

shin soukoku

Dazai: Just as I predicted, atsushi and akutagawa are a formidable team worthy of the name shin-soukoku. they have a partnership just like ours!

Chuuya: *rolling his eyes* yeah right

Atsushi: get out of my way akutagawa!

Akutagawa: no YOU get out of MY way!

Atsushi: youre even more pathetic than I am!


Atsushi: NO WAY

Akutagawa: YES WAY







Atsushi: *doing an impression of akutagawa* uuuu dazai san please notice me, i love you dazai-san, oh dazai-san please let me lick your shoes, just this once



Dazai: pretty impressive, right chuuya?

Chuuya: … when you said “a partnership just like ours” you… weren’t kidding

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Headcanons (or fanfics) about Annabeth and Percy going dark after Tartarus. Not necessarily siding with Gaea or another evil force but also not obeying the gods, becoming their own evil/chaotic force and only looking out for each other at any cost.

sorry it’s taken me a couple weeks to get to this! I’ve been thinking it over and trying to figure out where to go with it. Part of me thinks that something would have to happen to Sally at the hands of a monster or something the gods could have prevented for him and Annabeth to fully turn their backs on the demigod life. So let’s pretend, in a terrible AU, that a monster/ series of events rooted in a monster attack lead to the end of Sally Jackson (insert sobbing). 

  • Percy is inconsolable and storms up to Olympus demanding an audience with the pantheon 
  • the Olympians all show up, and he demands to know why no one did anything to save his mother 
  • he gets the same old excuses about interfering in the affairs of mortals  and his anger shakes the throne room 
  • Zeus warns Poseidon to calm his son but when Poseidon moves to touch Percy his son radiates an anger he has never seen 
  • Percy declares that he will never again to the bidding of the Gods of Olympus; they need to find a new hero 
  • by the time Annabeth arrives the damage has already been done and Percy gives her an ultimatum: leave with him and leave the demigod life behind completely or stay and never see him again 
  • she goes back to camp to pick up her belongings and say goodbye to her siblings and Chiron, who beg her to stay 
  • she tells them she can’t let Percy go out on his own and the demigod life has already taken enough from her, and losing a woman who was like a mother to her was the last straw 
  • at first they travel around hunting down monsters out of anger. They stay in sleazy motels and have tons of angry sex and fight but they do it all together. 
  • the monsters they hunt are usually stalking other demigods so they save the kids and then warn them about the path they are about to start on 
  • after a particularly close call where Annabeth spends two weeks nursing Percy back to health, she breaks down about how she left the life she knew to be with him because she loves him and if he leaves her like that she will never forgive him, not even in the afterlife 
  • he breaks down too, apologizing for letting the anger over his mom steal their futures from them 
  • he promises to do better, to be a better man not just for her or his mom but for himself— he knows what kind of man he wants to be and he needs to start being that man 
  • they decide to settle in the Northwest, where there is a lot of natural cloud cover which acts as an extra layer of mist, which they learn when used properly can keep them from the view of even the gods 
  • Percy becomes a fireman and Annabeth attends school, eventually getting her masters in architecture and starting work for the city designing a new high school and public library 
  • they live a quiet happy life, and have a solid group of friends though if they said they didn’t miss their old ones they’d be lying 
  • lots of nights spent staying up late sharing a bottle of wine talking about what could have been 
  • they both go to therapy to deal with their personal issues and get to a place where they feel like they can start a happy and healthy family together 
  • they have two kids, a boy and a girl, and have a third on the way when there’s a strange knock at the front door of the house Annabeth had designed for their little family 
  • Annabeth opens it and stands face to face with her weary looking father-in-law 
  • he manages a tired smile, though his eyes sparkle when they rest on her barely showing belly 
  • Percy comes to the door to see what is taking his wife so long and stops short in the hallway 
  • Annabeth invites Poseidon in, and the kids are sent upstairs to play 
  • “what are you doing here, Lord Poseidon?” Percy says coldly
  • “I have to commend you two on your use of the mist, it took me longer than I’d like to admit to find you. And I wish I were here under better circumstances but I need your help" 
  • “of course you do, that’s the only reason you ever come around" 
  • Annabeth tries to place a calming hand on her husband’s shoulder but he stays tense 
  • Poseidon ignores his son’s anger and tells them about how the amount of monster attacks at the border of Camp have spiked and they seem to be creating a barrier to keep any new kids from getting in and hardly anyone can get out 
  • "I don’t even want to say how many children we’ve lost these last few months. I know we have earned your ire and I will never be able to bring Sally back but these are innocent kids, Percy. You of all people should understand how little they deserve this" 
  • "And what do you want me to do about it?” he says through gritted teeth
  • “You are the most powerful child I’ve ever had, Percy. Perhaps even the most powerful demigod child ever. And you and Annabeth are undoubtedly the most formidable demigod team Olympus has ever produced. We need you." 
  • "what does my mother think about the problem?” Annabeth interjects 
  • “Your mother agrees with me. And between you and me, she would be here right now were it not for her hubris and Zeus. We need to bring in experienced veterans. Your old companions Clarisse, Katie, and those shady sons of Hermes are already on their way back to Camp." 
  • Annabeth and Percy exchange a glance, and they both know immediately what their decision is 
  • "On one condition” Percy says 
  • “Anything” replies Poseidon
  • “You have to stay here and keep your grandkids safe while we’re gone" 
  • Poseidon’s eyes light up in surprise but he agrees emphatically 
  • "Ok babe, time to put your thinking cap on. Looks like we’re getting the band back together" 
  • Annabeth pinches his arm and whispers in his ear seductively, “Seaweed Brain, I thought you’d have learned by now. Don’t ever call me babe.” 

this kind of turned into a fic??? lmao hope you like it i should get back to work now

A normal day life.

Summary: The Winter Soldier, at the orders of Hydra, is sent to Russia on a mission: killing a political character. With no emotion, and intent on ending his job quickly, The Winter Soldier immediately leaves for Russia. But if he met someone on his way?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes (as The Winter Soldier) x Reader

Warnings: Angst, fluff, mention of sex. all of them

Word Count: 2K (approximately)

Bucky Barnes was a respectable man in the forties. A beautiful person, both personally and physically; any girl encountered his journey, she craved for Bucky. A fantastic friendship, his only and best friend, Steve Rogers would do anything for him, and Bucky would do anything for Steve. Bucky was a soldier, and had managed to rise in rank, becoming a respectable Sergeant; all the people who knew him admired him. Everything changed that day on the train; his friend Steve Rogers, by now become Captain America, had formed a team of formidable soldiers to fight against Red Skull, the leader of Hydra.
And Bucky hadn’t thought twice about helping his friend. And then he was a soldier; it was his duty to protect his homeland. But either Bucky or Steve could imagine that all that day would change: Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes would give their life to save their country, and only after seventy years the world would find out that none of them had actually died.
But while Steve Rogers slept in the ice of the north pole, Bucky Barnes was awake; but he was no longer Bucky Barnes. The Hydra, after finding him dying, and without an arm, had taken him ‘under his wing’, shaping him in their own image and likeness. Instead of his arm, Hydra had implanted a new arm, completely metal. Then, they started with brainwashing; Bucky Barnes’s memory wavered more and more until Bucky Barnes no longer knew who he was. The Winter Soldier was born.

The Winter Soldier is on a Hydra plane, traveling to Russia and his next target. The organization for which he had worked had awakened him from hibernation only a few days before; that was how it worked with Hydra. They used the Winter Soldier to their liking, and finally they hibernated, as long as they didn’t need him again. The Winter Soldier didn’t have a ‘normal’ life; he didn’t even know what to live, as he did only two things: killing and sleeping. Sitting in a chair, around him a machinery that he knew now as his pockets, the Soldier thought for a second what was out there in the world, and what had led him to join Hydra.
And why did he have a metal arm? An accident? Or something else. He didn’t remember; Hydra was brainwashed to him, so that he didn’t remember anything about his previous life. And sometimes the Soldier wondered if they did it for his good, or for their own.
For them, no doubt, he thought instinctively the Soldier. If they did it for his own good, they wouldn’t suffer him so much to every brainwashing; and then why was it so important? What they wanted him to forget so important?
“We’ve almost arrived.”
The Soldier looks up at the man in front of him; he has to command at this time.
“Now I tell you what you need to do Soldier. You and me we’ll infiltrate a gala evening, and when I will tell you, what will you do?”
“I’ll kill my target,” the Soldier says, without hesitation.

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Zombie Apocalypse AU
  • Shiro is a veteran. All of this situation is just triggering his PTSD, but he has to get through this, he’s got fucking kids to look after now. He’s the only one who really knows what to do in a combat situation, he’s always on edge, always looking over his shoulder. He has to have his arm amputated after he gets bitten saving Pidge, but it saves his life and keeps him with them. He’s just trying to get them through this all alive.
  • Pidge’s father, Dr Holt, was the leader of the research team that was working on something top secret. The top secret something was leaked, and led to the outbreak. They just wanted to find their father and brother Matt (who was also working in the labs), because they’re certain that they’re the ones who might know about a cure. They’re small, but agile and competent, and with Hunk they make a formidable team that can make any piece of electronics or machinery work again. However, they’re also stubborn to a fault and incessantly curious, which gets them into trouble.
  • Allura is the daughter of the man that funded the research that led to the outbreak. When he went missing along with Sam and Matt Holt, she became determined to find out what the hell was going on. Unfortunately, there is no other way to get to the labs other than travelling on foot. She is surprisingly competent in combat and survival situations, incredibly brave and incredibly intelligent. She and Shiro work well together, and if there’s something more there, well… this isn’t the time or place.
  • Hunk was an engineering student: now he’s stuck crossing the country with five other people, only one of which he actually knows, and he’s terrified, but he also knows that it’s better for them to be together than alone. As well as the designated cook (he works with what he has), he’s amazing at getting things to work again, and for a while it’s thanks to him that they have a vehicle. He’s extremely reluctant to kill zombies, so he leaves that to Lance, but his strength comes in handy.
  • Lance is technically just a kid who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but he’s good with a baseball bat and has amazing aim. He’s Hunk’s best friend, and he was just swimming along in his modest coffeeshop job and dance scholarship, unsure of where to go in life, until the outbreak happened. Now he’s determined to find out whether his family is safe, which means heading south with the others. Keith really gets on his nerves.
  • Keith is a mystery. He knows Shiro, and Shiro knows him, but other than that, he just… appeared. He’s good at fighting, but he’s also good at just rushing in and nearly getting them all killed, a habit he shares with Pidge. Not even Keith knows it, but he holds the cure, as it’s running inside his veins (he never knew that his real father, Dr Thace, was also one of Dr Holt’s scientists). Lance infuriates him, but there’s definitely something else beyond just aggravation there.
Haikyuu!! Chapter 247: Day 02

I really like the cover for this chapter. It’s a good choice by putting both Kenma and Hinata together. The rivalry between Karasuno and Nekoma are truly important for all of them. Ukai pretty much gets it. (While I cannot help laughing at the snickering Kuroo and stink-eyed Daichi, these two captains probably takes the whole rivalry more seriously than the rest)

It is what motivate them to keep going and aiming for the previously impossible dream. I believe that’s not going to change anytime soon with Karasuno facing their greatest hurdle yet.

Inarizaki High School. Previous runner up of the Inter High and Miya Atsumu’s school. Honestly, the way Ukai describes the team really gives us the sense of how formidable this team is. I wonder what kind of strategy Ukai comes up with. But I cannot help be amused by certain people’s reactions.

Kageyama and his matter of fact explanations and obliviousness to the reaction to his words.

The Idiot Duo™ simplistic and optimistic approach (feat. unimpressed Tsukki, that’s one hell of side-eye).

And surprise, surprise, there are two Miyas!

Are that different hair color and parting line intentional I wonder? What’s up with the twins in sports? Daiya has twins as a battery pair too.

While all of those are interesting, the highlight of this chapter for me is the Ukais. I’ve been wanting to see more of these two. I wonder what the old, experienced coach of a grandfather thinks of his unexpected coach of a grandson, who manages to get to the Nationals in his first year as a coach. Now that put it down in words, Ukai is as surprising as his players. The old Ukai even points out how bad he is as a player, but at the same time he notes how good he is as a coach.

While he’s still rough at the edges, Ukai’s really getting the handle of this coaching thing. He can stand his ground as seen from the above panel. He quickly picks up that Takeda is gonna get steamrolled and immediately intervenes. He is likely the youngest and the least experienced coach around, but here he’s asking an experienced coach to help with their warm-up instead. He’s as gutsy as his players, honestly.

What also catches my attention is the championship bracket.

There should be 6 rounds in total CMIIW, and Karasuno will meet Nekoma in third round and Itachiyama in sixth round or in the finals.

Somehow… I doubt Karasuno will get that far. I’m not being pessimistic, I’m just being realistic. The first round against Tsubakihara has pretty much established how high the level of skill of the high school teams in the nationals. While Karasuno managed to win straight two sets, it doesn’t change the fact that they’re still scraping by (I’d say the same for Nekoma, too). They have the potential of growth, and they have grown through the matches against strong opponents, but there’s so much growing you can do during matches or even a championship. Then there’s that edge gained from sheer stubbornness and persistence usually in form of momentum or luck.

The third round match against Nekoma will be the most difficult match for Karasuno because of what it means for both Karasuno and Nekoma. The fulfillment of a promise, the long-awaited match, the settlement of the score, and the appeasing of the old coaches. There’s so much riding on a single match that I don’t doubt that both teams will give their all, throw their heart and soul into that game. They are not likely to think to play it safe, and to think of long term. They will push themselves to the limit. Whoever ends up winning the battle of trash heap, they will be completely drained. They will struggle to pick themselves up, not only mentally but physically. If they manage to do so in the fourth round, there’s a chance they can forge ahead, but winning the championship? Well….

That’s just a thought really. I trust Furudate-sensei to have everything planned, and so far Sensei hasn’t led us (or probably just me) astray. So I’ll just enjoy the ride. I wonder how good the second strongest team in Japan is.

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Hunter Dean on a case, stumbling across identical twin hunter duo - who he actually discovers are an ex-vessel Jimmy and the angel Castiel, killed and remade with a body of his own, in his vessels image... Cas and Jimmy make a formidable team together... in more ways than one?


Okay so they are not twins - and we’ll call this canon-divergent, Dean has never met them before - but they used to be in the same body, and that was when the “more ways than one” started. Jimmy had been shocked to learn that angels were denied pleasures of the flesh by God’s command, that Castiel had never learned how good it could feel to be touched intimately. While Jimmy’s personality and Castiel’s grace yet shared a vessel, Jimmy quietly whispered instructions on Castiel should touch that body to make pleasure light it up from the inside, brighter than grace could ever shine. At first Castiel resisted, but the temptation was enormous…Jimmy so obviously spoke with love and reverence, disbelieving that the merciful, loving God that he believed in would deny his angels such a basic source of joy. Finally, Castiel succumbed, accepted himself forsaken, and they discovered that pleasure for one was pleasure for both. Castiel fell in love with his vessel, with the mind that shared the body he’d been forced to use, and though he was damned he felt no regrets.

They died fighting Zachariah, thwarting his plan to bring about apocalypse.

Worth it, thought Castiel, even if I’m now to go to hell.

Worth it, thought Jimmy, no matter the cost.

Except it turned out, all those orders not to love, not to touch, hadn’t been coming from God, they’d been coming from Zachariah. God, pleased with Castiel’s actions, resurrected Castiel AND Jimmy (with a touch of angelic grace of his own, to sustain and empower him), and gave them a new mission, to be his presence on earth.

They meet Dean while looking for Gabriel…(whom Dean only knows as the Trickster…)

Castiel and Jimmy know exactly who he is, exactly what Zachariah’s plans for him were, what Michael’s plans for him were.

Castiel and Jimmy gripped him tight and raised him from perdition, but then were forbidden further contact with him.

They know Dean.

And Dean has no idea who they are.

send me head-canons and such…


This story has also been posted to my Ao3 account

Summary: Oswald Cobblepot was dead by his hand. He died beneath the dark waters of Gotham harbour. Edward’s revenge was complete and Isabella’s death was avenged. He should feel at peace, free, but he didn’t. Why did he keep returning to the place he last saw his former friend?

Ghosts weren’t real, but then why did he feel like he was being haunted by one. Shadows seemed to speak to him from the darkness and an invisible thread kept drawing him back. Edward looked out across the dark waters of the bay, thick clouds rolled overhead and brought with it a misty haze. It brewed around him, swirling tendrils licking at his ankles before slithering on down the path, falling off the edge of the dock.

He was dead. He watched him fall, watched him sink into the depths below. A plume of blood flowering in the water obscuring his vision, hiding the anguished look that peered up at him. Oswald Cobblepot was no more. So why did he come back here? Why did he keep returning? It had been weeks since The Penguin fell and still, almost every evening he would return to this spot and stare into the water searching for some semblance of meaning but there was nothing left.

The Penguin was dead, so where did that leave him? ‘You need me, Edward Nygma, just as I need you. You cannot have one without the other ’. No! He proved him wrong. He was stronger like this, stronger without him . He didn’t need anyone. Ed fiddled with his wrists, tugging at the ends of his sleeves as a cool breeze swept the harbour weaving it’s way through the fibres of his clothes. Below him chaotic waves crashed against the dock, their ominous presence perfectly reflecting the turmoil that was stirring within him. A storm was coming.

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“waking up in a minefield” - fic (1/2)

Yeah, I’m still making my way through the Rebelcaptain Appreciation Week prompts. This one is for “Undercover,” and … it grew, so I split it into halves because I wanted to post something today and it’s 11 PM here.

fandom: Star Wars

verse: script AU (follows from part of the past, but now you’re the future and threshold of a dream)

characters: Jyn Erso, Mon Mothma, Cassian Andor(ish); Jyn/Cassian

length: 2760

stuff that happens: Mothma has a mission for Cassian, impeded by the minor problem of his unconsciousness and the major problem of Jyn. 

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soulfulspikethekiller  asked:

and 16 & 17!

Thank you! <3

16. Which character do you wish was developed more?

Hmm…Well, my usual answer is Drusilla, which I go into a lot of depth about throughout my blog, so I’m going to switch things up a little and say Kendra. She was wasted potential personified.

Though they couldn’t appear to be more different, Faith and Kendra both work very well as ‘shadow selves’ of Buffy, dramatic foils who she fears becoming and who she very well could have become without the support of her friends and family.

On one hand, Faith represents the uninhibited, impulsive, primal nature of being a slayer. She relishes violence and it takes three dead bodies, a coma, prison time, and a few motivational speeches from Angel for her to come to her senses on that front. In that respect, Faith is very much the ‘id’, the unrestricted part of a slayer that is all about basic instinct and doing what she wants when she wants. Buffy is very much aware (and alarmed) that this could easily be her if she doesn’t keep herself in check. And indeed, she has her moments.

“I know Faith’s not gonna be on the cover of Sanity Fair, but… she had it rough. Different circumstances, that could be me.”

- Doppelgangland.

But equally, Kendra is someone Buffy also could have been had circumstances been different. While Buffy went under the radar of The Watcher’s Council until she was fifteen and was allowed a pretty normal life before then, Kendra was taken away from her parents to train under The Council when she was just two. She lived a strict, lonely life where she was taught utter obedience to The Council and was allowed no freedom or independence. Being under The Council’s thumb too much is something Buffy was equally mindful of (to the extent that she went renegade in the season 3 finale to avoid this fate). And had Buffy been recognised as a potential earlier in life, she could’ve easily been like Kendra. Where Faith represents Buffy’s fear of losing control to her slayer instincts, Kendra represents Buffy’s fear of losing control to the authoritarian system of The Council. Disciplined Kendra therefore represents the ‘superego’, with Buffy being the ‘ego’ who has to balance the other two sides of her out.

A lot of exploration is given to the parallels between Faith and Buffy (and rightly so, it’s one of my favourite ongoing plotlines and I wear my fuffy badge with pride). However, less examination is given to Kendra and Buffy, though I think that would’ve been equally interesting.

I would’ve loved to have seen Kendra stick around for the rest of season 2 after What’s My Line. Not just so these parallels could’ve been explored in more depth, but also to see Kendra flourish and slowly start to question the authority that she’s been told is unquestionable her whole life. It would’ve been badass to see Kendra eventually take charge of her life and rebel against The Council as Buffy did.

I’m also a strong advocate of an alternate season 3 where Kendra dies but was “only a little dead”. After she gets better, Buffy, Kendra, and Faith all patrol together and become a formidable team.

17. Which character do you wish had less of a focus on them in the show?

Perhaps Andrew. He was basically the sole form of comic relief in season seven, but for me it didn’t always hit the right notes. He was kind of like a walking piece of reference humour with half of his lines being shout outs to obscure comic books I’ve never heard of.

That being said, Tom Lenk is a great actor, and Storyteller was a really good episode. So I don’t have a strong dislike of the character per se, he just didn’t strike much of a chord with me personally.

I’ve always felt Jonathon would’ve been a better candidate for joining the Scoobies in season seven.

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TaiYama Week 2017

Day 2: Share your favorite moment between them. 

That’s hard because I don’t really have just one favorite. Tbh a lot of people talked about a lot good moments during this week, so I guess I’ll just ramble on about whatever comes to mind…

In adventure, I’d be hard pressed not to mention about episode 51. That big moment when Taichi is fighting off Piedmon and Yamato so gallantly comes to save the day. 

It was this scene that made me go ‘okay. I can see why people like these two.’ 

Truthfully, this episode was a conclusion to Yamato’s character arc. We saw him face his inner demons, and all the ups and downs it took for him to really understand himself. Resolving his conflict by summing up his tension leftover from Taichi’s fight is a pretty poetic way of saying that Yamato is a changed person.

But holy shit. Seeing it in Japanese was way more intense than I initially thought. I mean, Yamato is cradling this broken battered Taichi. Yelling out things like ‘Taichi you’re my true friend! I won’t let our friendship be in vain!’ His crest is all glowing, Wargreymon is magically healed. And then Taichi’s character song that plays in the background!?!?  God that song is ruined for me. I know it’s supposed to be about Taichi, and his faith in his friend. But it perfectly encapsulates what was going on between Taichi and Yamato at the time. And any time I hear that song, my mind jumps to this scene and automatically I think about how good they are together. I felt like this episode really said a lot about the two of them. Both as individuals, and as a unit.

The thing about Tri is that it doesn’t deviate too much from what happened in Adventure. There a little twist here and there, but for the most part it’s the same story. Which can be a good or bad thing depending on how you want to look at it. 

I know that there are a lot of Taiyama moments in Tri, but what really grabbed my interest and held it…actually didn’t even involve the two of them interacting directly.

Depending on how you see Taichi, you might find his inner conflict OOC. But one thing I think is apparent, is that Taichi’s inner conflic mirrors the self turmoil that Yamato went under in the first season. 

Yamato struggled with where he stood among the others, how to rely on them, how to be strong despite having so many weaknesses. Yamato had to learn his lesson the hard way, and he made a lot of bad decisions before really understanding himself. 

That’s kind of what is happening with Taichi during Tri. Taichi is no longer someone who can turn a blind eye to consequence. And when he sees the staggering scale of the risks they have to take he’s worried what is going to happen when he makes a wrong move. And that’s the thing. He’s scared about him doing the wrong thing. It’s his fight. His digimon. His friends. If there is a ‘bad guy’ in all of what is happening in the fight for their world, there is a high chance that it might be him. And Taichi is having trouble facing that. Facing the possibility that he might not be strong enough to do anything about it.

Yamato got over his insecurities at the end of the first season. And yes, he is able to do this all by himself, but, because he had someone like Taichi there for him. Yamato would up growing faster than if he was all alone. They went from two hotheads who didn’t understand each other to partners who, (actually quite literally) join together to create a formidable team. 

With Tri it’s the same thing but reversed. Now Taichi is the one with uncertainty and Yamato isn’t understanding him. I like the idea that Taichi needs to confront whatever is stopping him. But what makes my shipper-glasses shine, and also makes me go ‘hey they stole that from my fanfic’ is when Taichi’s internal conflict comes to surface because of Yamato. The idea that, because of how they are with each other, Taichi can’t really hide the truth from Yamato. 

I liked it adventure. And let’s be real,  I’m like it even more in Tri because now it’s centered around Taichi! Stuff like this really just feed the plotbunnies for me….

lol it’s the moments like these that make me wanna write stuff in the first place. I don’t really have any complaints with the parallels Tri has come up so far. But the moments that graze past Adv and still offer a little wiggle room for the viewer’s interpretation…yeah if I’m given that kind of power I’m gonna run with it. Lol, that’s why I get so hyper after seeing these movies.

IronHawk (Part Fourteen)

Fury is an asshole (but we knew that) and Logan and Clint fight (in the should be violent but is kind of sexy way)

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“Another day, another mission, hm Agent Barton?”

Hawkeye didn’t even flinch when he rounded the corner to be mess hall and found Director Fury waiting for him. His wings spread a little farther however, and Fury caught the aggressive motion. “You know, If I didn’t know better I’d think you didn’t like me.”

“He doesn’t.” Logan rounded the same corner just a few seconds behind Clint, brushing past the Director as he made his way to the counter for breakfast.

“Your roommate leaves quite a bit to be desired.” Fury squinted his one eye disapprovingly at Logan’s broad back.

“What do you want, Fury?”

“Now, is that any way to speak to a man who only has your best interest in mind?”

Clint rolled his eyes, and started moving again, Fury falling into step beside him as he moved through the buffet style breakfast spread.

“I have been talking to Agent Coulson, and we feel like it’s time for you to rejoin the Avengers. They have attracted the attention of a few local vigilante-types, and it would be better for all of us if the entire team was there to make decisions regarding the newcomers.”

Logan looked up from where he was shoveling pancakes into his mouth, and Clint met his eyes uneasily.

“Is that so?” Setting his own tray of waffles, pancakes, cereal, bacon and sausage down at the table, Clint dropped into the seat across from his friend, leaving Fury standing.

“Yes.” The director replied shortly, watching the two men with an thoughtful expression. “In fact, I could even see to making sure your roommate is welcome at the tower as well. Since the two of you seem to get along so well. Coulson says the two of you are basically inseparable.”

If Fury expected Logan to get angry at the insinuation in his tone, he was disappointed. The mutant simply downed his cup of coffee, reached across to spear a waffle from Clint’s plate, and kept right on eating.

“I’ll think about it.” Clint muttered around a mouthful of food. “Logan, if you take food off my plate again I’ll put an arrow through your hand I swear to god.”

“It’s not really up for discussion, Hawkeye.” Fury said impatiently. “You will be removed from assignment on SHIELD and—”

“Try and stab me, Wing Boy. Do it.” Logan’s low voice interrupted, and Fury watched with a degree of fascinated horror as three silver blades close to a foot long each slid through the hand casually resting on the table. Clint just laughed and tossed a napkin at the other man before finally turning back to Fury.

“Look, I know I don’t actually have much say in where you send me. But if it’s all the same to you, trust me when I say keeping me from the Avengers tower will keep the peace a lot longer. I am sure you with your all seeing eye are aware of everything that’s happened, and taking me back would just… nobody wants to see that okay? It’s better this way.”

“I will take your feelings on the matter into consideration.” Fury couldn’t take his eye off Logan, who was staring right back at him, with an amused smirk, as the blades disappeared back into his knuckles. “Does that… hurt?” He couldn’t help asking and Clint chuckled.

“Apparently it hurts every fucking time. Or at least every time I ask him.”

“Noted.” The director said blandly, and turned on his heel to go.

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ENTJ and ENTP. These two are a POWER COUPLE. Maybe they’d be more so if it were ENTJ and ENTJ, but that hardly ever works out (for obvious reasons), so this is perhaps the next best alternative. Just as my silly depiction of it shows, the ENTJ is on a rampage to conquer and defeat all of his competition, while ENTP invents new ways for him to do so and provides ample encouragement. With completely opposite functions in a different order, it can be a little challenging to try and understand one another, but at the same time, they do both share the whole “ENT” thing, so their individual dynamics aren’t all that different. They support one another and can share any sort of idea. ENTJ helps ENTP build on their plans and dreams while ENTP offers ENTJ a fresh perspective, and, as aforementioned, ample encouragement. While both very independent, together they can make a very formidable team. Several things to watch out for are what would be expected without an S or F in the relationship; practical matters such as paying the mortgage and cleaning the house need to be done, and both are usually too occupied with ideas and goals to do them. So they need to figure out who is going to do these things, and also make sure to express their feelings from time to time. ENTJ is likely to tell ENTP when they feel like something is off, but ENTP may be more reluctant to do so. This needs to be resolved if the couple is going to last long term. But if there’s a lot of dedication, comittment, and of course, the L-word love  then it should work out fine. This is one of ENTP’s best matches, and ENTJ’s best, as well.