a forget me not with wings makes perfect sense to me

Stormy Night (M)

The things you do to try and forget your ex are the same things that make him go mad.

Friend!Jungkook X Sad!Reader 

Word count: 2,085

Warnings: Angst, Hoeing around, meaty wings, etc

Stormy Night

“Please stop following me.” 

You didn’t want to look him in the eyes anymore, for fear your glare would scratch away at his kindheartedness. You tore through your front door, kicking off your dewy flats at the step. Your silky scarf was ripped from your neck, tossed aimlessly towards the hat hanger where it fluttered to the floor. But you didn’t care. 

You bit your lip until it bled, hearing that he had, indeed, not stopped following you into your house. He hadn’t responded either. Both of you were soaking wet, the sudden rain being yet another disturbance of your evening out. 

“I told you to stop meeting with… them.” He finally said. You bit back your scoff, turning to face him to repeat what you’d said time and time again. 

“Stop telling me what to do!” You dug your clammy fingers against your cheeks, running them up through your wet tendrils. He looked down at you sadly, pity in the dark eyes gazing through damp locks. Why did he look so upset? Why did your life make him feel so bad? 

You felt your eyes grow warm, choking on a sob before continuing. “So what if I’m a goddamn whore? This is the most fun I’ve had since Taehyung left! This is the only thing I look forward to every time I wake up from a night of fucking endless tears!” 

You were on your knees then, having fallen under the burdening weight of your own sob story. Your cheeks were wetter than before; the dress you wore to the club that evening hiked up your thighs and twisted around your body. Of course, like every other distressed damsel, you’d received it from your lost love. But it worked wonders on making you the candy of desiring men’s eyes.

Taehyung up and left two months ago, leaving you on your front steps in the rain. But the rain was much different right now; not the damning drizzle it was that night. No, now it was pouring, dreadfully, like the feeling was suddenly sinking in. The thunder clapped consistently, lightning flashing without regard for your fear of it. 

You looked up, meeting Jungkook’s eyes. You were puzzled by the look in them. There was no kindness. No warmth. He looked distressed, and you suddenly felt bad. For existing, haha. 

“I’m sorry.” You were still looking at him as you said it, and you saw the morph of emotions pass his features. He was then enveloping you in his arms, his warmth immediately comforting you. You let your tears fall then. 

“Jungkook, I am so sorry.” You repeated through sobs, not heeding his pained words of reassurance. “I’m not sorry for the men, because if I’m being honest, they help.” You hiccuped; he tensed. “It’s fucked up but they help. But I’m sorry for not being the friend you want in your life—” 

“Shut up, Y/N.” 

His voice was hoarse, and you couldn’t help the widening of your eyes. His large hands went to your shoulders, pushing you until you were nearly nose to nose. Thunder clapped then, the lights flickering for a brief moment, as if to add to the intensity of his gaze. “Just… shut up.” 

He went on to kiss your cheeks, your forehead, your chin, the underside of your jaw. But all you could do was look ahead as his lips ghosted and chastely met the surface of your skin. His eyebrows were knitted, eyes closed, an almost desperate look on his face.

You bit your lip, arms falling limp to your sides. This is your fault. He’s too good for this. You exhaled sharply, saying, “I couldn’t help myself. After Tae left.” 

Jungkook stopped, head slowly raising to meet your orbs once again. The pain and desperation you saw on his face was almost too much to bear, but you forced yourself to maintain eye contact. “I didn’t know how else to forget him. I didn’t fucking kno—” 

Your back suddenly collided with the wooden flooring, harshly, wrists being pinned far above your head. He was in-between your legs, groin to groin, to cease your thrashing from the sudden shift. “You can start by using me!” Jungkook voiced through gritted teeth, a vein popping in his neck. 

He thrust his hips against you, your pelvis jerking with the connection. “You can start by using your friends!” Another thrust, and your head was thrown back by the sheer power of his hips and angered words. 

“Jungkook—” Your lungs fought to breath properly, another crash of thunder shaking the windows. 

He then rolled himself against your core, the dress riding up and bunching around your waist as your friend burrowed his face in the crook of your neck. “Instead of strangers, use the ones who love you most! Fucking use me!” 

You cried out as his teeth impaled your flesh, his clothed cock paving against your exposed panties. 

“Fuck, Jungkook!” He was motivated by your wail of ecstasy, his fingers beginning to roam freely. 

You grew hot, and you were already damned wet, but your body responded desperately towards his actions, and soon you were clawing at his leather jacket. This was beyond the friendship you two were accustomed to, though with his palms groping your breasts through the silky fabric, you could only push that thought aside and arch your back into him. 

“Stop making me feel so useless!”

His fingers sought to abuse your nipples, pinching them until you cried out. 

“You’re not useless—!” You gasped, reveling in the pain and pleasure he drove you to. 

“And that’s why you’re with a different guy each week?!” His hand flew from your breast to tear the lace from between your legs, and you inhaled sharply, the cold air stinging you pleasantly. 

“I didn’t want you… to worry…!” You exclaim in winded pants, clinging to him as he continued his dry thrusts. It was becoming sweltering beneath him, despite the change in temperature as his cold fingers wasted no time gliding between your slick folds, thumbing your bundle of nerves until your toes were twitching uncontrollably.

“I always worry!” He drilled a finger inside of you, and you released whatever the combination of a moan and a gasp was. Writhing beneath him, you shakily clutched his jacket, managing to pry it off his shoulders enough for him to get the memo, shrugging it off with a haste you never witnessed before. 

He replaced his finger with his tongue, so suddenly you didn’t even see him bend down to lap at your succulent sweetness as though it were the only cure for an illness he possessed. “Oh god.” You murmured, eyes rolling back behind closed lids. 

You saw the underside of his jaw lurch forward with every pass of his tongue dipping in and out of you, and you groaned at the sight. It was hot. You always knew he was hot. But as he lightly nibbled on your meaty wings, his eyes meeting yours with a determined look you have never seen, you realized how attracted you were to him. 

With powerful fingers, he clenched your thighs so hard you were sure they’d bruise, but he was keeping you wide open, only for him. 

After he felt you clenching around his tongue, he pulled back, licking his lips and diving in for your first shared kiss. His wet lips melded against your own, where yours willingly opened and welcomed him. You tasted the bitter sweetness of yourself and wondered how much of you he’d drank up, the silkiness of his tongue corrupting your senses. It was all so much that you pulled away, gasping for air. 

“Jungkook—you really want to do this?” You are curious as to why you questioned, because the flame in his eyes gave it away. Before he could respond, you said, through pants, “I’ve been with so many guys, I don’t want you to be disgusted or—” 

The man literally growled, his teeth clashing painfully against yours, to the point it was no longer the sweetness of your core infiltrating your mouth, but also the burn of copper, of blood. He sucked your bottom lip until you squealed in a joyous pleasure, then he forced you to squirm so he could pull your dress over your head, tossing that damn thing god knows where. You were still on the floor, which wasn’t entirely comfortable until he had you raising your bare chest in the air so he could pass his lips through the canyon of your soft mounds. 

That worked magically. 

At last, the both of you were freed from your constricting, confining clothing. His cock brushed against you and you whimpered, a sound he stole off your lips passionately. When he pulled away, he snarled, his index finger coating itself in your fluid again as he looked down at you. “I don’t care how many guys you’ve been with,” You let out a wail with his strokes, as he then positioned his poised member at your entrance. “Just that I’m the last one.” 

He slid in so fast and hard, you were certain you’d seen flashes not belonging to the lightning outside. Jungkook didn’t give the time to cope with his girth and length, continuing with the same intensity he had the first thrust. He pummeled you into the floor, your spine flexing, body curving up into him. 

Jungkook groaned loudly in your ear, his torso connecting slickly with yours, as though two waves of an ocean were gliding back and forth. He sloppily sucked sensitive areas of your neck, ones he discovered made you moan the most, ones causing you to clench tighter. It was messy, but messily perfect and beautiful; two desperate fools seeking to quench a desire that had long since been ignited. And through it all, the pit of your stomach was growing tighter by the second. 

“Ah… Jungkook!” You ran your nails down his back, earning delightful shivers. 

Your head was bouncing, and you couldn’t think straight, which was why you hardly noticed when a crash of thunder shook the entire house, and the power cut. In total darkness, the only sounds were the hot moans and pants in your right ear, and a white noise that made everything suddenly more realistic. 

Your legs spread wider, then Jungkook hooked the right one over his elbow, angling into you. His thrusts faltered briefly, and you almost protested him, but your words fumbled in your mouth when his newfound slow pace was met with even harder, more aggressive pumps into you. 

“Fuck, Y/N! Don’t make me.. worry about you… again!” 

You screamed out, desperately clinging to his muscular build. “I won’t!” 

“Don’t you dare—” His bare foot flexed against the wood floor as he pulled out all the way, “… ignore me ever again!” He slammed in so intensely stars were invading your vision. You felt tears in your eyes, whether it be from his words or mighty fine fucking, you couldn’t tell. But you clutched him harder, nodding into his neck as your head raised. You kissed his collarbones until he slowed down again, laying you down completely. 

He stopped his moving, fingers lightly coming up to your chin so you’d look at him. His gaze was soft, softer than you had seen all evening. He wasn’t smiling, but he wasn’t frowning. Jungkook moved his arm beneath your head to cushion it against the flooring. “Y/N.” His lips trailed the tears that had made it to either sides of your cheeks. 

“I will make you forget him. I love you. I will always love you.” And with that, you only released one sob before he was kissing you with the immense passion he hadn’t before displayed, his hips rolling into yours intently, a free hand encompassing whatever parts of your body were cold. 

Your breasts, your back, your hips, your wrist, he warmed it all, fingers lacing with yours as he refused to break eye contact even as he approached his climax. You felt the wave wash over you, the sticky surface of sweat against the cool air, and he twitched from within you. Intimately embracing you as he finished off with a groan, he remained inside, only rolling over so you were both chest to chest. 

“Thank you.” You found yourself saying. He didn’t respond, but you could feel his smile against your scalp. 

The power remained out, the rain and thunder continued, and you knew you were left in his comforting arms for the rest of the night. But you had to break the silence. For something that was far overdue. 

“I love you too.”

“meaty wings”


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Mating Season

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader
Word count: 1,540
Warnings: Smut. Cussing. Unprotected sex. Lucifer is probably OOC. Brief mention of Dean/Cas 
Request: ( Anonymous ) Hi sweet Toni! Can I please request a Luci fic where he’s in a mating frenzy and everyone in the bunker tries to leave him in peace but then the reader does something that turns her on - maybe drawing erotic art or reading some smut novels? - and he can sense and smell that and just barges into her room wanting to have her and she says yes? *blush* 

Authors Note: I’ve never done a “mating” fic before so I hope I did okay. It doesn’t exactly follow the request but it’s close!

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Game On

Originally posted by yourfavoritedirector

Request: I see that your requests are open! Huzzah! Could you do a deanxreader where the reader loves spicy food and has a really high tolerance. And has the caveat that any man who wants to date her has to attempt a hot wing challenge (like the really spicy wings and you have a time limit to eat them without drink or cooking agent) the problem? Dean has very low spice tolerance, but wants to try anyway. Fluff and/or smut. I trust thy artistic vision because you’re stuff is amazeballs. :3

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,100ish

Warnings: language, implied smut

A/N: Hope you enjoy!…

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maxwellandlovelace  asked:

Hey! My birthday is March 25 (the big 3-0). I love smutty!everlark (preferably rated E) and Peeta in a uniform. That would be an awesome present, but I'd be happy with anything=) I think you're doing such a great job with this blog. It's a wonderful idea!<3

Originally posted by omgitslish

Grattis på födelsedagen!! Wishing you a wonderful birthday @maxwellandlovelace. To help you celebrate in style, the always incredible @katnissdoesnotfollowback has written this wonderful slice of Everlark, just for you!

All’s Fair

WARNINGS: RATED M for mild language, immature pranks, and smut. Everlark college/military cadets AU. ;-)


“You sure you know how to pick one of these things?”

“Yep,” I whisper as I continue to work quietly. Not as fast as I’d like since my hands are shaking.

“Damn, Everdeen, where’d you learn to pick a lock?”

“Senior prank in high school,” Gale explains to them quietly. “I hotwired the principal’s car and she picked the lock on the hockey rink so we could park it on the ice.”

“Nice,” Mitchell says.

“You scare me, Everdeen,” someone else mutters. A third snorts in response and Gale reminds them to keep their eyes open.

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I Don’t Know What I’d Do Without You (Avengers X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Avengers X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Self conscious reader, teasing


Request: Can you do a female reader, where she feels as if she isn’t worthy enough to be in the avengers, she feels as if she’s the odd one out. Nat overhears her talking to her friend on the phone about thinking about leaving and she gets the others to convince her she is worthy?

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Looking at the team known as the Avengers, you had: Two Super soldiers from the second world war, one of which has a metal arm, a Brainiac who makes metallic suits which can withstand a beating, and even made one for his friend, artificial intelligence made by the Brainiac, an assassin trained since birth, another assassin who never misses his shot, a man with mechanical wings a doctor who can turn into a giant green monster who can probably throw a plane when he gets pissed off, a twin pair of super enhanced twins which can move things with her mind and her brother who has super speed, and a literal God… oh, and you, a simple agent.

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anonymous asked:

Can you tell me some good bechloe fanfics? :)

So i don’t know what you like the most, so i have a little bit of everything…?

Here some of my fav long-fics:

2000 Miles by OmACAgee 

And everyone wins by littlepip

Just Like Glass by recallthelove

If These Wings Could Fly (It Made Me Think Of You) by alexfkndanvers

10 Times - Busted by TheGrimLlama

Proving Them Right by cheeky_geek_m0nkey

Don’t You (Forget About Me) by Galpalkru

And here some one-shots (or just 2 chapters fics) :

They’ll Learn Much More (Than I’ll Ever Know) by Elisacollette

You Still Make Sense to Me (Your Mess is Mine) by wherehopelies

Under the Mistletoe by not_so_average_fangirl

One touch and I was a believer (every kiss it gets a little sweeter) and You’re ripped at every edge but you’re a masterpiece by eliseboobman (bechloehuh)

Chloe Beale’s Pitchmas Santa by threadgoodethebard (elevenagain)

Don’t Stop by littlepip

The Sexual Implications of Teleportation by Care

Enjoy your reading! ;) 


Request: I’m halfway through Paterson and it is beautiful. I’m tempted to ask if you could write a fic where Kylo Ren goes undercover as Matt because he has a crush on reader and tries to write poetry about her, and eventually he (and his poem) gets found out by her. But idk if that comes off as a stupid idea/selfish request, and don’t know if requests are open in general. Don’t want to step on any toes. D: This movie is breathtaking.

A/N: I had this saved in my drafts bc I had responded a while back and I finally got the chance to write it. Thank you so much for this request, I loved the idea and I hope you enjoy!

Warning: None

Word Count: 4.3K+

There was something about you, something about your aura that caught the commanders attention. The way you carried yourself: a gentle smile on your face, a perfect posture and a sense of contentment reflecting off of you. It was rather odd, at least in the mans eyes to see someone so…lively. In the Order, there had never been a person who made the dull ship seem as if a sun had been shining through it–yet, somehow you did.

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Worlds Collide (Part 4)

Castiel x Reader, Misha x Reader?

Word Count: 1.6k

Warnings: language, some fluff, smut, embarrassment (reader), angst, cheating.

A/N: Through my vicious, bloody battle with writer’s block, this came out. So yeah, here it is. The pics in the collage are not mine.

Worlds Collide Master List

You rolled over and grabbed the warm torso of your angel, who lay naked beside you. There was nothing you loved more than waking up beside him, knowing that he kept you safe through the night. You slid your hand up his broad chest, taking in the sweet scent that always seems to radiate from him.

“Good morning,” you murmured as you leaned in and kissed his creamy skin.

Cas peered down at you with a sweet smile. “Good morning, Y/N.” He gently lifted your chin up with his finger, forcing your eyes to meet. His lips met yours before you could take another breath. The angel quickly crawled over you, placing himself between your legs as his tongue dominated your mouth.

“Mmm,” you moaned into his mouth as your fingers snaked over his skin. You broke the kiss, chuckling as you stared up at Cas. “Someone’s in a good mood this morning,” you toyed.

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Caught in the crossfire|Part II

✖ Characters/relationships: Percival Graves x Reader, Reader’s parents

✖ Genres: Smut, worry, angst

✖ Summary: Yours and Percival’s relationship becomes pretty steady but you have to get your mother’s approval.

✖ Disclaimer: All characters are at least 21 y/o unless stated otherwise.

✖ Word count: 5977

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My predictions/wishes for The Future, and beyond.

The next episode is nearly upon us, and because like many of us who appreciate and care about Castiel, are casually wandering what is next for him. I want to write about what I want to happen on thursday. This is a complete gut feeling, mixed with some “research” that I need to do to make some sense so this doesn’t looks like one of my usual ramblings. This is serious, I want this to happen, even if it hurts a little.

First, some context. I just noticed that the first time we meet Cas on “Lazarus Rising” SPN 04x01 , (I personally named it “The First Blind Date”) while been interrogated by Dean, Cas starts to rummaging on a book that I assume Boby brought to the barn for the sigils that they used all over the place. This becomes a kind of trade of Cas when he meets with the boys, or while is questioned about something that he can be completely honest to discuss, he start to check papers of a current case or opens a book like trying to read it, I interpreted this as a kind of gimmick to avoid confrontation.

I know I saw this several times in other scenes, but other concrete episode was the “The Third Man” SPN 06x03 when he is being questioned about Sam’s return from hell and the civil war in heaven. So, my point is, we have come to know the traits of how Lucifer interacts with almost every other character that Mark Pellegrino uses constantly and Misha Collins portrayed very well in every detail.

As research, I review the interaction of Chuck and supposedly Lucifer inside Cas on the bunker in “We happy Few” SPN 11x22. He is holding a book while Chuck tries to start a sort of conversation with him, asking the mandatory questions about how he was and how he had changed. I believe that in this particular scene, Lucifer let Cas talk directly to Chuck, because both felt the same about how he left them. I can’t avoid to think about how in “Dark side of the moon” SPN 05X16, Cas was broken and disappointed with Chuck and the way he talked to him. You can say, maybe later when he brought him back to life he understood that he was making a kind of amendment, and forgave his words. And also later is the I ignore Chuck issue, when Lucifer is expelled by Amara from Castiel’s vessel, and when Chuck is dying Cas makes no effort on taking care of him or offered any company or assistance.

But this brought me to the prediction/wish that I been cooking lately about the next episode and the rest of the season. I believe that Joshua by Chuck’s orders made him or will upgrade Castiel to an Archangel. I think Chuck saw Castiel in that interaction, and how he stood in front of him without fear and told him in his face “screw you” from Lucifer and the second “screw all of you” from Castiel. Chuck knows that Cas has evolved beyond an Seraphim by his own means and will to serve humanity, his most precious creation, that he also learned to love trough Dean Winchester. I think he choose this time as perfect opportunity to give him the chance to stand alone in front of Lucifer and the Nephilim. And also, as you know in Jewish lore Cassiel the angel in which Cas is based was an Archangel.


Now, As I can´t avoid to look through the spoilers, I think this will happen along the next episodes, and “The future” will be the point where Cas decides to accept the actual change from Seraph to Archangel, in order to protect The Winchesters, to find Kelly and the Nephilim, that I’m not sure if he will end up protecting or have the guts to kill because of this change.

Here comes the “but”. At first you can say its great news for we the fans of Cas and how much we miss to see him with his wings and with full celestial powers. But, I have to remind you how he reacts when he is given power, exactly like Lucifer. Anyone remembers Godstiel? And also the probability that in the process of this significant change that it has to be made to evolve Castiel into an Archangel, explained by Chuck himself: “stuff of primordial creation” they probably had to reset him to factory settings.

Yes, probably forgetting everything he lived in this past 8 years with Dean and Sam Winchester. Maybe he will remember all but with a “different point of view”, as an Archangel, specifically about “humanity. I hope I’m wrong about this gloomy possibility, and right about the perspective of this mayor evolution for Castiel because of the need for a matching power against Lucifer. I will love to see him full of grace with all his powers and celestial capabilities like in season 4, and also as a shiper I want to believe that Cas will choose this, and the first thing that he will have in mind when he accept this, will be the possibility of becoming a stronger and better ally in the protection of “humanity” (cleans a little tear of feels about this).

To finish this delirant and desperate “prediction”. I want to believe, (oh X files, you taught me well about paranoia and speculation) that Cas will protect Kelly and Lucifer´s spawn because of “Lilly sunder has some Regrets” SPN 12x10. For the way Cas said: “Ignorance is no excuse” and how bad he felt in being part of the killing of a supposed Nephilim at that time. For this he needs redemption. Thru all the episodes centered on Cas of this season the same doubts and questions are presented about how he looks at himself. Is he an angel of the lord? Part of the Winchester family? A useful tool for his brothers when they need someone who do the job?

 How about Castiel the Archangel decides to ignore, first heaven that sees him as a incarnated blasphemy for his love to “humanity”. Second, he could take some time apart and away from his love for the Winchesters, whom I believe are taking him for granted. And finally he can ignore the ancient beliefs of what exactly an abomination like Lucifer’s child could bring to the world. As it supposedly never happened, how they can be sure that such creature will surely became something evil/negative? Let Castiel the Archangel to decide.

The whole James Roberts/Megatron controversy is wayyy overblown and people are treating James Roberts like he’s writing Megatron as if he never did anything wrong but let’s not forget the following points:

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Not Dead Yet (Part 37)

*I was gonna save this for Friday but I just realized I now have over 400 of you beautiful people following me so here’s an early update for you lovelies!*

Pairing: Reader x Peter Pan

Warnings: language, smut ;)

I tore through the jungle shouting for the boys but no one came. I could feel a knot in my stomach tightening the longer I went without seeing or hearing anybody. I couldn’t hear anything besides the wind on the trees. Finally up ahead I noticed the waning light of a fire and bolted for it. As I ran my foot tripped a line causing a bunch of empty coconut shells somewhere to fall. An alert system?

The second the noise went off the fire was doused out and I could hear the rustling of a dozen or more footsteps heading towards me. I readied my dagger just in case. Though I couldn’t see I knew the group was surrounding me. “Who’s out there?” I called to the darkness.

“Weapons down.” I heard a familiar voice shout to the others. A torch was lit casting the jungle in a dim light. All around me were the Lost Boys I had saved from target practice with Rufio holding the torch. “Y/N! You’re back!”

“Yeah, I said I would be. What the hell happened here?” I gestured to the dark island, “I leave for an hour and Peter throws a tantrum, is that it?”

“What are you talking about?” Rufio asked, “Y/N you’ve been gone for weeks.”

“Weeks? No that’s not possible.” I shook my head. What had those spinster women done? “Rufio, you need to tell me everything that’s happened since I left.”

They walked me back to their camp and lit the small fire again. After I left things had been civil at first but when I had been gone for a couple days the new boys and the older ones started to resent one another. The new boys hated how I was allowed to leave whenever I pleased but they were forced to stay and started demanding the same rights as me. Peter had tried explaining why it was alright for me to leave and no one else to less than amiable results. The two sides split completely when the newer boys tried to make easy targets of them again and it was Rufio who got them to retreat before more damage could be done. Since then the two groups had been at each other’s throats.

I asked them what Peter was doing during all this. After the groups split the new boys hadn’t seen Peter and assumed he was on the side of the older boys.

Why does it seem that Neverland cannot be held together? Were we jinxed? Did I step on a leprechaun? What is with all the bull shit bad luck!

“Well Rufio, you did the right thing getting away before they could kill all you slimy traitors but we are ending this dumb war now.” I stood up and motioned for them to do the same, “I’m assuming that you all have had some sense to scout and know where their camp is, right?”

“I thought you said she would be on our side!” One of the kids spoke up and the others shouted in agreement.

“Why the hell would I be on your side?” I shoved the kid back down, “I am loyal to Peter and my brothers. The only reason I helped you was because it was inhumane. The truth is you’re all such a crowd of whiny useless brats that I can’t get a good night’s sleep anymore because you’re up crying your eyes out for your stupid parents! I want you gone so we can get some boys that actually want to be here and won’t frag us down!”

“I want to be here,” Rufio was quick to intercede.

“Yeah, because you heard the pipes and came of your own free will. The rest of you act like you’re on holiday until you decide you want to leave. This isn’t an island for dreamers anymore. You come here you stay here, clear as that. You want to leave? I’ll make sure you leave.” I withdrew the small handful of beans in my pocket. “But first I need to know, is there anyone here that wants to stay on Neverland and be a Lost Boy? This will be your only chance, after this I will not assist you with escaping again no matter how much you beg.”

Rufio was the first to raise his hand. A couple more looked at each other and raised their hands as well. “Alright. Boys that are staying get behind me.” the boys stood up and lined up behind me. “Now the ones that wish to leave come take a bean. The way to use a magic bean are simple. Drop it on the ground, think of the place you want to go and step through. It is a one way trip and if you make a mistake and end up somewhere else it’s your own fault. Understood?”

The boys nodded and collected their beans. The remaining Lost Boys and I stepped back as the leaving boys dropped their beans on the ground and disappeared into the portals. Once the last portal had closed I turned to the four remaining boys in the party and had them lead me to the other camp.


“Rufio I’m really not in the mood.”

“I know I just was wondering why you have that book.”

I had almost forgotten I was carrying it. Why had the spinster sisters given me this? What was so special about it? “I’m not sure yet.” I was tempted to open it and look but this wasn’t the right time.

In the distance I could make out the creeping light of another camp through the trees. A silhouette bolted to my right. “If anyone shoots me I’ll break their neck.” I shouted to the lookout.

Their was no answer. We walked into the camp and a dozen weapons were instantly pointed at us. “You all are a bunch of idiots, put them down.”

“Y/N,” Devin ran up to me, “You’re alive!”

“Of course I am. I’m gonna live forever.” While the camp was happy to see me they glared at the boys I had brought along. “They’re okay. They actually want to be here.”

“That so?” Devin shot daggers at Rufio over my shoulder.

“Yes. The ones that didn’t want to be here are gone for good. From now on we are brothers, got it?”

Devin took in a deep breath and shook his head no. “I can’t. They betrayed us, betrayed Pan. You may be his second in command, Y/N, but that doesn’t give you the authority to let whomever you say to stay or leave. I’m not letting them back into camp until Pan says so.”

“Fair enough. Where is he?”

“Right here.” Peter blinked next to my side nearly giving me a heart attack. “Scare you?”

“You are such an imp.” I muttered under my breath. “What do you say? Can they stay?”

He pretended to contemplate it for a moment before shaking his head as well. “Sorry pet, but they did commit treason.”

“Oh please, what do you care? I would have thought this would all just be one big game for you.”

“It is and be saying they can’t come back, I’ve won.”

“That’s cheating, don’t you think?”

“I made the game, I make the rules. I think you can hardly call that cheating. It is the way of Neverland.”

“Way of Neverland huh?” The book felt heavy in my arms. “Let’s just see about that.” I flipped open the book and noticed it was some kind of storybook. An entire history of Neverland. “Once upon a time there were children.” I read, “Children who would fly away in their dreams to a land unlike any other where they would play and forget their woes. A place where only children could venture.”

“What is this?” Peter tried to take the book from me but I tugged it back to me.

“This place was called, Neverland. With it’s lush green trees and sparkling lagoons it was a perfect realm of fantasy, impossibility, magic and freedom. Without the dreams of children though it was nothing but a spit of paradise in an otherwise barren world. That was until a babe no bigger than a jackrabbit was flown to the island on a pair of fairy wings. This babe would come to be known as–”

“Stop!” Peter shouted at me. The desperation in his eyes was overwhelming.

I stepped closer so only he could hear me and whispered, “I will close this and never open it again if you stop this feud now. I promise.”

He closed the cover of the book and turned to the boys behind me. “Betray me again and it will be your heads.”

The boys nodded and ducked away from his gaze. I grabbed his hand and pulled him away from the camp. When we were far enough away I stopped and dropped the book on the ground. “I’m sorry. I knew I promised never to mention what you told me but–”

“Where were you?”


“You were gone for weeks.” He towered over me, “Where were you?”

“I don’t know.”

“What do you mean you don’t know?”

“Cause I don’t! I just wanted away from Neverland and I ended up in some forest in the dead of winter. I didn’t even think I was gone for an afternoon then I came back and for some reason it’s weeks later. I was hoping you could explain that to me.”

He rested his forehead against mine and sighed, “You didn’t mean to be away that long, did you?”

“Of course. You know I wouldn’t leave for more than a day or two.”

“You’re okay?”


“You’re never going to open that book again?”

“Yes.” I took in a deep breath, “I really am sorry. I didn’t know what it was until I opened it. I didn’t want to but I didn’t see another way in which you would stop the feud that didn’t involve another month long silent treatment.”

“Where did you get that thing anyway?” he cast his glance to the book at our feet.

“The spinster women I met in the other realm gave it to me. They said it was important I had it.”

“Spinsters? How many?”

“Three old ladies. They looked strange.”

“Drooping lip, big thumb, huge foot?”

“Yes! How did you know?”

“Those were the three spinster seers that told me how I could escape my curse. How did you find them?”

“I just did. They gave me the book and some tea, told me some things and it was over before I could comprehend what was going on. Should I be worried?”

“Depends, what did they tell you?”

“That there was a lot of hardships I was going to face and something about flowers I think. I don’t know it all sounded like useless mumbo jumbo.”

“Hey, hey,” he held my face gently, “It’s okay, I’m here. Everything is going to be okay.”

“You’re not mad?”

“No. I was a little concerned when you didn’t come back though.”

“I’m here now.”

“Yes, yes you are.” he pulled my face closer until my lips met his. I couldn’t remember a time when he kissed me so softly before.

I melted into the kiss wrapping my arms around his middle and pulling him closer towards me. We broke for air, the small whisper of a smile on his face as he watched me through half lidded eyes. There was a whirl of air around us and the next moment I knew it we were standing in the room underneath Peter’s Thinking Tree. “I figured you’d be more comfortable down here.”

“Ever the gentleman.” he wrapped his arms around my waist pushing me closer so there was no space between us and kissing me deeper. I want more moments like these. No fighting. No curses. No pirates or Lost Boys or spinsters to interfere. If I could just get more moments like this with him Neverland truly would be paradise.

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I’m still not over the historic night at the Billboard awards and everything that happened. It just really makes me proud and happy to be a fan of 7 talented amazing guys and be a part of this wonderful fandom. I never thought I would be such trash for any group or artists EVER. So since im feeling sentimental and ishh I thought I would make a long boring post about why I love BTS and ARMY.

I love their music and their music videos, the first song I heard of BTS was DOPE and then Fire came out and I was blown away, I still sing the Blood Sweat and Tears chorus. To me BTS came out with a hit after a hit after a hit. Like musically they keep surprising me. Even their album’s are amazing I don’t even know how many times I have repeated ‘The most Beautiful most of my life’ Album or the Wings album.

But there’s more to BTS, i love the fact that they are all talented and I like every single member in the group. Their other groups where maybe one or two members stand out a lot more or have more public recognition but I feel like every single members brings something amazing to the group and it wouldn’t be the same without one of them and for that I just want to thank Bang PD and whoever else was involved in choosing each of the members.

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Ice Dancing (Jimin, OC) Part 3


“Hey kiddo, time to wake up.”

Jimin ruffled his younger brother’s flop of brown hair and patted his cheek gently. The latter groaned in complaint and tried to swat his hand away; quite ungracefully as it didn’t even touch his older brother’s hand with how he was practically still half asleep.

Jimin chuckled at Jacob's—or Jay as what he’s called—attempt before shaking him a little more forcefully, causing the younger to whine in protest.

“Okay… hyung! I’m awake. Stop—“

"Are you sure? Do I need to flip you off this bed?”

Jay glared at his brother. “You’re mean.”

Jimin smirked. “You know I’m not.”

“You’re right. Tae Tae hyung said you’re evil.”

“And you believe him?”

“He says Santa really exists and that it was scientifically proven that he lives in the North Pole. Yup, Tae Tae hyung is smart!” The kid smiled lazily as he tried to keep his eyes open.  

Jimin sighed amusedly before pulling the curtains aside to let in some light. It was the blue hour, just at the brink of sunrise and Jimin couldn’t really blame his brother for having a hard time waking up.

“Yeah… I think we need to stop hanging out with Taehyung too often.”

“That’s what he told me about you!” Jay said which made Jimin chuckle, knowing Taehyung would actually really say that to try and steal his little brother away.

“Oh yeah? But you have to admit… Hyung is cooler than Tae Tae hyung right?” Jimin said as he helped the eight-year old out of his bed and pulled him onto his feet.

There was a moment of silence.

“Are you actually thinking about this?” Jimin asked incredulously which made Jay laugh. “Why you little—“

The little boy squealed as Jimin initiated a tickle fight, attacking his sides which Jimin knew was his most vulnerable spot. Right there, Jimin forgot his problems momentarily; with the whole skating and ‘save my career’ fiasco that’s currently keeping him up at night.

With Jay, he could just be himself and not have to put up his "champion-athlete” front.

It was a few years ago when their parents passed of a terrible accident. Jimin, who was only sixteen then, was already a competitive skater in the juniors division while Jay was merely three-years-old.

Jay was so young when he was left under Jimin’s care and the older was terrified to death when he thought he would be taken away from him considering they were still both minors. But Seokjin, their amazing and most beloved cousin, had come in and took them under his wing for a few years until Jimin was old enough to take care of Jacob on his own.

With Jimin’s success in his skating career, he was able to do just that: provide a home for the both of them and even support his schooling. Jimin was basically a parent at what’s supposed to be the prime of his youth. Though he never saw it as a downside.

In fact, he didn’t mind it at all. He would rather take care of his brother than do all those things kids his age usually do: like partying or dating.  

Jimin would do anything to keep his little brother with him. The only family they got was each other, after all.

He listened with a smile as Jay talked animatedly about his camping trip this weekend. They had gotten up extra early today since the bus would leave at 6 A.M. which should take them up north to a wilderness reserve. Jimin was against it at first, not wanting to have Jay so far from him but after much pleading from his little brother and assurances from his teachers that they would be completely safe, Jimin gave in and thought what kind of a brother would he be if he didn’t let him go out and explore?

He just hoped there weren’t any bears in that place.  

“When you get there I want you to send me a text, okay?” Jimin said as they pulled over at the front of the school. “I know there might not be signal in the woods but before you actually go in, please let me know—”

“Yes, hyung.“ Jay huffed while rolling his eyes. Jimin had been talking nonstop during the drive even though he probably gave him the whole safety speech for the hundredth time that week. "I know I know, you even told Mr. Brown about it remember?”

Jimin sighed as he pulled out his camping bag from the trunk. He caught one of the parents looking at his car and smiled inwardly. His BMW has always been a sight for sore eyes.

“Just be careful okay?” Jimin said as he placed the hat over the little boy’s head and helped him wear his backpack.

“It’s two nights hyung.” Jay rolled his eyes and Jimin wondered if Taehyung taught him to sass like that. “The worse that could happen is that I forget to brings insect repellant.”

“You did?!”

“No. you packed it yourself remember? And a spare too on my other bag.” Jay reminded him and Jimin sighed in relief. “I’ll be back before Monday!“

"I mean it, Jay. Behave.” Jimin said before pulling him in for a bone-crushing hug. “Love you.”

“I—I can’t breathe—"

“That’s not the reply I was looking for~” Jimin teased as he hugged him tighter.

“Okay I love you too hyung—can you please let go?”

Jimin chuckled and let go eventually, patting his back. “Have fun.”

Jay tipped his hat before jogging towards the bus where the other kids were. Jimin watched him go and was surprised when just before he boarded the bus, his little brother looked back and waved goodbye with the brightest smile on his face and somehow that made Jimin feel a lot less worried knowing his brother was going to have a blast.

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Political Animals-Dean and Jo

This is an A/B/O AU. 


Political Animals-Sam and Reader(Part 1 all parts are linked)

Your name is Jo Harvelle, and you are an Omega working in your mother’s bar part time while you go to school. On a busy night at the bar, sparks fly between you and a gorgeous Alpha, but your best friend and co-worker warns you of his hard partying, lady-killer reputation.  He’s clearly interested, but you don’t have time in your life for drama.  

Characters: Alpha! Dean Winchester, Omega! Jo Winchester, Alpha! John Winchester, Alpha! Sam Winchester, Omega! Jessica Moore, Beta! Bobby Singer, Beta! Ellen Harvelle, Beta! Melanie Rivera (OC), Beta! Benny Lafitte

One of the drawbacks of being the daughter of the owner of a bar is that my Mom expected me to cover shifts when her waitresses called out.  April was an Omega like me and her heat had come on early and she obviously couldn’t work. So here I was, slinging beers on a Thursday night instead of studying like I planned.

My Mom’s bar, Harvelle’s, was two blocks from the campus of NYU so it was always packed on the weekends.  My Dad had died when I was ten so Mom had been running the bar on her own since then.  Mom is the strongest, most capable woman I know.

I ran into the bar, tossing my purse under the counter and grabbing a clean apron from off the hook.  It was a madhouse already, and it was only eight.

“Hey Mom, I got here as quick as I could,” I said, kissing her cheek. 

“Thanks, Jo. I owe you big.” She told me, pulling beers with both hands. “Can you take section 3?”

“Yep, got it,” I told her as I grabbed a tray and order pad off the bar.  I waved to my best friend Melanie who was also working tonight.

I hurried over to my first table where two guys were sitting.  My section was full and I was already behind.  This was gonna be a long night.

 “Sorry for the wait, guys.  What can I get you?” I said quickly, eyes focused on my order pad.

“Oh your definitely worth the wait, Sweetheart.” A deep voice said, and I immediately looked up, meeting a pair of green eyes framing a face so perfect it was almost pretty.  And then I smelled him. Alpha. He smelled so delicious it made my toes curl.

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Stay With Me (Part 1)

“If only it was us against the world. Tell me, would you stand for all we’re worth?”

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 1258
Warnings: Mild language
A/N: Here we go, new series, oh mercy! Don’t worry, ‘Heathens’ is still going, I’ve just had this on my mind for so long and I needed to get it out! I really hope you like it, there’s quite a few parts planned for it so feedback is appreciated!

-Takes place directly after the events of CA: TWS
-Title and quote inspired by this video/song. (I’m such trash for MCU video edits)
-GIF credit

one | two | three | four

To say that you were exhausted was a huge understatement at this point. You were downright drained. Today had been nothing short of chaotic and it didn’t look like it would be letting up anytime soon. People were still crowding the streets in a frenzy and emotions were running high. There were so many questions and just far too few answers being given.

Then again, it wasn’t everyday that three giant, glorified hover-boards crashed and burned into the Potomac River. How the hell does someone go about explaining that one…without causing more panic.

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Chapter 9

Mark Tuan || frat boy au

Originally posted by gots7

Reader (you) x Mark Tuan ft Im Jaebum

Word Count: 1666  

Genre: Angst, fluff

Summary: MARK’S POINT OF VIEW!!!! (enough said)

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6  Chapter 7   Chapter 8


I was no good for her. And I kept telling myself that since the day I met her. But she kept coming back and I couldn’t resist myself. Out of all the relationships I’ve had, I never came across a girl who made me work so hard for her. I care for her, defend her and, listen to her. Now, she’s gone out of my sight.

Picking up my phone, I looked at the texts Shae sent me. To be honest, I felt disgusted and I’ve never felt that way before. (Y/N) was the one who made me realize things. She opened up a whole new world for me. A world where love can exist. For me, I never believed in love because I thought all girls were the same. But I was wrong. Since a girl like (Y/N) will never come by easily, I have to fix this. 

Dialling Shae’s number, I came up with millions of plans in my head and thought on how I would end this. Dump her like I did with every other girl? Or simply say I have a girlfriend and hope she would leave. Either way, it wouldn’t hurt me at all. 

“Hello?” I heard a soft voice answer my call. 

“Hey, Shae. Can we meet?” I asked bluntly, without any emotions put into my words.

“Sure? My room?” Shae purred. Even though she couldn’t see me, I gave a sour expression and rolled my eyes. At this moment, I realized Shae always threw herself onto me when she wanted sex. And yes, I went along with it for the pleasure. But now, I have to change things. 

“No,” I coldly responded, “Let’s meet in the art wing hallway. I just want to talk to you.”

“Now? What’s wrong, Mark? Is everything okay?” Shae asked, sounding concerned. 

“Meet me, now.” And with that, I hung up the phone. Yes, it was quite rude to hang up the phone when someone sounded concerned. But to me, I just didn’t care. Getting out of bed quickly, I cleaned up myself and got dressed. Before running out, I caught a glimpse of a rose gold ring lying on the nightstand. Smiling, I picked up the ring and tucked it in the pockets of my jeans. 

Casually walking towards the art wing, I thought about the different things I could do to prove to (Y/N) I’m not a bad man. I didn’t know her favorite flower or what she liked to eat. All I knew was she liked coffee and she wears a rose gold ring. But that wasn’t enough. I wanted to win her back like any man would do. 

“Mark!” I heard a voice yell, interrupting my thoughts. I turned around to see Shae sitting on a bench just outside the art wing hallway. I took in a deep breath and started to walk towards her. I needed to act cool and collected, hoping she’ll get the message that I didn’t care for her. 

“Hey.” I simply said as I approached her. She was definitely wearing a shirt too low for my liking but, like I mentioned, Shae was someone who was thirsty for sex. 

“What did you want to talk about?” Shae asked, making her voice sound sweet even though it sounded like death to my ears. 

“Let’s end this now.” I coldly stated without any emotion. Shae looked at me for a second and started laughing her head off. I looked at her like she was crazy. Does this girl not get the memo?

“What a joke, Mark. You sure are funny.” Shae said, with a slight sarcastic tone in her voice. 

“Really? Because I don’t think I’m that funny,” I bluntly stated, “Listen to me again, Shae. Let’s end this now. You forget about me and move on with life just like how I would when I leave you.”

“Are you kidding me, Mark? You can’t just leave like that. We shared something special and I’m pretty convinced that you like me so, why end this now?” Shae raised her high pitched voice.

“Because I love someone else.” I simply said. And it was true. (Y/N) had an aura that couldn’t keep me away from her. Shae didn’t give that sense of aura which was why she was only someone who shared the same pleasure.

“Bullshit.” Shae huffed out, getting up from the bench and walking over to me. “You said a couple nights ago that I was the only one. And here you are, telling me that you love another girl? We had something. That passion we shared together. Why can’t you see that?”

Suddenly, Shae grabbed my arm and pulled me close to her. I could smell the strong perfume as she pressed her body against mine, making me feel uncomfortable. I stood there for awhile while I listen to Shae smooth talk her way back into my life. I didn’t know why I even had sex with this girl because damn, she’s too clingy for my type. 

I grabbed her by the waist and pushed her away from me. Straightening my clothes, I look at Shae dead in the eye and opened my mouth. 

“You are a complete whore,” I started off, “The only time we ever hung out was when you asked for sex. Do you really think I’d love a girl like that? You throw yourself on me and clung on the me like glue. I’m not sure how many guys you’ve slept with but I can tell by your face that I’m not the only one. I’m ending this now because I don’t want to see your fucking face anymore.”

“Aw, Mark. Is college too stressful for you? I could help you.” Shae winked at me, completely ignoring my speech. I looked at her with disgust and was about to say something until someone from behind spoke up.

“Oh for fuck’s sake.” The voice said from behind. “Just leave already. The man says he doesn’t want you so skedaddle your ass out of here. Your voice is hurting my ears.”

I turned around to face the man whom everyone feared. Jaebum stood behind me with his cap covering his face while his hands rested in the pockets of his jeans. I was slightly confused on why he was defending me. Or the big question was, why is here?

“Fuck you, Mark Tuan.” Shae yelled at me as I turned to face her. She held up her middle finger towards me and stomped off into the other direction. 

“God, I thought she would never leave.” Jaebum sighed as he stood beside me, looking straight ahead of him. He was a few inches taller and I could take him down if I got really angry. Today, it was a different situation. 

“Thanks.” I mumbled, shoving my hands in my pockets. 

“Don’t thank me. It was (Y/N)’s state that made me do this.” Jaebum replied back coldly. We both stood there, without making eye contact, making the air tension tight. I moved slightly, feeling the awkwardness that was shared between Jaebum and I.

“Why?” I suddenly asked, breaking the silence.

“Why, what?” Jaebum bluntly replied back. I turned my head to look at him as I examined his expression. He looked lonely and broken. I may not be a talkative person but I know how a person feels by looking at them.

“Why are you helping me?” I asked as I turned my head to look straight ahead of me again.

“You deserve her more than me.” Jaebum simply stated. “I see that way you look at her and I know you will treat her better than I will. Out of all the things I’ve done to her, I’ve only been a huge dickhead. I ignored her in high school, denied her feelings for me and, punched her. I don’t deserve her which is why I’ll let you have her.”

“I’m a dickhead too.” I chuckled under my breath. 

“Yeah, well, no one’s perfect in this world.” Jaebum sighed as he grabbed me by the shoulders and turned my body to face him. Shocked by his actions, I stood there and gave him a weird look. 

“Take care of her, please. She was my first love.” Jaebum exclaimed, looking at me with a serious expression plastered on his face. 

“Uhh…” I huffed out, not knowing what to say. It was quite weird that Jaebum acted his way towards me. It was so sudden, it took the words out of my mouth. 

“Don’t be an idiot.” Jaebum said as he lightly hit my head. “You be careful with her. Cherish her by your side and if you make her cry again, I won’t let it go. She deserves to be loved from head to toe. Make a mistake again and I’ll beat your ass.”

I pushed Jaebum away and raised my hands, “Don’t need to tell me, man. I love (Y/N) too much to let her go. I’ll make sure I’ll treat her right and be a man for her.  If I do make a mistake, I can give you full on permission to beat the shit out of me.”

“Good.” Jaebum sighed. “If you want to see her again, she’s going to the big band dinner dance this weekend.”

“Where can I get tickets?” I quickly asked with full determination in my actions. This was my chance to fix my mistakes, and this time, I’m giving my undivided attention towards her. 

“Just ask Yugyeom. He’s that kid who hangs around the music hallway. Red hair, tall and, dances well. You’ll know once you take a look at him” Jaebum stated.

“Thanks, man. I owe you.” I smiled, feeling good about what’s going to happen this weekend.

“The only debt you owe me is treating (Y/N) right. Don’t fuck up man.” Jaebum smiled as he turned to look at me and gave me a slight nod. 

“I won’t.”

long time no see… hey what’s up? how ya doin? MARK TUAN FRAT BOY IS ABOUT TO END. Only one more chapter left folkes. No worries, I have another series in mind. The member for the next series is (drum roll please) Mr. Jaebum. Thank you for giving this series so much love. Hope y’all have a wonderful day. Take care :)



I hope you two don’t mind that I combined your requests, it just made sense when I knew I was writing a Ricky one-shot @val2557 & anonymous :)

The Stripper (Ricky Horror) (Motionless In White) (SMUT)

Word Count: 1,345


It wasn’t an ideal career path but you needed the money to pay for college after your parents refused to support you when you told them you wanted to study photography instead of becoming a boring lawyer like them. The strip club wasn’t as seedy as shown in film and TV; the boss was nice and not at all sleazy. Plus the other girls took you under their wing and some had become my close friends and second family.

Tonight when you emerged from the back room after getting dressed in your usual skimpy black and red ‘clothes’ if you could even call them that. You wore fishnet stockings, a short black skirt and a matching red and black bikini style top with a pair of black heels. You were told it complimented your dark brown with crimson tips hair that was curled and sprayed so not a single strand was out of place. You let the other girls smother you in makeup, so you had smoky eyes that made your green eyes ‘pop’ and dark red almost black lipstick that contrasted your pale skin because you refused to fake tan. Your boss beckons you over and points to one of the back rooms and raises an eyebrow.

“You have a client, apparently dealing with a breakup so make him feel special. He’s in a band so discretion is needed and don’t forget to be your lovely self so he spends more than him and his friends already have.”

You wonder which band he was in, you worked in a pretty exclusive strip club and the occasional musician wandered in and splashed the cash. You follow your boss’s finger to one of the booths and your eyes widen, Motionless In White was in your club. However one member was missing while the others were getting friendly with some of the other girls. Wait a second, was Ricky your client? No it couldn’t be. They were one of your favourite bands but after working here you learnt to keep your fangirl under control, especially since you’d spent time with Ashley Purdy, Ben Bruce and even Mike Fuentes.

You take a deep breath before pushing open the door to the back room, your suspicions are confirmed when you see Ricky look up from his phone. He was with Jessica, then you remember what your boss said about him going through a breakup so they mustn’t be together anymore.

“Hi, I’m not going to lie but I don’t really do this kind of thing often. But my band said I needed to have a good time and well you came recommended from a few friends. I hope that doesn’t bother you.”

Ah it was cute how nervous he sounded; this must have been his first time in a back room. You smile.

“Only if they’ve told you good things, or I might not play nice next time they come in.”

He laughs and runs a hand through his hair.

“I think a certain Ashley Purdy wants you all to himself where as CC said you were a laugh.”

“Purdy is a character. But enough about him, can I ask you a question? It might be a bit personal so you don’t have to answer.”

He nods as if giving you permission.

“I thought you were with Jessica. Yes I’m a fan but I keep it professional.”

“I was with her until she cheated on me.”

You make an ‘oh’ shape with your mouth.

“What exactly did you have planned tonight, or do you want me to surprise you?”

He quirks an eyebrow and smirks.

“Surprise me.”

They always said that. You strut towards him making sure to draw attention to your body before you straddle his waist on the chair he was sitting on. His eyes linger on your breasts that were pushed up thanks to the top which made you smile as you lean over making sure to rub his crotch with your hand as you nibble his ear making him shiver.

“Tonight I’m all yours Ricky, all of this is for you and no one else. You can control me, tell me what you want.”

Pulling back you bite your lip as your hands roam up and down his chest before one found its way to his crotch again and started palming him through the black skinny jeans.

“You’re a tease y/n.”

You continue to bite your lip and bat your eyelashes innocently.

“I don’t know what you mean Ricky?”

His eyes darken and you recognise lust flash behind them before he forcefully grabs your hand and undoes his zip.

“Stop biting your lip, it makes me want to fuck your pretty mouth.”

“Then fuck my pretty mouth Ricky.”

He lets go of your hand and you help him pull down his jeans and boxers, and your eyes bulge at the size of his package exposed in front of you. He smirks upon seeing your reaction.

“Fuck me Horror.”

“Yes I intend to y/n.”

You wonder how the hell you were going to fit him all inside you, but he didn’t give you chance to think it over before he grabs your hand again and forces you to pump him. You kind of liked the dominance; it made your job a lot easier. You lower your head and slowly take him inside you while continuing to pump.

“Shit y/n you’re perfect.”

He grabs your hair and forces you to take more of him until you feel it hit the back of your throat, but you were lucky not to have much of a gag reflex. He shudders as you change speed before he thrusts against you nearly making you choke.

“Swallow for me like a good girl.”

He releases in your mouth shortly after and you swallow before licking him clean and pull back. You rest your head on his chest as the two of you get your breathing back under control. There was something different about Ricky compared to your other clients. He cups your chin and tilts your head up to face him and you realise the smirk was back.

“Now I think it’s time I repaid the favour.”

His other hand slides up your thigh before he starts stroking the top of your stockings, you shiver at his cold touch.

“You don’t have to do that Ricky.”

He ignores you and continues trailing his fingers until he plays with the hem of your underwear, what made the moment more intense was the fact his eyes never left yours.

“But I want to y/n.”

You gasp and clutch his top as he cheekily slides two fingers inside you and starts to pump. You can’t help but moan as he moves you to the sofa next to him and lowers you down, still keeping his fingers inside you. He slides down your underwear and adds a third finger before he finds your G-Spot sending you over the edge.

“Shit Ricky and you said I was perfect.”

He chuckles darkly and continues his finger assault until you feel a warm knot in your stomach.

“R-Ricky I’m going to come.”

“Not yet.”

He removes his fingers and you groan as he licks them clean in front of you. Next thing you know he lowers his head and you jolt feeling his tongue teasing you. You’d never been eaten out before, yes you’d had sex with Ashley but it didn’t ever feel like this. You continue to moan and run your fingers through his hair as you try and hold on, but with a skilled flick of his tongue you feel yourself release into his mouth.

Ricky pulls back and helps you up before pulling you onto his lap after you pulled your underwear back on. Usually after a blow job and a bit of a tease the client thanked you and left but Ricky had taken care of your needs. He stroked your hair as he lazily placed kisses up your neck, the gesture was almost sweet. You wouldn’t forget this night any time soon.

bossard  asked:

24) things you said with clenched fists

Thank you again for the prompt, and sorry it took me forever to get to it :) This is part 2 of “a little push is all you need”, a series I’m writing which combines most of the drabbles I have in my inbox about how I headcanon Cassian needed some reassurance to actually get up the nerve to ask Jyn to marry him (plus had a few people asking to expand on it from this other prompt fill :P) Words: 807

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Several days had passed since she overheard Cassian. Several days of letting the words sink in, her initial fear and shock slowly morphing into anticipation, excitement, – and worst of all – wanting.

It was a feeling Jyn hadn’t experienced since Eadu, since the possibility of reuniting with her father was squandered over the course of hours. She feared what wanting would do to her – what it could take from her – if it was only promising her false hope all over again.

Though, if there was a person to give her such a thing, perhaps it was appropriate that it was Cassian.

Jyn never thought herself one to get married, never let herself even humor the thought of it. She’d lived too many lives to consider a future for Jyn Erso, the one life she’d hid from for near a decade.

It just wasn’t practical.

So what was it that made her yearn for Cassian to approach her, to utter those four simple words to her that she would feign interest in, all while her heart would stutter to a stop in her chest?

(Not that she’d thought about it.)

That should have been answer enough; that she was ready to admit her co-dependence and that Jyn Erso no longer wished to run. But even with the anticipation, of hearing him say it to her instead of about her, she wasn’t sure if she would say yes.

She reasoned it was because of the war – no sense in elaborates or celebrations in a time like this. But maybe, it was the perfect time for such a thing, to forget about those things for even just a day.

Still, Cassian’s words loomed over her for days, following her around like the thick rainstorms of Yavin. She couldn’t think of Cassian without hearing his words or imagining the way his mouth would quirk at the end of it, perhaps rushed and not how he’d planned.

It would frustrate him, she thought, that he couldn’t say it how he’d envisioned, and she would laugh.

So why could she see it, feel his question, and still be unsure she would agree to it?

Jyn wasn’t sure, wasn’t sure she’d ever be sure.

The hangar bay was cold, wind swirling and howling as Kaytoo lumbered behind them, preparing their U-Wing in as much silence as Kaytoo could manage. They stood inches apart, and although the hangar was crowded with pilots and maintenance crew, she felt as if they were the only two people on Hoth.

“How long?” Jyn muttered, her hands fisted tightly in the pockets of her parka.

“A week, standard.” Cassian replied, closing the space between them.

She didn’t move, couldn’t move her hands from inside of her jacket. It was all that was keeping her together, all she could do to stop the fury slowly rising in her chest. Of course Draven had to send him off-world, of course.

“Okay,” she breathed, feeling Cassian’s gloved palm rest on her shoulder.

She didn’t look up.

“Jyn, look … I know you don’t like me to promise—“

“Stop,” Jyn snapped, stepping out of his grasp. “Just … stop.”

His hand hovered the space between them before returning to his side. She could feel him thinking, the muscles of his jaw wound tightly with what to say next.

“Jyn, I’ll have my holo, if you need—“

“I know,” she stole a glance up at him. His gaze was soft, concerned even.

She narrowed hers in reply.

“Jyn, what’s wrong?” he took a tentative step forward.

“Nothing,” she screwed her eyes shut to silence the words repeating in the back of her mind.

“If you can’t talk about it now,” he looked around and lowered his voice, “you can always holo me. It will be encrypted, you know the code words we’ve discussed.”

She nodded her head, the fists in her pockets finally unclenching. It was only a week, she could manage a week. She’d been alone longer than a week before.

“Good,” he sighed, pulling both of her hands in his. “Good.”

She remained silent, unable to think past the voice in her head, his voice.

“Don’t get into any trouble on base while I’m gone,” he pulled her into his chest and she finally relented, relaxing under his touch. His breath was hot against her uncovered cheek as he continued, “And please get outside of your quarters, okay? Don’t make me get Baze and Chirrut to check up on you. They’ll do it, even if I don’t ask.”

That at least got a tiny smile out of her.

She let her head rest against his chest, feeling a kiss pressed to her forehead. It wasn’t enough, but had to be for now. She closed her eyes as his arms tightened around her.

As soon as she’d accepted his warmth he was gone.

Lucifer x Prophet!Reader Chapter Three

Warnings: Most likely cursing

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Fandom: Supernatural

Notes: This ones short I’m so sorry I’m not good at dividing chapters

The mountains were a pretty change in scenery. Lucifer managed to take you to a beautiful cabin deep in the woods of Forks, Washington. No one would bother you there. You were far away from your previous home, and you got to take your pets with you. Cujo adjusted nicely, running around the cabin happily with your kitten Keanu. They seemed pleased. Your snake however was pretty stressed, so you left him alone in his own room upstairs.

Lucifer was happy to get you whatever you needed, he got your food and new furniture, books and crystals. You weren’t going to be in any witchy business soon so you didn’t really need them, but they still comforted you.

The first time he visited you after moving in was when you were watering your plants by the windowsill overlooking the mountains. You turned around, surprised to see him.

“Hello.” He said as he walked up next to you, looking at the plants. They were all healthy and green. “How are you? Nothing bothering you, I hope?” He asked, turning to look you in the eyes.

“No, everything’s fine, just a bit…” You didn’t want to admit it, but you were getting pretty lonely. Your puppy and kitten were company, sweet company, but they weren’t really the conversation type. “Lonely.”

He furrowed his brows, looking down. “I can understand that.” And he could, very well. He understood the very definition of it. How long had he spent alone in that cage? He wouldn’t wish that loneliness on anyone. “Do you want me to send one of my demons here to stay with you? I know a very nice girl, Aeshma-”

“No.” You cut him off and trailed a fingertip along a leaf of your favorite plant. “I don’t know her. I don’t really like demons.”

He smiled at that. “Neither do I.” He said and looked out the window at the glorious mountains, at the sun that was going to be setting soon.

You didn’t want to say it. But you wanted him to be staying with you. It made you feel safe. You knew he was busy, being satan and all, but it would make your life so much better if he spent time with you.

“I’m not too busy in hell.” He said and you looked up at him sharply, furrowed brows. Before you could say anything he spoke. “Sorry. I forget humans have that privacy thing.” He smiled and it caused you to smile as well.

“So, is that a yes?” You asked timidly, your kitten making a grand appearance, meowing and rubbing against Lucifer’s leg. He bent down and picked up the gray kitten, cradling it on his shoulder like a small child. He had more experience with animals, since they were around longer than humans. And he liked them more. They were sweeter, they weren’t selfish, they didn’t kill or rape or commit crimes.

“I can stay most of the time.” He smiled and you couldn’t help but squeal with excitement. He grinned at that. “But, sometimes I must deal with duties in Hell. Boring stuff.” He rolled his eyes and sighed. “Other than that, I will keep you company.”

You don’t know why that made you so happy. Maybe because you’d gone so long without huma- well… you get the just.That and the fact that you were bonded. You couldn’t think of any other archangel you’d rather have watching over you.

Internally, Lucifer was cursing himself. How was he so weak to let a human bring out positive emotions from him? Given you two were bonded and he was your protector for life, he couldn’t think of any other reason he would waste his free time here with you.

In inside you, you weren’t afraid to admit to yourself that you were forming strong emotions towards him. Sure it was his duty to protect you. But the way he killed Abaddon? It was like he enjoye causing her pain. He could have snapped his fingers and had her turned to dust, but instead he tortured her for minutes. And that made you feel happy. Why? Who knows.

You spent the day outside with him. The both of you sat on a stone bench with green moss growing up the sides of it. You discussed the beginning of time, the formation of angels. He remembered when the first angel was made, Castiel.

“I remembered him.” You smiled widely, looking at him. The setting sun made his blue eyes stand out as well as his sandy blonde hair. He was beautiful. You knew he was just in a vessel, but damn, he chose a mighty fitting one.

“He was a good soldier. He looked up to me. I sort of raised him, but when I…” He trailed off, clenching his fists and looking at the ground. “He no longer thought of me as the ‘awesome big brother’ I was made out to be.”

You felt sympathy, but you weren’t going to apologize. That wouldn’t help. “Can you tell me… what you did?”

He looked over at you and he looked ready to skin you alive. But he held it in. He drew in a deep breath and looked back to the setting sun. “I’ll tell you eventually. I don’t want to talk about it right now. Now, I need to handle some things in Hell. But if you need me, pray and I promise I will be at your side in an instant.” He said and smiled at you before vanishing in a flutter.

It was lonely back inside your cabin when he left. Your animals sensed it and they tried to cheer you up, your kitten bringing you a frog and your little puppy cuddling around your neck as you laid on the bed. Passing time was hard, all you could really do was cook yourself food, watch tv, read. When Lucifer wasn’t there you found it hard to stay happy. You started remembering the blood all over your face and in your mouth. Remembering the death of the that first demon, then Abaddon. It was horrible. At times you found yourself crying into a pillow.

“Why are you crying?” His voice was monotone, looking down at you in your bed.

You flipped over, suprised to see him there. You didn’t pray or call for him. Perhaps he had just felt your pain and came to see if you were okay. You wiped under your eyes and ran a hand through your hair, trying to look more suitable.

“Just thinking about things. Humans normally don’t like seeing blood and mutilated bodies.” You laughed half heartedly, trying to ease up the mood.

Lucifer nodded in understanding. “I can see why.” He paused for a moment before sitting beside you, taking your kitten into his arms. It was sleepy so she just laid there, eyes closed softly purring. “Is there anything I can do to take your mind off of it?”

When he said that you couldn’t help but notice how beautiful he was. Well, his vessel. Such perfect skin and blonde hair. His eyes though, they were what got you. Such a bright gorgeous icy blue, but they held so much power in them. You could stare into them for hours. He noticed you looking and smiled, a few wrinkled forming at the edges of his eyes. “I like to think my vessel is attractive as well.”

You rolled your eyes, smiling a bit. “Yeah. Mind Reading thing. I should learn to control my thoughts.” You said and he just smiled, setting your kitten down. It padded over to the foot of the bed and curled up on a pillow. “No, I don’t think there’s anything you can do. Just give me time to heal.” You said and he nodded in understanding.

“I brought more food and water, it’s all stocked in your cabinets and refrigerator.” He said and stood up. “I’ll leave you now, I might come back later with some plants I think you’ll enjoy.” He said and before you could thank him he vanished with the familiar flutter of wings.