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anonymous asked:

toast, if cheritz decides to release an actual saeran route will you play it? :o

Maybe…maybe not.

Having to stay up to 3am and wake up at 8am just to participate in chats were killing me. More often then not, I had to spend HGs because I missed out on a couple of chatrooms each day.

So yeah, if I really don’t feel like it, I might just ask friends to spoil me the endings.

Bi followers:

In honor of bi visibility day, I want to do a selfie Saturday tomorrow!

Please either submit a selfie (or really any post you’d like to celebrate)

Or, post you your own blog and tag it febfem (if you’re a febfem) or just @ us!

It’s your day, and I want to celebrate it.

I’m especially encouraging febfems to do this, but I’m also including other bi women who want to participate.

In other news … after having to deal with Steam support thanks to a strangely mangled PIN number, I now have $20 in Steam monies, and I’m in a real video game rut. So I’m looking for suggestions on what to buy. 

Things I enjoy:

- RPGs that are not first-person. First-person is an automatic no. That shit makes me motion sick. I am picky about RPG stories/characters, though, and I prefer swords/magic to guns as weapons. (Side note: please don’t recommend any Witcher games. I’ve tried, multiple times, and I just can’t do it.) 

- Builder/management simulators. I’ve played more than 200 hours of Civilization VI, and most of that has been in the last three months. 

- Visual novels, especially those with some kind of background tactics/strategy. 

- Random casual games that I can play while listening to podcasts.

Any recommendations?


FFXV Week | Day 5 | Episode Prompto 

In which I take one of my favorite parts of the entire DLC and turn it into a shitpost hahahahaha. Because if there’s any day of FFXV Week that I participate in, it has to be the day dedicated to my sweet winter boy!!!!


Fallout Week 2k17 –  Vault Tec

A traveler that passed through here not long ago told everyone he met that there’s some kind of plant paradise to the west where food is abundant. All the people foolish enough to listen to him and head out that way never came back.