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THAT SPOT IS MINE numerous rt employees x youtuber!reader

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the roosterteeth gang was enjoying comic on when a fan told them something that surprised them all. 

“ so, which one of you guys will be playing with y/n?” they asked and their eyes went wide. 

y/n was probably one of the most popular youtubers there was. doing gaming, son covers, short films, and just about everything there was to do on youtube. and they had all met her one way or another, and many of them had fallen for the lovely lady.

“ i.uh..erm…what?” miles stuttered and the girl laughed. 

“ well y/n sent out a tweet talking about how she’s gonna be gaming live, and she’ll be playing prop hunt. but there are some spots open since pwediepie and some others couldn’t make it.”

“ and thats when i said you losers would LOVE to play with her.” burnie said with a smirk, knowing how many of his employees had fallen for the h/c youtuber. “ so what’s it gonna be guys? who’s going?”

there was a moment of silence before ray jumped up and leaped over the table, raising a hand in the air and shouting. 

“ TUXEDO MASK WILL!” before running off. 

“ no you don’t! that spot is mine narvaez!” barbra shouted and ran after him, meg hot on their tails.  miles and kerry stumbling over each other on their way. 

burnie laughed and geoff grinned. “so, when are you gonna tell them that they’re all playing?” gus asked and burniedchuckled.

“ they’ll fine out on their own.”

“you are evil.”

“ thanks jack, it helps me sleep at night.”

so….i don’tknow if im gonna make more parts to this orrr………i dont know man. i mean if you guys want me to them go ahead. but only if yall tell me who you want to end up with, seriously. you tell me then i will. cause i had fun writing this thing. so please reblog with with who you want to win, or 

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Possibly the greatest editing in a Minecraft Lets Play. Sorry about the last one, i have no idea how to make gifs. 

Let’s Play Minecraft - Episode 141 - Wither Hunt Part 2

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Um,,, I'm trying to come out as trans. I've asked my friends to call me Kevin instead of Cassie, and I forced my dad to call me governor instead of princess. My dad won't let me get a male haircut and he keeps saying "No matter how much you try to act like a guy you'll always be my little girl." I'm starting to wonder whether or not I should ever come out. Any advice for this?

i wasnt sure how to answer this so i called out the big guns and asked my friend @cherryirises if he had any advice for you

here’s his response:

“Things like this take time That is a constant for almost all trans cases. Family has to adjust and sometimes its harder for some rather than others. I don’t know your dad or what he’s like so all I can say is either take your time to let him adjust too or if he is too against it, you may have to work off radar. If you do have to do this, remember you aren’t alone and with time, you WILL be who you are meant to be and it will be a great achievemnt my friend.”

i hope everything will work out for you, dont give up!

Body switch Gavin x Reader


this was a weird request, but funny.

“ GAVIN YOU PRICK WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME!!” You screeched loudly as you stared at your reflection, brown hair, big nose, gavin’s face, this was NOT you. And yet, when you raised your arm, his arm was raised, when you lowered it, his arm lowered, when you looked down at yourself, you didn’t see your body, but his.


Somehow you were in gavin’s body.


Your door swung open and you saw ryan, jack, and geoff with wide eyes.


“ Gavin?” Geoff asked.” What are you doing in y/n’s room, she’ll be pissed.”


“ I’m y/n!” You shouted loudly.” Somehow i’m in gavin’s body, how the hell do i get out!?!”


“ That’s bullshit.” Ryan said and you narrowed your eyes.


“ Yeah? Well i’ll prove it.” You said and pointed at ryan.” You aren’t from america and you love ballet, “ you went to geoff.” You sing show tunes in the shower-”


“ everybody knows tha-”


“ And you sing justin beiber-” You pointed the jack and she grinned.


“ You’ve got nothing on me.” She said proudly and  you smirked.


“ You and i have had sex before.” You said smugly and they all looked at you with red faces and wide eyes.


“ Alright Alright we believe you, “ geoff said hurriedly, “ but how the hell do we-”


“ WOT THE BLOODY HELL!?!?” Gavin screamed and ran out of his room.” Why have i got a birds bod?”


“ That’s MY body you prick!!” You shouted angrily and walked up to him.” What the hell did you do?”

“ What did I do?” He asked in shock,” I didn’t do anything! I went to sleep, and woke up with a pair of tits.” He said and poked them, “ they’re pretty nice though.”


Your face went red, that was YOUR body he was touching, NOT his. You lunged at him and ryan held you back while michael jumped in front of gavin.


“ Don’t touch my body you perv!” You shouted as you tried to wiggle out of ryan’s grasp.” GIVE IT BACK TO ME!”




“ i think your on your period gav….”




Geoff sighed and ran a hand through his hair.” Alright, i’ve got some phone calls to make, but first, i’m getting drunk.”

A recent picture found on twitter which made me realize exactly how horrible the school system is. They are not actually concerned with the kids knowledge, but rather their achievements on paper. Those achievements are what earns our educators those high ranks and titles. However, if you were to test the kids knowledge, on the actual material not their knowledge of how to pass a test, that student would not know half as much as what these standardized tests claim they know. These test aren’t even shaped for each students need. Take the SAT for example-one of the biggest test in determining a students “knowledge” for colleges to base off of, now that tests focuses on two things English reading and writing and mathematics. These are not the only guidelines by which you evaluate each student. You can not base a students intelligence on a few subjects, and you definitely can’t confine their knowledge on a 2400 scale. You are making some incredibly intellectual human beings believe they are not achieving great success; that and they haven’t even reached adulthood yet. 

– sincerely,
a concerned individual 

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What do you think of Trizza?

Well by far we’ve just seen a selfie from her so… cant really judge :P

I’m re-playing the game because on my first run I wasnt specifically paying attention at stuff, trying to get achievemnt and gets all the possible combinations rn, adding lore.

By far I’m fine with her, her desing is super cool