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The Get Down: Season 1 Part 1 - Ronald “Ra-Ra” Kipling [1/?]

They call me King Ra, hear the fanfare when I enter the cipher, fly girls follow me like I’m the Pied Piper. Proper preparation prevents piss-poor performances, Get Down Brothers’ presentation for your enjoyment.

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Hey, hello! about something you posted, yeah! Dylan definitely needs to do a dance movie or something along those lines the dude has some moves

For sure! Those hips don’t lie!!

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Consider this my petition for a dancing dyl movie. The End.


So I found this on the symbols. Apparently, it’s a part of the dance itself and is supposed to symbolize the Sun and the Moon.

The Sisters wear a crest that is heavily based on the symbol for the Moon.

LAIKA doesn’t fool around. They really commit their work to the culture and do thorough research.

Jarrett and Gilmore - thems some fancy Marquettians!

So I don’t completely ship these two, but I imagine they could be good friends who are both secure enough in their sexuality to dance and have a good time together like this :)

Tried my had and putting some finer details in the clothing since it fits the Marquette style in my head lol

Looks cool but its a bugger to do man

Still, I can’t wait to get all the dancing fools together in one big picture <3

History Has Its Eyes On Broadway: The 2015-2016 Season in Playbills