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for the love of God i cannot write witty characters. all my dialogue comes off as SUPER cheesy. any advice?

Thanks for your question, darling!  That’s an issue I’m sure we’ve all faced, especially for those of us with different senses of humor (I’m much more a sarcastic/goofy person – not quite wit).  And what makes this worse: there really isn’t advice for us out there!  I always try to research other methods before answering these questions, but I just couldn’t find anything!

So obviously, I don’t have all the answers, but here are a few tips I’ve learned from experience:

  • Decide how they use their wit.  Every witty person does not use their wit in the same situations or for the same reasons.  For each “witty” character, ask yourself: do they use their wit for humor?  Do they use it as protection or a barrier between them and others?  Do they use it to ease social anxiety?  You should also decide if they’re extroverted or introverted – and therefore, do they make an effort to speak up and share their wit, or is it something that slips out?
  • Decide the tone of their wit.  This largely has to do with their personality, but also to do with the questions above.  Are they more sarcastic?  Flirtatious?  Argumentative?  Performative?  Is their tone comforting and open to interplay, or more private and final?  Are they mean-spirited, purposefully or accidentally?  How do others perceive their tone?

Once you’ve discerned what kind of wit your characters use, consider the following:

  • Witty people think quickly.  This doesn’t mean they jump on everything they hear with a quip – but speed is what sets conventionally “clever” people apart.  There are many of us who can think of hilarious, sharp things to say… hours after we’ve gone home.  This may be why you’re struggling.  It’s a lot of pressure to come up with quick, funny comments on the spot if that isn’t how you naturally work.  So try to work with your mind, at your speed.  If it takes you a couple hours to think of a response for your character, take a couple hours.  Type in the gist of what they’re saying and come back for it later.
  • Witty characters are a tool to be used sparingly.  A snarky/overeducated character can easily become annoying if they speak too much – and it’ll stall your writing, too.  So don’t try to make everything that comes out of their mouth a brilliant insight.  Let them speak normally (in their voice, of course), so that their shining moments don’t become glaring.
  • Learn from real-life examples.  My personal favorites: autobiographies of novelists, poets, and comedians.  Watching improv can also be a good resource; going out and meeting new people can expose you to new kinds of wit and humor.  Any method of getting into the mind of naturally witty people will be good research.
  • A witty character isn’t the key to your story.  Unless your plot literally revolves around the wit of a character, you don’t have to try to follow the trend of the funny, brilliant, philosophical/pop-culture-referencing protagonist (or comic relief character).  Every writer has their own strengths and weaknesses!  If it’s really causing you trouble and it’s not necessary to the plot, it may be better for your story to change the character.  There are plenty of other character traits – many of which are less overdone in modern literature, and that’s only a good thing.

That’s all I can really think of for you!  It’s really something to figure out on a scene-to-scene basis, and it varies between characters.  If you need help with certain scenes, feel free to message me and I’ll get back to you soon :)  Good luck!

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

Just Trying to Help- Peter Parker x Reader

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Prompt: Can I request one where the reader is Starks teen daughter but she’s very shy, on the petite side and very nerdy? While other kids her age are at parties and malls she’s in her room reading comic books and playing with science experiments. But she gets bullied. She doesn’t tell her dad about the bullies but peter Parker does cause he really likes her. So one day tony decides to pick her up from school and brings along Bucky for the intimidating effect. The bullying stops from there on

Word Count: 1248 

Your name: submit What is this?

You stood in front of the bathroom mirror, trying to calm yourself down and hide the fact that you had been crying. The taunts, whispers, and mocking glances had been going on for months, and you told yourself you wouldn’t cry over it anymore. You had hoped you would be able to shrug it off. But you couldn’t. Your already low self -esteem couldn’t take it. You may be a Stark but that didn’t make you bullet proof or confident. You pressed a cold paper towel to your face hoping to diminish the blotchy patches forming around your chin. Regulating your breathing, you slung your backpack over your shoulder and made your way through the hallways, wanting nothing more than to be curled up in your bed or messing around with DIY science experiments with Peter. You became acquainted with him after your dad recruited him and your friendship had been growing slowly. But you’d also be lying to yourself if you said you only liked him as a friend. He just understood you. He didn’t make fun of you for your interests. You couldn’t tell how he felt, so you kept your mouth shut. You were too shy to make the first move anyway.

As you pushed through the doors and made your way down the front steps you spotted your dad’s car. You thought of all the comments, about how you would never be as successful as him, about how you didn’t fit in and would amount to nothing. It was rare for him to have the time to pick you up himself, but he promised you at least once a week. You took some more deep breaths, determined to not let your dad find out about your situation at school. You didn’t even want to know how he would react. He was overprotective, to say the least.

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I Put a Spell on You (II)

Prompt: The flowers in the garden are the woman’s most prized possessions - for good reason.

Summary: Y/N owns a magical garden in the quiet woods of Southern France. There, she tends to her flowers- the things that keep her safe, that give her purpose. No wonder they’re her prized possession, but will her wellbeing be threatened when the deceiving Unseelie Fae set their eyes on her?

Warnings: none

Pairing: Bucky x Witch!Reader

I  Masterlist

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The next morning, you woke up to the sunrise shining through the eastern-facing windows, bluebirds chirping in the trees, the low hum of bees happily taking the pollen from your flowers. Lolling your head to the right, you saw your patient lying peacefully on the floor, a serene expression gracing his face. You decided to begin your morning routine while you waited for him to wake up.

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For the "SEND ME A FIC AND I'LL TEL YOU..." thingy, Otayuri! Thank youuuu

Sure thing! ^_^

Who said “I love you” first?

They’d both been thinking of saying it for a while, and on one of their dates, they ended up saying “I love you” at the same time. 

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background?

Otabek. He doesn’t mind that Yuri does not have a photo of him as his phone background because Yuri’s phone background is a photo of their beloved children cats, all 5 of them.

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror?

They both do it, but Otabek does it more simply because he wakes up earlier in the morning and showers first most of the time. On the few occasions that Yuri showers first, he always leaves a note.

Who buys the other cheesy gifts?

Again, they both do it, but the patterns differ. Yuri buys gifts on the most random of days, saying something like “This reminded me of you, so I got it.” Otabek saves the cheese for important dates, like birthdays and anniversaries.

Who initiated the first kiss?

Otabek. It was right after they’d confessed their feelings, and Yuri was blushing like mad, looking at anything in the room except Otabek, so the latter gently leaned into his line of vision, and after confirming that it was okay, kissed him.

Who kisses the other awake in the morning?

Otabek. Because he wakes up earlier (I headcanon that Yuri is a night owl). Plus, it’s the least risky way to wake Yuri up (all other methods have resulted in angry, nearly violent reactions.

Who starts tickle fights?

Yuri. He gets a mischievous glint in his eye, and Otabek knows he’s toast.

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower?

Both of them. Although, most of the time, they just join the other person without saying anything at all.

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch?

Neither of them. They both do train together in the same rink, so this doesn’t really apply in their situation lol

Who was nervous and shy on the first date?

BOTH OMG Otabek would be super stiff, and Yuri would fumble over everything he said.

Victuuri followed them to the first date and Victor just kept shaking his head for a long time like “Yuri, where did the smoothness and deftness from the ice go? Surely you learned something from watching me” (”Victor, showing up in a foreign country out of the blue and having your first conversation with the person of interest while naked is not something Yuri should learn from you at all” is what Yuuri said). Finally, Victor went up to the couple (very poorly disguised) and left a list of conversation starters, fun facts about each other, and some… stuff that no one ever brings up afterward. Yuri and Otabek both recognized him immediately and spluttered, but the element of comical surprise led to them laughing and easing up. Till date, Yuri refuses to accept that the date was a success because of Victor. Yuuri, who witnessed everything, refuses to comment on the matter.

Who kills/takes out the spiders?

Yuri. Otabek won’t completely freak out, but if there was a spider, he would just go to Yuri, tell him with the straightest face on, and then not go to the room where he found the spider for the rest of the day.

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk?

Definitely Yuri. Otabek doesn’t need to drink to be open about his love for Yuri (”so embarrassing” is what Yuri says in response), but Yuri doesn’t hold back when he’s drunk. 

It leads to very memorable GPF banquets.

Imagine a long weekend with Chris. (Part C)

A/N: Part 5C 😍 The Three Capsicles, killing it as always. 😂 (And ooooo, are we approaching #SebAva2k17? Hehe, you’ll just have to wait and see. Don’t you now? 😉😏) You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’ and ‘Little Ways Away’ - Masterlist; ‘She Said Yes: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5A/5B’)

Chris poked his head into the green room and smiled when he saw you talking to Anthony and Sebastian. The three of them were due to speak at a panel in a few minutes, and you were all waiting backstage for the stage manager to come grab them. You’d followed Anthony and Sebastian into the green room after Chris took too long at the vending machine, deciding what kind of candy he wanted. Everyone knew he was going to go for the bag of jellybeans, so why he had to stand there and question every other type of candy was the real question.

“Ed Sheeran, huh?” Chris heard Anthony say and he looked up from his bag of jellybeans, smiling when he thought back to what you called 'the best night of my life’. The three of you were yet to notice your fiancé was in the room as he was still standing in the door. “He’s a pretty talented guy, I can see why you wanted to go. So how was it?”

“It was life changing,” you answered and the guys chuckled at your enthusiasm. “You’ll see how life changing is it when you come to our wedding. I don’t know how Chris did it, but he got Ed-” Both Anthony and Sebastian nodded, hiding their smiles. “Wait,” you chuckled in disbelief, “you guys already know?”

“I believe you were the last one to know,” Sebastian chuckled. “He was making the phone calls on set, in-between takes. It was a very long and winding process, but it was obviously worth it. I mean- look at the smile on your face, Y/N. If I were Chris, I’d worry about you running off with Ed Sheeran at your wedding.”

“As much as I love Ed, there is no-”

“Ah ha!” Chris grabbed you from behind and you jumped, cutting yourself short; Anthony and Sebastian laughed. “I was wondering where you wandered off to, I turned and you were gone.” He kissed your cheek and you blushed when you saw Anthony and Sebastian smirk.

“I never took Chris for a PDA person, but clearly that was before he met the right girl.” Anthony commented and Chris chuckled, releasing you to just simply hold your hand. “It’s cute. A little diabetic,” Anthony said and Sebastian nodded in agreement, chuckling. “But still cute.”

“You guys are real couple goals,” Sebastian smiled at how happy the two of you looked together. He couldn’t help but wonder when he was going to find that level of perfection and security in his own love life. “That’s for sure.”

Like Chris had planned, the two of you flew from Boston to Salt Lake City to join a small handful of his 'Infinity War’ cast speaking at a panel for Comic-Con. Most of them- like Chris- only had one panel to speak at and one photo-op session to appear at. The events were scattered over the weekend, and though some only had a one day commitment at Comic-Con- they were allowed to have Thursday morning until Monday afternoon. Hence why Chris planned a very long weekend with you; from Boston to see your future house and Ed Sheeran, to Comic-Con in Salt Lake City.

Chris had also got Ava a plane ticket and a VIP pass to Comic-Con- which was really thanks to Sebastian. Unfortunately, her class schedule kept her from coming along. She wanted to, boy- did she want to knowing Sebastian was going to be there, but sadly, the fall quarter started on a Friday which was a day where she had class. You were lucky because your classes started on Monday, and Chris promised he’d have you back before then. That and your parents weren’t as strict with you when it came to you pursuing your passions, whereas Ava’s parents were. They’d warned her if she skipped any classes, especially after they finally agreed to let her give up law and study acting, they’d kill her and bring her body back to England. Neither of you wanted that, so she reluctantly declined Chris’ and Sebastian’s kind gesture and stayed home instead.

You could still remember the look on her face when you were leaving for Boston, she was so upset that you offered to skip Salt Lake City and come home after Ed Sheeran in Boston. But she urged you not to, making you promise you’d FaceTime from Salt Lake so she could take a look around and talk to Sebastian. Speaking of, he looked oddly bummed when you and Chris turned up at breakfast without a third person. Neither of you knew why Sebastian was so looking forward to meeting Ava because neither of you knew he’d spoken to Ava before, but then you both found out and your hearts leapt for the possibility of them being a couple.

Sebastian was single now, which meant that he was available for Ava. It was probably a little too soon for him to move on, but it was nice to throw Ava into the mix. They could start off as friends, like you and Chris did and see where things went from there. It would be a dream come true for both Ava, and you and Chris to have Sebastian be together with Ava. It’d be fun to have couple best friends, have them be the godparents of your future children and the two of you be the godparents of their future children. Of course, Chris didn’t think about any of this until you fed him the ideas. But once you did, he could not stop trying to sell Ava to Sebastian, subtly- of course, or so your fiancé thought; the man was not good at subtlety. You told him to stop, and took the reins instead because subtlety and manipulation? Well, that was your wheelhouse.

“Thanks, Seb.” You smiled at Chris, then at him. “I’m sure one day soon, it’ll be Chris and I looking at you and your partner calling the two of you couple goals.” Sebastian chuckled wearily, nodding with false pretenses. “Aw, don’t be like that.” You reached for his arm and gave it a light squeeze. “You’re amazing and you’re going find someone just as amazing to love you.”

“I knew I should’ve gone to Sydney with Chris,” he joked and you laughed, pulling your hand away. Chris tried not to smile as he pursed his lips at Sebastian, pulling his hand out of yours to wrap an arm around you instead. “Oh relax, it’s a joke,” Sebastian chuckled and Anthony laughed. “Y/N’s only got eyes for you anyway. Isn’t that right, Y/N?”

“Unfortunately for you, Sebastian,” you chuckled, lifting your head to plant a tender kiss on Chris’ jawline; an act of affection Chris smiled at. “It is one hundred percent true. Don’t worry,” you smiled at Sebastian, “I’m sure you’ll find someone. If you don’t, my matchmaking skills are always at your service.” You tried not to smile at the excitement in Sebastian’s eyes which he hid perfectly; you wouldn’t have noticed if you didn’t know what you did. “When you’re ready, just hit me up.”

“I will,” Sebastian nodded, smiling.

“We’re ready for you guys.” A man with a clipboard and a communication system attached to his right ear walked over. Anthony, Sebastian, and Chris nodded; the first two followed the man, whereas your fiancé secretly held back so he could say a quick goodbye to you. “You’re going to…” Chris’ instructions faded as the three disappeared around the corner.

“And you say I’m not subtle,” Chris chuckled into your hair when he planted a kiss on the top of your head. You just smiled as a response, which made Chris laugh harder as he pulled away from you. “C'mon, weirdo.” He took your hand and pulled you with him as you walked in the direction the three had gone in. “You can sit side stage and listen to your favorite Marvel trio talk.”

“I think you mean 'The Three Capsicles’,” you reminded him of the nickname you made up for them and he laughed. “And don’t say 'Sam hasn’t been in ice before, it doesn’t work’ because I know that. I already told you he’s a Capsicle because he’s cool and part of team Cap.”

“You’re such a dork.”

“Says the guy who’s been called a 'stupid bearded sweater wearing dumb dork’,” you reminded him and he burst out, laughing. It was funny when he read it on Jimmy Kimmel’s segment 'Celebrities Read Mean Tweets’, and it was funny every time you reminded him. “You’re lucky you’re cute, otherwise I wouldn’t love a stupid bearded sweater wearing dumb dork like yourself.” You teased him, then giggled when he pulled his hand out of your to wrapped an arm around you and squeeze you tightly against him. He pressed his lips against the side of your head, then whispered with a smile on his lips.

“I’m lucky to have you love me, period.”

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Part 5D

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If it's not too much bother could you do radmond confession? I wonder who would've been the first to come to terms with their feelings and confess

Here ya go Nonny! Hope you enjoy <3

They’d been tiptoeing around the issue for weeks, neither of them able to muster up the courage to admit what they felt for the other. For starters, Rad was the worst when it came to dealing with emotions that were considered to be unmasculine by society. Sure, he could read all the articles on why crying was healthy and why it wasn’t a weak thing to do, but it would take more than a handful of articles urging him to open up before he could actually do so.

Then there was Raymond, sweet, egotistical, “Nobody could ever meet my impossibly high standards” Raymond. For the record, Rad met every single one of his standards. And that was scary. Incredibly scary. Part of the reason it was scary was that he had no clue as to what Rad’s standards were, so what if he didn’t even come close to meeting them? What if Rad only liked aliens of his own kind? Or what if he wasn’t interested in a mechanic being as himself? Welcome to Existential Crisis 101, folks, with Instructor Raymond.

So, it goes unsaid that the two were painfully awkward when it came to even considering the possibility of confessing to the other. So the silent dance around the subject continued, fights between the two always involving an easily detectable tension that Enid recognized from her Angst Daily magazines. KO, as innocent and oblivious as he could be, was even able to sense that there was something off with the two. So it should be of little surprise that he was the one to try and help them fix whatever was wrong with their relationship, or in this case, the lack thereof of a relationship…

“Do you have a crush on Raymond?”, KO asked, forgoing any pretense of subtlety in a move that normally would leave the turquoise alien full of pride. Since the probing question was directed towards him, though, the pride was quickly drowned out by embarrassment and panic. The soda can he’d been drinking from was quickly crushed as he tensed, the cheap metal giving way and spewing artificial colors and flavorings onto his work uniform. In between trying desperately to clean up before it dried (he’d learned the hard way that you couldn’t remove intergalactic soda stains from clothes), he stammered out a response that was telling enough for the tiny hero.

“You DO have a crush on him!”, KO exclaimed, bouncing up and down excitedly as his best friend managed to choke on air. Rad coughed harshly for a moment, turning purple in the face as he struggled to breathe. KO was actually going to be his cause of death, he thought, then shook his head. No, having a stupid as heck crush on a dumb, evil robot was going to be his cause of death, he mentally amended. “Oh man, I can’t believe it! Well, actually I can, you’re good at all kinds of stuff but you aren’t very good at being subtle.”, KO continued, giving his alien pal a giant, 1,000-watt smile.

“… Please don’t tell Enid.”, Rad whispered, daring to glance over at the inattentive cashier. She had her nose buried in another one of those weird comics of hers, the kind you had to read all backward like, right to left instead of left to right. She didn’t even look up from her comic, she just snorted loudly.

“Rad, everyone and their mom knows about your giant, dorky crush on Raymond.”, she commented, causing the poor stocker’s heart to beat in a way that he was sure couldn’t be healthy.

“Yeah! My mommy thinks it’s like one of her old romance novels!”, KO added cheerfully, getting a little laugh from Enid.

“See Rad? Literally, everyone and their mom knows! Except for Raymond, obviously. He’s just as clueless to your feelings as you are to his.”, she finished, turning her attention away from Rad’s love life and back to the love life of the charismatic lead in her graphic novel. The alien let out a sound that was somewhere between a hysterical laugh and a sob, the idea that everyone knew about his stupid affection for a stupid robot beside the stupid robot in question proving to be a little too much for his brain. KO poked him hesitantly, unsure as to why Rad had suddenly decided to let his head bang against a shelf rather roughly.

Mr. Gar shook his head, grumbling to himself about his best stocker getting a concussion on the job just because he couldn’t buck up the courage to confess. Fully unaware of how hypocritical he was being, he retreated to his office so he could mentally rehearse ice breakers in case he ran into Carol anytime soon.

Meanwhile, things at the large factory across the road weren’t faring much better…

KO had recruited Darrell to assist in his mission of getting his favorite alien and his favorite sports loving robot together, something that everyone needed to happen already. Shannon was so close to retiring her own auditory sensors just so she wouldn’t have to process the constant stream of sincere compliments followed by half-hearted insults geared towards her least favorite Bodega Baby. Lord Boxman, evil as he could be, was still very invested in the lives his robotic children led, and simply wanted the baby of the family to be happy. Darrell was more than happy to assist his hero buddy, especially since it meant he got to play matchmaker for once.

So here he was, standing outside of Raymond’s room patiently, waiting on his youngest sibling to open up the door.

“Raymond! C'mon, I know you’re in there! Just let me in!”, he called, leaning against the metal sliding door lightly. He could hear the tell-tale signs of mechanical life, the rustling of silk sheets (honestly what else would do for the Prince of Panache?) and metallic clank of his feet on the plush carpet. The door finally slid open, a rather weary looking Raymond appearing in the doorway.

“If you ever dare to reference that blasted children’s movie again, I will personally destroy every copy of it that currently exists, and set fire to any factory that hopes to produce any more copies.”, he threatened flatly, giving his older brother a tired glare. Darrell pretended his favorite movie wasn’t just insulted and stuck a grin on his face.

“You really need to let it go.”, he commented, ignoring Raymond’s little indignant screech. He pulled the mopey robot from his room, a surprising strength to his grip as he forced the younger robot to start walking down the hall with him. “Seriously dude, you need to relax just a little bit, and handle your thing with Rad.”, he added, now dragging his frozen brother along.

“I have no idea what you could possibly be referring to.”, Raymond eventually replied with, attempting to school his face into a calm, cool mask of indifference. However, the internal panicking managed to seep into his metal features, ultimately betraying his facade. “Oh god it’s really bad Darrell!”, he cried, throwing an arm across his face dramatically. “He’s just this stupid alien with a stupid crop top and power point high heeled boots and good GOD where did he get the NERVE to pull off pink pants, black heeled boots, and a blue crop top?!?”, he ranted, huffing loudly when Darrell began laughing.

“Jeez, you really do have it bad!”, he wheezed out, patting his baby brother’s shoulder spike affectionately. The two were in in the living room now, where the majority of the robot family had gathered. Shannon was wearing quite the snazzy business outfit (Lord Boxman had secretly had a field day making his daughter such a professional, evil outfit), and was stood next to some sort of projector.

“Ugh, it’s about time you brought the Drama King here. I’ve been waiting for way too long just to give this dumb presentation.”, she griped, adjusting her skirt before she started up the projector. After a couple moments, a power point presentation titled “How to Ask an Alien on a Date” displayed on a nearby wall. Raymond let out a loud groan when he read the title slide, his face flushing as Shannon started going through the slides, using a new laser pointer feature Lord Boxman had installed on her pointer finger to draw attention to key points.

Needless to say, Raymond felt every bit as embarrassed as Rad did. While they weren’t aware of it, they were connected by the crippling waves of anxiety and mounting panic as the day wore on. Now that they knew that everyone else knew, they felt prompted to act. The big issue still remained, though: How would the other react to a sudden confession of pesky feelings? It was Rad who picked up his cell phone first, hesitating and wasting nearly an hour over what to do before he finally gave Raymond a call. As his luck would have it, of course, it went straight to voicemail. He left a quick message telling the robot to meet him in the park at 5 p.m. sharp and hung up immediately afterward.

He actually got to the park about an hour early and decided to shut his phone off, just so he wouldn’t spend the next hour or so checking it frantically to see if he’d gotten even a message back. Five eventually rolled around, and Rad was well into chewing off the nails on his left hand before he saw Raymond casually stroll into the entrance. He jumped off his branch excitedly, forcing himself to try and play it cool in an attempt to not seem too eager. Didn’t want to come off as desperate as he felt, am I right?

“Alright, so what is ever so important that you just had to drag me away from my work to this park?”, Raymond drawled, smirking as his confidence kicked into maximum overdrive.

“Oh shut it, bolts for brains. It is something very important, I’ll have you know.”, Rad retorted, leaning against his tree nonchalantly. He examined the nails on his right hand, managing to look fairly disinterested despite the inner turmoil that his brain was in. “I think we should go do something, together, like together-together.”, he suggested, glancing up after a few moments of silence to see how Raymond was reacting. His face was blank, revealing absolutely no emotion, and that was only slightly terrifying to the teen.

“… Are you asking me out..?”, Raymond replied with, his voice shaking only a little bit. His circuits felt like they were going to explode, and he could hear the sound of his cooling fans turning on as he began over heating. Rad nodded, swallowing roughly before he took a deep breath.

“Yeah, I guess… Well, I know I am. So like… Maybe we could catch a movie this weekend?”, he elaborated, every nerve in his body ablaze as hormones surged through his blood. He got an armful of excited robot in response, a choked squeak passing his lips as he was pulled into a near violent hug.

“I would absolutely adore that, darling!”, Raymond sang, pulling away from the hug with a starry look in his eyes. Rad let out a nervous giggle in response, feeling the stress and worry melt away. “I’ll pick you up around six on Saturday, alright? I’ll leave the movie choice to you, frankly, I could care less what we see.”, he continued, seemingly unaware of the tension that dissipated. No, he was too busy planning the first of what he hoped would be several stellar dates! Truth be told, Rad was too busy trying not to faint now that he realized he actually had a date with his crush. He was going to need all the advice Enid could give! Maybe her comics could help him…

Her Own Knight in Shining Armor

Author: meemzdisaster

Summary: (Cannon – Blank Period) Where Sasuke tries to surprise her but ends up being the victim of Sakura’s temper.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto

Prompt: SasuSakuFest Day 2 – Insecurity

Comments: Enjoy! This is the first time I’ve written something during the Blank Period. It got a bit too long, and I got a bit too tired… Regardless, I hope you enjoy. This is my first writing a fighting scene so apologies for not being super creative ~ Can you tell I didn’t proof read? lol.

It has been almost a year and a half since the Fourth Shinobi War, and it is a time of peace. Villages are being rebuilt, and advancements in many different areas are being made. It is also the first time since the war that Sakura has ventured so far from her home village.

She walks down the busy street holding groceries. Her tied up hair flows with the breeze of wind as Sakura walks towards the apartment given to her by the town.

The lock on her door clicks, and she steps inside not bothering to turn on the light as the sun is still high up in the sky. Slipping off her sandals, she walks over to the kitchen and places her groceries accordingly. The eerie silence unnerves Sakura. In Konoha, she is used to Naruto’s loud voice telling her to go eat at Ichiraku or Ino nagging her about a girl’s night out because she hasn’t gone to one in so long.

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Timeline of the Awkward: 2015

The purpose of this timeline differs from that of the original Timeline of the Awkward

In its original conception, the Timeline was to document and analyze the evidence of interpersonal contact seen between Subjects A and B from the end of the series (2002) to the present day (Jan 2012), with a particular focus on the years between the series and the second movie (2008).

However, as time went on, it became a kind of catch-all for any events involving our subjects deemed relevant to the field of research.

While updating the timeline in April 2015, I found myself listing every significant data point, regardless of its relevance to the question of interpersonal contact. Recognizing the potential flood of new data likely to overwhelm the field through the rest of this year, and the usefulness of a much more general timeline (given that the blog is no longer purely an archive and that navigation can be difficult), I decided to make this instead:


  • Jan 11 - David attends the Golden Globes; Gillian does not; they attend separate after parties in the same building, five floors apart, and are not photographed together.
  • Jan 12 - In a Nerdist podcast that aired on this day and was likely recorded the week before, Gillian first drops hints that XF may return as a miniseries. She also refers with approval to the way Subject A still looks in jeans. Finally, she asserts that they have spoken “privately and publicly” about their rocky years.
  • Jan 13-14 - Gillian tweets in response to a picture David tweeted of himself with Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, and Katherine Heigl. On the following day, David ‘favorites’ Gillian’s tweet but does not offer further comment. On Jan 16, David follows Kumail on Twitter (possibly indicating he found out about Kumail and his podcast through someone - Gillian?).
  • Jan 17 - FOX announces they are in talks for an XF miniseries event.
  • Jan 22 - David likes more Instagram pictures of XF. Probably will not continue to log this activity.
  • Jan 30 - In an article published on this day, David says he and Gillian “just had breakfast a few days ago.” Here and on Feb 12, he claims to have been unaware that she had written a book. (analysis)
  • Feb 1 - Gillian tweets about David’s book, referring to him as her “BFF.” Heads around the world explode and are not put back together again.
  • Feb 8 - Gillian talks fairly frankly about the difficult years in their relationship in an interview.
  • Feb 9 - David reveals that he has seen ‘The Fall,’ and asserts he and Gillian see each other “once or twice a year.”
  • Feb 19 - A couple of Twitter sightings suggest Gillian is in LA; David is also there promoting his book.
  • Feb 22 - Apparently while attending Elton John’s AIDS Foundation party, Gillian congratulates David on Twitter for his book’s success.
  • Feb 27 - While on a Comic Relief telethon, Gillian is asked to text or call her “erstwhile costar” (a term already beloved of this blog) on live television, resulting in The Selfie Procurement Incident, in which David responds to her text within minutes, and follows up with a selfie of himself and his son while eating dinner. Several followers of this blog are hospitalized.
  • March 24 - The XF miniseries is confirmed, and our subjects tweet each other utilizing in-character nicknamification. Further interactions ensue.
  • March 27 - Subject A’s repeat confirmation of “once or twice a year” encounters and an “email relationship” begins to sound like a scripted response and not necessarily one reflecting most recent data.
  • April 3 - Male subject seems determined to continue joking about living with female subject.
  • April 12 - In an interview at Comic Con Dubai, Gillian affirms that she and David had been discussing the possibility of a miniseries (with Chris) for some time previous, and that it had been in talks for some time by her Nerdist interview in January.

Note that my links and tags are not comprehensive at this point. It is hoped that this timeline will mainly serve as a reminder and allow you to browse the archives more easily.

Hey look I wrote something

Characters: Wash and Maine in center, some North, York and Carolina in the back

Pairings: Friendship WashMaine, friendship North/York/Wash, friendship all around

Warnings: A little blood and violence, nothing big

Agent Maine had been on Washington’s mental ‘avoid’ list from the start. Mostly because agent Maine was really fucking scary. 

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day nine of ‘one day, one fic - september

prompt: i accidentally called the wrong skype number and it turns out the person i called was you and you’re in a different timezone, so it’s 3am where you are and you just woke up and look fucking pissed but you’re cute so… let’s do this again when you’re not asleep. i’m more than willing to stay up into the dead of night to talk to you

pairing: socky

word count: 1240

note: this is v late, I’m sorry! Also, I kind of want to write a part 2 to this, so keep your eyes out!

Sanha knew he should’ve written down Jinwoo’s Skype username. He thought he could count on the fact that he would remember Jinwoo’s birthday, but alas. He put a little too much trust in himself.

The logical thing to do would be to message Jinwoo and ask him to send him his username again, but Sanha couldn’t do that. He had made such a fuss when Jinwoo had told him to write it down, and if he was to message him now, Jinwoo would never let him live it down.

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Adventure Time Theory (some **spoilers**)

“Isn’t this show for kids?” she asks. “Well, yes, but it knows its audience too. And its audience isn’t entirely kids,” I reply as we watch Simon putting on a show for Marcy in a broken television set. She will give me one of two responses: “I love this!” and I will finally know for sure that this will work out. Or the dreaded, “I don’t get it,” forcing me to question where this relationship is even headed.

Imagination is sometimes closer to the truth than memory. And Adventure Time needs a lot of imagination to fuel it. You have to be willing to accept the initial weirdness, in order to see the inner joy and drama. But as Finn would put it wisely, “Imagination is for turbonerds who can’t handle how kickbutt reality is.” And It’s true. If you are reading this, and you’re an Adventure Time fan, it’s time for you to face it. You’re a TurboNerd. Welcome to the Club!

Back to business. Now I won’t get into too many details because there’s honestly too much to cover, but I’m gonna touch on the main theories of Adventure Time you need to/should know. Starting with the most obvious one.

Theory 1: Adventure Time is based in a Post Apocalyptic world.

If you have seen even a single episode, you should know this. It’s given away in the very first seconds of the intro. There you see a broken television and some half buried bombs. What happened? Well according to the series, 1000 years ago The Great Mushroom War ravaged the planet. A war that has still not been clearly understood. During the war, a catastrophic bomb was dropped, taking a chunk of the earth and almost all of humanity with it (except for the lineage that eventually begot Finn) and unleashed the most evil creature of all time: The Lich (also arguably the adversary during the war, but I’ll explain why I think this is wrong). 

Go back and watch the “Finn the Human” episode and you’ll learn that in this alternate reality, Finn wished that the Lich had never existed. In order for that to happen Simon (the Ice King) had to sacrifice his life to stop a certain bomb from exploding. The Great Mushroom Bomb (we’re calling it that now) had been frozen solid as well as a large percentage of the world. The Lich no longer existed. So the fact that the Lich didn’t exist until Finn accidentally detonated it tells us plainly that the Lich was a product of the war.

When the Great Mushroom Bomb exploded, it not only released the Lich, but took a significant chunk out of the earth. (Fun fact: If you read the comics, you’ll also learn that Finn filled in the giant hole with sand, creating a new desert biome that Princess Bubblegum (PB), Finn, Jake, and James are seen exploring in the episode appropriately titled, “James”).

The Great Mushroom Bomb brought about the near extinction of mankind, but also allowed for other creatures, mutants, and eventually the concoction of PB’s people, to exist. Which brings us to our second Theory.

Theory 2: Princess Bubblegum is not who she appears to be.

Don’t worry, I’m not a heavy theorist who suggests that PB is the evil mastermind behind all the destruction. I believe the best way to go about this is to avoid all extremes and read the clues simply. For instance, in the episode, “The Vault,” the story follows Finn’s past life as Shoko, a one armed green chick with kickbutt fighting skills. She later meets PB, whose Candy Kingdom is under construction.

Keep in mind this is centuries before Finn. So PB lied about being 19 years old; she’s much, much older than that, and Finn calls her out on it in that same episode. Also, there’s this smiling pink slime in the “Simon and Marcy” episode, which takes place 996 years prior to the current season’s timeline. This is the same smiling goop PB has in her cup in the later episode “Video Makers”. The pink slime is over 996 years old and PB is seen drinking it.

My theory is that this is the substance that Princess Bubblegum is using to give herself life and life to her Candy People. She apparently has no ability to create life, as her prior attempts resulted in zombies, so one could assume that this could be the secret ingredient in Princess Bubblegum’s recipe for the Candy People.

In the episode “Goliad” PB even makes the comment, “I realized I won’t live forever,” then dramatically says, “if I could I would.” Which tells me she’s at least tried. Also if you pay close attention to the pink slime, you’ll see it is happier in the “Simon and Marcy” episode, and sad the next time we see it in “Video Makers.” This says a lot to me about PB, but I’ll leave it up to your own imagination for now.

Theory 3: Finn is getting older, and for a really good reason.

If you’re keeping track, Finn is 16 years old now. You can even hear Jeremy Shada, the voice actor who plays Finn, physically go through puberty throughout the first couple of seasons. Adventure Time is all about progression and nostalgia. It addresses the backstory, without latching onto it. And instead the writers continue to drive the Universe of Adventure Time into new and open seas. They’ve even been quoted saying that they don’t know where they’ll take things sometimes. They’re along for the ride too.

All of this to say, Finn will not be the same Finn you see now. If you are up to date on your Adventure Time, you know a few things: (spoiler alert) Finn’s role model, Billy, is dead, Finn’s girlfriend has broken up with him, he’s lost his arm, and his dad has abandoned him (spoiler over). So we can assume that Finn is at the lowest of the lowest at this point. But the most recent episode of Adventure Time, “Breezy” doesn’t just touch on very awkward themes. It finally restores our hero to the path he had been distracted from. We see this as physical manifestation when (spoiler) he gets his arm back (no more spoilers). 

This tells us that hope is not lost, but he can no longer return to the boy he used to be. At this stage he must tap into some inward will or power and walk into adulthood. Yes, adulthood. Finn the Human boy, may no longer be a boy come season seven or eight.

Now what is this good reason for Finn’s aging? Why make a character that has to grow and become more powerful? Well probably, if there’s a threat more powerful than the last, it would call for a hero more powerful than he was before. Something is coming in the Adventure Time universe. And it may be even bigger than the Mushroom War and The Lich. But who is to say? Guess we’ll just have to be loyal TurboNerds.

- Hezekiah

Circumstantial evidence for Caryl

As requested. This is all the stuff that keeps me having hope, makes me believe Caryl is the only choice, and makes me think it’s looming closer.

Season 7:

  • Daryl’s flashes in One Day You Won’t Be include the No Sanctuary hug, and Seed shoulder rub. (they also show Rick twice, and Maggie once) 

On screen in s6:

  • Daryl turning back to Alexandria when they hear the horn. When asked if it was for Rick, Norman says he is not allowed to say whey but it’s not for Rick. 
  • Daryl seeing the Alexandria sign that says “A New Start” and spurred on to return home by that. When Daryl and Carol have had that exchange several times. Daryl: “Let’s start over” to Carol in 5x02 (see also Gimple quotes)
  • The Cherokee Rose in 6x06. Norman states it’s for Daryl and Carol. It is revealed it was Gimple’s doing to put the Cherokee rose in this episode, where it has no connection to the plot.
  • Abe asking Daryl if he’s thought about settling down.
  • Daryl’s scenes almost all being related to couples and what they will do for each other: Sasha and Abe, Tara and Denise, Dwight and Sherry
  • Daryl’s protective response to Jesus complimenting the cookie baker.
  • Daryl is shown to be the one who goes to Carol in Same Boat, and hugs her, when it could have been Rick or anyone else in the group. Their interactions are paralleled with Gleggie in the same scene.
  • Denise’s speech to Daryl before she dies. She impacts the knowledge that what is stupid is not telling someone you love them when you get the chance, and that not facing your emotional issues is bigger than anything else and she wishes Daryl (and Rosita) would do that:  “I could’ve gone with Tara. I could’ve told her I loved her, but I didn’t because I was afraid. That’s what’s stupid. Not coming out here, not facing my shit. And it makes me sick that you guys aren’t even trying because you’re strong and you’re smart and you’re both really good people, and if you don’t wake… up… and face your..”


  • In the LA Times interview, Melissa says Daryl and Carol’s stories are running in parallel.
  • Carol turning to cigarettes as part of her self-torture. The use of cigarettes is strongly connected to Daryl - including in Consumed with Noah, and in Twice as Far when they share smokes and Carol leaves Daryl her cigarettes. Gimple says Carol is strongly associated with smoke. 
  • Carol ends up at the Kingdom with Shiva the tiger. Daryl is shown and has the bat pointed to him when Negan says “catch a tiger by the toe”. (see also comic storylines)

S6 DVD commentary:

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Not Allowed to Love You Pt.2

*pushes this garbage towards to all you lovelies* Here’s part two. Not exactly my best work but at least these events kinda get the ball rolling for the next part (s) of this series.

Special thanks to @speedypan for helping me 😚

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Antoinette curled herself on a swiveling chair in the kitchen of Roy, Koriand'r, and Jason’s. One of her legs pulled to her chest, the other hanging off to swing.

She watched quietly as Maia and Roy argued adorably about something in the center of the kitchen across from the breakfast bar she had parked herself at.

Kori and Jason were no where to be found, much to her chagrin but, after being trapped in the house for the past two weeks on the account of some weird alien flu she picked up, it was a relief to see something other than the walls of her apartment; even if that meant watching the couple before her bicker.

“What the hell Harper! I can hear your stupid voice from outside.”

All three turned in the direction behind Antoinette.

“Hey Jace,” Antoinette perked up, rejoicing in the fact that she no longer had to suffer the torture alone.

“Hey,” he replied shortly barely looking at her.

Antoinette shrunk a little at his brevity. Sure, Jason Peter Todd wasn’t exactly the warmest of souls but at least he usually made an effort.

Antoinette watched quietly as Jason and Roy exchanged words in a relatively calm fashion, despite the content, turning the swiveling chair in a rhythmic fashion. She shook her head at her situation. It was amusing, to say the least.

“Okay, I’m gonna go,” she announced in the pocket of silence that had presented itself between the arguing. “I gotta pick up frozen mice for Moriarty.”

“That’s gross.”

“That’s what you feed snakes, Roy,” Maia responded to his comment instantaneously.

“I know but she didn’t have tell us.”

“Roy, I let you hand feed him the other day.” Antoinette furrowed her brows, breathing out a laugh at his response and beginning to gather her things.

“Anyways, I’m going. See you losers later,” she pointed at each of them with finger guns.

“Who do you think you’re calling loser?”

“Pretty sure she just meant you, Harper”

“Shut your mouth, Todd.”

Antoinette laughed wholeheartedly at the boys as she moved towards the door, sending a quick wave to Maia.

Jason followed her with his eyes as she walked past him and out the door. As the front door closed, he walked silently to his room, failing to respond to Roy’s taunts.

Shutting the door behind him, Jason collapsed backward onto his bed. He stared at the ceiling for a while for before closing his eyes.

He felt empty.

At three raps on his door, Jason’s eyes snapped open.

With a sigh he hoisted himself up and moved to open it.


“You okay, bro?”

It was Roy.

“Yeah. I’m fine,” Jason offered a forced smile as consolation.

Roy watched his best friend’s expression shift unnaturally. He tried to not let his face reflect the concern he felt in his heart. Figuring Jason had something weighing on his mind, Roy decided to leave it alone. At least, for the time being.

“Alright,” Roy opened to fill the prolonged silence, “I’m going out for a little.You need anything?”

Jason shook his head.

“Okay,” Roy patted Jason on the shoulder with a soft comforting smile, “see you later.”

Jason waved him goodbye, waited for Roy to disappear from his line of sight then, shut his door, and returned to his bed.

Betrayal Part 2

Request: @fandomdreamer329​ Reader and Malia get into a fight (reader wins) and Stiles calms her down and says how how much he loves her and they get back together.

Author’s Note: So….I forgot about them finding out Theo was behind this but I hope you enjoy!

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Part 1

Caley sighed softly as she pulled into Beacon Hills High School parking lot. The week had been hell if she told the truth. Her phone had blown up with texts from Kira, Lydia and Scott, all wondering how she was doing, if she wanted them to kick Malia and Stiles’ asses; all the stuff best friends say when their friend is hurt. Somehow Isaac had heard about this shitstorm all the way in Paris, pulling a Derek, and threatening to rip Stiles’ throat out with his teeth. How he had found out about this, Caley would never know.

The only thing keeping Caley going was her pride, and the fact that it was Friday…mostly because it was Friday. She refused to fall apart in front of Stiles or Malia, especially Malia. Caley’s blood boiled at the thought of the werecoyote. A little piece of Caley had known that Malia would be trouble. It was in the way that she attached herself so strongly to Stiles after she was saved. Caley had tried to rationalize it, he did bring her back to her human form after almost a decade of being trapped in the body of a coyote. He taught her how to be human again, so Caley would try to talk herself out of the jealous rage that had been building in her chest ever since the pack found that little cu-……werecoyote.

Throwing her car into park, Caley stepped out into the warm breeze of the mid-May weather. Now for another long day of avoiding Stiles and the piece of trash, she thought to herself as she grabbed her bag from the passenger seat. Sadly, for Caley, the universe wasn’t intent on letting her avoid anyone that day. As Caley stepped into the main hall of Beacon Hills, a firm hand gripped her wrist. Caley couldn’t even take a breath before she was face to face with the last person she wanted to see that day.

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Deadpool Is Pansexual: Get Used To It - Quill’s Scribbles

In case you haven’t heard, in a recent interview Ryan Reynolds and director Tim Miller have confirmed that Deadpool will be officially pansexual in the upcoming movie. Cue the delighted cheers of both the LGBT community and Deadpool fans the world over.

Now we could have a serious discussion about whether Deadpool, despite being labelled as pansexual by the director, will actually display evidence of his pansexuality in the film or if it’s just going to be conveniently absent like Dumbledore’s homosexuality was in Harry Potter. We could even discuss whether any pansexual references will be enough to plicate the number of fans pumped up by the hype train. Instead we have to discuss something a little bit silly.

It appears there are some people out there (let’s call them idiots) who seem to have a problem with the idea of Deadpool being anything other than straight. The arguments I’ve read on this website are beyond ridiculous. In fact I’m going to list a few of my favourites and then tell you in excruciating detail why those people are talking out of their collective arseholes. Won’t that be fun?

‘Deadpool has never flirted with a man in the comics’

Um.. sorry to burst your bubble, but he has. Not only has he flirted with men (including Cable and Spider-Man), he’s also flirted with aliens, robots, mutants and Death. Perhaps you should actually read the source material before making such statements.

‘No, but those times don’t count because it’s clearly meant to be a joke’

This one I’ve heard a lot and for some reason people seem to think this is a good argument. The flirting is done as a joke. Well my response to that is… So? It’s still flirting, isn’t it? God forbid a comedy character should actually be funny. And even if it’s not meant to be taken seriously, there’s no reason why Tim Miller couldn’t perhaps expand on that aspect of his character, is there?

‘No man has ever reciprocated Deadpool’s feelings’

Again, so what? John Constantine has never been in a relationship with a man, but he’s still bisexual. You can still be attracted to a certain gender without having to shag them. If the person doesn’t reciprocate your feelings, it doesn’t make your sexuality null and void, does it?

‘It contradicts Deadpool’s character’

How?… Seriously, in what way does it contradict his character? If anything it’s a perfect fit. Whereas other superheroes follow the same formula of power and responsibility and winning the heart of the girl, Deadpool takes the piss out of all of that. He laughs at his own tragic back-story, he’s never brooding, he’s so hyper violent it’s comedic and he often comments on the plot holes and contradictions of his own stories. Why should he be confined by his love life when everything about him grants him complete freedom to do what he wants? Say what he wants. Kill who he wants. Flirt with whoever he wants. That’s who he is.

‘It’s inappropriate for children’

I don’t think I need comment on a) why pansexuality is not inappropriate for children and b) that you shouldn’t be taking your kids to see an R-rated movie in the first place.

‘Why is everyone making a big deal? Who cares if Deadpool is pansexual?’

Actually it’s a MASSIVE deal. Name one openly pansexual character that’s appeared in a major Hollywood movie. Just one.

We have an infestation of the exact same straight white man stereotype, especially from Marvel movies. We need a pansexual Deadpool not just for representation, but to also shake up the formula otherwise the entire genre runs the risk of becoming stale (in fact some can argue it already is).

‘Pansexuality is against the will of God’

Really? I wonder how that conversation went:

Jesus: “Dad! Dad!”

God: “What is it Jesus? Can’t you see I’m watching Strictly Come Dancing?”

Jesus: “Sorry. It’s just there’s a new film coming out called Deadpool. It goes against everything you stand for. There’s blood and violence and foul language…”

God: “Jesus, I have a very busy schedule. I have to make sure that gravity works and that atoms spin. Why should I worry about some comic book movie?”

Jesus: “But there’s more.”

God: “More?”

Jesus: “Yes. Deadpool… he’s…”

God: “What? Spit it out!”

Jesus: “He’s… flirting with men!”

God: “What… the… fuck?!”

Jesus: “I know!”

God: “This is unacceptable. I mean graphic violence and senseless killing is one thing, but flirting with a man? It would be the end of civilisation as we know it! Who’s the director?”

Jesus: “Tim Miller.”

God: “Fetch my lightening bolts! I’m going to smite his fucking arse!”

‘I don’t want the movie to become an advert for pansexuality’

Aside from the fact this perpetuates the age-old myth that people can choose their sexuality, people seem to forget that theres more to a person than their sexuality. You liked Deadpool before when you didn’t know about his sexuality. Why should that change how you view the character? it’s still the same character. Deadpool’s not going to become like Mr. Humphries from Are You Being Served. Deadpool’s girlfriend Vanessa is going to be in the film, so the most we’re going to get is perhaps the odd flirtatious remark anyway. It’s still the same old Deadpool. He’s still going to be making pop-culture references and wise cracks and breaking the fourth wall. So what’s the problem?

‘But if we give pansexuals representation, what’s stopping Hollywood from making films about pedophiles next?’

I swear to God I’m not making this up. Someone has genuinely said that.

Okay. Pedophilia 101. Repeat after me:

Pedophiles. Rape. Kids.

Do you understand? Perhaps if I were to put it in big bold capital letters, the message will sink in:


It honestly astounds me that people still hold this ignorant and offensive attitude toward the LGBT community in this day and age. Seriously, what kind of fucked up little prick are you to view an adult couple making a conscious decision to screw (or not screw) each other and compare them to a creepy old man sitting on a park bench with his dick hanging out wanting to rape a child? Can you not detect the slightest difference here? Surely any sane person can see that raping a child is not the same thing as consensual sex between two (or more) adults. If you’re one of those people who holds this archaic, disrespectful and idiotic view, do me a favour and unfollow me this fucking instant. I don’t want you reading my blogs. In fact I don’t want to interact with you ever again.

There’s nothing you can do or say to me that’ll convince me that any views against Deadpool’s pansexuality is to do with anything other than prejudice. Stop coming up with bullshit excuses and just admit you’re a bigot. I’d actually respect you if you did that because at least you were being honest and upfront with us. Just admit that you’ve got a problem with Deadpool being pansexual because of your own irrational hatred. Or better yet, get the fuck over it and drag yourself into the 21st century. There’s nothing wrong with pansexuality or any sexuality for that matter and it’s about bloody time we got some variety in these films.

Ladies' Man

Request: Could I ask for a Oneshot? I think a Dean x Reader where Dean has to come to the library to help Sam research and sees the reader in the corner reading and can’t help to fall instantly in love. So the day turns into Dean bothering the reader to try and catch her interest instead of helping Sammy.

Requested by: Nonnie

Warnings: none really. Dean is very straightforward in this!

Originally posted by jensenacklestrash

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Fanfic: Captain Canary: The one with the baby

“Should I even be asking what a baby is doing in my ship?” Rip asks the moment he notices the infant sitting on one of the jump-seats.

Everyone has their own story to tell, and all at once. His conclusion, after half-listening to each of them, is that during their last mission, Mick got into a nasty fight with one of Savage’s minions, and said minion used some kind of serum to turn him into a child, comic-book super-villain style.

“I think he’s kind of cute,” Raymond comments as he plays peek-a-boo with the baby.

“For your own sake, I really hope he can’t hear you,” an amused Leonard says, before taking charge of the situation. “He’s my partner, we can’t leave him.”

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Other Worldly (Part 9)

Pairing: Dean x Reader (Reverse!French Mistake)

Words: 2,980

Summary: Sam and Dean take you out to a bar and you get a lot of attention

Warnings: Drinking, swears, forceful ‘flirting’, kissing

Tags: @garveygirl139 @fandomcrazedhuman @kyleewinchester @thequeenofgood @juliakidx @sadanddeadwinchester @celinejfong @marylovessherlockandioan @dragontearsandunicornfears @destiny14444 @hannahlramos @bexnightowl (If you want to be tagged in future updates, let me know!)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

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“You did not say Dean was coming,” You hissed, pulling Sam to the side. You two were walking in the garage later that day, your new dress flowing just above the knees. Sam had insisted you wear it, practically forced you to and already, you were regretting it.

“I didn’t think it was a big deal,” Sam responded, shrugging and ducking into the passenger seat next to his brother. Dean already had the car running and after a few inner diva moments contemplating stomping off and changing into sweats, you finally got in the stupid car.

Internally, you apologized to Baby but still put on a grumpy face. This was not how you had envisioned tonight going at all. You had wanted it to just be a quiet night with Sam, drinking a few beers and trying to cheer yourself up outside the silent bunker. But now, you’d be on edge the entire time, hyper aware of every move he made and self conscious about your own moves.

It took about a half hour to get there, Dean blasting old classics the entire time, a couple you recognized but dared not sing along. Instead, you opted to quietly hum the tune and hoped that the boys didn’t notice.

Finally, you pulled up to a small but packed bar, people flowing easily in and out with no line. Sam opened your door and helped you out. By the time you had straightened your skirt, Dean was halfway to the door.

You sighed and resigned yourself that you wouldn’t even bother him tonight, just pretend he wasn’t there at all. You smiled up at Sam and he gave you a small smile back, leading the way inside.

It was almost comical how quickly people’s head’s turned as you walked through behind Sam. You thought that kind of stuff only happened in tv shows. But still, as you walked, eyes followed, scanning with hungry eyes. 

What was weird is that it was mostly men, although you saw at least three other girls visibly change their body positions to get a better look, but you thought Dean was the one men were attracted to, not Sam.

“Do you normally get this response when you go places?” You whispered, turning to move past a waitress. You thought you felt a tug on your skirt but dismissed it quickly.

Sam glanced around the room for a couple moments like he hadn’t even realized people were staring. Then, he looked to you with an amused smirk. “They’re not looking at me.”

Regretfully, it took you way longer to realize what he meant than it should have. “Oh.” Was all you said finally, looking around the small restaurant with a new perspective. They were looking at you. 

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In Defense of The Love Interest

If you’ve been reading my reviews you probably noted I’m on a hypocrisy kick. Mostly because it’s flashing in front of me in neon lights, but also because… I don’t like hypocrisy. Barry, Diggle, Cisco, The entire Flash writing staff - they’ve all faced my ire of late. 

Well… the neon lights are flashing again.

I noticed a comment on my Death Theory that irked me when I read it:

“‘They aren’t launching anything new with Laurel and the biggest tip off was no romance’. This was bizarre.”  (x)

Response: why bizarre? she can be a strong female character without having a partner lol.”

I’m not tagging the person because this isn’t about a pointless argument. However, I’ve noticed an argument rising and gaining traction, specifically in the Laurel/L*uriver fandom, but also in the Olicity fandom. It’s the “Just A Love Interest” argument.

Essentially, the argument is Laurel has an independent storyline as BC, sans love interest. Whereas, Felicity, as Oliver’s true love, is just a love interest. The implication being that Laurel is a strong female character whereas Felicity “Just A Love Interest” Smoak is weak. This is an argument that has been perpetrated by KC herself:

“I’m really happy because I like the direction they’ve gone with my character. I’m not the girlfriend or the love interest, I actually have my own storyline. I’m not just there to serve as a love interest. Yeah, I’m sure at some point, hopefully … not to be selfish on a personal level, they’ll cast someone to potentially be my love interest. It’ll probably happen and I like that I have my own storyline aside from Team Arrow as well; I have my own identity.”

First, let’s deal with the hypocrisy and then we’ll deal with love interests and strong female characters.

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