a flying kiss from me

Two Sides of the Same Coin (M)
  • Featuring: Dui from Star Crossed Myth
  • Warnings: Mature

Finished with his work for the day, Dui strolled down the hall towards the door that could take him wherever he wanted. He had a small smile on his face, giddy to be seeing you and envisioning in his mind the night you would spend together. He would walk in and you’d kiss him in greeting, offer him some of the cherry pie he knew you’d baked earlier today from the picture you had sent to him on the phone you’d given him. You’d tell each other of your days over the pie, maybe watch one of your television shows, before curling up together in bed. Quiet, romantic and – Where’s the sex? – Dui’s smile twitched at the emergence of Shadow Dui in his mind. He didn’t need to make love to you tonight, sure it would be nice, but there was nothing wrong with cuddling. – Maybe not for gentle, boring wimps like you Make love? Why not just fuck her already? Fuck her like a woman like her deserves to be fucked. Make love. Hah. What are you, a naïve teenaged girl? – Ignoring the sinister voice in his head, Dui imagined your apartment and forced himself to smile as he opened the door to anywhere and stepped through it.

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