a flow


“Firestone” by Kygo ft. Conrad Sewell | Yoga at Millennium Dance Complex 

Dance Choreography by Jersey Maniscalco | Yoga Flow by Marie Grujicic


Sorry for the wand spam to this song.. I’m just so in love with it 😍 Hopefully I will get to hear it at NYE 💜✨

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Character prompt: Try to think of as many possible responses a character could have to any given question. E.g. Lily Evans: “Are you having sex with James?”

  • “Define ‘sex.’ And also… define ‘James.’”
  • “Obviously not. He’s not even in this room.”
  • “Not until next Tuesday. Why?” 
  • “Yes, but I’ve got a family emergency. Do you know if anyone can cover my shift?” 
  • “I’m doing my Charms homework, but if he wants to try it, he’s welcome.”
  • “Metaphorically?”
  • “Knickers are still in place, so probably not.”
  • “Is he offering?” 
  • “I try to at least once a week, but you know how hard it is to stay on top of these things.” 
  • “If I know the answer, do I win a prize?” 
  • “Well, it’d be pretty impolite to do it while I was talking to someone else.”
  • “In a way, aren’t we all having sex with James?”
  • “Only for recreation, but with practice I hope to do it professionally.”
  • “Why, is there a queue?” 
  • “Pass.” “On the sex or answering?” “Pass.”