a flock of robins

You’re the One: 5. Flock Together

Summary: With help from her teammates, Raven discovers that her boyfriend has a mild jealousy problem, and that it tends to give him bad ideas about new superhero names. 

It had started with a magic trick.

“Raven and Robin,” Mumbo began, pinpointing the two Titans closest to him, “you know what they say about such creatures; birds of a feather, flock together!”

Colourful scarves escaped his black suit sleeve and attacked both the empath and the boy wonder, effectively tying them up together in an uncomfortable binding grip. Mumbo cackled aloud, continuing to make a quick getaway from the remaining members of the team. Starfire was still trapped in the Aztec Lady cabinet and Cyborg was busy trying to burst free from the Chinese linking rings that restrained him.

Angry and alone, Beast Boy shifted into an ostrich and ran Mumbo down at an incredible speed. The cunning old man then threw small explosives behind him and at the flightless green bird in an effort to thwart his chase, but Beast Boy shifted into an eagle and flew away right in the nick of time. He then loomed overhead, like a giant green shadow, before diving downward at the escaping crook. Once he’d knocked Mumbo over, he changed shape again, this time into a king vulture, and started pecking at him with his powerful, sharp beak. The false magician used his arms to protect himself from the onslaught of Beast Boy’s attacks. That was when one of Mumbo’s toy flowers went off and shot a jet stream of water into the changeling’s eyes, causing the large bird to stumble away with a loud croak.

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Robin (Duke Thomas),  We Are Robin (2015)  //   DC Comics

“Instead of just one Robin, DC Comics is unleashing a whole flock of them on Gotham City this summer.

What used to be the mantle of Batman’s teenage sidekick is now worn by many diverse youngsters clad in the familiar “R” in We Are Robin, a new series debuting June 24 from writer Lee Bermejo (Batman: Noel) and artists Rob Haynes and Khary Randolph.

Part of a large crop of new comic books debuting after the Convergence event series, We Are Robin focuses on Duke Thomas, an African-American kid who’s played an important role recently in the main Batman series, as he’s indoctrinated into this new Robin movement to protect and serve Gotham.” (X)

Story: Lee Bermejo , art: Rob Haynes and Khary Randolph.

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At least one if not all of the robins probably really loved pokemon. Especially if they sometimes meet other rich kids. Bruce needs to give it a shot of course to know why they like it. What is Bruce's favourite pokemon?

A flock of robins in the watchtower playing pokemon, end up talking about pokemon with Superman and the Flash (because OF COURSE), when Batman shows up to collect his babies they are having a discussion about faves (Clark loves Mew, the totally OP only one of its kind) (Barry loves Charizard because fuck you dragon). Batman picks one at random. It is Bidoof. Everyone assembled is so offended they insist he take this seriously. Batman now insists that Bidoof is the best. He knows nothing about pokemon. He doesn’t care. The response everyone has to his claims about Bidoof supremacy is all he needs to know. It’s the turtle situation all over again.

These are my commissioned bird portraits from @pepperandpals! They looked good when she posted her previews of them before she mailed them off to me, but seeing them in person… Wow! They look awesome! I got them as a Christmas gift for my Mom and I know she will absolutely love them! Now to find the perfect birdie frames to put them in! ^_^

If she has any more commission slots open, I certainly recommend you check her out!

Baby Robin

This fledgling was found on a doorstep, cold and lethargic. The vet team warmed it up and gave it some fluids and it has now perked up a lot! At this age, baby robins are still being fed by their parents so we are feeding it every two hours.

This baby adds to our ever growing ‘flock’ of orphan baby thrushes, sparrows, robins, pigeons, doves and blackbirds!