a flock of birds

Okay so we have this rusty old thing in our one flower bed that would make an awful noise when you turned it and Buck Buck absolutely hated the sound of it, freaking out every time, wanting to somehow fight it??? Anyway I haven’t turned the Sphere of Rage for several years now and figured I’d see if it can still work its great and terrible magic.

oh god oh god oh god i’m not ready for the last episode tomorrow :’(((


Across the frozen land, the flock of birds made its way through cottony clouds.

I made a bunch of paintings as part of the visual development for my Babayaga project. I like the idea of a land enshrouded with mystery, both quiet and intimidating. I like the idea of Babayaga exploring such a timeless and wild land with the Nameless Boy ! 

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So, this week is apparently the last days ever that Vine.co is going to actually exist as a thing. I can’t even tell if all these posts will still exist on Wednesday. Got a huge amount of posts from Vine this year, so for the next couple days lets share some content from Vine before it vanishes. A flock of birds flying over Stokksnes, Iceland.


Come to Miss Cocoa Dust’s After-Iftar tea party 💖
And you get to choose whatever delicacies you like! 💖
She loves to “fake eat” in her pictures 💖