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Flock Together

Part 4

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Summary: Things between Reader and Revali are still rocky, but at least, they have the other Champions to put them in their place. 

Weeks had passed since the incident in the mines, and it had become apparently clear to the other Champions that you and Revali were on bad terms again. Training and expeditions were back to their usual strain, but no verbal fights, or even challenges occurred this round. The air around you two was incredible stale while not on speaking terms, and blatantly ignored each other’s existence. The group wanted to know what happened, but at the same time did not want to interfere. However, Mipha was the only advocate wanting to speak to both of you separately, and see if she could defuse the tension, but Urbosa and Zelda advised against it.

 “They need to work it out for themselves, we cannot keep being the mediators in their squabbles.”  Ubrosa sighed, aggravated with all the troubles you two put them through. Sitting next to Urbosa, Zelda nodded in agreement.

 “They are adults and will need to mend their relationships like ones.” Zelda chimed in as she jotted down in her journal. The conversation dropped between the women who were over the conflict, but Mipha was not.

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Okay so we have this rusty old thing in our one flower bed that would make an awful noise when you turned it and Buck Buck absolutely hated the sound of it, freaking out every time, wanting to somehow fight it??? Anyway I haven’t turned the Sphere of Rage for several years now and figured I’d see if it can still work its great and terrible magic.

  • guanlin: *accidentally bumps against a door*
  • dongho: are you okay?!?!?
  • guanlin: it's okay hyung i'm fine
  • dongho, facing the door: you stand in guanlin's way one more time and i'll make sure to take you down
my flock: treats
  • me: *throws whole piece of bread onto the ground*
  • chickens: jesus CHRIST we gotta consume this as quickly as possible and shove the LARGEST pieces down our throats lmao what is pacing??? what is choking??? what is tearing off a small piece supposed to do??? waste of time
  • me: *throws down whole strawberries, blueberries, chunks of broccoli*
  • chickens: exCusE mE???? the fuck is this??? did your dumb ass forget how to cut food down to size??? why have these not been carefully sliced to accommodate our delicate throats and beaks??? you forget your purpose here, human