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normalize shepherding. normalize the idea that you can roam the countryside caring for your flock and spinning fine yarns from their wool. don’t let tumblr make you think you can’t live among sheep for the rest of your days

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This scene is still one of my favourites.

When Nancy saw the flurry of activity outside her home, the home she had grown up in, she realized that this went beyond slime-covered trees in a shadowy wasteland, that there were monsters here, in this world, that wanted to hurt the people she loved. And in an instant, all the hurtful things she had said to Mike, just in the last week, bounded through her mind, playing on a loop. She needed to get there, to get home. To protect the people who lived at the end of that stupid, boring cul-de-sac because it was her stupid, boring cul-de-sac. 

But that helicopter. It sent her heart hammering straight into her stomach. Mike? How was it possible that there was a helicopter looking for her dorky brother who couldn’t even kill a spider and was afraid of the birds that flocked to their mother’s backyard bird feeder. Mike wasn’t dangerous. He wasn’t a criminal. He was just her baby brother. 

As Hopper ushered her into the backseat, she wanted to break—to scream, but her fear for Mike had numbed her. She couldn’t even cry. Barb was missing and her little brother was in danger—he was being hunted. He could be hurt. Nancy’s eyes fell on Jonathan, sitting next to her looking anxious and she imagined, for a split second, her own brother’s funeral. Her lungs tightened. 

And then Hopper was asking her questions. Questions about where Mike would have gone. And Nancy, mind reeling, could think of nothing but her guilt at having pushed Mike so far away. If she found him safe—no, no. When. When she found him safe, she promised herself, she would be a better sister. She’d always be there to listen. 


A Flock Of Seagulls - I Ran (So Far Away)

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I believe Sam was telling the truth last year when he said that long distance relationships aren't for him. I couldn't help but notice how the alleged American girlfriend who hasn't worked since August has only made one quick trip to Scotland for the Baftas. What do you think Flock?

I think it would be a lot harder to front with closer proximity. Look at how the BAFTAs went. If that was just two people living their truth it’s a pretty bleak, uninteresting one with those stoic faces, copious amounts of personal space and the third wheel vibe. If they’re in the same city breathing the same air on the regular, it would invite even more scrutiny and I don’t think their arrangement would hold up to it. Innuendo is powerful in that it breeds certainty through perspective. All they need is a handful of believers and some maybe-ers and from what I see, they don’t have to do anything more than they already are to get the latter in droves.

One day, one rhyme- Day 1150 'Let's hope it's only fiction'

Interplanetary migrants
Are flocking from the Earth
To absolutely anywhere-
Some via budget berth
On rocket ships with wonky fins
Held on using duct tape,
The most desperate grab a hold
On Superhero’s cape.
Such scenes of rushing and panic
As many seek to flee
The place that used to hold the torch
Of golden liberty.

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6, 7, 10, 15, 20

6. Do you have a favorite pet? If so what’s its name?

That is such a tough question! I really don’t have a favourite! As well as my two budgies I also have a hamster, Popcorn, and I do love them all. 

I do have a stronger bond with the birds however, as in they seem to enjoy my company as much as I enjoy theirs. Having two birds greet you excitedly as you return home never gets old, haha!  

My hamster Popcorn is very indifferent towards me, she see’s me as a source of nice food and sometimes likes to snuggle inside my t-shirts, but that’s very much on her terms as she’s such an independent little lady.

7. What is your favorite petblr blog?

Another tough question! I really enjoy @pepperandpals​, @sweetiesugarbird​, @nestregards​, @flock-talk​, @tinysaurus-rex​, @littlerosebirb​, @tieltavern​ and many, many others. Basically I adore every petblr I follow, and seeing all your lovely pets makes me so happy. I would list you all if I could! (I’m going to post this and immediately remember several more blogs I could have added!  Even if you’re not on the list, I still love you all!)

10. Do you own any pets that you don’t post about on your blog?

I do! This is my little hamster Popcorn, she has her own blog here, although I rarely post there. She’s a Syrian hamster, but she’s tiny compared to other Syrian hams I’ve known!

I’ve had her since May of last year, and I don’t really know for sure how old she was when we adopted her. She’s probably about a year old. I once made her a completely handmade, custom build cage, but she decided she was going to try to gnaw her way out in less than a month. She now lives in an Ikea Detolf hack, and its the best cage ever!

15. Are any of your animals rescues?

Widget and Popcorn were both adopted. Popcorn was adopted from Pets at Home, where she was up for adoption as nobody would buy her because of her “creepy red eyes”. Like seriously? She’s adorable! I’d been wanting a hamster for a while, and had done a ton of research, and then I saw her little face and I fell in love.

Widget was re-homed after three weeks because he was “not tame, too wild and aggressive”. Yup. Look at how aggressive he is.

20 - already answered here: http://budgiechops.tumblr.com/post/157616484802/16-and-20-for-the-questions

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A tear to your loins Flock and a tear to Sam's button fly crotch area. Them things could split wide open if Cait had hooked on much longer. haha

Never change, Crotch Anon. 😂

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Congratulations on 500!! That is so awesome. You deserve all of them and 500 more. How about Bones and reader who has social anxiety like not being able to eat in public spaces. Is that to specific??? Congrats again.

Totally not too specific! And thanks :)

  • Doctor McCoy notices everything. He’s got just shy of 500 lambs in his flock and he likes to know what’s happening with all of them, even if he isn’t seeing them regularly.
  • he realizes when he’s eating dinner one night that he’s never seen you at a meal service in the commissary. 
  • at first he thinks nothing of it because he’s not even sure what shift you work, you’re down in engineering pretty much all the time.
  • he asks Scotty in passing and Scotty tells him you’re on the same shift, and that’s when he starts to worry. Not eating enough can lead to muscle wasting, even in the artificial atmo of the Enterprise.
  • he sneaks a peak at your last physical and notes you’d lost a bit more weight than he’d like to have seen. After a long conversation with M'Benga, he decides he needs to call you in for a chat.
  • a million worries cross your mind about why the doctor wants to see you. Your heart damn near stops when the first thing he does is weigh you.
  • then the questions start. Are you unhappy? Are you trying to diet? Good god, you don’t need to lose any weight, what are you thinking? Is this an issue you’ve had all your life? Was Starfleet aware?
  • you finally admit that you grew up in a colony that suffered from famine more often than not. It made you uncomfortable to eat in front of others because it reminded you of the rationed meal times of the colony. You were eating plenty, but in the privacy of your quarters.
  • he pulls your replicator records and sees you are eating lots, but not much that is nutritionally dense. He recommends the addition of protein and healthy fats to your diet to optimize your nutrition and maintain your weight.
  • he invites you to his quarters to try his momma’s chicken and dumplings as an example and you while sharing a meal with him makes you nervous, you are much more comfortable than you have been in the commissary.


in like 5 years time im gonna be living in colorado w the love of my life and our flock of various pets with a nice flower garden i planted of native species to encourage native fauna to flourish it is springtime and all is well 

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i demand a sharks from sharknado blog stat !!!!!!!

          beasts jaws gape, a display of SERRATED teeth. everything is teeth. it was a sight to behold when predatory PERFECTION rained from the heavens, swept up in current of the wind only to ascend unto unexpectant VICTIMS ; an untouched flock for slaughter, previously out of reach from lapping of salted waves. muscle would ripple beneath ivory skin as it WRITHED, a moment to marvel at natures ultimate creation before it devoured dazed observer whole. tearing flesh from bone with little consideration beyond PRIMAL INSTINCT

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Red is honestly the best, I mean really, he would do anything to protect those eggs and is a badass!!! Someone throw this bird a party! Appreciate him!!!

Red: “Aww gee… I don’t deserve such praise… After all, someone’s gotta look out for the Eggs.”

Red: “A-all in all, no parties are necessary. I’m content as I am.”

[…Is it because the last time the Flock threw you a party you got all feelsy and sentimental?~ ]


Okay so we have this rusty old thing in our one flower bed that would make an awful noise when you turned it and Buck Buck absolutely hated the sound of it, freaking out every time, wanting to somehow fight it??? Anyway I haven’t turned the Sphere of Rage for several years now and figured I’d see if it can still work its great and terrible magic.

this show has been lovingly crafted with care and joy by at LEAST three gay men in major positions (mark gatiss, andrew scott, and joe lidster) , commissioned enthusiastically and given a significantly larger budget by a gay man (ben stephenson), and involves dozens more people who openly support lgbt rights/causes/charities and who may be lgbt themselves. WHY would ALL of these people decide that they want to collaborate to create the single most extreme and cruel example of queerbaiting EVER???? WHY WOULD THEY EVER DO THAT WTF