a flirting game

Painted a hurt Fenris and Hawke sneaked in there to kiss him better - went from pure angst to 100% fluff, I do not regret.

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i'm so torn on who to romance because i love everyone!! help!! for real ryder's flirt game or lack thereof is hilarious, i love it

Oh man this is a late response, I’ve been so busy with the game haha. But I’ve been flirting exclusively with Vetra because I fell in love at first glance and now I’m committed. I love her so much oh god.
But holy shit Reyes is so great, Peebee is precious, Jaal is fascinating, Liam’s an angel, Suvi is a DORK, Cora’s a babe, Gil is hilarious…tbh they’re all fabulous choices.
Ryder being the worst possible flirt in the world is so perfect because they’re literally 22 years old and theyre stressed and the idea that they can save the world but slur and studder at the sight of someone pretty is just PERFECTION.

Omgcp Fic Idea #13

Jack runs a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, and the crew are the players. During the time Jack doesn’t realise he has a crush on Bitty, he’s (a little unfairly) lenient when it comes to the other man. When Shitty brings this up, Jack says simply that Bitty is new to the game and deserves some slack.

When Jack does realise the crush, he is hopeless at flirting with Bitty. So what does he do? He flirts in the game ‘cause DnD is the second thing he’s best at. Every non player character that comes up always has a line for Bitty’s character. 'It would be my pleasure to help you all. Maybe I can help someone more than the others (clearly directed at Bits’ character). I can offer you all a meal but hopefully I can satisfy that ones’ appetite even more’
(Maybe Jack wouldn’t say something so forthright but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

And when Bitty (in character) flirts back, the other boys share looks with each other and wonder what is actually role playing and what is real.

When our boys are finally together, it is so bad. 'Why does Bitty get a discount on the healing potions, brah? I rolled a 14 on my persuasion!’
'Oh, so it’s okay when HE rolls to seduce the guard but when I try to seduce an enchanted DOOR it’s like-’

The hell is real. So. Many. Heart. Eyes.

And many fines.

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Other originally treats the flirting like a game, but as Bendy and them become friends, they start spending more time together and Other realizes 'crap, he's actually kinda adorable'. And they have no idea that Bendy is thinking the same thing.

They would just put more heart into it and make it more meaningful. And Bendy would lose it way faster when ever they flirted back.

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"I invited him in for coffee, and at an unexpected turn of events we actually had coffee."

“Well, what did you expect? That just by inviting someone in for ‘coffee’ was gonna end up with something other than coffee? What, were you trying for sex? Because that’s all well and good, y'know… But I’m just saying your flirting game is so week that no one would actually know if you actually meant you wanted someone in for coffee, or if you wanted someone in for a kiss or some kind of one-day fling.”

i refuse to believe thet keith “*voice crack* i cradled u in my arms” kogane has completely let go of the possiblity of reminding lance about the bonding moment at every opportunity he can get. lance on the other hand, tries to constantly mess w/ him.

*sitting all together* lance: ahah i just remembered a funny story from my childhood that only hunk knows you guys wanna hear it?

keith: so you can remember something that happened long ago but not our bonding moment ://

lance: maybe it wasn’t as iconic :///

keith: *eye twitches* fine

lance: ahah remember when that beautiful mermaid kissed me…

keith: remember our bonding moment?

lance: i literally don’t know what you’re talking about ://

shiro: keith are you..crying?

keith: uh? no, OF COURSE NOT…. i’m just allergic to.. LIES

lance: *shrughs*

at some point lance decides to stop messing with his head and actually step up his flirting game:

lance: hey keith…are you our bonding moment? because…. you’re pretty hard to forget *finger guns*

keith weeps for 3 hours and finds difficult to sleep that night

Drunk Zodiac Signs

Capricorn- Great drinking buddies. All about having a good time.

Aquarius- Aquarians are already f*cking weird when sober, so seriously weird sh*t goes down when an aquarius is drunk. 

Pisces- Overly emotional. Like, get your shit together, Pisces. 

Aries- Too sociable

Taurus- Make out with random people

Gemini- Disappear and you never hear from them again. Or you discover them in some random place the next day.

Cancer- Text their ex and cry

Leo- Become even more confident than they already are and flirt with people.

Virgo- They’re usually quiet, but when they’re drunk they lose it. They’ll judge you, offend you and curse at you. 

Libra- Try to stop fights, end up being part of the fight.

Scorpio- If you see a drunk scorpio, run for your life.

Sagittarius- Strong flirting game. Also terribly honest and straightforward.


Ib x Undertale crossover doodles (+an accidental paint practice ;u;)

Partially completed in stream! :’)



I always think that I can never fall for him deeper, then he pulls off something like this and I’m always proven wrong. 

I seriously wasn’t expecting this so I nearly died from a heart attack ;v; Goes back to replay x99999999999999

Excuse me while I wipe my stupid grin off my face.

Seven’s flirting game is TOO STRONG!!!!!!!!!!!

I actually finished his route back before the bug fix (it’s still buggy for me though) and I had like, no options whatsoever to choose from, so I’m glad I went back through the extras tab to replay it TTuTT

Happy Holidays y’all :D

Have I ever told you guys that I hacked Pokemon FireRed and it’s exactly the same as the original except I changed all of Green’s dialogue so he’s super hardcore flirting with the player character the entire game

I also changed the sprites so it’s original Red