a fleet of cars

Facts from the 2014 UK Editions of Harry Potter
  • Before the Hogwarts Express, some young wizards and witches made their way to Hogwarts on broomsticks and in enchanted carriages
  • There are other fractional platforms at King’s Cross station. Try 7 1/2 for a trip to wizard-only villages in Europe. 
  • It took five and a half minutes for the Sorting Hat to decide whether to place Minerva McGonagall in Gryffindor or Ravenclaw
  • Several Hogwarts students have caused mayhem at King’s Cross by dropping suitcases full of newt spleens or biting spellbooks all over the Muggle Station.
  • Peeves the poltergeist caused a three-day evacuation of Hogwarts in 1876 after escaping a trap set for him armed with several dangerous weapons. 
  • The one exception to the general magical aversion to Muggle technology is cars. Even the Ministry of Magic owns a fleet, modified with various useful charms. 
  • Many wizards were unhappy with the invention of the Muggle-like Knight Bus, and refused to use it when it first hit the streets. 
  • Headmasters and headmistresses of Hogwarts can teach their magical portrait to act and behave exactly like themselves. 
  • Sir Cadogan’s most famous encounter was with the Wyvern of Wye, a dragon-like creature, whom he accidentally killed with his broken wand. 
  • Only one non-magical person has ever managed to get as far as the Hogwarts Sorting Hat before being exposed as a Squib. 
  • Of the Eleven wizarding schools in the world, the African school of Uagadou is the only one to select pupils by Dream Messenger, leaving a token in the child’s hand whilst they sleep. 
  • The 1809 Quidditch World Cup final turned into a human versus tree battle when one of the players managed to jinx an entire forest to attack the stadium. 
  • The Hufflepuff ghost, the Fat Friar, was executed after senior churchman became suspicious of his ability to cure the pox by poking peasants with a stick. 
  • Every year St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries treats at least one injury caused by homemade Floo powder. 
  • Before she became a teacher at Hogwarts, Minerva McGonagall used to work for the Department of Magical Law Enforcement at the Ministry of Magic. 
  • Part of the process of becoming an Animagus requires you to carry a leaf from a Mandrake in your mouth for an entire month. 
  • A Dark wizard called Raczidian was devoured by maggots that appeared from his wand when he unsuccessfully attempted to cast the Patronus Charm.
  • Any part of a person’s body can be added to the Polyjuice Potion to allow the consumer to take their form, including hair, toenail clippings, dandruff or worse…
  • Remus Lupin’s father, Lyall, was a world-renowned authority on magical creatures like poltergeists and Boggarts. 
  • It took 167 Memory Charms and the largest mass Concelment Charm ever performed in Britain to modify a muggle steam engine and create the Hogwarts Express. 
  • Students from the Russian Wizarding school, Koldovstoretz, play a version of Quidditch where they fly on entire, uprooted trees instead of broomsticks. 

Yes, these are all canon. Thought I’d type it up to have it as a text reference. Enjoyyy. 

Harry Styles, 23


Prospects: One of Sony’s biggest artists of 2017, his forthcoming album is expected to shift millions.

He is about to make his acting debut in Hollywood film Dunkirk, alongside Tom Hardy and Kenneth Branagh.

Assets: A £4million mansion in Los Angeles and a £5.5million home in London.

Fleet of cars includes a £155,000 Ferrari, a Porsche 911, a Jaguar E Type, a Mercedes Benz and a Range Rover Sport. Has an art gallery housing around £300,000-worth of originals.

Officer Jeon || Jungkook Scenario

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Genre: Fluff | Police Officer!Jungkook

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader (Duh cx)

Word count: 1615

Warnings: None, it’s all fluff cx

(A/N: Okay, so no-one actually requested this, but I saw this prompt, and I just thought it was a really cute idea so I wanted to write this cx Ah, please do tell me what you thought!! I really would like feedback!!)

Your hand rested on the steering wheel, your hair billowing into your face as wind blew in from the open sunroof of the car. You sighed, attempting to push your hair away from your mouth with your free hand, only for it to fly back into your face again, causing you to throw your hand up in frustration.  Quiet music reverberated through the vehicle, and you gently bobbed your head along to the beat, a hum coming from your lips. Quickly glancing at the face of your watch, you groaned; two in the morning and you were still making your way home.

The road was eerily quiet, no other car in sight as you rolled past small shops, houses, nearing a small police station. Trees lined each side of the street, almost creating a natural canopy of lush green leaves above you, your mouth opening slightly in awe as you glanced up through the open sunroof. A leaf fluttered down from above, falling on your head, and you shook your head with a smile, plucking it off your head. It was followed by yet another leaf, and another, and you looked up with a puzzled expression, a rustling in the branches directly above you.

“Hm…?” You cocked your head slightly, glancing back at the road ahead of you cautiously, the rustling becoming increasingly louder, as something tumbled out of the branches. Something small and furry. Something that fell directly through the exposed sunroof, landing on your shoulder and frantically scrambling around. You screamed as the squirrel madly scratched at your face, tugging on your hair and running down your arm. Flailing around in fright, the car swerved off violently to the side of the road, as you drove straight into a pole, your head snapping backwards slightly. The car finally came to a halt, the front indented, and you fumbled for the handle, attempting to escape the rabid creature in your car.

You had crashed directly in front of the passing police station, and at the sound of the impact, a young police officer emerged from the building, looking at the car curiously, squinting as he noticed you falling out of the now open door. He approached the vehicle, crouching down beside you and offering you his hand, his smile resembling that of a bunny. You gingerly accepted the help, and he pulled you up, looking you up and down with a curious expression. You simply stared at him blankly, suddenly conscious of your ruffled appearance as this handsome man stood in front of you with an expectant expression, his hair a dark shade of… purple?

“What happened here, Miss…?” He inquired, still looking at you with that cute grin, his eyes sparkling almost mischievously.

“Ah, it’s (Y/N)…” You stuttered, enraptured by his handsome features, your eyes lingering a bit too long as you admired how his uniform fitted his body, as he peered over at your car, his eyebrows furrowing as he saw the squirrel still darting around. Following his gaze, you shuddered, stepping away from the car, shaking your head with your hands up.

“I was just trying to get home but I left my sunroof open all day and now there’s a squirrel in my car and it scared me and I drove into a pole, and..” You rambled, frantically gesturing with your hands, your eyes wide with shock. The police officer stared at you with disbelief, his fist held to his mouth as he tried his best to stay professional and suppress his laughter, but he couldn’t help but chuckle, causing you to stop and stare, annoyed as you put your hands on your hips.

“Would you please stop laughing you’re a cop, you’re supposed to be helping.” You pursed your lips - and yet you couldn’t really be annoyed as you realised how absurd you sounded - the officer throwing up his hands in apology, charming smile ever present on his face.

“I’m sorry, Miss (Y/N), I hope you weren’t injured?” He looked you up and down in concern, and you felt your heart flutter ever so slightly as his eyes softened. You snapped out of your trance, clearing your throat and glancing over at your car, the squirrel finally perking up and scrambling out of the car, and back to the trees. You finally sighed in relief, the officer looking at you with amusement, his head cocking to the side slightly - it wasn’t everyday that a cute girl happened to crash on the doorstep of the police station.

“Miss? Do you happen to need a ride home, seeing as your car is… well,” he gestured over to your car pressed up against the lamppost, a small indent in the bonnet of the car.

You visibly perked up at his suggestion, before realising how overly eager you looked and clearing your throat, attempting to act casual about the matter. Never mind the fact that a cute police officer is offering to take you home, no big deal, you tried to convince yourself.

“I mean, sure, I guess…” You said, looking down at your hand, tilting your head to the side as you looked back up at him, the amused expression still on his face, as he began walking over to a police car parked in the corner.

“It’s Jungkook by the way,” the officer called out, flashing a grin at you as he opened the passenger door for you courteously, and you felt a dusty pink rising up onto your cheeks at his gaze. Jungkook. So that was the name of this handsome officer.

“Miss?” He called out once again, this time with a stern tone, causing you to freeze halfway through climbing into the police car. You glanced up at him cautiously, his expression now stoic and stern, leaving you wondering what you had done this time around. I always have to mess stuff up, you thought, mentally sighing as you had ruined your chances once again.

“I’ve just realised that you’ve broken the law, Miss.” He crossed his arms over his firm chest, and you felt panic rise up in your chest, your eyes widening in shock. You opened your mouth to speak, but you noticed a smirk spreading onto his face, his eyebrows raised playfully, as he said, “Don’t you know it’s illegal to be that cute?”

You groaned at the lame pick up line, and yet you couldn’t help the giggle that escaped your lips, your heart thudding against your chest in pure relief, and possible admiration. “Who knew police officers could be so lame?” You muttered, and Jungkook climbed into the driver’s seat, spinning around in his seat as he just about caught your comment.

“Excuse me, Miss (Y/N)? I think I might just have to arrest you for that comment,” he chuckled, his eyes sparkling with playfulness, and you felt butterflies fluttering around in your chest, threatening to burst out.

“I mean… I’d let you arrest me anyday, but…” You coughed, as Jungkook wiggled his eyebrows, shaking his head with a laugh. “Someone found their confidence, huh?” He retaliated, his heart swelling at your sudden flirtation attempt.

You giggled, and Jungkook turned back around in his seat, starting up the car and reversing out of the drive, one hand on the wheel as you drove down the street. You directed him to where he should drop you off, your hand accidentally brushing against his muscular arm as you pointed forwards, causing you to blush even more. You were grateful for the fact that he didn’t question why you were still making your way home at this ungodly hour, and instead you exchanged playful banter the whole journey back, the sound of laughter filling the vehicle.

You finally reached your destination, and you pouted slightly as Jungkook parked the car, realising that meant you would have to go. You didn’t know if you were going to see him again, although your heart was desperately leaping in your chest, as he grinned charmingly again. You were about to climb out of the car, before Jungkook called you back, the butterflies in your chest becoming even more frantic.

“I, uh, am going to require your phone number… for, um, returning your car purposes…” A adorable shyness overcame Jungkook, and you resisted the urge to coo at him, instead giggling, taking his notepad from his pocket and jotting down your number for him.

“Returning my car purposes, huh?” You teased, throwing your head back in a laugh as you handed back his notepad, and he chuckled. In that moment, your eyes lighting up in joy, the sound of your laugh so sweet and genuine, he truly hoped your paths would cross again - the fleeting hope that another squirrel would fall into your car again, and he looked down with a smile.

“Uh, thank you for the ride, Jungkook,” you said, stepping out of the car, and bending down to look through the door with a sweet smile. “I appreciate it.”

“No problem, Miss,” he responded lightly, his heart still fluttering in his chest.

“Do we have to with the “Miss”? It’s so overly formal, just call me (Y/N),” you chuckled, and Jungkook shook his head with a smile.

“(Y/N) it is then.” He nodded, still admiring how genuinely happy you looked, and you waved, walking away with a spring in your step.

“Ah… how adorable.” He rested his chin on the steering wheel, his lips curled up in a smile, as he glanced down at the number you had written down, signing your name off with a little heart. That day he returned home with an uplifted mood, hoping your paths would cross again.

Most cars sold in Norway are now either electric or hybrid
Norway already has the highest per capita number of all-electric cars in the world

Norway said that electric or hybrid cars represented half of new registrations in the country so far in 2017, as Norway continues its trend towards becoming one of the most ecologically progressive countries in the world.

According to figures from the Road Traffic Information Council (OFV), cited by AFP, sales of electric cars accounted for 17.6 per cent of new vehicle registrations in January and hybrid cars accounted for 33.8 per cent, for a combined 51.4 per cent.

Norway already has the highest per capita number of all-electric cars in the world and the experiment shows every sign of accelerating.

The milestone is also particularly significant as a large proportion of Norway’s funds rely on the country’s petroleum industry

“This is a milestone on Norway’s road to an electric car fleet,” Climate and Environment minister Vidar Helgesen told AFP.

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Bruce ( @rabbruad1) wrote:

‘Elle was prompted to compose some graffiti. If shes tells you it was me who prompted her, I deny it completely.’

Sweetie, I only placed graffiti once. We were in Tahiti and by entreaty of the goddess Aditi, I made a peaty paste to paint a wapiti named Petey on a wall in the street-y. It wasn’t easy, the weather was sleety and the medium concrete-y, but I was discreet-y. After all, it’d be the backseat-y of a police car fleet-y were we caught painting graffiti on a Tahiti policeman’s beat-y.

Selfish Iggy headcanons

so maybe a misleading title but I couldn’t think how else to word what I am going with.  While Ignis is quite possibly one of the least selfish human beings in the world I feel there are a few things that he does just to treat himself

  • His bed is big enough to house an entire family.  we are talking super king size. since what little time is spent in his apartment he is generally either eating or sleeping he figured he may as well enjoy those activities as much as he can. Gladio thought he was seeing things the first time he saw it.
  • Ebony coffee machine in the kitchen.  no more needs to be said about that. 
  • Mani/pedi’s.  it just makes sense since how he presents himself is so important for his job.  Plus they do an amazing foot massage with the manicure that can have a grown man melting in their chair which is amazing for relaxing after a hard week.
  • Bath bombs.  He tends to shower more over taking baths but when he does have one he does it properly
  • Comfy ass car.  While he is able to drive practically any car in the royal fleet he treated himself to his own car when he moved into his own apartment (self reliance and all that).  He got an audi a7 since a lot of the fleet were audi’s. plus if you’re going to drive you might as well be comfortable when you do it. its sound system is a+++.  it has heated seats for warm butts.  everything is better with a toasty butt.

I’m sure I have more in my mind that I have forgotten, we shall see

Harry Styles is worth a huge £56million

Harry Styles, 23

Prospects: One of Sony’s biggest artists of 2017, his forthcoming album is expected to shift millions.

He is about to make his acting debut in Hollywood film Dunkirk, alongside Tom Hardy and Kenneth Branagh.

Assets: A £4million mansion in Los Angeles and a £5.5million home in London.

Fleet of cars includes a £155,000 Ferrari, a Porsche 911, a Jaguar E Type, a Mercedes Benz and a Range Rover Sport. Has an art gallery housing around £300,000-worth of originals. 



fleeting moments by Rona Keller

So for the last month or so, I’ve been working endlessly to leave my current position and make moves to acquire a career relevant to my bachelor’s degree. Since I graduated college last spring, I’ve been working for a car-sharing company as an entry level fleet associate. The pay was more than any position I worked previously and the job was independent, requiring zero face time with customers or coworkers. I enjoyed that freedom, and the perk of a company cell phone greatly. 

I started in Boston, when I was living in Cambridge. As I was forced out of my living situation in Cambridge and moved back in with my parents, I knew something had to change because I wasn’t where I wanted to be. Even though rent was free, the house was clean, and dinners were made nightly, I couldn’t be happy living with my parents after so many years of being on my own. I enjoyed the company of my younger brothers greatly, but I quickly learned that most of my friendships were long gone, and I was spending the majority of my time getting high and playing video games.

So when a job opened up in San Diego, California, I jumped on it. My older brother lived there, and I would finally have a direct route to living in a place I dreamed of. Knowing nothing about San Diego and having only been there as a child once before, I was still gung-ho about making a bold life move. San Diego offered promises like making friends in skateboarding, a more advanced geography to accommodate my desire to be a better downhill skateboarder, better weather overall, friends that would never know me before I transitioned, and a completely blank slate.

I was also promised to move up quicker with the company. I was personally invested in the company and really wanted to make it a career, so I figured moving to a smaller market (a 96% smaller market) was a positive choice. I was promised a promotion in 3 months that I never received. In addition, I was met by a manager with control issues. He had recently been dumped by his 5 year fiance, lost the lease on his apartment, and adopted a rescue dog to fill the void. A lot of his frustration was brought out on us, the only 2 other employees for the market. Where my independence was something I bragged about in my position in Boston, I was met with zero freedoms. I was forced to go to work at a certain time, and leave at a certain time. When the work was finished, I was made to do busy work that served no purpose to the benefit of the market. The days dragged on as he consistently would GPS my location and tell me to get back to work. My enthusiasm for the company was diminished as I was being micro managed. To compare, my manager’s position in Boston was one that I would have zero interaction with. In fact, on my last day in Boston the manager introduced himself to me. So to be micro managed by someone whom I shouldn’t even directly report to was a complete negative to the job.

And when my year review came up, my new manager did not account for my time in Boston to be considered for the raise. He rated me poorly, even though I was persistent and focused on achieving the promised promotion. He offered me no information on how I could be better at my job, and his pettiness grew to a point where he simply didn’t like me because of my drive. On a weekly basis I would email him and ask about opportunities to take on responsibility- there was one time he literally responded with “stay in your lane.” He constantly overlooked me for my coworker, who was far less qualified than I to take on any responsibility. This created such a vile work environment that I dreaded every single day - and my commute to work, 11 miles one way, 5 days a week hardly seemed worth it. When I finally moved into a more stable living environment, I was met with attitude from my manager. He would ask me why I chose to live far away, and took it as a notion that I wasn’t dedicated to the job. On the contrary, my new commute involved 5 miles of one way skating, and 1 hour of train travel just to get to the job. I never complained, and in fact I enjoyed it more than my previous commute. 

The work itself was easy, short lived, and never made for a full day. Most days I would arrive at 8am and leave by 1pm. As time continued, my time spent at work became less and less. I was still receiving full time pay, but working maybe only 15 out of 40 hours reported. It seemed like a positive, but to me it was a signal that the market was dying. However, I learned that the market wasn’t dying, but my boss was leaving. Two months ago my boss announced that he was leaving with a 1 week notice. He left my coworker and I hanging, moreso myself because he reached out to other colleagues and offered my coworker positions with his recommendation. After he announced he was leaving, I worked my ass off to be considered for his job.

Assuming all of his responsibilities and my own, I catered to the market 24 hours a day. I generated reports, answered emails, connected to vendors, scouted locations, assisted in fleet operations, and coordinated workflow - all for no increase in salary or promotion. I knew that it was going to be this experience that would make me the prime candidate for the job, but the job never surfaced. On my boss’ final day of work, he wrote a written warning to his bosses about my work, claiming that I was leaving tools behind and costing the company money. It wasn’t true, as I swapped all of my equipment and invested in my own, generating a $0 loss to the company in both time and resources. Still, the company wrote me up and it went on my record, which gave me a 6 month period where vacation time and promotions could not be considered. To this day I will never know why my boss hated me so much and worked so hard to keep me down.

Things went from bad to worse. As I pulled back from the responsibilities I assumed and laid them on the parent market of Los Angeles, I learned that all they were interested in was the numbers and had no plans to assist otherwise. Any push to get help with administrative work was met with radio silence. Then suddenly our mobile detailer breached contract with us and nobody was willing to find a new one. The cars became gross and unkempt. Body damage went unreported. Simple tasks became menial tasks and wastes of time. It was difficult to be inspired to want to keep the market afloat when there was nobody there to recognize the work I was doing. When I finally brought it up, after traveling to LA on a whim to demand more pay or more assistance, I was ignored. I was told that they will be hiring only an outside candidate for the new position and neither myself or my coworker would be considered. I proceeded to bring forth a cover letter and resume before the position was able to be applied for, showcasing not only the responsibilities I took on, but my work and educational history that compensated for any misgivings about my work ethic. Again, ignored despite being over qualified per their standards, I was essentially hopeless.

In the background, I was applying to 4-5 new jobs at outside companies a day. For a month straight, I never got a single reply, even for the most basic of jobs with similar salaries. I was put in a position where it was either to “suck it up” and continue working with my company, or move back to Boston and try again soon. Moving home would mean I failed in every way, and couldn’t find the slightest shard of opportunity, and I just wasn’t prepared for that. I worked so hard out here, and got nothing for it. In fact, in my six month stint with this company in San Diego I was not greeted with a “good job” even once.

When all hope was lost, and I decided to “suck it up” I finally received a response about a position with a new company, with relevance to my college major. I was chosen as a top candidate and asked to do certain tasks to confirm my abilities. I did the tasks in the most professional manner possible. I researched and researched, followed guides, and ensured that everything was original, unique, professional, and attainable. After three weeks of hearing nothing back, I received another email asking for more work. I obliged and created a video presentation showcasing my abilities. At that point, I was told that I was the only candidate for the job, and my competition was a marketing agency or advertising firm. Weighing the pros and cons between me, one person, versus a team of professionals was difficult. I proceeded to present a 30/60/90 day plan, detailed to the ‘T,’ along with a portfolio of custom artwork and design I proposed. In essence, at that point I had produced an easy 40 hours of work before I even got the job.

It finally paid off when I was granted an in-person interview. Our ideas connected and we learned we both had realistic goals for the company. My interviewer was pleasantly surprised with my work and we spent 2 hours at a restaurant discussing everything. It was the most positive interview I’ve ever had. At the end of the interview, he told me they were in the final stages on deciding the future of the company’s marketing, and I would hear back about their decision in a few days.

Leaving the interview in an outfit I slaved over, after practicing my voice and perfecting my makeup, I was excited. This job was everything I could have dreamed of. Working from home, doing work I was good at for a company I supported and was willing to invest myself in was too good to be true. And the proposed salary range greatly exceeded my expectations. I was completely ready to leave my company and move towards a career I could be passionate about.

The thought of working from home brought about many different tracks of thought. First, being home or traveling all the time meant that I could finally adopt a dog. Second, I would have the freedom once again to make my own hours and work at my own pace. This meant more time for skateboarding, more time for fitness, and more time to focus on everything all from the comfort of my bedroom. I have not been able to contain my excitement, because I finally learned after everything that I was granted the position. 

I instantly made moves to leave my company. Right now, I am using all of my remaining sick days, because they do not pay out sick time to employees that give a two week notice. They only pay out PTO and vacation days, so it’s my responsibility to use those sick days. I faked the flu. And when I return, I will put in my 1 week notice just as my boss before me did. So I will essentially receive 3 weeks of pay without doing any work on top of receiving pay from my new job, in addition to paid PTO and vacation, and my 401k. I am greatly looking forward to my small come-up in cash to procure transportation. There is no doubt that my quality of life is set to change for the better.

I received my salary offer today. To be fair, I was slightly disappointed. It is significantly greater than my job’s pay now, with the option of non-employee compensation (no taxes), but I know that I should negotiate the pay for more so that nothing is left on the table. Besides, negotiating for more couldn’t hurt. I’ve already assessed that they desire me to work this position, and I will take the position even if no increase in salary is offered. So today I am doing a follow-up phone call to discuss starting dates and my salary. I am slightly nervous but given how everything has been working out I am feeling positive.

I’m finally excited to start a whole new chapter of my life. Cheers.

the graffiti tags tell tales
unreadable to most.
                                     Strike up!
A furtive language, one displaced
from the drudgery of school days,
the long Sundays of loitering.
Joels, Bangerz, Atak, Slim, Wan Boy -
the whole gang’s here in fleeting paint,
superhero aliases
more precious than watches and cars.
They’re charged with potential power
like a spring forever held down.
One day they may learn how to bounce.
—  on seeing graffiti between earlsfield and vauxhaull
fic: jailbird.

the one where new cop maggie picks up a drunk girl from a bar and over the course of time, gets more than she bargained for.

rated t. alex/maggie. read on ao3.

When Maggie Sawyer joined the NCPD, she never expected to have regulars.

She figured jail was a miserable hangout spot, especially overnight.

Maggie though, she liked the nightshift. Something about working with the things that go bump in the night intrigued her. She found that she met the most interesting people after midnight.

There was one person in particular that found herself in the back of Maggie’s car at least a few times a month. Alex Danvers. In the few months Maggie’s been working at the NCPD, Alex has been picked up at least four times. Maggie didn’t really know her story. Alex was, apparently, a woman of few words. Maggie sat in the front, Alex sat in the back, sometimes passed out against the window, and they were quiet. The intake officer would usually roll his eyes because of course he knew Alex. Everybody seemed to know Alex. When she would come back to the station, whether it be minutes or hours later, Alex had been picked up.

And Maggie had to admit she was a little curious. There was something about a pretty girl with a dark shadow that always drove Maggie just a little wild.

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The Ichor Group AU: Olympus

headquarters for The Ichor Group since its inception, it is named for the home of the ancient Greek gods; a skyscraper designed by Athena that distinguishes itself in the New York skyline; it has a rooftop garden that is often used for company parties and is available to all employees throughout the work day, and Demeter tends to it whenever she is in the city; a fleet of private jets and cars are always available to the board members and their families while they are in NYC; the board room itself is impossibly grandiose and kept in the most pristine conditions– Zeus insists on having the biggest chair

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Winry sank reluctantly onto one of the worn wooden seats that lined the inside of the train car. Her thoughts fixated on the fleeting memory of Ed’s incoherent farewell. The metal wheels beneath the train hissed in anticipation. The cool air drifting in through the open window to her right did little to alleviate the oppressive atmosphere of the car. She watched as Ed and Al turned and started to walk away. She had to know.

“Ed!” cried Winry as she leaned out the window, “Wait!”

He froze. Al turned back towards the train.

“What were you saying before?! I didn’t hear you! Just say it!”

Ed didn’t move. Al gave his shoulder a nudge.

“Brother?” he asked.

A dull ache grew in Winry’s knees. Still, she didn’t move. Suddenly, Ed turned and sprinted towards the train. With a single leap, he landed on the running board that ran along the base of the train car. Winry leaned back as Ed gripped the window ledge to balance himself as the train slowly lurched forward.

“… Ed?”

“Kiss me quick!”

Ed leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers. Winry’s eyes widened, but she didn’t pull away. Before the car left the station, Ed pulled away and leapt back onto platform, his cheeks ablaze from his own confidence.

Without a word, he sprinted back towards the entrance of the station. She watched as he yelled up at Al, his hands shoved in his pockets. As her golden hair coiled in front of her face in the wind, her mind struggled to make sense of it all. Slowly, Winry drew herself inside the car. An odd and wonderful sort of warmth blossomed in her heart. A small smile spread across her lips.

‘But I still bet he won’t call. What am I going to do with him?’

imagine running down a street in new york. tokyo. shanghai. buenos aires. anywhere really, but it doesn’t matter as long as it’s away. right, left. left again. across the street, through a fleet of cars. a honda is honking but it’s a minivan, what poor taste. now, imagine getting lost in a throng of people. still trying to escape. there he is. scaling the brownstone, hands gripping the loose bricks. another right turn. dodging into an alley and hoping he’s waiting at the top. hearing the sirens in the distance. leap up, grab at the stepladder. turning around on the roof to unhinge the ladder. looking at him and wordlessly agreeing. next roof. go go go. leap across street after street. fingers barely scrape the edges. inches from plummeting into the grasps of cops below. the highway. there aren’t any more buildings for miles to come. his face is glowing in the streetlights. is this where it ends? ‘no. it isn’t. get the cash out of here.’ the sirens are getting louder. imagine his lips. that they taste good. salty with sweat and delicious with recklessness. footsteps thud somewhere underneath the roof. it’s time. converse soles slam onto an empty balcony. ‘hey there, miss. you know it’s bad form to keep a convict waiting.’ two soft clicks and he’s cuffed. imagine his sloping grin even as he’s being led away. there are seconds to escape. jump off the side of the building. left around the corner. back to where it all began.

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Drabble request? I've got 20, but just one for now: Dean and reader go midnight driving when neither of them can sleep, hijinx ensue and it can be romantic or platonic whichever strikes your fancy

Hope this hits the spot sweetie!! This was fun to write!

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Midnight Run

“Y/N, I don’t wanna alarm you, but you gotta go faster!” he was looking through the back window, where you knew there was a fleet of patrol cars following Dean’s beloved Impala, red and blue lights shining in through the back window and giving his face a purple glow.

“Shut up, Dean!” You couldn’t even spare a glare at him, your eyes stuck to the pavement as it flew by under the tires. “This ancient fucking car doesn’t go any faster!” You already had the speedometer needle inching up to 110 mph.

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