a fistful of energon

That's an Order!!!
  • (Arcee and Smokescreen are on the Nemesis disguised as Decepticons.)
  • Megatron: "You're sure you haven't brought fuel with you?"
  • Starscream: *Turns to Arcee and Smokescreen and points at them* "You two, over there! Run to the storage room and get Lord Megatron some fuel! While you're at it, bring me some of those little crackers with energon cheese on them!"
  • Arcee: *clenches her fists in anger* "How dare he order me around like some personal servant! I'll make you pay for this Starscream!"
  • Smokescreen: *Whispers to Arcee* "He's a bad guy, he's not nice." *Smiles nervously* "Fuel's on the way!!!"